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Fun Movie
bbankspro15 March 2005
Just watched this movie over at Movies Askew. It actually just won the fourth round of their contest. It competed against five other films and received the most votes. Since it won the fourth round it gets put on a DVD of short films to be released.

The movie was hilarious and original. The movie was dark and black and white, which made it all the more visual. I do not know that much about making movies, but this one seemed well done to me.

You never get to see short films, except at festival, well you get to see some on IFC and The Sundance Channel, but I think that this is good that people will be able to see this film on DVD.

I got to check out the website and saw that it has played quite a few festivals and has even won some awards. I can see why this film has been playing festivals and winning awards.

If you get a chance to check it out, then do so. I highly recommend it.
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Earl's Your Uncle Wins My Vote And Festival
markhstudios1 November 2004
I was able to watch this film while attending The Century City Film Festival last week. Then on Saturday night at the closing night ceremony, it walked away with the award for best short film.

This film has it all, murder, comedy, love, hi-jinks, mafia, hook arms, tandem bicycles, oh by the way, it's a dark comedy set inside the classic world of film noir.

Unique, dark, witty, amazing dialogue, characters to die for, chemistry most directors only wish they could achieve. I could go on and on but I won't.

If it was in the theaters I would say run out and see it, but it is a short and the only place you will probably be able to see this is at another film festival.

Keep an eye out for it, and definitely keep an out for the young director of this film.
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A New Kinda Film Noir
FilmNoirBuff2 September 2004
This film is a step in the right direction. A new kinda film noir, something old but something new. I got a chance to preview this film a couple weeks ago, we got a screener copy at the festival that I am interning for.

It's like Orson Welles meets Kevin Smith, with a little Wes Anderson thrown in for the hell of it. This film is definitely unique to say the least.

The story follows Uncle Earl and his Nephew Geary. They are on a mission to find a body and fake Geary's death, which Geary does not want to do, but then again, it is his Uncle Earl.

This is a short film and I don't want to give away the story, but it is worth watching over and over. The characters in this film are priceless.

From the leads to the cameos, they are all rememberable.
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Stylistic Film Noir Meets Up With Dark Comedy
tlfilms31 August 2004
A stylistic Film Noir Dark Comedy that makes you laugh from the beginning till the end. It pays homage to the classics, such as DOUBLE INDEMNITY and SUNSET BOULEVARD, but adds its own unique comedic touch.

The characters are unique and out there, way out there. But you love going along on the ride with them. If there is anyway to see this movie, do so. It is worth watching, the use of the black and white film is beautiful.

The two lead characters set out on a scam to dupe the Gerber Baby Life Insurance policy. Along the way they run into several funny and interesting characters, that either help them or try and hinder their plan.
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A short film that rocks
jwestallstar15 March 2005
Earl's Your Uncle completely took me by surprise. I was recently able to view it through a screener copy that was sent to a film festival. Can't say which one, but it doesn't matter.

The I did some research online and got to see it online. This movie had me laughing from beginning to end. The woman that plays Sheena is just down right funny. Whene she came into the movie, I could not wait to see her again.

If there was a downfall to the film, it was that she was not in it enough, but hey, then maybe i would have gotten tired of seeing her. She did steal the show.

It was shot in black and white and it fit the film so well, the mood, the setting, the look, everything just worked for this movie.

I was a little confused with the beginning and the end, but after thinking about it, it all made sense. ' I don't know if the filmmakers were doing this on purpose, if not it still worked for me.

This is a short film that I would love to see made into a feature. These characters could carry an entire film. But if it ever made it that far, hopefully they would not replace the actors with bigger names. The guys did a great job.

I don't even know if this counts as a review, maybe i am just rambling on, but I enjoyed the movie.
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Weird film noir wanna-be with hilarious supporting actors
davidtosca5 December 2006
I have seen this film three times and am still not sure what's going on in it. That said, the dialogue is very funny and well-delivered and the cast features some hilarious performances, especially in the smaller roles. David Reynolds (soon to be seen in "The Hills Have Eyes II") plays Tusk, the stereotypical shaved-headed bad guy with a curious mixture of bemused wonder and uncomprehending ruthlessness. The actress playing Sheena should have an entire film devoted to her character. And the Jewish Mafia guy manages to be both despicable and appealing in an odd twisted way.

How about another film reuniting these three characters?
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It sucked
greg-54214 March 2005
I saw this movie at the Rehoboth Beach Film Festival along with some other shorts. At the end of the shorts I was offered the chance to go up and talk with one of the creators, it only took me a second to think to myself, "I don't want to converse at all with the bore who created this film." I seriously didn't find it funny at all or dramatic. I wasn't even sure what I was watching. I thought I was at the comedy shorts, but after watching this I wasn't quite sure. I just don't understand why I keep hearing so much about this terribly boring and pointless short. Who keeps promoting and putting this movie everywhere. I am honestly sick of hearing about it. I do not wish the creators any more luck than they have received because that's definitely the only way a movie like this would do so well.
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