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Refreshingly delicate
Toula Touzel14 June 2006
Imagine Me and You is best described as delicate. Very simply this film is about love.

As a British romantic comedy, Imagine Me and You will always draw comparisons to films such as Love Actually, Notting Hill and Four Weddings and Funeral but the level of reality portrayed in these films compared to Imagine Me and You is one of the major distinctions. Glittery moments, such as the doorstep scene between Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincon in Love Actually, are few and far between in the film, but this is by no means a criticism. The film never lacks any tenderness, in fact quite the contrary as it creates a greater impression of reality because of less ostentatious cinematography and mise-en scene. Occasionally the film falls into the trap of representing a very American idea of Britishness. The characters are all upper class Londoners, attractive, well-off with successful jobs. The male characters are foolish, awkward, hapless 'twits' but this does not detract from the charm of the film.

The film follows Rachel (Piper Perabo) her fiancé/husband Heck (Matthew Goode) and their wedding florist Luce (Lena Heady) who immediately has an impact on Rachel leading her to re-assess her seemingly perfect relationship.

The film honours love of different kinds. The love between Rachel and Heck, who are married at the beginning of the film is never disputed or questioned, they were best friends and this developed into a quite obvious love and adoration between the couple. Rachel loves Heck, but she is not *in* love with him. However, with Luce, Rachel experiences the instant, intense, exciting, passionate, all encompassing love at first sight. The fact that Rachel is experiencing this with a woman is not the issue, but rather that the first time Rachel catches Luce's eye is on her way down the aisle.

Unlike other films of the same genre, the characters are well developed and multi-layered. The comedy is typical foot-in-the-mouth humour, and silly one-liners, but is delivered with impeccable timing mostly by the parents. (Anthony Head plays an excellent aged Hugh Grant character and Celia Imrie is wonderful as a prim and proper, sharp mother.) The other performances are subtle, with all of the tenderness, heartbreak, humour, intensity and confusion that the script asked of the performers.

Imagine Me and You has high production values, is written and directed with care and sensitivity the truth isn't over thought, over polished, or softened and is a refreshing modern representation of love.

But of course, most important for a British viewer - Piper Perabo's accent is remarkably good.
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a true romantic comedy
duffy-mn2 February 2006
This movie is striking...I couldn't disagree more with the opinions that it lacks heart and conviction and is built up on too many clichés. Obviously with the genre it is difficult to avoid these things, but Ol Parker did a wonderful job breathing life into this love story. I walked in with very few expectations and left wanting to own a copy to watch again and again.

The characters, if somewhat two dimensional, are relate-able and passionate. Rachel is flawless, perhaps the best I have seen of Perabo (especially compared to her performance in her other lesbian film, 'Lost and Delirious'). The movie is worth seeing for her alone--she conveys with the simple wring of a hand or glance a thousand words. She brings to the part the giddy excitement of anyone who's ever been in love before, but at the same time deals with the obstacles of marriage and her newfound homosexuality in very real ways.

Matthew Goode also has a very praise worthy performance. In fact, most of the actors here really are excellent in their parts and their timing is brilliant. I laughed out loud multiple times and it was nice to see 'funny girls' on their own terms in the current Hollywood of 'Wedding Crashers' and 'Anchormen' where comedy is becoming routine and lackluster. Gotta love the British humor!

On a final note, this is an exceptional film in my eyes for the way it handles the lesbian theme. Parker is tasteful and human about it, making it about love more than anything else. This is the kind of atmosphere that makes you believe in love, whether you're gay or straight, and have faith that there is one person out there if only you'll keep your eyes open.
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A Must See!
daxdsnine15 February 2006
"Imagine Me & You" is everything a romantic comedy should be: charming, original, containing funny, delightful scenes, based on a good story (with no gigantic Hollywood clichés), and played by a great cast. The characters, main and secondary, are interesting.

I cannot say enough good things about the cast. Piper Perabo and Lena Headey are both excellent. And the same is true for the other members of the cast (Tony Head, Matthew Goode, etc).

The fact that there is a lesbian relationship made the movie quite interesting to me. But, really, I would highly recommend it to any people (straight or gay) who appreciate a feel-good, touching (but not sappy)well-done romantic comedy.
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MPAA is stupid.
gringa_chola17 August 2006
I am not here to talk about this film. I am FUMING because of the MPAA rating for this film. Rated R. ARE YOU KIDDING????????? This film was a harmless romantic comedy just like the millions out there: Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days- all of which are rated PG 13. I am so angry at the blatant discrimination in the rating of this film. Because it portrays lesbians FAIRLY (meaning, no one freaks out about their sexual orientation), it is rated R. And this might be no big deal. I mean, after all, we can all watch this film as adults. However, the blatant discimination makes me angry. And furthermore, making this film, like thousands of other films about LGBT people unavailable to a younger audience further isolates and "other-izes" LGBT people. Its not right.
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I loved it!
scwaller11 September 2005
I saw this film today at the Toronto International Film Festival and I really liked it. I was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected plot (it didn't match my expectations based on the mini summary I read prior to seeing the film)....I won't elaborate since it will spoil the film for others. The only reason I give a 9 rating instead of 10 is that there were a few unrealistic and sometimes too predictable scenes, but this really didn't detract from the overall movie experience. The cinematography is really wonderful and the use of color and locations is really quite wonderful as well. I really enjoyed the panoramic views of the city of London. Anyway, compliments to new director on the scene, Ol Parker. I hope we see more from you in the near future!
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imagine me and you....go see it
dmschreib15 February 2006
found this movie to be very entertaining and delightful...the acting is excellent and the lead actresses are completely captivating....what a pleasure to be able to see a lesbian-themed movie with a storyline that parallels any straight love story.....with all the sexual tension, sexual chemistry, and positive presentation that straight people have been given from the dawn of cinematic will fall in love with the will thrill to their budding love and consummation of that love.....this movie will haunt you when you leave the may even want to see it won't win any awards like "brokeback mountain".....i realize that, but it will make your day.....
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"Imagine Me & You" may in fact be one of the best romantic comedies ever to hit the big screen
MovieManMenzel1 February 2006
"Imagine Me & You" is not your typical love story. It is the story of a girl named Rachel (Piper Perabo) who is getting married to her long term fiancée Heck (Matthew Goode). At the wedding ceremony, Rachel locks eyes with the flower girl Luce (Lena Headey) and feels something that she has never felt before. After the wedding, Rachel invites Luce over for some dinner to thank her for such a wonderful flower arrangement and to help set up Heck's friend Coop (Darren Boyd) with Luce. Before dinner, Heck asks Luce if she has a husband or a boyfriend but to Heck's surprise he finds out that she has neither and is indeed attracted to members of the same sex. Heck shocked by the news, alerts Rachel. But Rachel seems to be uninterested in the news and just wants to know why she is so drawn to Luce. Funny and touching moments ensue…

I was lucky enough to be invited to a free screening for this film. This is definitely a film I would have been happy to pay for. This movie is often funny but is never over the top. "Imagine Me & You" is definitely a breathe of fresh air when it comes to the whole romantic comedy genre. I think the whole new spin with homosexual love stories is helping this genre and allowing some fresh new material to be used.

I personally really like Piper Perabo. I first saw her in the movie "Lost & Delirious" which is a wonderful and beautifully told tale. After seeing that movie, I was blown away by her performance. But soon after she wasn't in much and kind of started to do bad mainstream movies like "The Cave" but now with "Imagine Me & You" I can say that she's back to where she belongs. Piper plays Rachel like the role was tailor made for her. Her performance is touching and believable. Matthew Goode also stars as the lovable and sensible husband. Again I liked Matthew Goode from the first time I saw him in "Chasing Liberty". Goode has definitely come a long way from "Chasing Liberty" and has proved himself to be a worthy addition to Hollywood as an actor. He plays a very likable but caring husband in this film. He is rather solid in his performance and delivers some nice laughs. Also Lena Headley is a joy to watch on screen and played her role flawlessly. I really liked all the performances including several of the smaller roles that I haven't mentioned.

I never heard of Ol Parker before I watched this movie. Mr. Parker was both the writer and director of this film. I personally think that Mr. Parker has a career ahead of him. The problem is will he be able to keep his movies as fresh as this movie? Mr. Parker did a great job capturing the true emotions of the characters and showing how hard it is to be something that isn't always acceptable by everyone. I really liked the director's choice of music as well. The Turtles song at the end really fit in with the moment.

Overall, I would have paid full price admission to see this movie and probably will go back to the theater sometime and see it again. I think the homosexual love stories will be a big hit and make people feel a little more accepting of someone's sexual choice. The movie is definitely a feel good movie with a unique twist and a good amount of laughs. At the screening, the film had a very good audience and was loved by most. People clapped and stayed till the end of the credits which doesn't happen that often. The movie made people laugh, cry, and overall feel good about life. "Imagine Me & You" is definitely a movie I would like to see more of in the years to come.

MovieManMenzel's final rating for "Imagine Me & You" is an 8/10.
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Loved it! Best romantic comedy ever!
ScullyM26 January 2006
I just went to a screening of this film at a local theater. I was ecstatic when I learned it would be available in my area. I've already secured tickets to two of the other showings.

I loved it! Absolutely fabulous!

I mean I came out of the theater thrilled (and dabbing my eyes) because it was way better than my expectations. I think it's one of the best romantic comedies that I've seen in a long time.

I'm so glad that it was made in the UK because the US would have drowned out so much of the sincerity. The film was great, really great. I connected with every character and loved each one. I was there and felt the pain, happiness, and love. I just loved it!

Piper and Lena have terrific chemistry which is undeniable.

I laughed, I cried... it moved me! Five stars!

A beautiful story that leaves you waiting and wondering when your soul mate will appear.
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Excellent film about love...
lisa2468sf20 January 2006
It's so rare to see a film that actually shows people who have a conscience, and are able to truly love each other. This one breaks the mold in a way that is touching, funny, moving, and realistic. All of these characters are so likable, it's a pleasure to watch them. This is a very rewarding movie experience. The dialogue touched my heart, but not in a way that made me feel like I was being manipulated. So often films are "too cool" to show people who truly care about each other, but this one is brave enough to show that what really adds value to our lives is loving each other, and going for true passion is what keeps us vibrant.
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Absolutely Adorable Love Story
Dawn24 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is, absolutely, the perfect lesbian date movie. I've seen a lot of Lesbian cinema. As a same-sex loving person you tend to seek out those movies that reflect you, nothing unusual. But even the simplest of the Lesbian films - even those on the light side - tend to reflect some formulaic approaches. Like the husband is a jerk or dead weight. To the contrary... in imagine, me & You LOVE Heck to death and can imagine why his wife has such a hard time following her heart. The most shocking part of the whole film is that you as an audience not only feel sorry for Heck ending up getting the short end of the stick, you indeed fall in love with him yourself. Not only that, I think the reactions to the fact Luce is a lesbian are refreshingly neutral. Treated more as a fact of her life than some disease. In fact, Beyond Rach's Mum reaction to it, there's no big "family" backlash purely on the idea of Luce (and possibly Rach) being a lesbian. I absolutely adored the fact that 85% of the movie is just about "What if on the day you were to marry your best friend, you met someone who stole your heart without even trying?" Only about 15% of the movie deals with the shock of that being someone of the same gender. And did I mention you freakin' love almost EVERY character in this movie. How many movies can sell you on damn near everyone... especially the enchanting little girl that plays "H" (Rach's younger sister). And Giles, GILES from Buffy the Vampire Slayer playing her dad just gave me all kinds of fan-girl joy.

After seeing Piper Parabo as the tragic young lover who loses the girl in "Lost & Delirious" it was nice to see her get her woman in this film, but it's hard to even connect this sweet English girl (Rachel) to the hardened and very lost Paulie in "Lost and Delirious" which REALLY makes me respect her as an actress. And yes, I TOTTALLY bought her British accent.... I don't know why people thought it sounded fake.

Imagine Me & You is perhaps the first Lesbian Romantic comedy I've seen that equals up to some of the best of the same in the Heterosexual arena. Definitely the best "feel good" Lesbian movie I've ever seen. It didn't even need a sex scene to sell itself to the audience as a story of genuine love. And in this sex-charged (sex=love, except it doesn't) world it's nice to see a story rise above the need to sell the story based on erotic moments, minus a really funny trip to the Video store - one of the best scenes in the film in my opinion.
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No need to "Imagine" "Me & You" loving this movie, one of the years best and funniest movies
Doctor_No28 January 2006
A witty and charming comedy about a woman ready for her wedding and soon stolen away after seeing an unsuspected and uninvited guest. The movie at first sounding typical with perhaps a few chuckles her and there but goes much further than that. Every scene has its own charming dash of comedy and delightful character development, an academy award nominee already. Although now it's limited to theaters but soon the fans will be lining up to see this laugh out loud and heat warming tale of true love. The actors do well over and highering my expectations to what great acting is. This, this is great acting. One of my new favorite movies and the years best. My final rating 10/10
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Absolutely Amazing!!! A gorgeous film!
Shelly Alexandre18 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie at a free screening yesterday and was utterly blown away. I have been looking forward to seeing it since I saw the trailer before Brokeback Mountain. So, when the free screener tickets arrived in the mail at work during one of my shifts, I knew it had to be fate! From start to finish the movie was dazzling. The humor was spot on as were all of the actors' performances. The film had a light, fun, comical mood about it and never got depressing or dark. However, the love story between the two women unfolded at just the right pace to make me feel such exquisite longing! Just like in "Lost and Delirious", Piper Perabo makes the audience believe in every glance, every gesture. Lena Headey was also a welcome surprise after appearing in "The Cave" and "The Brothers Grimm", comparably lackluster films, earlier this year. The movie ends how we all want it to end, without being insensitive to the other characters in the film. The unfairness of the situation is adequately dealt with and the jilted husband is not made out to be a monster. As a lesbian, this movie was a breath of fresh air for me. Even movies that I consider to be good gay films (Lost and Delirious, Kissing Jessica Stein, etc.) usually end with one of the women dying or going straight. Seeing the girl finally get the girl in the end was gratifying. This is a romance movie for everyone, not just us overly romantic lesbians looking for love. The sexuality of the characters is not made a central focus. Soul mates come in all shapes and sizes and you have to follow your heart where it leads you.
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i like it a lot!
jaihuang289 February 2006
i have seen many lesbian movies and i have to say not many are memorable. and after reading all the critic reviews, i was even more skeptical. but fox searchlight did a good job with the trailer, it seems really sweet and i was very curious with the ending. the leading ladies too, they are gorgeous. and i really like piper perabo. we did not have passes, so we waited till the end of the line and were finally let in by this nice gentleman of fox searchlight. i was right, the movie was really sweet and it's funny too. i love the ending. it wasn't selfish. and i don't think we were the only ones happy with this movie, the other audiences agreed with us with an applause at the end of the show. well done!
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Does more for Gay people than Brokeback
jack-80516 March 2006
I viewed this movie at the Maui Film Festival, Castle Theater. The cast is fabulous making every scene believable and real. The entire movie keeps your attention to the max and you cannot help but love all the characters. A beautiful reenactment of real gay love without all the language and Sex usually shown in a film of gay love. This film will do more to make the straight world understand and appreciate that there is another lifestyle that is not all sex, and weirdos. A far better look at a "Gay love story" than Brokeback mountain could ever hope to be. Don't miss seeing this film, Excellent cast, Great setting, and in addition, an excellent sound track.
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Hmmm....good movie but it sends a bad message....
vine_045 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
OK, I just watched the movie and I do agree, it was really well done.

Now, to clear this up first, I am SO not against lesbianism. I've been with women myself and enjoyed it immensely. I, am with a man, and have been for 3 1/2 years. I am attracted to women as well. I also can't honestly say which gender I prefer either.

OK, so, in this movie, it does put the point across that Rachel likes men. She considers her husband her best friend AND lover. Yes, she becomes curious about Lucy because she feels an instant attraction to her and there is nothing wrong with that.

The thing that bothers me about this movie is that it condones infidelity, lying to your partner, and in the end divorce. Bad choices all around. It basically condones what people of today's society do over and over again ; to not take marriage as serious as it truly is meant to be and this IRKS me. She could have not pursued this woman and stuck to her vows, and probably would have eventually moved on and not felt like she was "missing out". Or, she could have been HONEST with her husband about her feelings and not lied and gone behind his back. Society today does not take vows seriously and thrives on lying and cheating. It's horrible. Nothing between two people is sacred anymore and films like this only make it appear to be a glamorous thing rather than what it truly is. What it truly is, is hurtful. Be honest people.

I mean Christ, in the end of the movie the husband is crying to his wife's little sister, and then it steers off to showing his wife running through traffic to stop Lucy from leaving town, like it's a beautiful just isn't cool.

It would have been a great movie if it was about Rachel discovering her sexuality WITHOUT destroying her husband because he did nothing wrong to her in the entire film. He was an absolute gem actually.

Yes, I know it's only a movie, but what message are we sending with films like this? That it's OK to destroy our loved ones and lie to them? Not right.

Like I said, it would have been great if there was no busted husband involved in the whole scenario. It ended up making me angry.
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wow, my new fav film!
Sally French14 June 2006
O my god. How much do I love this film and Lena Headey! I'd been waiting to see this film for absolutely ages but was definitely worth the wait.

From start to finish I was completely hooked! The amazing setting, humour and at last a great British gay film.

We so need to see more of this.

Piper's accent was so great! Still amazed Well I just love it, and cant stop bugging my friends to see it too!

The cast were just to great together, the humour of 4 weddings, and bridget jones. and the sentiment of Love Actually! What more could you want?!!
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B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T.!! film
sdegruchy27 February 2006
I've seen so many duds lately, I've been left wondering is there anything good out there anymore? Something portraying character depth, with heart, soul and humor mixed in. Well, ask and you shall receive..I absolutely LOVED this film. It is the best I've seen in years. Piper's performance was touching to the core, deeply sensitive & soulful. The lovely actress who played Luce's character was amazing as well. What a wonderful blend of humor through Rachel's parents & "Coop". It is fast, witty, extremely well casted & directed. I would give anything to see a sequel. I rarely see a movie twice but "Imagine Me & you" is definitely worth seeing several times. It has everything I seek in a really GREAT, entertaining film..What a GEM!!
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Fantastic film!
Nicola5 February 2008
I absolutely loved this film. It was amazing, so after watching it i ended up ordering it online.

I'm glad a true romance story has for once ended differently and that it actually shows two people who are able to truly love each other. I also loved the fact that the film was based on love at first sight and i truly believe that it does exist!

Piper Perabo and Lena Headey were really great and enjoyed seeing them in another movie together.

Imagine Me & You was a fantastic story which leaves you longing for your soul mate to find you.
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What would happen if the girl from "Coyote Ugly" moved to London and got married?
gabi15 December 2007
... she would become a lesbian. All bad movie comparisons aside, "Imagine Me & You" has become one of my favorite romantic comedies, ever since I "forgot" to return the DVD to Blockbuster.

It starts out a little rocky - Rachel is about to get married, and locks eyes across the room with her florist, as she's walking down the aisle. An opening scene like that has you thinking, "Oh no. This entire movie is based on a love at first sight connection that happened... on this girl's wedding day?!" Usually, those sorts of things bother me in movies - cheating spouses, lying to your spouse, a whole love story that happens while one of the parties is supposedly married to someone else. But the chemistry between Piper Perabo and Lena Headey is so charming, and the rest of the characters are so affable that it's easy to forget about the slightly illogical premise.

My favorite thing about this move is that it easily becomes a lesbian movie without an agenda. Rachel and Luce fall in love just as easily and charmingly as any straight couple in a Sandra Bullock movie, which is refreshing and delightful to watch. By mid-film, you're wondering whether "Dance Dance Revolution" might be a good idea for your next date. By the end, you're practicing shouting soccer profanity from your diaphragm.

No idea what I'm talking about? You'll just have to watch the movie to find out.
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Dreadful, awful, without any merit
davey_tyrrell4 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Reading some of the other reviews of this film it seems you either love it or hate it.

I thought it was just awful, but I kept watching right until the end as a rabbit might remain trapped in the headlights of an oncoming juggernaut, unable to comprehend the enormity of the disaster unfolding.

It's hard to know where to begin, the screenplay was I think the main culprit, I'm really not sure a different director or cast could have rescued this.

The sentiments of the film were particularly offensive. The notion that ultimately it's not only okay to leave your husband on a "love at first sight" whim, but somehow hugely romantic and uplifting. Not to worry though, because (suicidal?) jilted husband has a quick chat with little girl and smiles again, then sits next to cute lady on plane and grins to camera. Aaaaaargh! I particularly liked the way her family reconciled themselves to the shocking news that her daughter was a lesbian and about to leave husband by jumping in the car and driving her to find her new lover.

The subject matter of the film demanded a more serious approach.
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It just doesn't ring true
sam_23567 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
First off I have to say that this film was a big disappointment. There was no characterization, and the sparse plot was fairly unbelievable - happily ever after with first same-sex relationship after 1 kiss and a bit of a grope? PLEASE!

The characters are all typical Hugh Grant types, where even the womanizers and dogs are pleasant and nice. But my biggest bone of contention was the London setting. Just what part of London are these people supposed to live in? Heck works in the City near Tower Bridge, lives somewhere close to Regent's Park (I think), and still manages to pop into the local florist during the working day. A florist which seems to be situated on some prime real estate, and is owned and run by a single person who makes her own deliveries at seconds notice - how does that work?

When they went out in the evening they DROVE? I don't know anyone who drives in central London when they live within spitting distance of WC1, and let's not even touch on the whole drink and drive combination that seems to have been going on here.

Nothing about this film rings true: not the 'love' of Heck and Rachel that led to marriage, not the 'happy' ending (we'll have the lesbian sex later, but I'm sure I'll like it, so don't worry about the whole me being straight thing), not the upper middle class Four Weddings world these people seemed to inhabit, and not the ability of all the working characters to be walking across parks and into florists in the middle of a working day.

It may work for audiences not familiar with London or English people, but you can only suspend belief for so long, before you want to toss something at the screen and shout 'Get Real!'
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Alicepire1 July 2006
Imagine Me and You is about how the path to true love isn't always straight. The plot follows a woman, Rachel (Piper Perabo), who meets the love of her life on her wedding day. Unfortunately instead of it being the man she's marrying, Heck (Matthew Goode of Match Point fame), it's the woman who did the flowers, Luce (Lena Headley).

This romantic, hilarious and often touching film, expertly written and directed by first timer Ol Parker, is filled with wonderful Richard Curtis-esquire moments, which leave you grinning for hours after you leave the cinema.

I loved this film for many reasons; the amusing little scenes about the oddballs that go into Luce's flower shop, how endearing Rachel's parents (Celia Imrie and Anthony Head) were, how impossibly, yet believably nice Heck was, Luce's lovable and almost eccentric personality, and H (Boo Jackson), Rachel's hilariously question-filled little sister, chief among them. But the main reason why I loved this movie (and have seen it 9 times this week), was that it wasn't a movie about a couple of lezzos, but a movie about finding your soul mate. Sexuality wasn't the main theme of this film; it wasn't a movie for men to go and look at chicks kissing; it wasn't overtly trying to send out a message of gay pride; it wasn't a movie about coming to grips with your sexuality even; it was just a romantic comedy about a romantic rhombus, letting go of the past and your mother's expectations, and love at first sight.

If I had to have a complaint about the movie, I think it would only be that they tied it all up a little too neatly at the end. But considering the genre, a neat ending is pretty much to be expected.

If you enjoied the films 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' and 'Notting Hill', or if you simply love love, then this is the film for you.
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rorynatkiel20 May 2007
This is possibly the worst film I've ever had to sit through. Appalling script, ridiculous story line, badly acted and atrocious direction. The premise - that a newly-wed wife meets a florist who is hanging round at her wedding reception and then develops previously undiscovered lesbian tendencies is absolutely ridiculous. For a start I've never even seen a florist just milling around at a wedding reception. Things that would just never, ever, happen in real life come flying thick and fast, in an embarrassing series of set pieces some of which had me cringing so badly I had to cover my eyes, along with the obligatory product placement that comes with low-budget Brit-flicks (stopping for a wee at McDonalds on the way to the wedding? Oh please). It's full of the kind of stereotypical images of London that have been done to death already in far superior Merchant Ivory romantic comedies such as Notting Hill or Four Weddings. The dialogue is stilted and almost as unrealistic as the storyline. An embarrassment to British cinema.
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Waste of time.
dualstep30 June 2006
This movie was so bad I couldn't sit through it without doing something else..There was no plot and no point. I was thoroughly bored and for a film about homosexuality ..Okay. I could go on at a great rate about the problems with this film: Story about parents who feel proud of their homosexual children. Perfect husband who did everything for wife but (homosexual) wife changed her love direction after wedding to woman who has flower shop.

So how was this made? Is there no quality meaning control in film?

I have to stop there. It's all just too painful to remember any more…I'm going to get some coffee
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Absolute garbage
Andrew King1 November 2006
This is a transparent attempt to make "Primrose Hill", some kind of alternative "Notting Hill", using another middle-class area of London as its backdrop. It fails miserably. The acting is awful, the plot lumbering (you can see the 'twist' coming from a mile off), the dialogue made me squirm, the characters are unbelievable, simpering caricatures, the men are all pretty much hopeless and the women are vacuous air-heads. The whole thing is shallower than a children's' inflatable paddling pool. This is the worst film I've seen this year and ranks amongst the worst ever. I felt so offended by having paid money to see this atrocity that I felt moved, for the first time ever, to post a review on a site such as this.
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