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Worst program ever made
Golden_Joe13 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The last day I saw this in some anime channel, and I I just needed only one episode to realize that this show is easily the worst program ever made. Why? Mostly because the characters are too cheesy and thin. The protagonist is a loser obsessed with demons with the bedhead and the sideburns that remind you of cotton balls who suddenly gets supernatural powers. His sister is a non interesting character who is the typical cliché of the anime girl that can't do nothing without a man, and that constantly removes her clothes with no apparent reason. The other people have warped personalities, with the hero's father's face looking like a diamond. And the animation? it just horrible. (No wait, it isn't even animated) . Just to give you an example of the "quality" of the animation, I'll describe a non-spoiler scene for you. Two birds are perched on top of the hero's house, singing songs while moving their heads in such a way that they should have gotten whiplash. The same goes for a scene where the main character is eating some stew when the small bit of stew is apparently floating off the spoon by a good bit (proceeded by his sister saying the line "My hubby will be a very lucky man. I'll cook for him every day" which ends up with her wanting to learn a new recipe "so he won't want to leave me".) Way too stupid. Avoid this show as plague. Combine bad voice acting, horrible artwork, plain and dull characters, fake animation, and a stupid story, and you got the entire show. I give it one star, but I would give it a zero if I could.
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This anime sucks
Rectangular_businessman28 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
In what the hell were the Japanese guys thinking when they accept to waste their money and time to produce this garbage?

There are many good anime shows, but this isn't one of them.

It is true that Go Nagai works are highly appreciated in Japan, but not for that all his works are good.

This series not only is a bad clone of "Devilman" (Another creation from Go Nagai, which was much better than this drivel) also is extremely boring and stupid. The characters are stupid and uninteresting, the animation is awful and poorly made and the voice acting is terrible, to the point of being laughable.

The script is incredibly dumb, filled with many plot holes and gratuitous content: Every scene from this series look like a cheap excuse to show violence, gore and nudity, which are also delivered in the bluntest fashion possible.

The writing is simple and juvenile, having lots of bland stereotypes and typical clichés. It was almost impossible for me to care about any of the characters from this series since all of them were terribly flat and uninteresting.

The music is horrible, with generic, awfully monotone melodies that doesn't serve to add any level of emotion in this series. The so-called "dramatic" scenes are so poorly made that end being laughable.

"Demon Lord Dante" is an awful series, without any single redeeming value, failing spectacularly at every single level.

There isn't anything good about this anime. It is just a waste of time from beginning to end.
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The Worst ever.
a051022674 July 2008
This is simply the worst cartoon ever made. I have seen a lot of anime, some are good, some are bad, and some are excellent, but this one is the worst. The animation is choppy, the characters are bland, the voice performances are terrible at best, the music is awful and the story is full of plot holes, stupid and laughable twist that only made it worst. Don't waste your time watching this worthless piece of turd, better watch good shows as "Cowboy Bebop", "Trigun" or "Evangelion". actually anything is better than this garbage. I will give zero stars if I could!

What a shame, Go Nagai!
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the biggest disgrace to Anime ever
rayshiest200416 May 2005
This movie is hoorrriiiblle!!! I knew it would suck from the get-go, just by looking at the cover. The script is written sooo incompetently that they say the same word three times in one sentence!The music comes straight out of an old live action batman show, and its plot is SO ridiculous I hated myself for spending 3 bux to rent it. THERE ARE NO ACTION SCENES! THEY USE STILL PICTURES INSTEAD! the DVD says gore, violence and nudity, but there is neither a nipple shown, punch thrown, or decent gore in this cheesy OVA. okay so the plot goes like this: this kid is the devil and his sister is a god. the end. don't look for any reasoning for this in Demon lord Dante, because they don't even explain it, the demon looks like some fifth grade kid drew it, and the whole message behind it is ridiculous. At one point a character even yells " kill all the satanist!! don't let them revive their precious god" its like a catholic priest thought up this concept. At another point it even gets incestuous, as the main characters sister asks him out on a date in her underwear.... In conclusion, save your self the pain and misery and go rent Akira, Ghost in the Shell, hell even Barney the purple dinosaur gives more thrills than this.
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Typical anime crap
haterofcrap12 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This show was so boring. It was your typical anime boring crap, filled with satanism, female nudity (But almost nothing of Male nudity, that's why it sucks) ugly designs, a stupid plot and boring and bland characters.

This show was so stupid and boring, that it was completely worthless.

There wasn't any single good thing about this, everything about this show sucked.

This show is pretty lame, even for anime standards. Unless you are an anime fan, don't waste your time seeing this crap.

What a stupid show, and what a waste of time. This sucks hard.
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Quite possibly the worst excuse of an anime ever created
alejo2221 January 2009
I love anime, but this show is absolutely awful. There is absolutely no single good thing about this show. It is hard to believe that this show was created by the great Go Nagai, creator of very good shows as "Mazinger Z" "Cutey Honey" or "Devilman". Basically, the plot is a cheap rip-off of "Devilman", but without any of the good elements of that series: "Demon Lord Dante" looks as a primitive version of that show, with bland characters, a horrible voice acting (either in Japanese, English or Spanish) horrible and monotone music, and possibly the worst animation I ever saw. The designs are ugly and the characters almost doesn't move. All the dialog is corny and stupid. This show is a complete waste of time. I would give this a zero if I could. If you want good anime, go watch "Evangelion" "Akira" or the real Devilman instead of this worthless show.
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entertaining, well-thought out
rphth3 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The last anime I actually bothered to watch all the way through was Paranoia Agent. Overall, I'm not a big fan of anime. I'd heard this series, Demon Lord Dante, was the precursor to Devilman, so I decided to check it out. I liked it quite a bit. A lot of people complain there isn't enough gore or action, but if that's the sole reason you watch something, well, I think that's ridiculous. The story is engaging and entertaining enough to carry the series - In short, it presents Satan as the kind, benevolent, ruler of Sodom and Gomorrah, and God is an evil tyrant in the form of an energy being (a mass of light)- Dante, who inhabits the body of a human, and who can turn into a large demon, and his sister, are actually Adam and Eve, and their embrace at the end of the series, flings God once again into space, to find another universe to conquer. Overall, if you enjoyed Devilman, Violence Jack, etc., you should at least give this a chance.
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