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New York Post
You can't get this kind of full-on sensory-jolt anywhere else, not legally anyway. "Sharkboy" will be equally beloved in elementary schools and in college dorms.
Because the real world scenes are in 2-D and the dream and fantasy scenes are in 3-D, we get an idea of what the movie would have looked like without the unnecessary dimension. Signs flash on the screen to tell us when to put on and take off our polarizing glasses, and I felt regret every time I had to shut out those colorful images and return to the dim and dreary 3-D world. On DVD, this is going to be a great-looking movie.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A case of a yummy yarn spoiled by cheesy visuals.
The Hollywood Reporter
An often imaginative though less than magical family feature.
Only part of it is in 3-D, but youngsters should enjoy pulling their special specs on and off at appropriate moments.
Miami Herald
The result is like a low-rent "Wizard of Oz" or "Labyrinth," sticking close to the formula of a kid who falls asleep and wakes up in a fantastical wonderland where everything's just a little bit off.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
For a movie aimed at children, Shark Boy and Lava Girl is gloomy.
Entertainment Weekly
Like choral singing and travel photography, this adventure is more fun for participants than it is for spectators.
There's sad news to report about The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D: Put on the cardboard glasses, and you can still see the movie.
New York Daily News
The low-tech film looks like a kid's crude drawing, plays like entry-level Game Boy, and is about as nourishing as a Tootsie Pop.
Sharkboy relies almost entirely on 3-D for its kicks. The novelty, however, quickly wears thin with the thinnest of stories to project.

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