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It's an altogether satisfying drama -- the sort of movie some people complain they don't make anymore. So here it is; what's your excuse?
Directed with charming restraint by the acclaimed American producer Dan Ireland, the film is a quiet triumph for Dame Joan.
The Hollywood Reporter
The details are what matters, and thanks to a cast of all-star British elders and a mischievous sense of humor, the filmmakers bring those details to vivid life.
The movie is a delight, in ways both expected and rare.
The casting, at least, is magical. Plowright shows both her character's strength and her heartbreaking vulnerability, sometimes at once.
New York Daily News
The movie pulls off the trick of blurring the distinctions between romantic and platonic attractions across the generations.
New York Post
Newcomer Friend, a Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike who can also be seen in small roles in "The Libertine" and "Pride & Prejudice," has a winning manner, but Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont is a terrific, long-overdue vehicle for Lady Olivier.
Chicago Tribune
The cast manages some sweet moments, and Plowright lends a touch of grace and wit to each new indignity or kindness. Yet the whole thing feels programmed; the movie's sense of humor lacks understatement.
Watching these old pros elbow their way into the spotlight is the film's finest surprise, but watching Plowright out-act them all is the ultimate joy.
While the compelling Plowright competently flexes her well-trained muscle, the film's melodrama too readily evokes a Lifetime Original Movie rather than subtle sentiment.

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