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31 out of 35 people found the following review useful:

Strangely i found myself enjoying it

Author: malcolm (wildfire160) from Cardiff WALES
25 August 2005

I cant quite put my finger on why i enjoyed The Fallen Ones but i did like Van Diens,Navid Negahban and Tom Bosleys performance..i think they rose above the scripts limitations very well.. Unlike a lot of the low budget B movies out there,there were very few really bad lines and most of the plot made some kind of sense but the major letdown for the film came from the SFXs especially the cgi work which was mediocre at best,i could'nt recommend anyone actually go out and buy the film but i didn't think id wasted my time watching it and would suggest its worth seeing if they repeat again it on the SciFI channel.. One last thing i would like to add is about the music by Kevin Kaska and William Richter which i thought was excellent and of a much higher quality than you would normally find in this type of movie..

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16 out of 24 people found the following review useful:

Mummified because I felt my brains being pulled out my nostrils

Author: tfc from United States
13 November 2005

"The fallen ones" falls under the waste of life (WOL) category. I am sad that I am now two hours older was not entertained. My other family members also watched this movie and threw demeaning comments at the screen and rooted for the mummy. I felt sorry for the actors (Wagner). I have read other negative reviews and cannot add anything else to this movie other than it could be reduced to 25 minutes so it could take a 30 minute slot on TV without any loss of plot. It reminds me of a dish that has several good ingredients but when served is bland with no flavor at all. In my humble opinion, The 42 foot mummy should have been 8-10 feet and improved the plot by taking out the mystic and replacing him with several people who want to denigh the facts and want DNA samples for evil reasons. The heroes are discredited and tossed on there ear by their colleges. Later after everything was screwed up by the evil people. The heroes would save the day and prove everyone wrong.

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

A cheesy good time

Author: slayrrr666 ( from Los Angeles, Ca
8 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"The Fallen Ones" is a pretty good cheese-fest that really only has a couple flaws.


In the Arizona Desert, archaeologist Matt Fletcher, (Casper Van Dien) and his friend Gus Ferguson, (Geoffrey Lewis) find remains of a ritual burial site after several thousand years. Searching a burial spot nearby, he finds a mummy in the ground and Angela, (Kristen Miller) a fellow worker on the site, grows concerned that it might interfere with their business. Digging more at the site, they find the mummy is over forty feet long and buried in an Egyptian manner. Growing more concerned, the staff at the site starts disappearing making owner Morton, (Robert Wagner) and investor Ammon, (Navid Negahban) feel that the discovery could upset the build of a new casino. As it gradually becomes apparent that one of the members of the site's staff is in conjunction with the resurrection of the mummy, (Robert Allen Mukes) which is a son of a God, by a small sect of followers that want it brought back, and race to stop it from happening.

The Good News: This wasn't all that bad when it really wanted to be. One of it's best features is that it manages to incorporate several new ideas into this type of genre. There's a regular amount of the clichés found in this style of film, yet there's also some features that are new to this one. There's a giant animated effigy of the creature that pops up in the film, the mummy's a giant monstrosity and there's a series of small fist-fights that really don't belong with this type of film. This amounts to a real large amount of action in the film that manages to really make it watchable. The several fights are pretty fantastic, including one that takes place in the background of another scene that don't know about it. That in itself is a hilarious visual, and it's done wonderfully. The last half hour, where the giant mummy is unleashed and goes on a rampage, is it's most action-packed and entertaining segment that includes a rather unusual car chase, several more fist-fights and it's most intense scene, a massive flood that really works on a lot of levels. The idea of doing so is handled well, the visuals are perfect, and the premature detonation gives some potential suspense in the race to get out alive. This is also one of the few films to positively benefit from having a cheesy atmosphere, as this one can't in all circumstances be considered anything other than cheese, and it reveals in it and works to its advantage more often than it should. The resurrected mummy itself is also a pretty impressive site, towering over everything and allowing it's huge size to generate most of it's shocks. There's enough bandage and rotten features to make it seem like it's been dead for ages, and it even manages to work in one of the most clever scenes ever in the prologue to explain it's motive for rampaging later on. This is hardly ever done, and that it was done was a really pleasant surprise. The last big surprise was the single sequence where the villain's plans were unveiled to the one who had figured it out. There's a lot to love about it, and it's a surprising one to be included in the film. These here lift the film up a lot.

The Bad News: There wasn't a whole lot here that didn't really work. The biggest issue is that the CGI effects in here are pretty bad. There's really very few scenes where they even look the closest side of believable, and that they all come in during the big effects scenes at the end manages to take a lot of the luster out of them. Even going so far as to animate an entire confrontation between two figures that shouldn't have been in that manner to begin with. Add in the fact that there's a large amount of the action scenes done with CGI and it simply makes it feel fake as it never feels like it's happening together. It's a problem with all these types of films, and this one is no exception. The high cheese-quotient might also be a hindrance to some, as it's impossible to take seriously with all that's going on in the film with giant mummies being resurrected and incorporating fallen angels and biblical prophecies into the mix along with giant robot effigies, and this becomes a real fight for some. The last big problem is that this simply feels like a low-budget hodgepodge of several other films combined together, and then rips them off fairly accurately. They're easy to spot, so they won't be revealed here, but there's a lot of them on hand, allowing for yet another disadvantage.

The Final Verdict: This is a pretty entertaining cheese-fest that manages to work in that favor rather than being a handicap. Worth a look for those who enjoy these turn-your-brain-off-and-enjoy films or want to see a few new spins on the mummy genre, while those that don't like the cheesy films should exercise caution.

Rated R: Violence and Language

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9 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Casper was good?

Author: crankyerma from W. Hollywood, CA
27 September 2005

I generally avoid anything this guy is in. He is the new Lorenzo LLamas as far as acting and the quality of the films he appears in goes. He was not completely laughable in this picture however, which is high praise compared to my estimation of his other work. Hopefully he will continue to get better. I haven't checked, but I get the feeling that he started out in soap operas and never really graduated beyond that level. He tends to do a lot of intense looks and pauses that generally mean the actor is searching for the next line.

This was better than average for a VanDien vehicle. If there is nothing else in the video store you haven't seen and you've seen all of the movies you like more than once, this would not be the worst choice for a rental. Let me stop before all of this praise seems maudlin.

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10 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Should be deleted and forgotten

Author: (scyphe) from Sweden
13 October 2005

What a piece of junk this movie was. The premise was okay, but even in the beginning with crappy effects to blend in a giant with normal sized people (even the effects in Hercules was better) I knew this would be bad. But the really awful part of the movie is the dialogs. It's completely incoherent, silly and stupid. I felt like it had been written by some 9th grader in creative class and gotten a D-. I want to slap Casper van Diem and the other actors for following this movie through.

I've had my share of cheesy and bad movies (I love the tremors series), but this... I do not recommend it at all. It's silly and the totally flabbergastingly bad dialogs will make you cringe.

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7 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

OK movie, but predictable

Author: sjaaks from Netherlands
30 August 2005

It is a movie which is good enough to watch if there is nothing else and you like the genre. Maybe it is not meant for grownups to watch, but merely for the younger SF-lovers. Most of the scenes have been seen in other movies. The jokes are a little repetitive and there are some questions about the motives of the characters. The positive part is that the violence is not so obvious and taken with a sense of humor. The special effects are OK, but not up to date. Sometimes the scenes are so fast that you need to stop your DVD player to be able to appreciate the scene. Not a movie which you would like to see a second time. All in all a very predictable movie.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

The Mummy Lives ... In Arizona

Author: jabrbi
1 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you've seen any of The Mummy films, then you know what to expect from this cheaper TV movie that's very much in the same genre, with the same plot line.

We have an ancient evil unearthed, a woman who is the 're-incarnated' soul of a corrupted innocent, lots of fighting, and the defeat of evil, with lots of tunnels and water.

There are a few changes to the plot, some of which work, some don't. I liked Tom Bosley's Rabbi, with his knowledge of ancient Hebrew and the biblical/rabbinical texts that helped to explain much of what was happening without some annoying kid wandering around the set - which really annoyed me in The Mummy 2. There was only one mythical creature - a giant mummy - so none of those annoying swinging monkeys, mummified soldiers who don't know how to fight, or great unleashings of magic power that the Mummy had.

The Fallen Ones has a smaller budget, so the effects are much fewer and more subdued, and the direction and editing were a bit shoddy. Some tighter editing of the fight scenes would have ratcheted up the tension. At least the female wasn't a useless victim and she didn't scream at every opportunity. However, with the smaller budget, the film comes over as a bit more realistic and I enjoyed it because of that.

There are moments of humour, as per the clichés of modern Mummy films, lots of events happen in the dark, and a hero with chiselled jaw who starts off on the wrong foot and falls heavily for the female lead. It's all very predictable, but I found the journey enjoyable nevertheless.

OK, some of the special effects were poorly done, especially when the giant is seen with normal sized men, and some of the acting is ropey, but the main characters are all on form so the movie keeps moving along without jarring to a halt due to some naff dialogue. Indeed, with a budget to match The Mummy, this could easily have been the Mummy 4.

One of the questions at the start of the film is, why is there a giant mummy in Arizona? I know it was probably done to keep the budget down. No trip to Egypt meant everyone could stay in a Hilton hotel and eat at the IHOP, but the movie does provide an explanation for the chosen location, so someone was paying attention to some of the loose ends.

This isn't a film where you engage the brain, it's a modest blockbuster, with a predictable plot. Sit down, disengage brain, relax and enjoy a straightforward 21st Century Mummy film. I know I did.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

passable entertainment, but genius compared to other Sci-Fi Originals

Author: movieman_kev from United States
28 December 2008

When archaeologist Matt Fletcher (Casper Van Dien of Starship Troopers) finds a mummified giant from the biblical age, he bites off more than he can chew as he & his crew are soon beset by both cult members who worship this thing as well as the giant's father, a fallen angel who hopes to resurrect him. Now it's up to Matt, Angela & Rabbi Schmidtt (Tom Bosley??!!?) to stop both factions and their evil plans.

This was one of the better Sci-fi Originals films that I've seen and I found that it moved at a brisk pace (for the most part, there are some lulls in action here and there) The film is heavily cheesy, but thats kind of part of it's charm. All the actors work well for the type of film that it is. Especially the always entertaining B-movie mainstay Irwin Keyes as a member of the cult.

My Grade: C

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

When Giants Roamed The Earth

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
20 December 2008

Back in ancient Sumeria when supernatural creatures were roaming the Earth with the descendants of Adam and Eve, they mated with humans and created a race of giants. But when the Deity decided to flood the Earth they were lost.

All except one who was mummified and dad in the person of Navid Negahban has come back to resurrect him and establish his reign on Earth. An archaeological team headed by Casper Van Dien and Kristen Miller are his unwitting accomplices. And Negahban has other Snidely Whiplash like plans for Miller.

For a product from the Science Fiction Channel I found myself really liking this film that takes itself so seriously it's good fun. Veterans like Geoffrey Lewis, Robert Wagner, and Tom Bosley in an atrocious Jewish accent as a rabbi/scholar seem to be enjoying themselves while waiting for the paychecks to clear.

Best performance in the film is young Scott Whyte, late of City Guys TNBC series who has some rather droll lines written into the script for him which he delivers with aplomb. Not the worst thing the Science Fiction Channel has done.

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5 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Watchable, Predictable and Forgettable

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
5 May 2007

Five thousand years ago, in Sumer, the fallen angels had intercourse with human females and their offspring were a race of giants called Nephilim, destroyed by the great flood. The evil angel Ammon (Navid Negahban) mummifies his son Aramis to save him, and hides in hell. In the present days, the archaeologist Matt Fletcher (Casper Van Dien) finds Aramis tomb with excavating for building a resort for the entrepreneur Morton (Robert Wagner). The engineer Angela (Kristen Miller) joins the team, giving support in the diggings. When some workers mysteriously vanish, Morton hires the security force of Ammon to find the missing men. However, his real intention is to resurrect Aramis in the eclipse of the moon and dominate the human race with a new breed of giants.

"The Fallen Ones" has a promising idea, recalling those sci-fi horror movies from the 50's, but unfortunately it is badly executed. This low budget movie is leaded by Casper Van Dien, a promising actor in "Starship Troopers" that fell to a synonym of star of low quality films, and "The Fallen Ones" is no exception in his terrible filmography. The plot has many flaws and terrible lines, but contradictory entertains, with some laughable scenes. The funniest one is when Matt throws one dynamite banana precisely in the mouth of a 12 m (i.e., a height of a four floors building) mummy in movement, blowing up Aramis. The best in this watchable, but predictable and forgettable movie, is the beauty of Kristen Miller. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Os Anjos do Mal" ("The Angels of Evil")

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