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Season 1

Attack of the Evil Baby/Space Brains
Space Brains: Sparky is chosen to compete in a new "Fear Factor" style game show, but something is not right. Maximus is behind the game show, and is rigging it so that Sparky wins! On Earth, Betty tries to stop her parents from selling her sci-fi posters and books at a yard sale./Attack of the Evil Baby: Betty's fearful trip to the dentist to deal with a cavity is interrupted when she is called off to save the galaxy from the evil alien baby Infantor, who is draining magma from planets to mold to create action figures
Jingle Brawls/Toy Historyia
Jingle Brawls : The Chameleon wants to give Maximus something he's always wanted for Christmas-the destruction of Atomic Betty! He disguises himself as Galactic Guardian trainer Commander McSlim and lures Betty and her crew to the Galactic Guardian Academy for "Retraining" over the Christmas holidays, all under the watchful eyes of Maximus and a jealous Minimus. Meanwhile, on Earth, Betty dresses as Santa to spread holiday cheer to some pre-school kids./Toy Historyia: The evil baby Infantor becomes greedy at Christmastime and demands all the toys in the galaxy. He ...

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