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Never runs out of gas, a wonderful story from south Los Angeles
Amy Adler5 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
On the south side of Los Angeles, a gas station owner dies. His business is a lifeline for the neighborhood, being part service station and part general store. After the funeral, the grieving mother tells her two equally sad sons the contents of dad's will. The two siblings, Will (Art Evans) and Mookie (Khalil Kain) are partners of the station, for at least one year. But, this is bad news, they both think! That's because the bros don't get along, Mookie having set up his brother at the scene of a minor crime long ago. Minor, yes, but it caused fall-guy Will to lose a scholarship. Bad blood has flowed ever since. Will worked his way to a business degree and new home in San Diego while Mookie remained at the station. How will these two work side by side? Further, a short time later, their mother needs an expensive operation and has no insurance. The brothers must deal with a Korean businessman for a loan. But, if they cannot repay it, they will LOSE the station for good. Complicating matters even more are two women. One is the attractive daughter of the Korean gentleman while the other is a beautiful preacher-lady of the neighborhood. So, what will the future hold for the two brothers? This is a thoughtful film which also has plenty of humor. Many secondary characters provide the comic relief while Evans and Kain offer more dramatic turns. Viewers will enjoy, also, the sets, costumes, story and direction. Go, fill up your evening with Gas!
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refreshingly nice film
flosonly121 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This film showed folks with different likes, professional interests and demeanors able to work together when it's necessary. I was saddened that the film was rated R. I wish the language could have been changed to accommodate a better rating. This film could have easily been a beautiful family film that I would have taken my 8 year old. I wish the producers would be brave enough to edit to reach a different audience. Some of the writing was basic, no one got killed and some of the jokes were corny which is why I was shocked that it was given an R rating. I did enjoy the film because life is tough enough and seeing all those fine men was really refreshing. Cool Khalil Kain, Fine Flex Alexander and Titilating Tyson Beckford! Kudos to the casting director! I enjoyed the many familiar faces.
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More hugs, less drugs
Sean Cain2 February 2005
This film's main strong point is that it shows a positive side of the 'urban' film. Rather than dwelling on a lifestyle of poverty, desperation and death it touches on themes of family and community. The colorful characters that populate Gas bond deeper through external and internal adversity to achieve a certain harmony that as a viewer make you want to be a part of. I enjoyed the celebration of life in Gas rather than death in many urban films about drugs and violence.

The storyline of the two brothers at odds is a staple of cinematic culture. This was the strongest point of the film. I especially liked how the uptight, smarter brother realized he was being judgmental of his younger sibling and found a way to help shine light in a way to help him achieve his dreams.
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What the other guy said +
scienott30 January 2005
This is in the top 5, maybe top 3, worst movies I've ever seen.

It seems to have been a sad attempt at fulfilling or trying to reenact the market's past results with black (and multi-culturally social) 'comedies'...

I'm awful glad I never paid anything to see this.

To all the people who may have spent money on "Gas", to witness the official truth: that we live in an over-increasingly crap comedy era, run by heartless, unoriginal, networked individuals: I'm sorry...

I would have rather not watched this...

Don't take that wrong...
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A "G" rated movie wrapped up as a "R"
thesociety14 January 2005
This movie has a plot line and story written for 10-14 year olds. Its perfect for them, and it could be a great family movie. Unfortunately the language is adult for no reason at all, and sporadically at best. There's no sex, and one scene of a very phony looking joint that was hardly needed to the story. They should have edited out the "R" parts and advertised it as a family movie. Its oriented that way.

Most of the actors were competent, no one really shined. You have trouble believing the 20yr old "foxy" reverend, but it's a nice twist. The soundtrack is pretty bland, as is the lip-syncing at the end of the movie. Its a movie with no market, too tame and sterilized for adults, but too adult for kids.
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