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Lrm Exclusive Interview: Screenwriter Robert Schenkkan for All The Way and Hacksaw Ridge

Robert Schenkkan is a very sought screenwriter after the HBO’s All The Way and the upcoming anticipated Hacksaw Ridge will be in theaters next month.

Most recently, his movie adaptation All The Way was nominated for eight Primetime Emmys for HBO. The all-star cast drew praised for Bryan Cranston’s portrayal of former President Lyndon B. Johnson during his turbulent presidency during the civil rights movement after the JFK assassination.

As for Hacksaw Ridge, it marks the return of Mel Gibson in the director’s chair since Apocalypto in 2006. This story follows World War II Army medic Desmond T. Doss who managed to save many American soldiers in the Battle of Okinawa despite his refusal to kill people and carry a weapon. He became the first Conscientious Objector to be awarded the Medal of Honor in American history.

Schenkkan has a good writing resume for writing episodes for 2010’s The Pacific,
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Eric McCormack Signs With Gersh

Gersh has signed actor Eric McCormack. He was most recently at ICM Partners. McCormack is best known for his eight seasons on NBC’s comedy Will & Grace, which earned him a lead actor Emmy along with a SAG award. McCormack also toplined TNT drama Perception, which ran for three seasons. His other TV credits as an actor include The Andromeda Strain, Borrowed Hearts, Trust Me, the title role in Who Is Clark Rockefeller?, The New Adventures Of Old Christine and two seasons as…
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Amazon Announces 7 Pilots For 2015

As Netflix continues to assert itself as a major television company with such acclaimed series as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, Amazon Studios is racing to catch up by ordering series it hopes will be equally well-received. So far, Amazon has scored one big hit in the form of Jeffrey Tambor-led dramedy Transparent, and it hopes to find some more in the new lineup of pilots, which will be made available for viewing as part of the company’s first pilot season of 2015.

Enclosed are descriptions of all seven pilots, courtesy of Deadline. The talented involved on all of them is impressive, to say the least. Mad Dogs comes from Cris Cole (The Bill) and Shawn Ryan (The Shield), while The Man In The High Castle hails from Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files). Carlton Cuse (Lost, The Strain) and Randall Wallace (Braveheart) are behind Point Of Honor,
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Amazon Studios announces it pilot season line-up for 2015

Amazon has announced its pilot season line-up of original programming for 2015, with seven shows featuring in total, including pilots from the likes of Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files), Carlton Cuse (Lost), Ridley Scott (Prometheus) and Shawn Ryan (The Shield).

The seven new pilots premiering early next year will include hour-long shows Cocked from Sam Baum (Lie to Me) and Sam Shaw (Manhattan ), Mad Dogs from Cris Cole (The Bill) and Shawn Ryan (The Shield), The Man in the High Castle from Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files), and Point of Honor from Carlton Cuse (Lost) and Randall Wallace (Braveheart). The three half-hour pilots are Down Dog from Robin Schiff (Are You There, Chelsea?) and Salem Rogers from newcomer Lindsey Stoddart, as well as The New Yorker Presents, a docu-series pilot produced in cooperation with America.s most award-winning magazine. Here’s the full details


Cocked stars Sam Trammell (True Blood) as Richard Paxson,
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Peter Facinelli Joins Freezer

Peter Facinelli Joins Freezer
Envision Media Arts (Ema) announced today that Peter Facinelli will co-star in Freezer, an action/thriller shooting this month in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Facinelli joins Dylan McDermott in the film directed by Mikael Salomon from a script by Tom Doganoglu and Shane Weisfeld. Lee Nelson and David Buelow will produce for Envision Media. Yuliya Snigir (A Good Day to Die Hard) also joins the cast.

Robert (McDermott), an everyday guy, finds himself tested beyond human endurance when he awakens to find himself locked in an industrial freezer by Russian thugs. They insist he returns the $8 million dollars he stole from them, the only problem is, Robert has no idea what they are talking about. Surprised as anyone would be, Robert finds he is not alone in the freezer when he finds Sam (Facinelli) hiding behind a series of boxes. Unsure of each other, but stuck in a battle together, the
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Dylan McDermott Joins Freezer

Dylan McDermott Joins Freezer
Envision Media Arts (Ema) announced today that Dylan McDermott will star in Freezer, an action-thriller shooting this month in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Mikael Salomon will direct from a script by Tom Doganoglu and Shane Weisfeld. Lee Nelson and David Buelow will produce for Envision Media.

Robert (McDermott), an everyday guy, finds himself tested beyond human endurance when he awakens to find himself locked in an industrial freezer by Russian thugs. They insist he returns the $8 million dollars he stole from them, the only problem is, Robert has no idea what they are talking about.... As he fights for his life before freezing to death, the truth slowly reveals itself.

Here's what producer Lee Nelson had to say about the casting addition.

"We are excited that Dylan McDermott and Mikael Salomon have come together on this project. Their collaboration will combine Dylan's intensity as an actor with Salomon's powerful direction to
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Seeds Of Destruction Coming To Blu-ray And DVD February 19

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Seeds Of Destruction Coming To Blu-ray And DVD February 19
Seeds of Destruction”, the crazy eco-shocker comes to Blu-ray and DVD February 19, thanks to Anchor Bay Entertainment. If you haven’t heard of this film, here’s the lowdown; the film, originally airing on the SyFy Channel, stars Adrian Pasdar (“Heroes”), Jesse Moss (The Andromeda Strain), James Morrison (“24”) and Stefanie von Pfetten (Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief) and tells the story of a monstrous plant that goes on the rampapge. The film is directed by Paul Ziller (“Ice Quake”). You’ll be able to buy the film on Blu-ray for $24.99 and on DVD for $19.98. Pre-ordering starts January 23. Here’s the official synopsis: “When a fringe scientist [ Read More ]

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Director Tony Scott Commits Suicide, Dies at Age 68

Director Tony Scott Commits Suicide, Dies at Age 68
Filmmaker Tony Scott passed away earlier today at age 68 after an apparent suicide. The director jumped from the top of the Vincent Thomas Bridge that runs between San Pedro and Terminal Island near Long Beach, CA at just after 12:30 Pm today.

According to L.A. Times, his body was pulled out of the water by Los Angeles Port Police, who were the first on the scene. Several witnesses told police they saw Scott get out of his Toyota Prius, which was parked on the bridge. Then he scaled an 8- to 10-foot fence and jumped off without any hesitation, law enforcement sources said.

A source said officials looked inside the car and determined it belonged to the famed action-movie director and producer. A note listing contact information was inside. A suicide note was later found in his office. Its contents were not revealed.

After directing short films and TV episodes in the 1970s,
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It's a Wet Hot Alien Summer

People of Earth! So long have you spun there, quietly destroying yourself with greenhouse emissions and Go Large Whoppers. For eons, we have hoped to visit you! And this summer, many of my extra-terrestrial brothers, sisters and zblopnorgs are coming to raze your cities, destroy your culture and slurp up your natural resources.

Most of us were planning to go to Rigel IV this year, but it was that last HD simulcast of The Jonas Brothers Live at Six Flags that finally sold us. (Not just the catchy pop tunes, but the crowd reaction shots of people enjoying churros. On our world, doughnuts only exist in one shape!)

Think I'm fibbing? For four of your Earth months there will be a nonstop cinematic invasion of little green men. There's no way you won't be getting anally probed by at least one of these films.

'The Avengers'

Forgetting for a moment
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Haunter Starts Production in Toronto

Haunter Starts Production in Toronto
Principal photography on Vincenzo Natali's (Splice, Cube) new feature, Haunter, from Copperheart Entertainment, starring Abigail Breslin (Zombieland, Rango, Little Miss Sunshine), Stephen McHattie (300, Watchmen, Immortals), Peter Outerbridge (Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, Lucky Number Slevin), Michelle Nolden (Red, The Time Traveler's Wife) and David Hewlett (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) has begun.

Haunter, directed by Vincenzo Natali from a screenplay written by Brian King (Cypher, Night Train), is produced by Steven Hoban (Splice, The Ginger Snaps trilogy), and co-produced by Mark Smith (388 Arletta Avenue, The Spine). Principal photography will run from April 16 until May 19, 2012 in Toronto and Brantford. Release is slated for 2013.

In this reverse ghost story, teenage Lisa (Breslin) and her family died in 1986 under sinister circumstances but remain trapped in their house, unable to move on. Lisa must reach out from beyond the grave to help her present-day, living counterpart, Olivia, avoid the same fate Lisa and her family suffered.
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‘The Help’ Cast to be Honored at the Hollywood Film Awards Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard, Allison Janney, Chris Lowell, Ahna O’Reilly, Octavia Spencer, Emma Stone, Sissy Spacek, Mary Steenburgen, Cicely Tyson and Mike Vogel to be honored at the Hollywood Film Awards Gala Ceremony.

The 15th Annual Hollywood Film Festival and Hollywood Film Awards, presented by Starz Entertainment, are pleased to announce that the cast of DreamWorks Pictures and Participant Media’s “The Help” – Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard, Allison Janney, Chris Lowell, Ahna O’Reilly, Octavia Spencer, Emma Stone, Sissy Spacek, Mary Steenburgen, Cicely Tyson and Mike Vogel – will be recognized at the Hollywood Awards Gala Ceremony with the “Hollywood Ensemble Acting Award.”

The announcement was made today by Carlos de Abreu, Founder of the 15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala Ceremony, which will take place on the evening of Monday, October 24, 2011, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The Hollywood Film Awards Gala launches the awards season.
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Win Stargate Universe: Season 2

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We have teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox to for the release of the last thrilling installment of the award-winning Stargate saga, Stargate Universe Season 2: The Complete Final Season, which will be out on DVD from 29Th August 2011.

Stargate Universe Season 2 follows Col Everett Young (Louis Ferreira, The Andromeda Strain, CSI) and his crew of soldiers, civilians and scientists – including the volatile Dr Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle, 28 Weeks Later, The Full Monty) – stranded on-board alien shop The Destiny as it follows a predestined course through the universe.

Supplies on board are running dangerously low, tensions are rising and Destiny’s ultimate mission remains unknown. Facing uncharted space and enemies who would take the ship by force, the crew must learn to trust each other and the Destiny itself in order to survive, and to keep hopes of returning to earth alive.

Full of suspense, unexpected twists and turns, spectacular
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Warner Bros. Bringing The Hunter Scott Story To The Big Screen

THR reports that Warner Bros. has picked up the rights to the story of Hunter Scott, which relates to the 1945 sinking of the USS Indianapolis, a heavy cruiser of the United States Navy. Robert Downey Jr., and his wife, Susan are on board  the untitled project as producers. Robert Schenkkan has been chosen to pen the script. His work includes the television mini series, 'The Pacific' and 'The Andromeda Strain,' as well as the film, 'The Quiet American.' The USS Indianapolis was sunk by the torpedoes of the Imperial Japanese Navy submarine, the I-58 on July 30, 1945. Roughly 300 men were lost in the initial attack, with 880 left to face hypothermia, dehydration, starvation, and shark attacks. Of those crew members, only 316 survived. They were rescued four days after the incident by the Pv-1 Ventura of the United States Navy, which was on routine patrol. The captain of the vessel,
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Source Code and the return of intelligent sci-fi to the multiplex

We celebrate the imminent DVD and Blu-ray release of Duncan JonesSource Code, a recent example of a film that marries intelligent sci-fi with big-screen spectacle...

Science fiction has been an important genre in filmmaking since its earliest days. Georges Méliès' A Trip To The Moon was one of the earliest and most pioneering, and marked the beginning of a long relationship between the genre of possibility and the moving image.

The way science fiction has been used in movies, however, varies widely, just as it has taken many forms in literature. Some sci-fi movies are merely horror stories draped in a futuristic cloak (see It! The Terror From Beyond Space, or its ancestor, Alien), or Arthurian fantasies with space stations instead of castles (Buck Rogers, Star Wars).

Although common in literature, the subgenre of hard science fiction, that is more interested in ideas than laser battles, is comparatively rare in cinema.
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A&E puts Tony and Ridley Scott in 'Coma'

  • Hitfix
A&E puts Tony and Ridley Scott in 'Coma'
A&E used its Wednesday (May 4) upfront presentation to advertisers to announce an expansive original programming slate that will include the premiere of 10 new shows and the return of 11 franchises in 2011.   The cable network also announced that the miniseries "Coma" has been greenlit for a Memorial Day 2012 premiere.   "Coma" comes from Ridley Scott and Tony Scott's Scott Free Productions, which previously brought "The Andromeda Strain" to A&E. Based on Robin Cook's bestseller, "Coma" is a medical thriller about a doctor who begins to suspect something sinister is afoot when a high number of otherwise healthy...
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Perception Gets Series Order at TNT

Perception Gets Series Order at TNT
TNT has given the green light to Perception, an original drama series starring Emmy and Screen Actors Guild Award winner Eric McCormack (Will & Grace, Who Is Clark Rockefeller?). TNT has ordered 10 episodes of the new series, which centers on a neuroscientist who works to solve complex criminal cases. Also starring are Rachael Leigh Cook (She's All That), Arjay Smith (The Day After Tomorrow) and Kelly Rowan (The O.C.). Perception was created by executive producer Kenneth Biller (Smallville, Legend of the Seeker) and co-executive producer Mike Sussman (Star Trek: Voyager), with McCormack serving as producer. Alan Poul (Six Feet Under) directed and served as executive producer for the pilot. Produced by ABC Studios, Perception is expected to premiere on TNT in 2012.

In Perception, McCormack plays Dr. Geoffrey Pierce, an eccentric neuroscientist who uses his unique outlook and expertise to help the federal government crack difficult cases. Pierce's intimate knowledge of human
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The Unexpected Man

"Most of my career has been spent doing things I haven't done before," says the affable, but slightly reserved André Braugher. "I've done horror, sci-fi, spy, thriller, a lot of history, and now finally a comedy. I've got some cop shows and doctor shows. The only thing I don't have is a 'Star Trek,' series and I don't have a lawyer show."Best known as the tough detective Frank Pembleton on the gritty crime drama "Homicide: Life on the Street" and currently the somewhat beleaguered Owen Thoreau Jr. on TNT's dryly amusing "Men of a Certain Age," Braugher also has extensive theater credits—including "Henry V," "Hamlet," "Measure for Measure," and "Coriolanus." He can now be seen Off-Broadway, at the Manhattan Theatre Club, in Matthew Lopez's "The Whipping Man," directed by Doug Hughes. Set in Richmond in 1865, "The Whipping Man" is a three-character play, recounting the evolving
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DGA Announces Nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Movies for Television and Mini-Series, Dramatic Series, Comedy Series, Musical Variety, Reality Programs, Daytime Serials, Children’s Programs and Commercials for 2010 Directors Guild of America President Taylor Hackford today announced the DGA’s nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Television and Commercials for the year 2010.

‘Whether it’s a 30-second commercial or a multi-part miniseries, television directors are crucial to the success of any television project.’ said Hackford. ‘As the DGA celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, we salute the critical role of the director in TV and are proud to honor the tremendous range of excellence found in the projects nominated today. Congratulations to all of the nominees.’

The winners will be announced at the 63rd Annual DGA Awards Dinner on Saturday, January 29, 2011 at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland in Los Angeles.


Movies For Television And Mini-series

The nominees for the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Movies for Television and Mini-Series for 2010 are (in alphabetical order):

Mick Jackson

Temple Grandin

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Two Clips of Sean Bean Trying to Survive The Lost Future

I must be really out of the loop because I had no idea the Sean Bean post-apocalyptic survival monster movie The Lost Future premieres on Syfy this weekend. Looking at these two clips from this South African production, it looks to potentially be a considerable step up from the usual schlock Syfy typically unspools on their Saturday evenings.

Sean Bean might wish he was back in the Lord of the Rings shire when he finds himself amongst the few humans trying to survive in a primitive wasteland populated by behemoths and mutant manimals in this Syfy original from Mikael Salomon, director of the 2004 remake of Salem's Lot and 2008 remake of The Andromeda Strain.

A group of post-apocalyptic survivors struggle to survive in a world where jungles and forests and primeval wetlands and deserts have obliterated civilization. They staunchly face genetically mutating beasts and mysterious diseases in an attempt to re-establish
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Ridley Scott is coming back to Philip K. Dick sci-fi

In 1982 Ridley Scott gave us Blade Runner, based on the Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? While Blade Runner was a bomb on its release, and didn't attract much critical reception, the years have been kind to Scott's vision of a run-down future that's supposed to happen just seven years from now.

And here we are in the future, so instead of mining more of Dick's looks forward, Scott is going to the past. The Man in the High Castle is an alternative history novel of the author's, set in the years following the end of World War II -- but in this world, the Nazis and the Imperial Japanese won the war. Published in 1962, The Man in the High Castle has several intertwining storylines including one about an author who wrote an alternate history novel in this universe, one that postulates the Allies winning WW2 and what happened afterward (no,
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