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Good for kids
Anthony_Boyd15 June 2005
Well, I didn't like it. Or, at the least what I mean is that I just saw a movie with tons of plot-holes, childish themes, and so on. However, you better believe my kids loved it. My son actually hooted and hollered when Sharkboy started fighting the plugs. He grabbed my shirt and motioned for me to watch, even though I already was. I think I just witnessed my son discovering his first hero.

My daughter laughed and laughed. She loved Lavagirl. She thought it was hilarious when Lavagirl zapped Sharkboy because he said someone else was prettier. And my daughter is old enough to understand the themes of pursuing your goals and remaining strong in the face of discouragement. So I think she walked away very pleased with the film. She said she wants to be Lavagirl for Halloween.

If you're 16+ this movie is a loser. You won't like it, and that explains all the low scores you're seeing here. This movie just isn't for adults. But if you are a parent looking to entertain your kids, this movie works. And if you are reading this near the end of 2005 or later, you should probably know that renting this as a video will be a fine way to keep your kids occupied.

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Adults beware...Leave it to the kids!
yaalaast20 November 2005
I hadn't planned on wasting my time reviewing this mess, but there are some subtleties that crept into my consciousness after the second forced viewing which may enhance a prospective viewer's experience.

First of all, this movie obviously was designed for younger kids. That fact alone has a detrimental effect on a review done by an adult (as can be seen by previous reviews). However, it should be noted that a movie for the target audience will most likely be attended by their parents or guardians, and should be at least bearable for them also. This movie falls short in that regard.

My son, who is 5, absolutely raves about this movie, and will no doubt wear out the DVD in the next few weeks. But my younger brother, who is 17, walked out five minutes into it. Kids under 12 will probably be best entertained by Sharkboy & Lavagirl. It is a very colourful movie with a lot of motion and many bizarre graphics. There is nothing offensive in this movie by the way. Even the "fight" scenes are mild and clean.

Now, the main subtlety on my mind is that Sharkboy (who was the best actor in this colourful, but mindless drivel) has obvious hidden talent. This movie, however, was not the right venue to expose that talent. Sharkboy moves well in action scenes and would be more aptly suited to a martial arts style role. Also, Sharkboy has a wide range of facial expressions (although the ones emphasised by this movie consisted mainly of scowls and frowns). With continued training, suitable roles, and of course (and most importantly) proper direction, Sharkboy could go far with his acting career. Also, he is a decent looking lad, which seems to be a requirement for an acting career these days. I'm certainly hoping we'll be seeing more of Sharkboy in the future.

Another noted item: If you have the 2D version, it seems to be far superior to the 3D. My son thought the glasses were fun the first time, but after that he didn't want anything to do with them and now only watches the 2D version. Possibly this 3D effect is better if viewed in a theatre.

I'm giving out a rating of 7 for this title, simply because it certainly has the ability to entertain the kids...which was its purpose I'm sure. I would definitely recommend Sharkboy & Lavagirl if you have younger children. For adults it has no value whatsoever.
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My kids loved it!
lemers28 January 2007
I put this movie on for my 3 girls - 6 1/2 and 4 year twins earlier this week. They LOVED IT! It is definitely for the younger crowd and you need to take the movie for what it is.... a kid movie. Fortunately, I did record the movie on the DVR and they have watched it every day sometimes twice a day.

Also, since the boy in the movie has a dream journal, my oldest started to write in her journal again. Any movie that gets a kid to write has got to be OK.

Also, we watched the 2D version and seemed great. I really didn't know that there was a 3d version until now.
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My son liked the movie
JimCarter1311 June 2005
I took my 9 year old son to Shark Boy and Lava Girl expecting to see a movie for kids. I saw a movie for kids. Yes, the story was predictable and the acting could have been better. Many scenes had my son at the edge of his seat. He has a wild imagination and enjoyed seeing a movie about a boy with a similar imagination. Taylor Dooley is adorable, and Taylor Lautner has some great moves in the movie. I asked my son for a quote about the movie: "It is exciting, adventurous, and the 3-d effects could have been a little better, but if it wasn't 3-d it wouldn't be good at all". It's a kids movie and my kid liked it, maybe yours will too. I
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Most perplexing viewing experience of my life.
gilbert_gumphrey18 April 2006
I can't remember the last time a movie confused and tormented my filmgoing soul as much as this movie did. Everything inside of me, everything in me that loves Shawshank Redemption and Vertigo and Raging Bull and all these great great great classic movies tells me that Sharkboy and Lavagirl was awful. And it was. Drastically awful. And I enjoyed almost every minute of it. Let me try and explain it this way - I have written ongoing lists of the greatest films ever made, and the worst films ever made, and Sharkboy and Lavagirl is the only movie I've ever seen that has gotten a placement in both lists for me.

Sharkboy is about a young child named Max who dreams up wonderful fantasies and adolescent superhero type adventures. Eventually he travels into this dream world aided by the aforementioned Sharkboy and Lavagirl as they fight to keep the dream world a happy go lucky place from the evil Mr. Electric. So there's the story. Simple, childish, and a bit reminiscent of Neverending Story. I knew this plot before my 6 year old cousin made me watch the film and I sighed. What a waste of two hours this would be. Then something strange happened. I got a chill. Then Lavagirl and Sharkboy appeared and took Max into their spaceship, and I got more chills. Throughout the course of the movie, especially in the end, I was enthralled and received more goosebumps than when I watched Braveheart, much to the embarrassment of my dumbfounded girlfriend.

I have no idea how to explain my reaction to the film. I was pleasantly surprised, obviously, and I had a lot of fun watching the movie (I'm excluding the terrible 3-D version of the film, which is a pointless distract-or and takes away a lot of the magic). Then why am I only giving this movie 5 stars out of 10 (a middling mark to avoid giving it a 10 or a 1)? For the same reason why the movie is both on my list of most hated and most loved - it's a bad movie. To say it's a guilty pleasure to me would be underestimating guilt and pleasure. The script is silly, the special effects are slapdash, the editing is at times incoherent, the acting is atrocious, and there are moments where even my 6 year old cousin grimaced at the lame dialogue. But damned if this movie isn't a lot of fun.

So I can't really recommend the movie to anyone over the age of 10. I still can't believe that I, a 17 year old classic film lover, enjoyed this movie as much as I did. But I can definitely tell that it's a movie younger kids, especially boys (for I'm pretty sure every boy this age has dreams and fantasies just like the ones in the film) will love. I harkin this bizarre feeling I have for Sharkboy to when you find an old cartoon you used to love as a young child and watch it again. Even though you're reciting the lines and the songs like you did when you were young, you know deep down that if it wasn't a childhood favourite and gave you so much nostalgia, you'd hate it just as much as everyone else. This is what this movie was like for me. It was the childhood flick I never got to see. Maybe that warrants a recommendation. Maybe still not. I really don't know - you'll have to see it for yourself and find out.

Or maybe not.
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I hated it - the kids loved it.
danielorenstein8 August 2005
I hated it.

My two kids (5 and 7) thought it was the best movie of all time. And they've seen lots of movies. Let's face it: we can't always dictate what the kids should like. This one simply appeals to them, and from a parents perspective, its basically harmless (except to the older crowd - then it is painfully boring).

I would recommend bringing a book.

Or a pillow and a sweater.

Or, at least some thoughts that you wanted to concentrate on for a while.
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Captures childhood adventures in "Pretendingland"
deamatre27 March 2006
This movie makes no sense- at least, not in the linear, neat, tidy, world of adulthood. But, it captures the messy, gritty, disjointed, weird, raw, non-linear, funky, wild, whimsical, internally inconsistent world of true childhood fantasy better than any film I can remember. The story is based off the "dreams" and stories of the director's then 7 year old son. As a mother and teacher, I can tell you that while the characters and situations are unique, they are also completely representative of the types of stories and imagination games that I have heard again and again.

My own children have certainly created their own superheroes steeped in the same balance of derivative lore and imaginative elements that Sharkboy and Lavagirl possess. When faced with similar fantasies played out on screen, my children responded gleefully. Heck, even before we got the DVD home their imaginations had been so captured by what they read on the box that they could not stop discussing it. And, once they had viewed the film, the conversation continued (and continued and continued!). Almost immediately, characters from the film began showing up in my children's own pretending games- only, not *quite* as they had existed in the movie. The characters grew and evolved and were changed and fluffed until they fit seamlessly into my daughter's world of "Sigalates" and my son's "Robotland".

In other words, the film did beautifully what all good fantasies do- it inspired others to create, examine and expand their own. In my opinion, that is a near complete success.
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Where's the 3-d?
krankcolc26 May 2005
This movie doesn't really need a review. If you have a boy between the ages of 5 and 12, you are probably going to have/get to see this film so here's what to expect:

More of the same... only less. Sorry if that doesn't make sense but it will. More of the same because it's just like "Spy Kids 3-D" on the way it looks and unfold. It looks like a video game and is very predictable. Less is because there is, unfortunately, hardly any good 3-D sequences. Nothing pops out at you the way it did in SPY KIDS except for when someone sneezes or throws something, and that is not too often. The 3-D in the action scenes was poor and barely noticeable. You can't expect too much from the RED AND BLUE 3-D but this was a step backwards from SPY KIDS.

The good news is that you will probably not get a headache from the 3-D like SPY KIDS. My 6 year old loved it and did not say a word throughout (a minor miracle), so i guess it does what it is supposed to do. Entertain the kids.
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I got in a fight with the guy at the cinema
Ryan Leacock12 June 2005
Alright, I am bias... I don't think I possess the ability not to be. I have read Robert's book "Rebel without a crew", I have seen all of his movies. So, I am a fan of what I feel he is trying to do.

I saw the trailer for this movie, and thought it looked well... like a bad idea. But then I heard that it was his son's idea, and I did warm up to it. That said I didn't go to the theater expecting very much, but I knew I wanted to watch it with the mindset of a child. I have a younger brother, and now that I have seen it... I want to take him. But wouldn't have taken him without seeing it first, as he is still quite young. So my girlfriend and I went, and after a heated debate about film with some cinematic idiot while my girlfriend was in the washroom, we went in to see what it was all about.

So I'm not going to write out all the thing I liked it didn't like as a play by play on this movie. The one main thing that I really hated was the constant puns. But really, if I was a kid, I really think I would like it, a lot. It didn't seem all that different to me than any of the spy kids, and I plan on taking my little brother to see if my theory is true. The 3D worked on me, and while things weren't flying in my face the whole time, it did give the movie a strange depth.

So what can I say, I was in no way expecting cinematic brilliance but I did enjoy most of what I say created before me. I'm 20 years old, and I think I understood what they were trying to do.

So, I don't know... give it a chance. Take a kid to see it, or just try to enjoy it for what it is. But try to remember this, when you are a kid your imagination is insane. My brother tells me the most foolish, crazy stories... because he is a kid. The movie lets imagination run free, and I think that is a good thing.
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worst movie ever
repoed21 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is by far the worst film I've ever seen. It's cheesy, predictable, and 1 dimensional (even the 3-dimensional aspect to this film couldn't make up for it). It's about this ugly, moronic little kid who daydreams about stupid superheros. Then the superheros come to his school and kidnap him to save their own planet. Then they go through various "tasks" like "the land of milk and cookies". The stupid lava-freak has identity issues and the ugly shark kid is a violent, rabid freak who needs some medication or something.

I was embarrassed for watching this movie and for the people in it. it is a horrid insult to anyone who watches it.

The guy who played "Shark-Boy" goes to my friends school. He's a Sophomore. He's not very popular and gets made fun of a lot.....
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My Son loves Lava Girl
dcfield2124 October 2005
Ever since my son got a miniature Lava Girl toy in a fast food meal he has been enthralled with her. I think Taylor Dooley has a great smile and I hope this movie won't be an end to her acting career. My son lost interest in the movie before it was 1/2 over. We saw it in 2-D in a home theater (DVD). From the other reviews I have read, we didn't miss a lot with regards to the 3-D. The plot was a cross between a never ending story and a never ending story. My son still loves the toy though. And I look foreword to more of Miss Dooleys smile.

I don't want to be accused of padding my comment with junk words, but when you have said all there is to say about a movie, I don't think you should be required to say more. Lest you end up in the same position as the writer of this movie. Forced by the constraints of running time or in this case a websites guidelines to stretch 5 lines of dialog into 10 lines of commentary.
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not a good movie by any means
mjblink20 September 2008
this movie was conceived by a child and after less than 5 minutes of watching it, you can tell. i'm sure its target demographic of 6-10 year olds will love it because it has bright colors and kids as the lead actors, but that in no way makes it a good movie. by the way, the son of the director (whose idea the movie was) was 8 at the time the movie was released. movies like the shrek trilogy are also targeted to younger audiences but are very enjoyable for adults too because they have good writing, a good plot, and a great cast. this movie has none of those things. it does have a decent director, but that doesn't help a movie that is lacking in every other major film category.
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louli8913 August 2007
I just wanted to include my thoughts on this movie, although they are rather late. First I would like to say that I watched Spy Kids and loved it. Almost all the movies I watch are kids movies, in fact. This movie was a disaster.

The acting was horrible - even the Teletubbies can do better. The plot is just about as lame as it can get. I mean, Lava Girl spills the plot early in the movie, and in a flat tone. Even in the scary parts, the actors sound as though they're reading their lines of a paper. The whole movie is dry and tasteless and very boring. Even the supposed climax is lame.
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Even my kids hated this atrocity
sprydle27 June 2005
Really lame toilet jokes and third rate cgi tormented by horribly wooden acting (these guys make Keanu look like Oscar potential) throw that in with a crate of Velveeta and you've got this utter waste of time.

With a plot (if you can call it that) that is a rip off of The Wizard of Oz (kid goes to a fantasy world where everyone is a representation of people that kid interacts with)and a few kids books and one or two graphic novels (a kid dreaming up super heroes who become real is not even a remotely new concept). The movie tries really hard to get you interested in the characters but you just can't, even when Lavagirl or Sharkboy are in danger the overall response is apathy. The humor was received in the very same way no groans no anything.

Most of the adults in the theater i saw it in had to be woken up by their kids when it was over perhaps the best summation comes from the mouth of my 8 year old who said "That was the most boring adventure movie i ever saw.".

Sorry Mr. Rodriguez but you can put glitter (in this case 3D) on a pile of manure and it's still a pile of manure.
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It's Not Another Spy Kids
christian12314 October 2005
Ten-year-old Max (Cayden Boyd) is having problems at his new school, where he is picked on by classmates and teachers alike after telling them about his superhero friends Shark Boy and Lava Girl (Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dooley). Everyone thinks he's making them up until one day, they show up to whisk him off to Planet Drool to help them fight the evil Mr. Electric (George Lopez) and Minus.

The plot sounds like a film that only kids will like. However, it has Rodriguez behind the camera and he did a good job with the first two Spy Kids movies. Unfortunately, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D is no where near as good as his previous work. Besides for Rodriguez, I didn't really have high hopes for the film Spy Kids 3D was awful and the trailers made this film seem like a joke. While watching the film, I thought it really was a joke. It was really cheesy and it was quite bereft of entertainment. I was hoping the film would start picking up from the weak start. Unfortunately, it didn't.

The acting is horrible which is surprising since the kids in Spy Kids were pretty good actors. Taylor Lautner, who plays Sharkboy, does the worst job and he gives a really wooden performance. Taylor Dooley, who plays Lavagirl, isn't much better and her performance is pretty weak. George Lopez just makes a fool of himself and he gives an over the top performance. David Arquette and Kristen Davis both give decent performances but they don't really appear in the film. The lead, who is played by Cayden Boyd, also gives a wooden performance. I know they are just kids but their efforts felt a little weak.

I am really disappointed with Robert Rodriguez. The direction was really weak and the editing seem to have been done by a child. He spent too much time on the style instead of the story. Sadly, the film isn't even that stylish and it just looks like a mess. The story is pretty cheesy and lame. I know it was written by a kid but it was still pretty weak. Since the story is weak, the film is very dull. The sad thing is that the movie is only 85 minutes long but it feels so much longer since there is very little here to actually enjoy. The special effects are also pretty bad and they left me with a headache. In the end, this family film is better left on the shelf. Rating 2/10
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most awful movie I have yet to sit through
debi5622 October 2005
I bought this for my daughter, who is 9 yrs old. After 5 minutes into the movie I wanted to jump off the bridge. This movie would be good if it was used for interrogation. If forced to watch it, anyone would do anything or say anything just to be spared. I think the acting was horrible by all who was in the movie. I would like to say something more positive about this movie but I can't seem to think of anything. As with most kids my daughter will watch it many times over, she doesn't ask me to watch it with her anymore. My daughter absolutely loves it though and it is geared toward kids so I guess in that respect it should be rated higher but not by me.
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Postmodern Masterpiece
PoprocksAndCoke10 October 2011
The Adventures of Sharkboy & Lavagirl

This film is absolutely not for children. But is a postmodern masterpiece. It is a surrealistic nightmare on par with Eraserhead, as a young boy uses dreams to escape from the ennui of average suburban life. The purposely amateurish CGI work is an obvious satire of the blatant overuse of computer generated imagery in modern films. Additionally, the 3D work is a subtle undermining of the corporate film industry's reliance on this gimmicky technique. It is a psychedelic and stylistic tour de force, by far Rodriguez's best film. The script is a powerful exercise in stream-of-consciousness writing. You must see this film, but put the kids to bed first!

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"But when Max snoozes, he wins."
Ryan7 October 2005
A colorful and occasionally imaginative film, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl (In 3-D!!!) is an overall disappointment, a movie that had good intentions at the beginning, but devolved into a cheesy "message for our youth." The movie revolves around Max (Cayden Boyd), the picked-on grade school student who would rather create his own world rather than live in the real one. Of course he's picked on by class bully Linus (Jacob Davich), of course his parents are always fighting (David Arquette and Kristin Davis), and of course Max lives life as a miserable school student who has very little going for him. Writer/director Robert Rodriguez formulated the entire movie, from story to special effects, based on inspirations provided by his children. There are reasons that most movies, even the bad ones, are not made by children. The movie is well meaning, but relies on too many familiar story devices: class bullies, mean teachers, quiet kids who save the day. We've seen this movie before, but the colorful, Super Mario-Mushroom Kingdom-like worlds that inhabit the movie does add some to the entertainment value. Max is taken to his dream world, known as Planet Drool, by Sharkboy (Taylor Lautner) and Lavagirl (Taylor Dooley), the two superheroes of the world. Each superhero contains some depth, not as much as the superheroes in The Incredibles, but the nice little subplot of each character trying to find their place in the world was a nice touch. For instance, after one difficult scene to watch, we now know Sharkboy cannot rap well at all. Otherwise, the characters are each have one note. George Lopez hams it up, most likely intentionally to offer a cheese element to this movie, but I found his characters to be annoying. The movie's plot lacks any imagination, and the world of Planet Drool does feature some creativity, but not enough to save an otherwise pedestrian family feature. This movie is Rodriguez's second foray into the 3-D genre, and though I did not use the 3-D glasses while viewing the movie, the scenes accenting the technology are pretty obvious to the casual observer and distract from the overall viewing experience. I really enjoyed the visual style Robert Rodriguez employed in Sin City, and that movie may have even been enhanced with a few 3-D moments, but Sharkboy and Lava girl was a move in the opposite direction for the maverick director.
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No matter what it says, I give it a zero.
Tommy Nelson13 July 2005
This is the most awful and boring kids movie in the history of kids movies. It's about some kid named Max(Rosie O'Donnel is more convincing than him) that has stupid fantasies of superheros that are bad actors. It's a rip-off of Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan, and the only laughs are because of how annoyingly stupid this is. There are several horrid one liners told by Sharkboy(Lavagirl's hair catches on fire and he says, "Let her cool off some steam".) Any good reviews that you read of this are from kids 3 and under that learned to type, or mentally disabled adults. David Arquette lends his bad acting to an extremely pointless and brainless part. I had to cringe when Sharkboy started singing an off tune and non sensible song. One of the lines from the song is, "Go to sleep you little bleep."....what? What's a little bleep? Also, the 3-D was horrible and was so dark that I could only stand the first 2 minutes of it, then the glasses went off. All the other people in the theater were either sleeping or putting guns up to their heads if the movie didn't end in a minute. Don't see this horrible movie ever. After you see it, you'll be depressed.

My rating-0%-F- 90 minutes(way too long). rated PG for poopy humor and some ugly computer generated action.
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Children's movies don't have to be awful... but this one is.
emmazdad20 June 2005
My 6 year old daughter loved the movie, so I'll never repeat any of this in front of her. This movie was awful! Wooden acting, awful dialog, and a splotchy plot are all it has to offer. Talk about over-indulging your child... "Dad, I've got a GREAT idea for a movie, and by the way, I want to star in it!!!" How this one ever got made will be a mystery to me. I know that the whole point of a kids movie is to please the kid, but come on, please! There have been LOTS of kids movies, that while they weren't that great, were pleasant to watch. This one made me wish I were in a dentist's chair getting a root canal. At least it wouldn't be as painful as watching this.
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Sorry, a made for TV spin that was sent to the BIG SCREEN...
indigol8 June 2005
Using the Spy Kids franchise name as a potential boost, this movie lacks the creativity to be more than a direct to home offering.

As others mentioned, the 3-D was sub-par and the story was lacking that must see feel. The characters are over the top geared more to be made fun of than laugh with.

Having a kid movie is fine, in light of all the more abrasive elements out in the world, but making a bad move!

Plus marketing it to be the vein of Spy Kids is bad planning on part of the film makers. It is NOT Spy Kids, it's trying to be one but falls way short.

Children will go to see it if other kids are going, but I don't see this film as being a repeat performer as a must have kid classic. I doubt every kid that sees it will remember it the following week, unless someone is making fun at it.

Parents are better off sticking with the classics then wasting money to have their kids be bored with this flick!
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Sad, but true -- Rodriguez's vision exceeds today's theaters' current technology
tnscones6 June 2005
After attending the premiere of this film (see comments below) I was amazed that it was poorly reviewed until I saw it at a local theater *without* polarization, multiple digital light projection, an IMAX screen, and state-of-the-art 3-D/non-disposable glasses. Now I know why people complained. What a mess.

All I can say is this: Robert Rodriguez's cinematic prowess exceeds most theaters' current technology. This amazing kid's film is great fun when viewed digitally. Seeing the polarized version not yet shown outside Austin was like stepping inside a View Master projector -- something I always wanted to do when I was a kid. Unfortunately, what Robert has conjured up can't yet be seen the way he designed it. Someday soon, perhaps!

--------- earlier comments, posted in June 2005:

Little did I know yesterday that when my eight-year-old granddaughter and I went to see The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D we would be viewing a polarized print of the film made exclusively for the Austin premiere. As Robert Rodriguez explained what we were about to see there was no way to imagine beforehand how the 3-D experience would be transformed by the killer combo of the polarized version shown on an IMAX screen through multiple DLPs. Once the movie started, however, I immediately realized I was watching something light years beyond anything I had yet seen. Trust me when I tell you that when Rodriguez waved his magic wand over the audience we caught an unforgettable glimpse of a child's dreams, as well as the future possibilities of cinematic fantasy.

Don't listen to those who say there's nothing new to be had here, or that the story's derivative, or it's just for kids. Forget what you hear from cynical reviewers unable to momentarily access their inner child. This story, written by a kid for other kids, hasn't been tainted by anyone's opinion about keeping the older film-goers entertained through adult-themed inside references and innuendo.

In making this film, Robert Rodriguez has wisely protected and preserved his son Racer's unique vision without the addition of dumbed-down "mature" wisecracks. Mr. Rodriguez, along with his producer--who just happens to be Robert's wife and Racer's mom, Elizabeth Avelan--knows that when it comes to children, play *is* their work. By respecting and valuing the realm of childhood imagination, this unique family team together share a story with us about the myriad ways creative thinking can impact the real world. Awe and wonder are not treated lightly here but rather offered to viewers in a much less adulterated form than that to which we have become accustomed.

Today when I think about it, I simply close my eyes and smile.
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So bad it's bad
bananacreampieaddict12 December 2009
The other day I was flipping through channels and I saw that this was on ABC Family. I had nothing else to do and figured that I might as well watch just for the heck of it.

I missed the first half hour, so when I came in Sharkboy and Lavagirl had just retrieved Max from the real world to his dreamworld, Planet Drool, to save it from all of his dreams that had turned into nightmares. Shortly thereafter they meet the evil Mr. Electric, an evil George Lopez robot who's puns (such as "I'm gonna hit you were it hertz") are ironically the only parts of the movie that didn't have me laughing, especially since he feels it necessary to take an extra minute to explain them. And just to add to the evil of Lopez's character, he constantly attacks the three daring adventurers with his army of electrical cords. Yeah, it's as bad as it sounds.

However, this movie did make me laugh harder then anything I've seen since Anchorman. Don't believe me? Watch this. And that's probably Taylor Lautner's best scene.

So, in short, Robert Rodriguez needs to retire and become a plumber, what with this and Spy Kids he's gotta be getting used to crap, and George Lopez needs to fire his agent. At least Taylor Lautner solved all his problems my running around without a shirt on for a couple of hours.
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Terrible, terrible, terrible
tomdude024 July 2009
I saw this movie in 3-D, and I have to say, I was extremely disappointed. The movie's special effects were terrible, you could tell that everything was CG, they obviously didn't put any effort at all into the animation. The plot was terrible, Sharkboy and Lavagirl's suits looked like they were made out of plastic (which they probably were) and it was overall a very childish film. I mean, really, a banana split boat? Who came up with the idea for this film? A six-year-old?

Despite the horrible quality of the film, I must say that there were some amusing moments in it, I think casting George Lopez was a great idea.

Overall, this film could have had a lot of potential, but instead they turned it into a computer-generated mess of a Planet Drool.
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