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Pay-per-view of the year?

Author: davidpenzer from gothenburg
1 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Survivor Series card looked promising and it didn't fail to deliver. It kicked off with a great cruiserweight match. Here is the review:

Match 1: Fatal 4 Way Cruiserweight Championship

- A very good way to open the show. It doesn't contain anything we haven't seen before but the smoothness of the grapples and reversals and the well executed high-flying spots make this a very entertaining opener. Like every other 4 way match, there are always two wrestlers recovering on the outside, but I'll let it pass this time. Unfortunately Michaels Cole tries his best to ruin the match with his awful commentary; First he incorrectly notes that Chavo and Rey are friends. Then he says Chavo was ROBBED of the title, when Kidman breaks his cover so Spike can get the pin! What the f#ck?

Match Rating: 4/5

Snitsky confronts Heidenreich backstage and says he likes Heidenreich poems. Hilarious segment. Words can't do it justice.

Match 2: Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian. Intercontinental Championship.

- Nice mat wrestling to start. Shelton outwrestles Christian and shows some nice new moves. Very well built up match where every move make sense in context to the match. Shelton is a total boredom on the mic but I'm willing to accept him as a face only because of this bout. Fantastic performance by both men. It looked predictable and uninteresting on paper but turns out to be one hell of an exiting match. Tomko gets involved but Benjamin fights him off. In a nice booked finish, Benjamin hits the best Exploder Slam (T-bone suplex) I've ever seen for the three-count. Wrestling-wise this is a five star match.

Match Rating: 4/5

Kurt Angle meets Edge and Eugene backstage. I'm not even going to try to do this segment justice. Awesome!

Match 3: Angle, Reigns, Jindrak and Carlito vs. Eddie, Big Show, RVD and Cena. Elimination Match.

- Cena chases away Carlito to the back so it starts off with four men against three. Eddie's team clearly dominates this match. Reigns and Jindrak are quickly eliminated. With Angle left alone against Cena, Eddie and Show the result is obvious. Not exiting at all, but the booking is logical and every elimination match cannot end with only one survivor.

Match Rating: 3/5

Maven is interviewed by Coach, who doesn't think he deserves to main event. Maven doesn't get any time to answer because Snitsky comes from behind and destroys him. Snitsky looks and acts like a complete psycho. Another funny segment here.

Match 4: Heidenreich vs. The Undertaker

- Heidenreich's music hits. Heil Boredom! My brother predicts that the first one to pull off a wrestling move will win the match. Could be a long night. Surprisingly good start to this bout. It's going back and forth with no botched moves. Good booking makes the match about as exiting as a match between these two can get. A little too long though. Undertaker wins with the usual.

Match Rating: 2/5

Bischoff interview backstage. The Bisch looks better in his new haircut. Can we hope Booker T loses a Hair vs. Hair match too?

Match 5: Lita vs. Trish. Women's Championship.

- Match ends in one minute when Lita gets disqualified for using a chair. A story was told to this match as we actually saw a match promo before it started (how many times do we see a promo for a women's match?). Hard to rate.

Match Rating: 2/5

Match 6: Booker T vs. John Bradshaw Layfield. WWE Championship.

- Match starts off great. Booker's offense looks more intense than usual and the crowd responds with a "Booker T" chant. I like how Orlando Jordan is used in this match. Booker goes for some classic WCW finishers like the Missile Dropkick and the Harlem Hangover. Nice. Jordan gets involved after the usual referee bump and in the end Bradshaw gets the pin after hitting Booker with the belt in 14:40. Overbooked, yes, but exiting and perfect match length. Bradshaw's best title defense?

Match Rating: 3/5

Match 7: Orton, Jericho, Maven & Benoit vs. Triple H, Snitsky, Batista & Edge. Elimination Match.

- Angle: The winning team gets control of Raw for one month. Interesting indeed. Maven is unable to wrestle due to Snitsky's beatdown. All seven men are tagged in early. Match fires up when Benoit takes out Triple H's team but eventually falls victim to the Pedigree. Benoit eliminated. Snitsky almost gets into a fight with Batista and Triple H. I really like the idea of the heel team having disagreements with each other. Batista is the next one to be eliminated and then Snitsky, via disqualification, when he uses a steel chair on a returning Maven. HHH then pins Maven and Edge takes out Jericho with The Spear, making Orton the only man left on his team. Orton gets way too much offense in for my liking. He eliminates Edge with an RKO when Edge accidentally spears HHH. And after reversing a Pedigree, Orton hits another RKO to pick up the win for his team. Certainly not a perfect match, but very entertaining and that's the reason we watch wrestling, right?

Match Rating: 4/5

The Good: A very solid show with Shelton/Christian as a stand out. Match was close to a 5/5 rating and definitely a match of the year contender. No failing matches, Survivor Series had a good mixture of everything. And last but not least, the backstage segments were hilarious.

The Bad: Undertaker/Heidenreich lasted too long. I was hoping for a new WWE Champion. The Elimination Matches (and the p.p.v. itself) were not quite as good as last year, but that's almost too much to ask for.

Survivor Series Rating: 4/5

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Better than Taboo Tuesday

Author: Ethan_Martin from United States
29 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1st Match: Rey Mysterio vs Spike Dudley vs Billy Kidman vs Chavo Guerrero, Fatal 4-Way match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. A very hot start to the show, remember my rule of thumb, starting a PPV with Rey Mysterio is a guaranteed win. Really unique spots and an energetic crowd, what a good way to start the show. Rating: 3.5/5

2nd Match: Shelton Benjamin vs Christian, Intercontinental Championship. This match starts off kind of slow, but definitely picks up towards the end with some really close near falls. While the match starts slow though, it did manage to hold my interest and not bore me to death. A well done match, if only for the second half. Rating: 3/5

3rd Match: Team Angle vs Team Guerrero, Survivor Series Elimination match. Pretty much a glorified squash match. Carlito's involvement in this match is less than nothing, as he was just there to get chased off by Cena. While I normally don't like squash matches, any match where a heel Kurt Angle gets beat up, is a good match. Rating: 4/5

4th Match: The Undertaker vs Heidenreich. Probably 3 minutes longer than it needed to be, but watching Taker is always fun. Weird how they were trying to get so many powerhouses over in 2004 due to Lesnar leaving, huh. I mean, Heidenreich is OK in this, but it's really just Taker beating him for 15 minutes. Not a bad match, once again it held my interest, it's just a little too long. Rating: 3/5

5th Match: Trish Stratus vs Lita, WWE Women's Championship. The pre-match video is longer than the actual match because Lita gets DQ'd within 2 minutes. Trish gets her nose busted and it pretty much just serves as a way to elevate their feud. If I wanted to enjoy watching two women for a couple minutes, I'd just watch Skin-a-max. But hey, it's way better than Charlotte and Natalya's match from Extreme Rules this year. Rating: 2.5/5

6th Match: JBL vs Booker T, WWE Championship. Well, more realistically JBL and Orlando Jordan vs Booker T. Jordan in this is like an annoying mosquito that keeps killing Booker's attempts to win, and yet gets away with it. I know, I know, what else is new, but it goes to ridiculous levels in this. At least it turns into a decent brawl when the ref gets knocked down, but other than that, it's just Booker getting trolled for 15 minutes. It's watchable, but just barely for me. Rating: 2.5/5

7th Match: Team Orton vs Team HHH, Survivor Series Elimination match. Compared to RAW's elimination match from the previous year, this is nothing. However, on it's own it manages to be pretty entertaining. There's some comedy moments, all out chaos, the crowd's really into it, and the good guys win. A feel good ending to the show. Also, Snitsky gets a literal chunk taken out of his eyebrow, but I have no idea what caused it, odd. Rating: 3.5/5

Final Rating: 6 out of 10. An OK PPV that's easy to sit through. It may not be the greatest PPV of the year, but it's way better than Taboo Tuesday from the previous month. I'd pick this any day over that.

R.I.P. Chris Benoit


R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero

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I enjoyed this PPV event very much

Author: kliko400 from Australia
8 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I definitely enjoyed this PPV event very much, it had great matches & it was also very exciting the elimination matches of course.

FIRST MATCH- SPIKE DUDLEY VS. BILLY KIDMAN VS. REY MYSTERIO VS. CHAVO GUERRERO IN A FATAL 4 WAY MATCH FOR THE WWE CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP A great opener for the Cruiserweight title, great match & great moves by all four men. Spike Dudley wins after covering a groggy Chavo Guerrero for the win to keep his Cruiserweight title. 5/10 SECOND MATCH- SHELTON BENJAMIN VS. Christian W/ TYSON TOMKO This was also a very good match as well. Shelton Benjamin is just a mad & cool athlete & all his matches are just exciting. Shelton retains his IC Title after nailing a T-Bone Suplex on Christian for the win. 6/10 THIRD MATCH- TEAM GUERRERO {JOHN CENA, ROB VAN DAM & BIG SHOW} VS. TEAM ANGLE {LUTHER REIGNS, MARK JINDRAK & CARLITO W/ Jesus} IN A 4-4 ELIMINATION MATCH Wasn't really bad, it was okay even though it was a bit slow paced, but it still later on was very a very good elimination match. Team Guerrero wins after eliminating Kurt Angle as last. 6/10 FOURTH MATCH- LITA VS. TRISH FOR THE WWE WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP This wasn't really a match for the Women's Title. It was a brawl, a brawl which Lita made Trish's nose bleed as therefore the match ended in a no contest. 2/10 FIFTH MATCH- UNDERTAKER VS. HEIDENREICH W/ PAUL HEYMAN Even though the match took pretty long, it was still good. Heidenreich definitely put a great match against the Undertaker. Undertaker pulls out the victory after a Tombstone Pilesdriver on Heidenreich. 5/10 SIXTH MATCH- BOOKER T VS. JBL W/ ORLANDO JORDAN FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP Great effort by both men who put up a good fight. Booker T was just inches away to winning after a Scissors Kick, but Orlando Jordan knocked out the referee. While Booker T took out Orlando Jordan, Booker T turned around only to get slammed in the face by the WWE Belt by JBL who made the 3 count & was able to retain his WWE Title Belt. 5/10 SEVENTH MATCH- TEAM ORTON {CHRIS BENOIT, CHRIS JERICHO & MAVEN} VS. TEAM HHH {GENE SNITSKY, EDGE & BATISTA W/ RIC FLAIR} Unbelievable, this is definitely the match of the night. Great action from both teams & the ending was just so awesome. It is up to Orton against Edge & HHH as he is outnumbered. Edge goes for a Spear but misses & hits his partner accidentally HHH. Edge turns around only to get an RKO from Orton as Edge is eliminated. It is now up to HHH & Orton. While the referee is taking Edge out of the ring, HHH nails a low blow on Orton & sets him up for the Pedigree, just before HHH is about to nail the Pedigree, Orton reverses out of nowhere & nails the RKO to get the win for his team & his team will each get a turn to be General Managers on Raw. 8/10 This was definitely a very good PPV event as all the matches were good except the WWE Women's Championship match between Lita & Trish.

Overall: I'll give it a 8/10 & a B+

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Author: SusanAdebisi from West Mids - Inglaterra
4 September 2006

Best thing about this Is the brilliant manga type artwork, the action Isn't a patch on the 2 previous SS.

Cruiserweight 4 -way: Not typical frantic, air mile collecting stuff but some good spots from some talented guys.

IC Championship: Christian apparently debuting his Intro In the match of the night. Selling Shelton's Impressive offence CC acts the consummate heel - If cheating won't win then surely abusing your opponent Into submission will, "flash In the pan" slap head! The wrestlings top notch too Shelton hits his finisher flawlessly, pulls out a great assisted slingshot suplex whilst Christian nails a vicious looking DDT, both combine well with many near falls & an exciting climax.

S'down SS tag: The gubbins at the start leave poor Kurt even more handicapped than he was already, Eddie gets pummeled for what seems like an eternity, Big Show manages what appears to be a front roll and despite everything revolving around Cena I don't think he's tagged In once. One very funny bit when Angle's walkout Is foiled backing back towards the ring he fails to notice a man mountain waiting. Great comedy acting pleading for mercy before swinging for him cue multiple finishers and a feelgood end to a largely poor match.

Taker/Heidenreich: Greco/Romano technicality It Isn't but this could have been a whole lot worse especially considering how long It went. I like Tazz & Cole on play by play but when they have to roll with a story......."Maybe Heidenreich CANT be beaten" you sure about that? a particularly weak Last ride won't put anyone over as Invincible.

Womens championship: Surely this could have been done backstage. Trish being Interviewed Intimating fat gestures, Lita runs In goes sick job done. Even better would be Snitsky still loitering.... a huge Improvement on Lita hitting a chairshot to the side of a table and Trish messing her hair up In a complete waste of time.

WWE Title: For some reason my DVD skips large parts of this match - probably one long sleeper hold just after Booker clears House on the outside, It resumes predictably with JBL well on top and a virtually asleep arena. Some decent "who me?" Inteference from the chief of staff repeatedly killing Booker's momentum at crucial points and boy Is old 5 timer not feeling It here.

Raw SS Tag match: For a main event this Is weak, compared with the classic Austin match from the previous year lame. The bickering on Triple H's team is quite amusing but that and the prospect of an HHH/Orton finale should have been left for Monday nights. Benoit Is excellent as always before being cheapshotted out, Snitsky nearly breaks a chair In half some other stuff happens then the RKO to a high pitched shrill. Orton's rubbish music hits to wrap up the show and I couldn't have cared less.

Overall nothing worth remembering or rewatching except for the very good Intercontinental match, the bonus match featuring Cena/Carlito fueding over the US title Is fun for nostalgia value - bring back the wordlife Intro. Hey who'd have thought the electric barber chaired one could see Into the future "Carlito doesn't think you're cool - Carlito thinks you're a punk" Ha, how prophetic.

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Survivor Series

Author: Ikepoiyen668894 from United Kingdom
19 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A good survivor series

1. Rey Mysterio Vs Billy Kidman Vs Chavo Guerrero Vs Spike Dudley(CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION) fatal 4 way cruiserweight title match

7/10 A good match with a few high flying sparks , a very good way to kick off the event.

2. Christian vs Shelton Benjamin(IC CHAMP) IC TITLE MATCH

7/10 Another good match, these two work well together so the match always has a good pace.the fans are in to it as well.

3.Kurt Angle,Carlito,Jindrak,Reigns Vs Eddie Guerrero,John Cena,Big Show,Rob Van Dam

5/10 only bright exciting spark was cenas return, match was virtually angle vs the rest after carlito left the arena.jindrak and reigns are just two useless pines.

4. Undertaker Vs Heidenreich

6.5/10 A decent match you wont get better from these two ill tell you that now, taker carries heidenreich for much of the contest, but a decent first match in what i believe was a decent rivalry

5. Lita Vs Trish(WOMENS CHAMP) womens title match

2/10 Match never really begins as Lita gets disqualified for using the chair, she beats the crap out of trish and that is pretty much it.


6.5/10 Again a decent match, a few good run ins by jordan and matthews add some suspicion but all in all nothing special , pretty much a fight.

7. Chris Jericho,Chris Benoit,Randy Orton,Maven Vs Triple H,Edge,Batista,Snitsky

8/10 Best match of the night,a few notes. firstly its clear after tonight maven is nothing , he gets beat up backstage by snitsky then makes a run in during the match,the thing is the fans don't seem to care you hardly hear a cheer on his return, Snitsky I thought was impressive , he had a segment with heidenreich earlier which cracked me up, he had a mini disagreement with triple h during the match which led to him pushing down the game and his chair bashing and evil grins were also tops me snitksy was the performer of the night , the match was great good moves good pace crowd always into it .and a nice end...


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Best pay-per-view of 2004

Author: rvd_500 from staffanstorp
6 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched all of the 2004 pay-per-views and Survivor Series was the best right on top of SummerSlam. The matches were great (especially the Fatal 4 Way).

Match 1: Spike Dudley vs. Billy Kidman vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio. Cruiserweight Championship. Fatal 4 Way.

Great match to open the show. Matches like this makes WWE so great. Some incredible stunts. Like when Chavo throws Rey out of the ring and at the same time Rey performs a Seated Senton to Kidman. Chavo is about win but Kidman knocks Chavo out cold with a Springboard Legdrop. Rey then takes out Kidman and himself on the outside and Spike pins Chavo. Cole then says Chavo was robbed of the title, which is extremely wrong.

Rating: 5/5

Match 2: Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian. Intercontinental Championship.

Shelton is the greatest athlete in the WWE, no doubt about it. There is RVD & Eddie, but they still don't beat Shelton. Christian is great too. Shelton shows some nice moves during the entire match. As usual Tyson Tomko tries to get involved but Shelton fights him off. Shelton wins after a great Exploder Suplex.

Rating: 4/5

Match 3: Team Angle vs. Team Guerrero. Elimination Match.

Team Angle had the likes of Luther Reigns, Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak & Carlito. A pretty strong team. Eddie Guerrero had built up a team made of RVD, Big Show & John Cena. Pretty strong too. This match looked predictable but it didn't come out the way i expected. Cena chases away Carlito before match. Angle cheats to eliminate RVD, Eddie cheats to eliminate Jindrak and when Angle is out cold Big Show eliminates Reigns with a Chokeslam. Angle is left alone and quickly gets eliminated after an FU from Cena and a Frog Splash from Eddie.

Rating: 4/5

Match 4: Heidenreich vs. Undertaker.

Two words. Extremely boring. I like Undertaker & Heidenreich but none of them can't really seem to find their way to being good in this match. Undertaker breaks Heidenreich's perfect record cleanly.

Rating: 1/5

Match 5: Lita vs. Trish Stratus. Women's Championship

Here is an improvement from Taboo Tuesday in the Women's match. It isn't a "School Girl Outfit Battle Royale", like at Taboo Tuesday. This match lasts about two minutes before Lita gets disqualified for breaking Trish's nose with a steel chair. Three weeks later we see another title match where Lita wins. Then we also got to see that Trish apparently didn't break her nose...She gave it surgery!

Rating: 3/5

Match 6: John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Booker T. WWE Championship.

JBL's best title defense since the Cage Match against Eddie Guerrero. As usual the ref is out cold and Orlando Jordan gets involved. Bradshaw wins after hitting Booker with the belt. Highlights: Josh Mathews being Clothesline From Helled, Mathews knocking Jordan out cold outside the ring and Booker going for the Harlem Hangover and the Missile Dropkick.

Rating: 4/5

Match 7: Team Orton vs. Triple H. Elimination Match.

I had too say that i rooted for Team Orton (Chris Jericho, Maven, Chris Benoit & Randy Orton) even if i don't like Orton & Maven. The reason is that i don't like three of the guys in Team Triple H. That is Edge (the new one), Triple H & Gene Snitsky. Batista is cool. Maven doesn't start in the match because of being manhandled by Snitsky before the match. Eliminations: Benoit by Edge, Gene Snitsky by DQ, Maven (who entered later in the match) by Triple H, Batista by Jericho, Jericho by Edge, Edge by Orton & Triple H by Orton. Team Orton wins and gets to control RAW for a month. Jiipii!

Rating: 3/5

Good: Benjamin vs. Christian/The elimination matches/Fatal 4 Way

Bad: Undertaker vs. Heidenreich

Survivor Series Rating: 5/5

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Survivor Series 2004

Author: wrestlingsitewebmaster from England
19 June 2005

Just another PPV in my opinion.

Match one saw Spike Dudley defending the worthless Cruiserweight championship against Chavo Guerrero, Kidman and Rey Mysterio in a very good match. Next up Shelton Benjamin puts his Intercontinental championship on the line against Christian in a very good match as well.

Then Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak and Carlio Caribbean Cool with Jesus in his corner try to defeat John Cena, Eddie Guerrero, RVD and Big Show. This was poor, why Cena even bothered coming to the ring I don't know, because all he done was brawl with Jesus and gave Kurt Angle the F-U. Understandably Carlito couldn't wrestle because of his injured shoulder, but this was terrible!

Next up another pointless match takes place, when Lita takes on Trish Stratus. There were no wrestling moves in this match up folks, just Lita beating up Trish, in a terrible brawl. Things get worse yet again as The Undertaker takes on Heidenreich in a 17 minute bore. Then JBL defends his WWE title against Booker T in another boring match (this was all Booker T)

But light relief comes in the form of the main event. Triple H, Edge, Gene Skitsky and Batista take on Randy Orton, Maven, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit in an enjoyable main event. Benoit got eliminated first which p*ssed me off. Earlier on while The Coach was interviewing Maven, Snitsky attacked him, so the match only started with 3 on 4. Maven then came down to help Orton and Jericho, but was smashed in the head with a chair by Snitsky. One good highlight was when Edge tagged both HHH and Snitksy in at the same time. HHH shoved Snitsky and Snitksy pushed HHH over. Batista made the save when he confronted Snitsky. Enjoyable! Orton won when he nailed HHH with an RKO from no where.!

Fatal 4 way - 7/10 Benjamin vs Christian - 8/10 Smackdown! elimination match - 4.5/10 Lita vs Trish - 2/10 Booker T vs JBL - 5/'0 Taker vs Heidenreich - 3.5/10 Raw elimination match - 8.5/10

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