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Season 2

16 Sep. 2005
Bracelet Yourself
A special two part episode. During gym class, Betty has to put away her Galactic Guardian bracelet in her locker. But, then, Penelope finds Betty's bracelet and claims it to be hers. Meanwhile in space, Maximus is having a birthday party and he receives a transmission from Duncan who stole the bracelet from Penelope, which leads him to set a course to destroy Earth.
19 Sep. 2005
Pop Goes the Maxx/Sleeping Like a Baby
Pop Goes the Max: Maximus has released a new line of soda, going by the name of "Fizzy Max", into the galaxy, which transforms normal citizens into mutants who become hopelessly addicted to it and will do anything for more soda. Meanwhile on Earth, Paloma is pretending to be a medium and ends up successfully predicting all of Noah and Betty's future events./Sleeping Like a Baby: Maximus hasn't been getting much sleep and becomes mad with rage, nearly going to the brink of insanity when loud noises keep him from sleeping. He sets out to eliminate every noise in the ...
4 Dec. 2005
Ferried Treasure/The X-Rays
Ferried Treasure: Betty and the crew have an important mission-towing the incredibly large Querzanian Diamond across a dangerous galaxy in order to avoid galactic warfare-but Sparky has gone on a cruise for vacation. He soon finds out that the so-called "cruise-ship" is actually Greenbeard's pirate ship! Greenbeard claims to have "gone straight", but once Sparky tells him about the diamond, he is determined to have it. On Earth, Betty has found a model replica of her spaceship at a yard sale that she really enjoys, but can't afford the money to buy it. The X-Rays: ...
2 Dec. 2005
By Virtuoso of Insanity/SWITCH-MO-tized
By Virtuoso of Insanity: While taking a bath, Maximus is enraged with Minimus, and when he rears up to strike the little creature, Minimus comments that his voice is beautiful, and asking if he had ever considered a singing career. Maximus decides to take his show on the road, playing at the fanciest theatre in the Galaxy. There's only one thing wrong: His performance speakers are hypnotizing the audience in order to meet his expected standards! Meanwhile, Betty and her band have a gig for a social event, but Betty is called away on her mission, leaving the band ...
28 Feb. 2006
Hi-Jinxed: In space a small gnarly imp-like creature named Jinx steals all of the galaxy's good luck, leaving nothing but bad luck in his wake. On Earth, Betty is concerned Penelope and Paloma may be becoming friends. Robo-Betty: Betty discovers a lone survivor of an old Galactic Guardian spaceship, Captain Lure, and takes the Captain on board her spaceship but soon they fall pray to a trap set by Maximus. Meanwhile a prototype Robo-Betty ends up at Noah's birthday party.
7 Mar. 2006
Take Two Evils and Call Me in the Morning/The Scribe
Maximus is sick. Minimus takes over his master's evil duties and orders scavenger probes to capture "That girl, Betty". Soon the citadel is overrun with hundreds of Betty's from all over the galaxy. On Earth it's Boys vs. Girls: Ranger Girls vs. Trackfinder Boys. The Scribe: A new super-villain, The Scribe, has banned all books except those by someone named Milton Scrivener. He is also kidnapping all the galaxy's greatest writers and stealing their ideas. On Earth Noah and Paloma reluctantly team up to create a comic book based on Betty.
8 Feb. 2006
Mad Maximus/Cheerleaders of Doom
Mad Maximus: Spindly Tam asks Betty to protect the Beluvian Demon Box, which houses a powerful demon. A "Mad Max" style race unfolds as Maximus, Dr. Cerebral, and Pontifadora all pursue the box. On Earth, Betty, Paloma and, Noah explore the gorge. Cheerleaders of Doom: The evil Betty triplets are back, now as cheerleaders who can hypnotize people with their cheers. On Earth, Penelope is appointed hall monitor and lets the power go to her head.
15 Feb. 2006
Reeking Havoc/Practically Joking
Reeking Havoc: Betty is called upon to fight against a giant genie whilst Penelope steals Betty's spotlight as lead of her band on Earth while she's away. Practically Joking: Betty must find a way to free people who have been captured by a troll who is simply doing it for his own amusement. Meanwhile, Betty must try to find a way to stump Duncan at his own game of pulling pranks.
22 Feb. 2006
The Great Sub-TRAIN-ean Robbery/The Minion
The SubTRAINean Robbery: Hopper the Chopper returns in an attempt to rob a train containing material to make indestructible metal. Can Betty prevent it from happening? The Minion: Maximus goes on a scout to look for a minion to replace Minimus; sending the universe into a major crime spree as people work to become the next "Minion"? Meanwhile, on Earth, Betty and Paloma team up against Penelope in a soccer competition.
1 Mar. 2006
Eternal Elixir/Bee Movie
Eternal Elixir: Maximus and Nuclea team compete locate an immortality potion. Can Betty beat them to it before either of them become immortal? Meanwhile, Betty's Mom helps Purrsy stay fit. Bee Movie: Queen PeneloBee returns, except this time, she's looking for a mate. Meanwhile, on Earth, it's Jackamoose Appreciation Day all around town.
8 Nov. 2010
Evil Juniors/As the Worm Turns
Evil Juniors: Betty is called off to a mission where she must teach young Galactic Guardians in training the power of responsibility but it's all a front for Maximus' latest scheme to eliminate Betty. As the Worm Turns: Maximus is using a powerful telescope-like device to destroy asteroids and even some planets and Betty must stop Maximus before he succeeds in destroying entire planets and eventually the Galactic Guardian HQ.
18 Mar. 2006
Extreme Makeover/Once Bitten, Twice Slimed
An evil villainess named Bombshelle is committing fashion-related crimes across the galaxy while, on Earth, Betty's band shoots their first music video. Once Bitten, Twice Slimed: Zulia unwittingly helps Max Sr escape from prison! Meanwhile, Purrsy is celebrating a birthday.
19 Apr. 2006
The Collector/Night of Degilla Monster
The Collector: The Collector is bent on stealing a legendary gem. On Earth, Betty's bratty cousin, Kyle pesters Betty's friends about a comic book. Night of the DeGilla Monster: Admiral DeGill creates a clone of himself but things don't go as planned when the clone turns on DeGill and teams with Pontifadora! Meanwhile, Betty and her Dad help Mom host a party on Earth.
1 May 2006
Big Bad Plant from Outer Space/Nuclea Infected
The Big Bad Plant from Outer Space: A tiny plant Betty must transport to a planet starts to grow at an alarming rate! Meanwhile, on Earth, Betty does a few chores. Nuclea Infected: Nuclea absorbs a Grey Hole and gains the ability to absorb matter and transform it into pure energy while, on Earth, at the zoo, Noah uncovers a mysterious secret about Paloma.
10 May 2006
Brat Pack Attack/The Fungus Amongus
The Brat Pack Attack: Infantor forms an army of obedient slaves to do his bidding while, on Earth, Paloma and Betty try to keep Betty's cousin Kyle from getting into trouble at the mall. A Fungus Amongus: A former foe, Mylord Orus, escapes from prison with a "son" Shermie the Germie a mutant metal eating fungus. Meanwhile, Betty and Noah must clean up Purrsy's litter box before they can leave for a game later on.
24 May 2006
The Gazundheit Factor/Good Kitty
The Gazundheit Factor: Dr. Cerebral's most recent creation, The Gloob, gets out and goes on a rampage setting course for Earth! Meanwhile, Betty hosts a TV Show. Good Kitty: Maximus mysteriously turns nice and Betty is sent to investigate, while, on Earth, Betty and her family are contemplating a move.
26 May 2006
The Strange Case of Minimus-Hyde/The Market
The Strange Case of Minimus-Hyde: When Minimus' head gets stuck on "nasty", he turns into a raging monster that may prove to be a formidable foe for Betty. Meanwhile, on Earth, Betty and Paloma meet Noah's parents as we learn more about them as to their strange careers./The Market: Betty, X-5, and Sparky are all sold into slavery! Will Betty's quick thinking get them out of this mess? Meanwhile, Paloma and Noah try to rescue a raccoon from Penelope.
21 Jun. 2006
Galactic Guardians No More/Scribe 2: The Rescribing
Galactic Guardians No More!: With no new villains on the prow, Headquarters considers disbanding the Galactic Guardians, but is this all part of Maximus' secret scheme? Meanwhile, on Earth, Betty enters a pumpkin pie baking contest. Scribe 2: The ReScribing: The Scribe returns from jail, kidnapping a romance novelist as a hostage who as it turns out, is Sparky's Mother! Meanwhile on Earth, Betty and her Mom join a book club.
9 Jun. 2006
No-Hit Wonders/License DeGill
No-Hit Wonders: The Voice, a new villain, is stealing people's voices across the galaxy. Can Betty stop him in time before she loses her own voice? On Earth, Betty's school is having a charity dance competition./License DeGill: Admiral DeGill is framed for lying about a major mission, one of the most serious crimes in Galactic Guardian code of conduct, and things aren't looking good for him. Can Betty clear his name before it's too late? Meanwhile, Noah desperately tries to get Betty to go to a movie with him.
16 Jun. 2006
Case of the Missing Kanushu/Devolution City
An ancient witch doctor uses her powers to devolve a advanced alien civilization into cave people, and plots to turn an entire planet into a black hole. Meanwhile, on Earth, Noah tries to prove that nearby crop circles show signs of aliens. Case of the Missing Kanushu: Betty is called to Spindley Tam's fortress to investigate his mysterious disappearance whilst, on Earth, Noah presents a rare coin for show-and-tell.
28 Sep. 2006
Amulet of Shangri-La-De-Da/Best Dressed Villain
Amulet of Shangri-La-De-Da: Betty is called upon to protect an amulet of the ancient bird-people of Shangri-La-De-Da, said to give the wearer unimaginable power. Meanwhile, Purrsy gets stuck up a tree on Earth, enough to cause mass disturbia. Best Dressed Villain: Minimus has accidentally created a new super suit that makes Maximus all powerful; is the only thing capable of defeating this "Mighty Maximus" is two Betties? Meanwhile, Betty and her friends go to a fair.
23 Jun. 2006
Takes One to Know One
Betty has been invited to Noah's place, where he is about to demonstrate to her a satellite radio (that inadvertently eavesdrops on Admiral DeGill's personal activities). Leaving, she sees Paloma being chased by Duncan as a result of a prank. Before Duncan can catch either of them, a spaceship appears out of nowhere and abducts Paloma, to Betty's horror. Beaming aboard her ship, she discovers that Sparky and X-5 are being held hostage by Paloma's younger sister, Juanita. Demanding an explanation, Juanita explains that she is, in fact, a Galactic Guardian who is ...
4 Dec. 2005
The NO-L 9
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