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3 Aug. 1970
Friend or Foe?
The scientists who work in the long-forgotten Government establishment "Halfwitt House" receive no official help other than a grant that barely covers the gas bill. In order to keep the place operative the commanding officer, Bertram Bright, will lie, cheat, bribe or blackmail - probably all at once.
10 Aug. 1970
The boffins consider going on strike when Bright prevents them from building a companion for the lonely Oswald.
17 Aug. 1970
Operation Apparition
Two ghost hunters arrive at Halfwitt House, sent by Sir Desmond Dark. Bright decides to give them more ghosts than they can handle.
24 Aug. 1970
The Computer
Bright suspects there is a foreign agent in their midst and when Berk starts sending secret messages he alerts the other boffins to catch him red-handed.
31 Aug. 1970
Jumping Juice
When the boffins invent a "creature expanding" device a Chicago mobster turns up demanding to made big,
7 Sep. 1970
Loony Landing
Bright and Molly accidentally find themselves in space in the rocket designed for Oswald.
14 Sep. 1970
There are security concerns at Halfwitt House.
21 Sep. 1970
The Submarine
Bright's latest invention is a nuclear submarine, but the launch doesn't go to plan for the R.A.F. boffins of Halfwitt House.
28 Sep. 1970
In the Mind
Bright find Oswald's mind-reading device and decides to put it to use.
5 Oct. 1970
The Dinghy
Bright and the boffins test out Catseye's latest invention - a deflatable dinghy.
12 Oct. 1970
The Fete
Bright holds a fete at Halfwitt House to raise money and morale.
19 Oct. 1970
The Curse
Every 100 years a curse descends on Halfwitt House, and the century is up tonight.
26 Oct. 1970
Bright has finally gained recognition and is summoned to Whitehall to receive an award.

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