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I don't agree with all their choices
Lee Eisenberg15 June 2005
Granted, it's good that their Top Ten Dads included Archie Bunker, Fred Sanford and Homer Simpson, and that their Sexiest Women included Barbara Eden. But let me just be blunt: they didn't always make the right choices. For example:

When they did the Top Ten Dads, they omitted Ricky Ricardo, Rob Petrie, Darrin Stephens, Gomez Addams, Mike Brady and Howard Cunningham.

And when they counted down the Sexiest Women, why was Barbara Eden relegated to #10? And why did they exclude Elizabeth Montgomery and Connie Hines (Carol on "Mister Ed") from that group? And am I to understand that, after counting all the votes for Sexiest Men, they couldn't include Bob Denver and/or Henry Winkler?

Oh well. I guess that I agreed with most of their choices.
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