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Entertainment Weekly
An agreeable mischievous romp.
Dawson turns out to be a necessary ingredient, propelling the emotional core of the film forward, while somehow convincing the audience that a smart, attractive woman could find a schlub like Dante desirable.
Miami Herald
Despite the film's sloppy structure, it feels weirdly good to hang out with these losers again.
This is a funny movie. It delivers plenty of laughs, but it isn't in the same league as "Clerks." I left that movie holding my stomach from laughing so hard.
The Hollywood Reporter
It has enough laughs, character arcs, politically incorrect rants and a satisfying emotional ending to more than justify this whim on Smith's part.
Best of all, Jason Mewes is out of rehab to play Jay and spar with Smith as Silent Bob, his dope-dealing partner.
New York Daily News
Some of the banter is fun, like Randal's debate with Elias over the relative merits of "Star Wars" vs. "The Lord of the Rings." But most is just trash-talk as shoptalk.
Chicago Tribune
More sentimental and ruder than its predecessor, though its brand of raunch tends to curdle halfway out of the characters' mouths.
New York Post
Kevin Smith's Clerks II doesn't take much notice of anything that's happened since the 1994 original. It's occasionally clever and gets a few points for originality.
Philadelphia Inquirer
While these individually diverting factors add up to a good time, they don't add up to a good movie.
It's the crude humor that trips up the movie.

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