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Season 1

19 May 2004
Shippû dotô
When two vagrant samurais stumble into waitress Fuu, the three get in trouble with the local magistrate.
2 Jun. 2004
After Mugen cuts off a former enemy's arm, the enemy sets out to extract revenge on him by kidnapping Fuu and kill Mugen and Jin.
9 Jun. 2004
Ishindenshin sono ichi
After running away from Fuu, Jin and Mugen enter a town where they are hired by opposing gangs as body guards.
16 Jun. 2004
Ishindenshin sono ni
The trio's reunion is put on stand still as they all must partake in gang warfare.
23 Jun. 2004
Looking for enough money to catch a ferry, Fuu stumbles upon an artist looking for models to paint - but is this painter all he's really set out to be?
30 Jun. 2004
Akage ijin
Mugen and Jin lose their weapons and their appetites in a rice eating contest. The only way for them to get them back is by posing as tour guides.
7 Jul. 2004
Fuu is caught in a web of deception when she falls for a pick pocket with a heart of gold.
14 Jul. 2004
A sword of sling slinger with a crush on Fuu reveals the dark secret of Jin's past. To restore his good name Jin will need to dual him.
21 Jul. 2004
The crew is headed for the gallows after getting caught using fake travel permits, but Mugen can save them by outhustling a gang of warrior priest.
28 Jul. 2004
Idoku seidoku
Muhen takes his training to the next level in preparation for a full moon death match with the killer who uses a deadly armor piercing attack.
4 Aug. 2004
Daraku tenshi
Jin Falls in love with the suicidal beauty whose husband sold her into slavery, and Mugen tries to make his fortune in beetle sumo wrestling.
11 Aug. 2004
When Mugen and Jin do the unthinkable and read Fuu's diary, they are treated to a rich riveting recap of all their greatest misadventures.
25 Aug. 2004
Anya kôro sono ichi
When Mugen crosses paths with a face from his past, he reluctantly signs on for a heist that could land him a fortune in stolen gold.
1 Sep. 2004
Anya kôro sono ni
Doublecrossed and headed for the bottom of the ocean, Mugen flashes back to his life before he died for the first time.
8 Sep. 2004
Tettô tetsubi
Mugen goes under the covers with an undercover investigator who's out to put the smack down on a murderous ring of counterfeiters.
15 Sep. 2004
Suiseimushi hito yume
Mugen, Jin and Fuu get into a big fight and separate.
22 Sep. 2004
Suiseimushi futa yume
The Matsumae clan Han mistaken Mugen for Okuru, while Jin and Fuu cross paths once again in the forest.
22 Jan. 2005
Mugen learns his letter from a sake-guzzling maniac; Jin makes good on a promise; Funn sparks a jealous showdown between two graffiti artist.
29 Jan. 2005
Fuu harbors a female fugitive who may hold the key to finding the samurai who smells like sunflowers.
4 Feb. 2005
Hikakôgai sono ichi
Mugen defend the honor of a blind songtress, but when the trio of wanderers become a quartet, Fuu must make an important decision.
11 Feb. 2005
Hikakôgai sono ni
Mugen has his own deadly run-in with the same blind beauty that sent Jin plummeting toward a gruesome end.
18 Feb. 2005
Dohatsu shôten
The trio fall into the clutches of a horde of rotting zombie treasure hunters. Next they get blown into oblivion by an asteroid.
25 Feb. 2005
Ichikyû jikkon
A baseball game against American conquerors in which Mugen, Jin and Fuu take part decides the future of Japan.
5 Mar. 2005
Seishi ruten sono ichi
Fuu tries to end-up the journey with her companions in the best possible way. But they are soon caught by their past.
12 Mar. 2005
Seishi ruten sono ni
As Jin duels Kagetoki Kariya, the most powerful man in the shogunate, Mugen has to contend with three brothers who want his head.
19 Mar. 2005
Seishi ruten sono san
As Fuu finally confronts the Sunflower Samurai, Mugen and Jin face their ultimate tests. While Mugen must face the remaining brothers, Jin continues his battle with Kagetoki Kariya. And there's the small matter of their own duel.

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