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6 Jan. 2006
Brady, Bandit, and Hootie
Water-obsessed Labrador; a pooch with performance anxiety; a leg chomping Chihuahua.
13 Jan. 2006
Sonny, Chocolate & Cinnamon, and Boo
Pug and pet pig get rowdy; emotionally scarred Shepherd; two Dachshunds make an unsavory mix.
27 Jan. 2006
JonBee, Violet & Hudson, and Buford
Lab/Staffordshire mix unfriendly to small animals; a poodle can't stop running in circles; bulldog obsessed with attacking skateboard wheels.
Katrina Dogs Part 2, Major Jones, and Josie
Dogs abandoned during Hurricane Katrina. Is a reunion with their owners in store for any of them?
7 Apr. 2006
Eppie, Lady, and Snoopy
Beagle with a passion for Boogie boarding, a Dalmatian/German shepherd dangerously protective of her owner; Lab/Beagle mix that became aggressive after moving to a new area
4 Apr. 2006
Pups on Parole and Eton & Dolly
Cesar goes to jail to help wayward humans rehabilitate wayward pups through a program called "Pups on Parole."; Bulldogs learn to play fair.
28 Apr. 2006
Vicky & Taz, Punkin, and Maddy
Vicious Min Pins endanger a couple's home-based business; Pit Bull mix develops an unhealthy obsession with rocks; Cesar helps an adopted Terrier mix overcome her fear of men.
31 Jul. 2006
Bikini, Fella, and Winston & Oliver
Bull terrier won't behave at home and has irrational fear of grooming; Jack Russell / Italian Greyhound mix cries and barks whenever left alone; a police officer's Yorkies are disturbing the peace.
1 Aug. 2006
Power of the Pack
The pack is a vital tool. In this intimate and revealing episode, witness some of the most memorable moments and experience the power of the pack.
4 Aug. 2006
Greta & Hoss, Storm, and Chula
Cesar helps a young Akita control his aggression; Newfoundland is the world's pickiest eater; two-year old Shiba Inu has a knack for bolting out open doors.
16 Oct. 2006
Cesar's Toughest Cases
This episode features several of Cesar's toughest cases including: a skateboard munching Bulldog, vicious Min-Pin and ferocious Chihuahua, Bandit, just to name a few. Plus, updates on how the dogs are doing now.
23 Oct. 2006
Kobe, Banjo, and Kisses
An aggressive one-eyed Australian shepherd needs special treatment. Banjo, a traumatized black and tan coonhound is terrified of people, and Kisses, a not-so-pretty-in-pink Maltese gets a little too excited when guests drop by.
30 Oct. 2006
Buster, Holli, and Spike & Belle
Cesar cures Spike's depression with a new friend. Buster, an eight-year-old blue heeler/Australian shepherd mix, is supposed to play the role of family alarm dog, but he does his job a little too well. An American Staffordshire terrier's unconventional skin graft gives Cesar ideas for a different kind of rehabilitation?as a "Biker Dog."
6 Nov. 2006
Molly, Jane, and Genoa
Cesar helps Molly, a blue heeler in Nebraska, get over the dangerous behavior of chasing and biting tires of moving vehicles sometimes a very big wheels tractor. Jane, an American Eskimo/border collie mix in Chicago, just won't go for a walk. Genoa, a golden retriever that seems to be trapped in a nightmare, rampages throughout the house every time her owner goes in the garage because of his using air compressor. Rehabilitating the dogs behavior is much more to do with the owners belief systems than the dogs behavior.
13 Nov. 2006
Wilshire and Butch
Wilshire, a hyperactive Dalmatian in Los Angeles, runs amuck in Firehouse 29 and the city attorney threatens to take him away if he doesn't shape up. Cesar tries to clear Wilshire's spotty past and make him a role model for fire dogs everywhere. Next, Cesar travels to the Lone Star state, where he meets Butch, an overly aggressive English bulldog and tries to rein in his out-of-control behavior.
20 Nov. 2006
Maya, Sara, and Lilly
Diana is the proud owner of Maya, an adopted Border Collie/Spring Spaniel Mix who loves to jump. Maya?s jumping causes a whiplash motion, which is detrimental to Diana who recently had major neck surgery. Can Cesar keep Maya grounded? Next, Cesar meets Sara, an overly-aggressive Shepherd mix and Lilly, a pushy Poodle.
11 Dec. 2006
Sophie & Riley, Aussi, and Sasha, Bebe, & Lulu
A couple of adopted basset hounds have a bad case of sibling rivalry over food, treats and their owners' attention. A dingo mix from Australia hasn't adjusted to her new life in California, and takes it out on other dogs. An overly protective poodle has it in for a pair of new puppies. Can Cesar help these troubled pets?
17 Feb. 2006
Dog Park/Sparky the Service Dog
Cesar tries to rehabilitate two Rottie pups before they grow into dangerous attack dogs. Then, Linda and Rich need Cesar's help with Buddy, whose got a bad habit of biting, especially when it's time to take his medicine. And finally, photographer Michael Forbes' countrified Visla cowers and cringes at the sights and sounds of the city. See what happens when he calls Cesar as a last resort.
31 Mar. 2006
LA Laker Meltdown
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21 Apr. 2006
Project Runaway!
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