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Chicago Reader
Directed by George Bamber from a witty screenplay by David Vernon, it veers between screwball farce and feel-good sitcom.
It's a crackpot of a soap opera, ornamented by a great deal of sexual humor, sexual innuendo and sex. Lead Daniel Letterle is a charmingly boyish actor, and the other featured players -- particularly veteran actress Meredith Baxter as Ethan's gay-wedding-planner mother -- are excellent.
It's none too deep and a tad cartoonish, but also fast-paced, filled with quotable one-liners and often very funny.
Inoffensive even as it makes some fairly explicit sex jokes, "Ethan Green" may not exactly be fabulous, but it is pleasantly diverting.
More often than not, these tactics fall flat, and the mostly unfunny - and unfabulous - trifle never rises above sitcom level.
New York Post
A genially silly gay date movie.
Chicago Tribune
The film's tone veers from misjudged sincerity to shrill sketch comedy of the broadest stripe.
L.A. Weekly
It's a dud. To be fair, the source material (to which the film is unfortunately faithful) is itself a wan assemblage of creaky one-liners, overly familiar gay ghetto types and sitcom-inspired shenanigans.
With words streaming out of their mouths instead of into bubbles, Ethan and his gang of past, present and future lovers sound laughingly unbelievable. They're on the road to inanity.
Village Voice
Unfabulous, unfunny, and unwatchable.

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