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Bursting with coolness

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
29 April 2006

There's a lot going on in this game and so many devices and sub-games to keep you addicted. Not so much a DX than an updated version of the Sonic Adventure, from the now obsolete Dreamcast, with better graphics, new missions and loads of extras.

You play the game as seven different characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big the Cat, The Robot Dude and (much later) Super Sonic. The Sonic, Tails and Knuckles levels are the best. The Big the Cat levels are really boring and slow. Each character has their own story and their own power-ups, all happening at the same time. The result is almost an RPG-like game. If this were taken a few steps further who knows how great the game could have been. Though it's still brilliant as it is.

The structure is also genius and easy to get to grips with. As whatever character, you run around massive levels like Station Square and The Mystic Ruins which leads to many different action stages. The action stages can range between casinos, snowboarding, racing through sky-high circuits, go-carting, flying around in Tails' red bi-plane, flying through wind tunnels, chases across the city rooftops and racing across sandy beaches. As always the Sonic world (curiously earthlike and nothing like the planet Mobius from before) is absolutely gorgeous with an exotic feel, eternal sunshine and the bluest of skies.

What I like best about the game are the Chao. The cute little creatures you hatch and raise between levels. They are so great they became my reason for getting through the game. And as a bonus all Sonic games from the old Sega Game Gear are included. Each one is unlocked after every 20 emblems collected (1 awarded after each mission complete and others scattered about levels).

Some parts of the game can be awfully repetitive. Certain FMV sequences were used more than once and there was no point in that. And intros to certain parts of the game took too long and became quite annoying when losing a life and starting again.

The self-controlled camera was cool and useful. Though in cramped quarters it seemed to get stuck and being unable to see the character due to the spasming camera sometimes resulted in the loss of a life. That was quite annoying.

The music is great and I strongly suggest you get all the soundtrack CDs (I did). There are brilliant, fun-loving themes that totally carry the action along. The voices however, were a bit off from the original Japanese lip movements.

A totally brilliant game that you simply must get. Sonic Adventure DX will keep you entertained for ages.

Graphics A Sound A Gameplay A+ Lasting Appeal A+

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This game gives me a good ideal

Author: regimag from United States
11 February 2008

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this game! I know it is kind of hard to control but you'll love it and A for all ages and the ideal that gave me is take me back to the time I was younger and second of all take me back to my cousins house (only after 4 days I think...) Anyway, cool game me and my sister loves it.

all people suppose to like it every I know people like this game I think this game should receives a golden cup cause it's great! This game should also receive a golden sticker I hope people are more hyped up in this game then Sonic adventure 2 battle cause many people like this YAHOO!

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Not bad...

Author: Jason Lambert from United Kingdom
31 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sonic adventure DX isn't a bad game, i liked the sonic, tails, knuckles, Amy, and E-102, but i REALLY hate big's stages, they are frustrating, especially when you are trying to do other missions with him.

The chao in this game are similar to "Sonic Adventure 2:Battle" chao, BUT they are harder to pet.

As you get emblems (for satisfying certain events) you unlock mini-games, which are game gear games, WHICH you don't earn anything for completing these games.

There was loads of glitches on the dreamcast version, but 3/4 of them where fixed (and a few where created) Overall, its a fun game, but it 'ends quickly'.

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