Turtles Can Fly (2004) Poster

Plot Keywords

american boy
refugee street market
girl refugee camp
orphan landmine
kurdistan kurdish
three word title child pregnancy
amputee double amputee
suicide by jumping off a cliff suicide by jumping
cloak child suicide
child born of rape wound
weapon weapons rental
water watching tv
war wound war in iraq
united nations underwater scene
uncle nephew relationship u.s. soldier
u.s. invasion of iraq turtle
turkish soldier turkey the country
truck tied to a tree
tent teenage boy
tears teacher
tank swimming
subjective camera student
street life statue
soldier solaiimaneyah iraq
sleepwalking sleeplessness
school satellite tv
sandbag saddam hussein
saddam hussein statue russian pkc
running rope tied to one's ankle
rock tied to a rope for drowning rifle
remote control rationing
rain radio
prediction pain
nightmare newsreel footage
muslim murder
murder of mother murder of father
child murder mosque
money microphone
map lie
liar letter
leg leg injury
lantern landmine removal
landmine deactivation kirkuk iraq
jumping off a cliff italian
iraq turkey border iran
iranian kurd injustice
helicopter head butt
handicapped person halabcheh iran
gun gunshot
gas mask foot injury
fog flashback
fire father son relationship
falling to death falling over a cliff
face slap eyeglasses
eye injury explosion
evacuation electricity
dog doctor
dinar deformed leg
death death of family
dead child crying
crutches crossed eyes
cnn clairvoyant
cigarette smoking child labor
chemical warfare censorship
bullet brother sister relationship
brother brother relationship blood
battle barbed wire
bandage arm
arbil iraq arabic
satellite dish pregnant from rape
orphan girl orphan boy
murder by drowning missing limb
little girl little boy
drowning cliff
child rape child drowning
blindness blind child
blind boy peasant
misery growing up
cripple child killing a child
toothache teenage mother
suicide attempt precognition
nosebleed murder of family
mine field landmine explosion
kerosene iraq war
gang rape filicide
clairvoyance border region
border fence bicycle
armless boy suicide
rape village
television kurd
iraq death of mother
death of father death of child

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