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zs_rambo23 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This movie definitely deserves a rating of 1/10, if i could give it a zero then i would.

I read the original comment made and thought the movie sounded good......but it was far from good

The best way to describe this movie is it was crap, the acting is terrible, the story line is rubbish, do not waste your time watching this movie even if you're bored and have nothing else to do. I don't understand how people can waste their time making movies like this. There isn't even one part in this movie worth watching. I actually signed up to this site just so i could post this comment because i was so disappointed with this movie, normally i would read the comments and ratings on here, and they would normally give a good idea of how good the movie is, but the comment and rating (about 6.7) posted for this movie is definitely wrong.
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Katt William is the only small redeemable factor
kben-israel30 October 2005
This is the worst movie I can remember watching at the time of this writing. The only good things about this movie were the brief performances of Katt Williams. The plot, pacing and lines were all horrible. The only use I could see for this movie would be as some type of cruel and unusual punishment for prisoners or maybe to make people think you are home while away.

The person who wrote the positive review must have had some type of involvement in the movie. After watching the movie, I can confidently say that the positive review is obviously a plant. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that someone reviewed the script, acting, and pacing of this movie to take out any areas that could actually be enjoyable. This could very well be a deliberate sabotage by those too stupid to realize it.
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i actually liked it
I liked the movie very much. It had a lot of starting actors and i felt that they had done great job plus I'm a big fan of choppa (he is fine). I cant wait till the 2nd one come out so i could go and purchase it. good job you guys. There could of been some work done with the graphics and so forth but other than that for Gregs second producing movie its fantastic. For those of you who would like to see more of his work which was also a nice movie "My Big phat hiphop family", it actually has a lot of the same actors in it. Greg the producer reminds me of spike lee, I do recommend this movie to everyone who loves to watch movies..
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