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Tony Danza show unfortunately one of the most boring talk shows

Author: Arik Akers from United States
1 August 2006

Having tried to watch many episodes of this show, it was almost a painful experience. You can tell that Tony tried to do a good job, but unfortunately his sitcom experience did him little good in this format. Most of his interviews seem forced. He doesn't really listen to the guests answers. There are so many very good talk shows out there that this show pales in comparison. He also looks ill in this show, his face is sunken in and his hair seems to have some problems. Either he is ill, or his makeup artist has a sick and demented sense of humor. Each Friday he had a segment on the highlights from that week. I don't know how they found footage for those. I have to say I was kind of glad when this show was canceled, and replaced with someone new(Rachel Ray) At least things will be better this fall. Tony, please go back to sitcoms where talented people do the writing.

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Always Know Your Limitations

Author: a_l_i_e_n from Canada
31 March 2006

Sometimes a program will come along that makes you laugh, but it's not anything the makers thought you'd find amusing that you're laughing at. "The Tony Danza Show" is one of those programs.

Following Danza's career over the years, from the brilliant sitcom, "Taxi" in which he played a character who was pretty much like Tony himself, to "Family Law" where he did quite well as a dramatic actor, it's always been clear that Danza is a capable, natural actor. He does just fine- as long as he has a script to follow.

Now Tony seems to be a really nice guy and he'd probably even be a great fella to have for a neighbour. At the same time, anyone who's seen him make personal appearances on various shows over the years has probably witnessed Tony's "unsteadiness" when he has to just be Tony Danza. The most unbelievable example occurred on the old Dick Clark game show, "One Hundred Thousand Dollar Pyramid". Tony was one of the celebrity panelists and he and the contestant he was teamed with actually made it to the big money lightning round. Well, at one point Tony became so enraged when he couldn't get a particular question in the pyramid right that he stomped off the stage with a multitude of bleeps replacing his comments about how he felt he was playing the game. Dick Clark tried to calm him down and Tony responded with "Now everybody thinks I'm a (bleep) (bleep) moron!" To his credit though, Dick was able to coax Tony back to his seat, and with a bit of a pout on his face Tony did complete the rest of the round without any more outbursts.

Rather more presciently, Tony was granted the honour of guest-hosting "The Tonight Show". On the panel was none other than Burt Reynolds, an expert guest-host in his own right. Anyways, the two were bantering away and as Tony tried to keep up with Burt, all the sudden he just kinda ran out of things to say. Now to be fair, few people could ever be expected to do that job as well as Johnny Carson, and this incident didn't last more than a few seconds. Still, on a professional show like that where expectations are high, it was distinctly uncomfortable watching the guy in charge freeze up like an ice cube.

Which brings us to the present where we find Tony has somehow been placed in the position of hosting his own daily talk show. When I heard the news, I figured it was probably going to be a bit of a train wreck, but I never imagined Tony would prove to be so inept so often. The best moments usually occur during his opening monologue when he likes to talk about what he was watching on TV the night before or where he went for dinner. Considering these are things that happened to him and not someone else, the way he suddenly stops in mid-sentence and frantically searches for that certain word that's eluding him, well, it's like someone's blocking the cue card he's supposed to be reading.

Example: What Tony was attempting to say was he'd recently attended an event for a particular charity, but he just couldn't think of the word "benefit", so it came out like, "They had a...a.... (as his hands started going around and around like twin propellers he finally comes up with) "...a night", followed up with some nervous laughter.

Tony was interviewing Doris Roberts about the end of her sitcom, "Everybody Loves Raymond", and he remarked "going on that set everyday when you know the show is almost over must be...uh.......uh-" Doris Roberts kindly offered, "Sad?" but Tony rejected that and finally blurted out, "Melancholy!"

As others have already stated, Tony has a habit of talking about himself rather than the guests, but it's really to be expected. After all, talking about yourself is a lot less challenging than trying to fill seven minutes of air time with conversation about someone he doesn't know near as well as he knows Tony Danza.

He's also not afraid to speak his mind as he demonstrated in one particularly amusing moment of hubris when Tony criticized his guest, Dean Martin's daughter, for writing a book about the late singer that was not completely flattering. But then again who can blame him? Afterall, Tony was one of Dean's biggest fans. She was just his daughter.

Once again, I think Tony's basically a very nice, decent guy and he's been deservedly popular for many years- as an actor. But in a job like this where you have to be able to think fast on your feet, if Tony's a good talk show host then Master P is a gifted dancer.

The main reason to watch his show is for the screw ups like when Tony asked an "ExtravaDanza" contestant over the phone if she could see her picture that was being flashed on the screen- until it was pointed out that she couldn't possibly see it since the show was not live, but instead was being taped ahead of schedule.

Another time Tony came out wondering aloud why there were so many school age kids in his audience- until it was pointed out that to him that it was Columbus day, and therefore a school holiday, too.

It's just a shame "Who's The Boss?" was never this funny.

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Nice guys finish last

Author: dantsea from Seattle, WA
5 November 2004

Tony Danza, in a capsule review: A nice guy, a genuine person, the kid down the block who grew up and did good, but never forgot where he came from. Likable.

The Tony Danza Show: Flat. Not horrible, just... flat. There's no natural flow to the show, it's very forced. The song at the end, I don't think it comes off quite the way it's intended. It's corny and (once again) forced.

Danza is painfully earnest to the point where you realize he's invested more than just time into getting this show on the air. It's painful to watch, because you know what's going to happen, and it's a damn shame that it's going to happen to such a nice guy.

Edit: First to review, first to call it doomed, first to be right.

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The Tony Danza SHow

Author: philzcook from United States
25 May 2005

I think that Tony Danza is a wonderful personality, very down to earth type of fellow. However, his grammar is horrendous, and he doesn't always read notes in his hand properly. He is definitely not as literate as a talk show host should be. Also, as with many other shows such as his (e.g. Regis and Kelly Live)he engages in a lot of activities such as car racing, hula hooping, etc., which may make him happy, but does nothing to me as a viewer. I'd rather have more discussions with guests than watch him enjoying activities. But, nonetheless, I find him refreshing as a down-to-earth personality. Except for the grammar, I like the show and would recommend it as light television fare.

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Same old Tony Danza

Author: Shannon Reardon from St. John's, NL, Canada
3 January 2005

Tony Danza as a talk show host is the same old Tony Danza: brash, candid, and cocky. I enjoyed him on Who's The Boss?, but as that character, his over-the-top machismo worked. He is quite the same way here, so I guess that is his true personality and perhaps he wasn't acting a whole lot on WTB, Taxi, etc.

That being said, his show is OK but is nothing special or fresh. I can tolerate him, but I find myself sometimes cringing at his egotistical statements and show-off actions, and thus flipping the channel. But, then again, he has always been like that. He always mentions his mother and how she would love to have met so-and-so, etc. Zzzzzzzz. Or he will recount times that his mother met Sinatra or Dean Martin. Double yawn. I realize that these entertainers were heroes to Tony and his family, friends, etc., but his whole starstruck shtick is rather annoying. Tony, you didn't make it in the biz yesterday.

And "Extravadanza"???!! Please.

I foresee this show being cancelled and not going beyond another season. Thankfully. Sorry, Tone, but your show is nothing original or great. You want original, funny, and fresh, check out Ellen DeGeneres. And Tony ain't getting the A-list stars that she is.

EDIT: I can't believe it has been renewed for another year.

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a little on the selfish and arrogant side

Author: huffvols from United States
13 March 2006

I think that the show is OK i use to watch it some but not much at all now.I recall before you all started filming this season of tony Panza show that tony himself said, we are going to start giving to people go into the community and help. But i have not saw much of that at all.One thing that bothers me is that tony seems to talk about himself more than anything else.When he is interviewing the guests he don't seem to ask them questions about themselves or their work he ask them questions that revert back to himself.I know it is the tony Panza show but we would like to hear more about the guest than tony trivia.I understand him relating things to himself but he bluntly interrupts the guest sometimes to get a comment in about himself.

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MY experience

Author: aunt2ten from United States
28 September 2006

I went to a taping of the show also, and they basically ignored the left side of the audience. They concentrated on the VIP and probably friends of the crew or Danza himself, which were sitting on the right side of the audience. And I know this because when we got it that part was full, then they brought the rest of us in...My mother needed the ladies room and they were giving her a hard time about going!! What the heck??

I was totally disgusted and glad he was cancelled. It was pouring rain outside besides and they wouldn't let us wait inside. Totally ridiculous. Then they constantly want you to clap and clap, like Tony is some GOD.. NOT.

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Keep the Tony Danza show on the air...............................

Author: mjj0 from United States
27 April 2006

Tony's show is the best talk show on the air. It's clean and I let my grandkids watch it but none of the others. He's up and happy all the time and a good roll model for a lot of people with his family values and the way he talks about them and treats the family. DON'T TAKE HIM OFF THE AIR. He is a great people person. Tony is funny and a great talent and not afraid to mess up when he playing the horn and learning any other instrument. He has great gusts on his show and has a great talent for cooking. Love the way he talks about his son and grandson and the way his face lights up when any of his family is around. He makes his guest fell like at ease and has a lot of concern for there feeling and the subject they talk about. Good or Bad. M0J0J0

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A great show

Author: cygnus_x10 from Fairbanks, Alaska
7 December 2004

I came across the Tony Danza one day while flipping channels.. and I got hooked ever since. I don't really ever watch talk shows but Tony Danza is more down to earth more than any other talk show host. He always speaks his mind which puts his guests at ease unlike other shows. He's brutally honest at times, but in a way that the guests don't seem to get offended by what he says. The guests also take some jabs at him which he takes in stride. I am surprised at how he can get such big name celebrities on his show, even though its a brand new daytime talk show. I hope The Tony Danza Show doesn't get axed like so many good shows have in the past because it is a great show that deserves a chance.

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Tony Danza show

Author: adamray27 from United States
19 January 2005

I watch this show on a daily basis and I think Tony is genuine. His depth and willingness to get his guests involved is a true joy. Never knowing what he is going to do next leaves us wanting more. The only drawback in that he is very competitive and wants to win and beat his guests. I hope this show stays on for a very long time and Tony keeps being his true self. I love the fact that he has brought his ethnicity into the show. I am Italian and absolutely love that he lets everyone know he is Italian and how he speaks of his aunt and other relatives. In the beginning they let Erika have a lot more air time and now they have limited this to only a minute during Extradanza, this is a shame because I really liked her.

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