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it's OK.

Author: kyle-mcdonald from Canada
14 July 2007

This isn't a full bond game it just has the villains of some of the movies in it and it is fun to play a villain the missions are very hard but the hardness of the game can be fun on some missions but on the other ones it can just really really make you p/ssed off. The weapons are good to use but some are not that good. It has a good story to it. The voice over actors are pretty good the main voice over actors sound pretty much the same as they did in the movies except for pussy and the man with the golden gun sound exactly the same because Christopher lee played him in the movie and he does the voice for him in the game. The way the main villains look are really good Dr. no and goldfinger look exactly the same as they looked in the movies the other villains look some what the same but not exactly the same. The graphics in this game are pretty good. Also James bond is in it for one mission but you don't play him and they way he looks is OK but it would have been better if one of the actors who played was in it but who cares he is only in it for one mission and it would have also been better if you got to play James bond just once but to bad it is still fun. So this game is pretty good but remember this game is really hard so good luck.

Overall score ***** out of **********

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Generic first person shooter

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
30 November 2004

I'm really rather sick of first person shooter games. They are a dime a dozen and with all the Medal of Honor and Call of Duty games out there do we really need another? The previous game in the Bond universe was Everything or Nothing, which wasn't a first person shooter, something new. But this one goes back to something old.

There is a bit of a twist though. It's fun to play a villain, there's a little bit of RPG (only a touch) and the villains from the older movies (such as Dr No, Blofeld, Oddjob, Goldfinger and Francisco Scaramanga) come back, even though they are supposed to be very, very, long, long dead. But this novelty didn't last long and I quickly became bored of the game.

Plus there is too much going on. Hooked up to a home theatre this game is loud and thrilling but it will easily induce epileptic seizures so beware. Plus the targeting is terrible. If you have a gun that sprays bullets everywhere you will still have trouble killing a lone enemy in the distance. This got highly irritating.

As these type of games go even Die Hard: Vendetta was better. Nice music though. Rent it to try it out first as buying blind would be a serious error in judgment.

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best bond game

Author: gbjazz1 from United Kingdom
30 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Goldeneye: Rogue Agent" is easily one of the best Bond games ever. Instead of playing Bond (as you do in most of the other 007 games) you play an MI6 agent who was dismissed after killing Bond in a training exercise. You then go to work for Auric Goldfinger, alongside Pussy Galore, Oddjob and Fransisco Scaramanga. Goldfinger has created a new weapon called the OMEN, which can disintegrate all living matter. Unfortunately, Dr No is after the OMEN, he hires Xenia Onnotopp and a group of powerful thugs (mini-bosses who are harder to kill) to try and get the device.

You play in places such as "Fort Knox", "The Octopus" (an undersea lair), Crab Key and Volcano Island. The story is set as an alternative MI6, Goldfinger is M, Oddjob is your partner is some levels (like 006), Scaramanga is Q and Pussy Galore is the Beautiful women. The graphics are good, the controls are easy and the story is brilliant.

This is easily the best game for Bond fans 10/10

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Worst in Bond series, but still OK

Author: xj13 from United Kingdom
3 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I bought this game because I had only had my Gamecube for a week and I was getting bored of my first game, Agent Uder Fire. I found this in HMV for a fiver (a good deal, since it had come out the Christmas before) and I bought it. Got home, and played it non stop for a week, but then I got to the Crab Key mission and I gave up completely.

Until I got to that mission, I liked it. And then they gave you a mission that would take an hour to do, and there are no save points in the entire first part of the level, and then when you find out that there is another part to that level, you just want to throw the disc in the ocean and be rid of it forever. Well that's how I felt.

I only know one person who has completed it, and I don't think he liked it that much either. The levels are all basically the same, and I would say the only good level is the first, after that they are pretty much the same, but without the dame scenery.

Graphics: 8/10 The graphics are sleek, but everybody looks the same. Sound: 10/10 This is the only thing that saves it from failure. They got Judi Dench and Christopher Lee to voice Scaramanga and M, and they are really good. The guns sound real, and sometimes the enemies shout to their allies that you are holding a sniper rifle. Pretty clever. Gameplay: 6/10 Could be better.

Overall: My percentage is 73%.

Needs improving.

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Twas a blast, but...

Author: Leeve from Canada
16 January 2005

there were some good elements to this game and some bad. I mean it can't be perfect can it. I was expecting this to have some of the old fun things you could do in the old Goldeneye game. Like shoot scientists and run over civilians with tanks. Or better yet, why could we not go up against MI6 and Bond himself. They have already gone against established Bond Lore why not just go all out crazy. Your a bad guy why spend all you time killing other bad guys? Makes no real sense to me. But aside from all of that this was a fun game to play I like Bond first person shooters and the graphics were very realistic. I give it an 8/10

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It's good to be bad.

Author: Star Wars Lover ( from Brazil
20 November 2004

Rogue Agent is the sequence of the N64 classic, Goldenye, of 1997. But in Rogue Agent you're not James Bond.You're an agent that was a perfect MI6, but you were dangerous, killing hostages and other sorts of things.Then, you're dismissed. Looking for a job, you find Auric Goldfinger.He knows that you're a very good assassin, so he hires you into the world of the crime. This game has "Goldenye" in the title because you have to put a golden eye for entering Goldfinger's crime world. Rogue Agent is a very good game. It has perfect graphics, it looks like real life. The sound and game play are good. And the fun factor is excellent.You can blow with a missile a room with many hostages without failing the mission. 10/10.

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This game sucks, sucks, and continues to suck

Author: The_Light_Triton ( from In a Chair in my room
20 September 2006

I bought this game at a pawn shop for 15 bucks. I expected a remake of the original goldeneye, but all i got was a piece of crap. this game has nothing to do with the original goldeneye, it's just a fancy name.

You are an unknown agent who accidentally kills James bond in a simulated mission. you are discharged from M16, and go to work for goldfinger with goldeneye as your name. however, 3 years before, you lost your eye in a battle with Dr. no, and goldfinger is willing to restore sight in the eye you lost, and then you go and kill Dr. no for him.

although, the movie segments have excellent graphics, but they're nothing if the gameplay sucks.

Even multiplayer sucks. you can't have battles against the computer.

And even worse, for the gamecube game, you have 2 discs, one for single player, another for multiplayer.

2 out of 10. a useless piece of crap.

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007 Everything or Nothing...$40; GoldenEye 64...$10; GoldenEye: Rogue Agent...Painful

Author: BinaryCode1001 from USA
2 March 2005

Let me start off by saying that it wasn't the game itself that made me angry at was this one level that was near impossible to pass. After that, I quit on the game until getting Action Replay codes. It also tarnishes the name of the original GoldenEye utterly, which is part of the reason I didn't like it.

GRAPHICS: The graphics are standard. Don't expect anything spectacular. Also, almost all the enemy models are the same. Even though there are some different levels here, you'll be spending most of your time shooting soldier clones and blasting rockets into airborne machines. The level design is wretching. Each level is different, like I said, but in a way, they're all the same. You'll basically be doing the same thing over and over...shooting things. So, they should've just made each level one big early level because that's the whole game. And why is it when I shoot an enemy, blue sparks fly out of him?!

SOUND: SOME of the sound is good. The problem I have is that handguns sound like peanut blasters as automatic rifles sound like rapid-fire Super Soakers. The only sound that is actually pleasant to hear is the shotgun blast from the Mamba gun, which was also my favorite gun for as long as I was playing this. I don't really have much of an opinion about the background music since I could barely hear it throughout the game. However, everyone else seems to like the music (I don't know why), so I'm not going to say much else there.

GAMEPLAY: Here's where the game falls flat...the game is nothing but constant running and gunning. This is why the game is so bland and generic, because each level is a carbon copy of one another. There are hardly any objectives to do other than killing enemies. In the original GoldenEye, each level had something unique about it. In GoldenEye 2, the entire game is basically just shooting things to death. There are only about 7 or 8 weapons in the whole game, unlike the original, which had about 20 or 30 sets of weapons to choose from. This game also has automatic weapons, but they shoot spray rounds. That requires you to really get in an enemy's face in order to make automatic rounds register. Another problem is that there's no diverse way of taking out enemies. Instead of, say, using tanks to roll through a level, you're SLOWLY running through it while shooting everything. Find a heavy rocket launcher and you'll move even slower. You've also got 4 "Eye" powers to choose from, but each of them don't have any real requirements except the "Shield" ability. In fact, levels are so repetitive, I started getting sick of it by the final level. The first thing I said was, "oh, jeez, this game isn't over yet?!" Lock-on targeting is brutal (at least you can turn it off), and there are only two cheats through the whole game. Neither of them enhance the game any more. You do get to dual wield different weapons, but you have no inventory. You can only use weapons as you find them. However, this is the only thing the game capitalizes on. Halo 2 does the same thing, but at least that game has more variety. Honestly, GE2 makes H2 look like the Word of God. What really made me mad about this game was the Dam mission where you have to escape across a dam platform in search of a bomb. I played that mission about 20 times, trying every spy technique in the book, whether it be taking cover behind structures or vehicles or blowing hordes away with the rocket launcher. Since nothing worked, I went to my Action Replay for advice. Once I got that invincibility code, I felt better about myself. I know it's cheating, but Corey Rouse always says, "when life's got you down, throw in God Mode and keep on kickin' butt." Don't even bother avoiding gunfights because it won't work.

STORY: So, let me get this straight...I'm an MI6 agent with no name, and I got kicked out of MI6 just because I let James Bond die in a V.R. simulator? Now, like the whining baby I am, I go off to work for Goldfinger just to fight with Dr. No and fight a bunch of bad guys that James Bond could dispatch himself? The ridiculous part is that I'm doing James Bond's job for him. In the original game, you could shoot civilians and scientists with a penalty attached if you kill too many. Here, there are no civilians to shoot. It's just a bunch of army guys wanting a piece of you. If I'm supposed to be so big and bad, why isn't 007 coming to hound me? Other than all that, there isn't much else to say about the story. There is one plot twist, but believe me, you'll probably see it coming from miles away. We do see a lot of familiar faces, such as M, Oddjob, and Francisco Scaramanga, but that doesn't do much to help the game.

BOTTOM LINE: This game is only worth a 2-day rental. I'm not trying to put anyone down, but if you like this game, you either can't tell the difference between a good game and a bad one, you're too young to understand, you've never played the original GoldenEye, or you're a mainstream gamer who only plays games just for a few hours of anything but being completely bored. 4/10, certainly not what I've come to expect from EA after EON. (I would've given it a 6, but that's minus 2 points for tarnishing the original game's name.) I suggest sticking with the older 007 titles. Even TND was better than this.

If you want the real GoldenEye "sequels," turn to Perfect Dark or TimeSplitters.

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