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Better than the first
Hollywood_Yoda6 January 2005
It is very rare to come across a sequel even better than it's predecessor, but this has come that far. After seeing the first tour Movie, I wasn't sure how I would feel about this one, but I really loved it, and really, who wouldn't.

The extra scenes, like on the first film, they show the guys on their tour bus, before, and after the show. To know exactly what I mean, you would have to see this movie.

Most of the jokes on this DVD are new ones, and some are renewed jokes. Ron still smokes, Larry still prays, Jeff is still Jeff, and Bill is more of a redneck.

I believe......if you liked the first movie, you might like this one right here, even more.
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A Satisfying Sequel
jrfranklin0131 January 2005
While "Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again" isn't as good as the first (few sequels are), it is a satisfying sequel with all the same great comedians. Bill Engvall, Ron "Tater Salad" White, Jeff Foxworthy, and Larry "The Cable Guy" return onstage to give some funny redneck laughs and humorous spins on everyday affairs.

This sequel does not contain some of the funny footage you get in the first (Larry's visit to Victoria's Secret and the fart machine purchase). If you haven't watched "Blue Collar Comedy Tour", you may want to rent that one before watching "Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again". 7/10
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As good as a sequel can be
maxsmodels8 September 2007
I found this sequel to "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" to be a good DVD and I still enjoy watching it. I think the original still has a certain edge on it partly because of its extras. The Waffle House scene, the Victoria's Secret stuff and the pimp suits. David Allan Grier was good too.

That said, If you liked the first one, ya gotta git this'un! I have found these guys are at their best when the four of them just get together and poke fun. That was the best part of the first one as well.

Do not let other people tell you what is or is not funny. I love to laugh at these guys and if the humor isn't always sophisticated (if it ever is) it is good. I laughed and that really was the whole idea. You may have to watch it a few times to get all of the jokes because you are often laughing so hard that you miss the intro to the next joke. To me, that is the mark of a funny show.

As my wife likes to say, watching this kind of comedy is my guilty pleasure.
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I told you to wait in the Truck!
Andy (film-critic)17 March 2005
I did miss the group gatherings that were throughout the first film, because it really allowed us to see where some of the jokes originated and how these friends interact, and honestly, I think it hurt this film. The friendships were there, it was obvious, but it just didn't come through the television as predominately as the first. Also, they were all trying new material this outing. You could tell, because the comfort level was a bit off. It was as if they were wondering to themselves if the joke would work, or if people were applauding because of who they were not what they were saying. Maybe this second film was rushed due to the overwhelming popularity of the original, but it wasn't the same.

One keen observation that can be made about this second film was the audience seemed to be whiter collar than redneck. Half the fun of the original was seeing the audience reacting and laughing at the people that just looked like these comedians were taking a moment of their life and speaking it on stage. While that may seem mean and morbid, I found that it worked well with the comedians. A bit of irony if you don't mind, here we have comedians making fun of the people that are laughing at them. What a strange, continuously circling world we live in. In this film, the audience seemed more glamorized and you could tell that they were laughing at the people, not so much the jokes. This can been seen because Foxworthy didn't do any of his patented "redneck" jokes, it was as if he modified the joke into the "married/gay" routine just for this audience … as well as what I was saying about new material.

Overall, I thought that this was a decent outing, just not quite containing the same insanity as the first. I especially did not enjoy the fact that it ended in a very similar fashion as the first. I just thought that originality and creativity were forgotten about just to capitalize yet again on the popularity of the original. I wouldn't mind seeing these guys in concert live, but it may make me hesitate for a moment to consider renting another one of their films. I, sigh, cannot wait to see more of Larry the Cable Guy and with him doing a voice in the next Pixar film Cars, I know that he is going to be the breakout star of the entire endeavor. If you liked the first film, I don't think it would be unwise to see this film, just be prepared for not as much hilarity as the first provided.

Grade: *** out of *****
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So-So at best
dragracingonly10 December 2004
My Brother-In-Law played the original "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" DVD for me a few months ago. I had never laughed that hard for that long. We purchased the show and have watched it numerous times since then, continuing to enjoy the humor. I had never heard of Ron White before, but he stole the show. When I saw that the "Rides Again" DVD would be available the beginning of December, we preordered it. We received it yesterday and watched it last night. Although the show has some great moments, it was a minor disappointment. Bill is a very funny guy but his stories seemed a little drawn out this time. Jeff has the ability to make almost anything funny, and although his bit was good, it wasn't anywhere near as funny as the first DVD. Larry (who has a great act) just didn't seem to be "on" with most of his jokes (timing was off or something). My biggest disappointment was with Ron. He just didn't seem to care and his jokes were very disjointed. This DVD is worth owning but don't expect it to hold up against the first one. If the first release is a "ten" (which it is), this one is a "five".
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Still Funny, But Suffers From Law Of Diminishing Returns
zkonedog12 March 2017
While watching the original Blue Collar Comedy Tour, I thought it was one of the funniest collaborations I had ever seen, thus I quickly ordered this DVD to keep the good times rolling. While "Rides Again" provided its fair share of laughs, it also suffered from the law of diminishing returns, to an extent, where the content was still funny but the novelty had worn off a bit. Here is how each individual comedian measures up in the second go-round (in order of appearance):

Bill Engvall: Didn't do nearly enough to supplement his "everyman"/family man routine from the first show. Actually was a bit boring at times.

Ron White: In the first installment, I kind of considered him to be the "odd man out", but he really started to win me over this time with his sarcastic and sharp wit. An upgrade over the original.

Jeff Foxworthy: Gives another great performance, on par with his first try. Very solid and the laughs keep coming.

Larry the Cable Guy: The biggest reason to buy this disc (if you "get" his type of humor). Was hilarious in part one, and keeps that same energy going this time as well.

Overall, this was still a very funny compilation of humor, but it doesn't quite have the original spark of the first title, through no fault of its own. Be prepared for more belly laughs!
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Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again only this time it was only two who shine
Terryfan25 November 2015
Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again reunited Ron White, Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy and Larry The Cable Guy

Like in the first film the guys come to the stage taking turns with telling jokes to get the crowd laughing.

The first film was a hit and it was only wise to make a sequel and that's what we got.

However I found that this film the two main guys who got me to laugh the most were Ron White and Bill Engvall they really brought it home with their stand off comedy and I was just rolling with laughing, Jeff Foxworthy did good as well and he did get me to laugh Larry The Cable Guy it's amazing how this guy even got a job to begin with as a stand up comic because his jokes barely get anyone to laugh because they are pretty much disgusting which I don't want to hear when I listen to jokes it just really ruined the enjoyment of watching this film.

Thankfully with the DVD I just watch Bill and Ron because they are the true victors in this film with the crowd

But if you're a fan you might want to give it a shot because there are some classic jokes here

I give Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again an 7 out of 10
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If you expected this to win an might be a redneck
Steve Pulaski7 April 2011
Maybe it's the fact it's direct to DVD, maybe it's the fact this one doesn't have the skits, but for whatever reason Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again is not as funny as the original film. It isn't loathsome, but then again, it isn't gut busting funny. The first one wasn't. But I laughed frequently. At least once every five minutes. Now it's down to a chuckle and a smile.

This time Engvall and White are warming the crowd up before Foxworthy and Larry. Engvall is funny and truthful, White is the same, not hilarious but gets a good smile now and then, Foxworthy is the highlight, and Larry is himself. At the end of the film they all get together on stage, like the previous film. This time they all perform a "song" called I Believe, that's Yo Believo for you Spanish folk.

For some reason, I didn't laugh as much as I wanted to. I still believe Ron White isn't as funny as some say. Maybe it's personal preference, but he is not too great. Sure I do laugh a couple of times but he pales in comparison to people like Engvall and Foxworthy. Maybe it's because Engvall and Foxworthy make more of an effort to go into realistic situations where Ron White rambles on some bar he went to. Or maybe it's all an act.

Ron White also is the one member of The Blue Collar Comedy gang that didn't return to Blue Collar TV and doesn't accompany Engvall, Foxworthy, and Larry on their current tours. Why I don't know. But the group isn't missing much.

Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again packs in enough cute moments for a minor recommendation. But it still doesn't live up to what I had hoped. I have high hopes for One for the Road, the final comedy special by The Blue Collar gang because it's their last special under that name. Plus I've seen Bill Engvall's scene on there and it gets me excited to see what comes out of it. Hopefully it's a tiny bit more enjoyable than this.

Starring: Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, and Ron White. Directed by: C.B. Harding.
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It is the good old blue collar comedy tour, it has to be great!
jaydixit198622 February 2006
Well What I can say is that it is the good old blue collar comedy guys. They are the best comedy gang ever. Given that this DVD is not as great as the first one. But one has to understand that these guys have been in this gig for such a long time that now, there is not a single subject that they have not touched. The stand up routing starts with Bill Englvall, being him self and pitching the most hilarious jokes about his family, and his signature "here's your sign"s. Then he is followed by Jeff Foxworthy, doing the best jokes about red necks. Then being followed by Ron white, he could have been better in this stand up, he has not come up with many new jokes, most of the jokes used have been published in his earlier works, but it is still quite funny. Then the show is brightened by Larry the cable guy and his crude sense of humor. And the show is ended with the best part of the entire DVD. All four comedians sit and "talk" need not to say it is quite funny as well. So in general the DVD is very nice, it would have been a perfect 10 if Ron white would have come up with some fresher jokes.
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Kinda Disappointed
aquintano197922 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Well, to be quite frank, I was rather excited to watch this comedy. I was soon discouraged when the first few minutes went by.

For anyone who has followed any of the guys they will soon realize that their skits are almost the same as the the first tour. Then the guys came out with their own DVD's. So I also rented those. Much to my dismay, the were also the same.

Don't get me wrong though. It is extremely funny, and the guys work great together, but, the material is starting to wear.

Ron White is certainly the funniest of them all. His DVD is very funny.

When I saw the Blue Collar tour for the first time I nearly peed myself. I thought it was awesome. Then I saw the individuals separately, still funny. The second tour, just a little repetitive.
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Rides again rides into muck
alphafemale4414 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
We really enjoyed the first Blue Collar Comedy Tour, it was funny without being offensive. I was very much offended by this second offering. In fact, by the time Larry the Cable Guy was 5 minutes into his start, I was finished. We begin with all the boys on the bus, and some 12 year old bathroom humor. Then we're taken to the stage and the long slide downhill begins.

I'm not sure why the guys all decided to use raunchy sex as the linchpin for their comedy this time around, but it was bad. Probably most offensive was Ron 'tater salad' White. I know being 'drunk' is suppose to a part of his act, but I'm not sure it was an act...whatever, his 'jokes' were in bad taste and not really funny. Really, how long can you talk about dog poop? Or his 'riding' his wife? Bill Ingvall is usually on top of his game talking about his family, not this time. Again, we end up with too much information on his sexual issues. We did get a few 'here's your sign' comments, but some were refried.

I was very disappointed start to finish, and ashamed that I had called my 85 year old mom to make sure she watched it. Thankfully, she had tuned out, as put off as I was. So, if you're into crude humor, drunken bores, and stupidity, then this is the one to watch. On the other hand, if you expect to see a repeat of the first Blue Collar, don't watch this. Put the original in again, enjoy that.
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