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Beguiling, moving and just plain fun documentary.
Judy Irving's terrific documentary 'The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill is ostensibly about birds, but only in the way that a game of Scrabble is about tiles.
Chicago Tribune
The kind of well-crafted, character-driven work that wows regional film festival crowds and public television audiences but seldom gets seen outside those circles.
Entertainment Weekly
In watching the birds and the man with an affectionate, curious eye, the filmmaker builds a story of surprising emotional resonance.
The mellow, serendipitous The Parrots of Telegraph Hill is here to show you just how magical happenstance can be.
The Hollywood Reporter
Genuinely sweet, beautifully constructed documentary.
It is not the film you think it is going to be. You walk in expecting some kind of North Beach weirdo and his wild-eyed parrot theories, and you walk out still feeling a little melancholy over the plight of Connor.
In traditional stories, it's saints, madmen and children who befriend wild animals. Mark Bittner, who pals around with feral creatures in the amiable documentary The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, is just as much an outsider, though of a different sort.
Lovely to look at, if not very deep in its thinking about relations between humans and their animal friends.
Miami Herald
The documentary also has a story to tell, and as such it builds up its drama.
New York Post
In the charming new documentary The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, we learn all about the tragedy and comedy of being a bird on the loose in San Francisco.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A loving, dopey documentary about the bird man of a place with a view of Alcatraz.

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