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4 Oct. 2003
To Challenge the Sun
A lead on the Philosopher's Stone leads the Elric brothers to a remote desert city whose citizens worship a sun god and are led by a prophet who is purported to perform miracles.
10 Jan. 2004
Destruction's Right Hand
While the shape-shifting Envy disguises himself as Cornello, Ed and Al find Marcoh and learn about the Stone's involvement in the Ishbal Rebellion.
17 Jan. 2004
The Ishbal Massacre
As the Strong Arm Alchemist defends against the surrounding chaos, Marcoh reveals to the Elrics the vast atrocities of the Ishbal massacre.
24 Jan. 2004
That Which Is Lost
As Marcoh faces a deadly encounter with Lust, Armstrong and the Elrics flee to Resembool. Ed however, gets sent into a rage when they lose Al in the process.
7 Feb. 2004
Marcoh's Notes
Ed and Al are forced to go in search of another source for Marcoh's books after Lust, Gluttony and Scar burn the first Branch Library to the ground.
14 Feb. 2004
The Truth Behind Truths
Ed and Al are horrified when they learn what the key ingredient in making a Philospher's stone is, but they forge ahead to explore an abandoned lab.
21 Feb. 2004
Soul of the Guardian
Ed and Al square up against two guards that are just like Al; souls bound to armored suits. Ed however, may be in trouble as his auto mail malfunctions.
28 Feb. 2004
The Red Glow
Barry sets off explosions that inadvertently free the homonculus Greed and the other prisoners. Shou Tucker returns from the dead in a surprising new form.
6 Mar. 2004
Created Human
As Envy (in the form of Basque Grand) gathers the human ingredients to form the stone, Maes Hughes sets out to rescue the Elrics from laboratory 5.
12 Jun. 2004
Reunion of the Fallen
With everyone reeling after the fight between Ed and Greed, Lust can't shake two questions from her mind. Where did she come from? And where will she go when she is dead? As if to answer, she sees a familiar man in a crowd. Years ago, she helped him use alchemy to combat a strange plague that was turning villagers into stone. And his mere presence produces unexplainable memories of a former life.

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