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Corruption goes straight to the top
Stephen Bird14 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
We've all heard the age old story of corruption within the police force, well "Street Kings" takes that story and sets it ablaze..., fair dues the story itself was somewhat predictable, but just because you know the destination you're heading to, doesn't mean the journey can't be fully enjoyable.

The protagonist, Detective Ludlow, is a man on a mission, his mind scrambled by the recent death of his beloved wife, he pulls no punches even when he becomes embroiled in the framing of a police officer's murder, Ludlow sets out to uncover the mysteries that are haunting him. You could label "Street Kings" as just another crime film with Keanu Reeves inserted into the lead role, but it's more than that, Reeves showcases high standards of acting ability and makes you feel empathetic towards his poor detective character.

The supporting cast features some real heavy hitters, most notably Forest Whitaker as Captain Wander, head of Detective Ludlow's unit, from the very beginning there was a sense that something was not quite right with this character, but any clues as to his real motives were expertly kept under wraps until the time came for him to reveal his true colours.

A young, pre-Captain America Chris Evans showed real credibility and talent as Detective Diskant, a partner of sorts for Ludlow, who's natural demise came later in the film than I thought it would, giving the young actor some extra exposure and screen time, which he duly lapped up.

Yes "Street Kings" is quite racist and incredibly tongue in cheek but that just adds to the realism, helping to flesh the film out and give it an added dimension, if you are easily offended by certain things then I'd definitely avoid this film.

The presentation was dark and disturbing, illustrating the underbelly of LA perfectly..., the tones and colours chosen were apt and even during the daylight hours there was a sense of darkness in the air, painted onto the screen by a perfectly qualified cinematographer and art department, kudos to them..., drawing you further into the story and making the mystery more intriguing.

Alas my final note is to say, not an exceptional film, but a fine film that will keep you gripped until the end, enjoy!
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bad movie
bondguy7724 September 2017
when i first saw a preview of this film ,i thought it looked really good,but i was wrong.don't get me wrong keanu reeves is a good actor along with forrest whitaker,but this film was very boring,long and uninteresting,not sure how long this movie was,but it seemed very long and drug out,very disappointing.
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Corruption at its finest
blackmamba9997110 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Every once in a awhile there comes a movie that delves into the world of police corruption. Since Serpico the idea that police who dip their hands into the cookie jar seems almost unrealistic until Keanu Reeves came to being as a cop whose wife died mercilessly at the hands of criminals. Disillusioned he becomes an enforcer for his superior to rid the streets of rival gangs or provides hits on other political bodies who might turn, and divulge sensitive material to higher powers if they feel threatened. Knowing how much his world has turned upside down Jack (Reeves) tries to reconcile with a guilt he cannot ignore any longer.

Yet the hierarchy within his department finds that the risk of his turning on his own is too great, and decides to eliminate jack before he finds who was responsible for killing his ex-partner Washington. On the hunt with another head strong detective Diskant (Chris Evans) they start to unravel the mystery as to who runs the big show behind the curtains. Jack in his disbelief finds out that his superior (Forrest Whitaker) is the main target, and must put an end to the escalating nightmare.

Since Serpico I found this to be a tight, and daunting tale of police corruption. Emotions run rampant in this high octane thriller as Reeves bounces from one moment of despair to another. There is never any rest as far as Jack goes seeing that he could be implicated for crimes not on the books. A great twist, and often moving around the compass of LA it was amazing he was able to keep his sanity through out. With all of the evidence pointing his way to put him behind bars for life he finally had enough of the tainted badge he was working with. The struggles to keep from breaking down must have been enormous.

Wonderful story along with some great characters to add in the mix such as Hugh Laurie who more or less helped Jack alleviate some of the pressure when jack put an end to the terrorizing plot by putting a slug into his captain's chest. It is amazing that today's police can dip their hands into the jar when it comes down to survival. Pay is not what it used to be, and with druggies, and their sellers making or raking in millions a month who would miss it? The temptation is too great to just say no. With a pile of money four feet high with a few bricks of cash missing would be counted as nothing more than a mistake.

I say when a bust goes down that can collect such a haul I say let the investigative police officers involved keep the money, to distribute among the other policemen in their detachment. They risk their lives all of the time. It would prove a hell of a lot better than listening to the news reports about how some police stole or acquiesced from the holding vaults. Highly recommended for viewers of this genre.
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A suspenseful action thriller
Gordon-116 August 2016
This film tells the story of a Los Angeles policeman who witnesses the murder of his partner in a convenience store robbery. He tries to bring justice to the killers, despite that this very action might implicate him in killing his partner. The deeper he digs, the more sinister things he uncovers.

I expected "Street Kings" to be a mindlessly violent film, with random explosions and gun shots to get the adrenaline kicking. Therefore, I was positively surprised when I find out there is a deeper dimension to the film. The violence does make me cringe; but there is also much suspense and mystery in the film, that makes me think about what is behind the apparent events in the plot. There is a lot happening in the film, which gives me no time to deduce what the ending could be. I like "Street Kings" because it is intense in both adrenaline and suspense.
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Street Kings
Warning: Spoilers
As with many films in similar genres, I was mainly attracted to this film because of the stellar cast in it, it was rated relatively low by critics, but I was going to watch it anyway, written by James Ellroy (L.A. Confidential), directed by David Ayer (End of Watch, Sabotage, Fury). Basically LAPD Detective Tom Ludlow (Keanu Reeves) is a ruthlessly efficient unorthodox undercover cop, he is haunted by the death of his wife, he becomes obsessed with trying to track down the men who killed her. It is after his former partner Detective Terrence Washington (Terry Crews) is killed Ludlow's mission to find street gangs gets personal, Captain Jack Wander (Forest Whitaker) is concerned for his methods for going above and beyond the call of duty are no longer approved, it is reported to Internal Affairs Captain James Biggs (Hugh Laurie), and apparently an investigation against Ludlow is started. In order to complete his mission Ludlow teams up with fresh-faced Robbery Homicide Detective Paul "Disco" Diskant (Chris Evans) to trace the killers through the city streets, later the duo come face to face with the cruel cop killers, they must decide whether they are to uphold the law or seek bitter vengeance. Also starring Cedric the Entertainer as Scribble, Small Soldiers' Jay Mohr as Sergeant Mike Clady, Naomie Harris as Linda Washington, rapper Common as Coates, rapper The Game as Grill, Martha Higareda as Grace Garcia, John Corbett as Detective Dante Demille and Daryl Gates as The Chief. Reeves doesn't quite fit the part, Laurie doing his decent American accent isn't on screen a lot, neither is Whitaker, and Evans is alright, to be completely honest I couldn't follow this film very well because I got bored, it has many clichés as well, only the action sequences perhaps got my attention, overall it's an almost forgettable crime thriller drama. Adequate!
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Formulaic entertainment
amesmonde19 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
An infamous undercover cop becomes a pawn when he is implicated in the murder of his former partner.

What could have been an average police corruption thriller is elevated by Keanu Reeves, the supporting actors and David Ayer's kinetic slick direction. Forest Whitaker, Hugh Laurie and Chris Evans are on form. Notable is Terry Crews as ill-fated Terrence Washington. Reeves delivers the flawed alcoholic cop Detective Tom Ludlow successfully, while the role may not be as suitable as John Wick, it certainly one of his more dramatic roles.

The film stands in the shadow of the like of Training Day (2001) but has enough punch, with bloody hard hitting scenes to stand on its own. It's probably on par with the comparable Dark Blue (2002, Ayer incidentally wrote the screenplay) but unavoidably falls into the trappings of the genre.

Ayer's is wise to use a predominately on location shoot and portray graphic violence to give credence and weight to the proceedings. As Ludlow is set up and goes about uncovering a deeper conspiracy screenplay writers, the profound James Ellroy and underrated Kurt Wimmer successfully dot i's and cross the t's crafting a satisfying if somewhat predictable tale. The ending emulates the feeling of the closing of Dirty Harry (1971). Always topical and prevalent, I suppose you can never have too many films which highlight the pitfalls of greed and corruption.

Overall, formulaic yet entertaining.
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Possibly one of the best cop thrillers in years!
ivo-cobra816 November 2015
Street Kings (2008) is one of the best cop action thrillers from Keanu Reeves. This movie was released in 11 April 2008 (USA) after hearing about this movie that Keanu Reeves made another action movie I rushed to see it right away, if it is any good and I was right! It is a good action thriller! It is one of my favorite best Keanu Reeves movies, I am still a big fan of him and I always enjoy this movie. I also had no idea that Chris Evans (Captain America The Winter Soldier, Avengers) started in this movie as the main support cast opposite of Keanu Reeves. Chris acted outstanding in here as Detective Paul Diskant. This is a slick perfect action thriller about dirty cops and a cop been killed, while other cop is blamed and framed for his death, by other follow officers, now he has to clear his name and punished the guilty ones and finding a Justice on his own way! I know a lot of people don't like this movie that is fine, but is 1.000.000 times way better to seeing this flick than watching the new Keanu Reeves movie Knock Knock! The mystery, the acting and the action in this movie is outstanding!

"Street Kings" is possibly one of the best cop thrillers in years since the likes of The Departed, Training Day, Dark Blue, and To Live and Die in L.A.! Keanu Reeves gives a very strong performance as a veteran L.A. detective who is struggling with his conscience as he deals with both delivering brutal street justice and mourning the death of his wife. Oscar winner Forest Whitaker gives another strong performance as Keanu's hard-nosed boss, whose duties include keeping Keanu within the confines of the law and out of the clutches of Internal Affairs. Hugh Laurie (TV's "House") was a real surprise in the movie, as he plays the captain of Internal Affairs who is out to bring down corruption in the force, particularly amongst the Vice Squad (which includes Keanu, Whitaker, and a couple of appearances by Jay Mohr and John Corbett). And Chris Evans ("Captain America The Winter Soldier") gives a very convincing performance as a young detective who teams up with Keanu after evidence implicates the latter in the death of his ex-partner.

This movie is filed with a lot of action and twists, although some were predictable it kept me interested to the end. Keanu Reeves played a good part along with Forest Whitaker who always gives a top notch performance. It is a fun flick, specially if you are Keanu Reeves fan or you like the actor. This movie was pretty good. I enjoyed it very much. great cast. good story. I know this type of Bad cop movie has been done before in different ways. Keanu Reeves did a way better job as a cop in Street Kings then he did an architect in Knock Knock. Very believable. Great camera and make-up work. there was a good part in this movie were you can feel how cold the streets could be. But for the most part it was very predictable. In this movie are two rappers in here that both plays different characters and they did a good job on acting. Even some people would not agree with me. Common as corrupt LAPD deputy masquerading as "Coates" and The Game as Grill. I think both did a good job playing their roles. Street Kings got a also a sequel which it sucked ass! Both of the roles Keanu Reeves passed in the sequels Speed and Street Kings. Because he knew it was a bad idea and the sequels will be a failure and they really were.

Tom Ludlow (Keanu Reeves) is a veteran LAPD cop who finds life difficult to navigate after the death of his wife. When evidence implicates him in the execution of a fellow officer, he is forced to go up against the cop culture he's been a part of his entire life. This is Keanu Reeves that I love and not his role in Knock Knock, this movie kicks ass!!!!!! And I don't care if you put down this review I stand by my morals of a Keanu Reeves fan boy and I love an action films that he made! I am giving this movie 10/10 it is one of my personal favorite Keanu Reeves best action thriller.
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How did I miss this movie?
al_wilson221 October 2015
I'm sort of a Reeves fan. I know, he's not the greatest actor, but I still tend to enjoy his movies. Somehow, I had never heard of this movie. I just caught a few minutes of it over the antenna, and decided to find the movie online. It blew me away. It had an amazing cast and every one of them put in a top notch performance. The story was fast paced with some twists and had an excellent showdown at the end. Great action, excellent acting, and a good storyline sets up a great movie experience.

If you enjoyed Reeves in John Wick, then you will enjoy this movie also. Go back and find it. It's one of the best cop movies that I have seen in years.

In a nutshell, the best way to describe this movie might be John Wick meets L.A. Confidential in modern times.
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Pretty much sets the bar for this kind of story
A_Different_Drummer5 October 2015
Most of my reviews have a story.

No wait let me correct that. Most of my better reviews have a story.

Here I had just finished the bizarre and controversial second season of True Detective (this written in 2015) -- a series which tries to run a similar plot arc and fails, notwithstanding some brilliant performances, including Rachel McAdams like you've never seen her -- and it occurred to me that this film from 2008 had actually done it right.

So we have Reeves before he became irreversibly type-cast doing martial arts films, Whittaker who has never given a bad performance in his life, and Laurie taking time off from House to leave an unforgettable impression in his scant screen time. (And still with one of the best American accents in the industry, upstaged only by Robert Taylor in Longmire) And direction to die for.

A near-perfect film, you can watch it over and over, it never really gets old.

Just wanted to set the record straight.

You're welcome.
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formulaic cop drama
SnoopyStyle13 August 2015
Tom Ludlow (Keanu Reeves) is an aggressive hardcore undercover LAPD vice cop. He breaks the rules to rescue two kidnapped girls and Captain Jack Wander (Forest Whitaker) supports him. His former partner Terrence Washington (Terry Crews) accuses him of misconduct and internal affairs Captain James Biggs (Hugh Laurie) investigates. Wander is getting a promotion over Biggs. Ludlow is on his way to confront Washington when two men shoot up the store killing Washington. One of Ludlow's shots accidentally ends up in Washington. Wander covers up for Ludlow and assigns him desk duty. New homicide detective Paul Diskant (Chris Evans) investigates Washington's murder.

This is a rather formulaic police drama. The acting is a bit too hard. Everybody is trying too hard. Too much is laid out openly. It's laid out so much that it makes Ludlow looks stupid by not catching on. Keanu Reeves doesn't have any subtlety. He's full-on in damaged boy scout mode. This could be more murky and gritty. It's well made but lacks imagination and the intensity feels fake.
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Bad movie
jusdiz220 July 2015
This is a bad movie, I did not like it. Why I have watched it? First, I have seen David Ayers "Harsh Times" and I expected something harsh too. I did not get it. Keanu Reeves trying to look harsh, he fails. Forest Whitaker is not harsh, Hugh Laurie, Chris Evans - they are not harsh too. But this is not the main problem.

The main problem is that I did not care about a main character Tom Ludlow. He is stupid, he makes stupid mistakes and he makes other people around him to behave stupid. I think I care more if the movie would be about how his wife died or about detective Terrence Washington and his wife. This story is about how about corrupt police officer Tom Ludlow starts to think and doubt about what he is doing, and everybody around him starts to die, and he kills some men too. He is not a hero, he doesn't know what he wants.

So this is not a movie on which the director - David Ayer makes his choices, this is bad Hollywood movie. If you want to see really good action crime drama go see "Harsh Times" and "Training Day".
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Got a good cop movie here. That Ayer-dude knows his stuff!
Finfrosk8621 June 2015
I like this movie. I like Keanu Reeves in it. I like the violence. I like the story. To short a review? Well alrighty then!

The action here is pretty darn good. The story is engaging and you really want to see how this is going to play out and how it's going to end. For the story to be engaging is very important in these kinds of movies. You want to get to the bottom of what's going on! There are some good twists and turns. I like when you can't be quite sure who to trust or not.

If you've seen a couple of Ayer-movies, you might recognize the style.

As I said, I like Keanu Reeves here. I think I like him generally. There are some gun fights and in some scenes I imagined I was seeing some sort of prequel to John Wick, haha. The rest of the cast does a good job, too. We get to see a skinnier Captain America too, feels weird to see him in anything else nowadays. I like the chemistry between him and his co-actor.

Now, I don't want spoil anything, because that's how I roll, so all I'll say is this: If you want to see a pretty good "cop-movie", you got one here.
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Underrated kick-ass movie!
rockmanprince8616 June 2015
While Street Kings may appear on the outside to be nothing more than your typical summer-time cop thriller filled with hip-hop music and rapper cameos, it is in fact almost none of that. The story is solid from beginning to end, with the focus mostly on Reeve's character's struggle to remain a good cop, but realize that once in a while the rules need to be broken to maintain justice in certain situations. Without giving too much away, I'll tell you that any particular rapper or hip-hop artist you saw in the trailer serve their purpose to the story promptly, then they're gone. Shockingly enough, there was also much more credit to be given to the acting in this film than what the trailer had shown. Many fans of currently running prime time television shows will be pleased to see a few of their favorite actors show up and give solid performances. With a story directed by David Ayer, the writer of "Training Day", and penned by James Ellroy, the writer of Brian De Palma's "The Black Dahlia" and Curtis Hanson's "L.A. Confidential", this film was intriguing and entertaining throughout the entire sitting. I suggest casual audiences go and see it the next time they're out and about or just feeling bored. As for avid film fans, give it a chance, you might be surprised.
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Street Paupers.
Python Hyena1 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Street Kings (2008): Dir David Ayer / Cast: Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker, Hugh Laurie, Chris Evans, Cedric the Entertainer: Average cop action film about forced authority. Keanu Reeves plays a cop caught up in corrupt law enforcement when crime scenes are tampered with in favour of his innocence. When a partner is gunned down by two males, he sets out to find the killers and act his own brand of justice. Directed by David Ayer, the film contains explosive action with a well drawn plot until it gets dumbed down with revenge clichés that seem to run rampant in these films. Reeves does well as a detective pulled out of trouble only to witness the corruption first hand at the expense of an innocent. He eventually is reduced to the same corruption. Forest Whitaker plays the police captain whom covers up bad police conduct until becoming the victim of it himself. Others roles are not quite as broad but make good use of good actors. Hugh Laurie makes an appearance although perhaps more would have been nice. Chris Evans plays Reeves reluctant new partner who is caught at the wrong place at the wrong time and the handling of this is too sudden and brief for the character at hand. Cedric the Entertainer also makes an appearance but this film begins to lose substance fast. The film plays on entertainment over message but action lovers are the core audience. Score: 5 / 10
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Been there done better
Mr-Fusion14 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Admittedly, David Ayer movies are hit-or-miss for me (leaning more toward miss), but even with James Ellroy writing the thing, "Street Kings" is surprisingly limp. Yet another film dealing with ingrained corruption and racism in the LAPD, this one has a lineup of seasoned and capable acting talent. Reeves, to his credit, is playing against type here as a disillusioned cop who's going beyond department policy and conscience. I mean, he is out there. But this is oddly stale material that never really becomes exciting. There are shootouts, and double-dealings, sure, but . . . eh. The one thing that really surprised me here (even back in 2008, before he nailed the role of Captain America) is that Chris Evans is really the highlight of this cast. Forrest Whitaker on the other hand . . . well, by the end, when the evil operation comes crashing down, the guy just sort of veers off into some sort of comical parody. It's bizarre when that man is the weak link in your film.

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Kings_Requiem24 March 2015
WOW! is the one word I can think of when describing Street Kings. It combines a little bit of every cop movie we've ever seen and puts it all together to create the BEST cop movie period.

The cast is suspect at times but all of them seem to redeem themselves at different points throughout the movie. (Reeves, Whitaker, Laurie, Evans, Crews, Harris, Mohr, Nolasco, & Corbett)

While some will say that this movie is racist and is a despicable depiction of the LAPD and it's just a rehash of every other cliché and police movie, but to me that is what makes this movie so strong because it uses all the clichés and puts them together to show us as the audience the rough, dirty, and harsh ways of cops in L.A. and on the streets.

This movie should be a part of everyone's movie collection and should be considered an Instant Classic in "Cop/Action" Genre for years to come.
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Not entirely terrible
phillips-adl23 January 2015
I thought that this might be a sort of diamond in the rough. Keanu Reeves comes back with some undiscovered show of promise, and to some extent it was although I was still somewhat disappointed. The film started out very badly, I actually began to wonder if I could do better personally, even in terms of the moving around parts, nevermind the actual speaking parts. Keanu Reeves was incredibly wooden, as is his way and I found that quite distressing (despite being an enormous Point Break fan). However, I found my laziness sufficient to avoid turning the film off and so continued to watch, at which point I actually started to enjoy it more. In summary, if you want some good cr*p to watch, this is your baby. Looking for a well written plot, good acting and any sense of realism then maybe shop around a little more. I know it gets hard when you're sad and have seen everything like me - but hey at least I'm not a film buff watching film noir yet.
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One of the Best Cop Action Movies in Years
Leftbanker5 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If you disagree with my title summary I defy you to list better movies in this genre from the past decade. If you're looking for watchable action movies these days you have to look pretty hard. I could count on one hand how many decent cop thrillers I've seen lately. Street Kings, even with its flaws, is a solid piece of crime drama with some iconic action scenes.

Screenplay by James Elroy. I didn't know this before watching the movie but the quality is evident at every step along the way in the drama. The action scenes are intense and there is a lot of tension created to make those scenes resound even more deeply.

I think this may be the only movie where I actually liked Keanu Reeves. I've tolerated him before but he's good in this role. Forest Whitaker is another matter. Ever since his over-the-top (read: bad) performance in The Shield series it's obvious that he's either a really bad actor or a one trick pony.

The opening few scenes are enough to validate your admission ticket. There are a few other good scenes and a few bad ones but I stand behind my initial statement. I suppose that my praise for this film says a lot more about the sad state of movies these days than it does for the quality of Street Kings.
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A cop thriller that's king
videorama-759-85939115 July 2014
Here's an underrated actioner that thrills, one of those fiery cop thrillers, that's electric, witha not so bad performance from Keanu to boot. And when it's left in the hands of the writer of Training Day, in what must be his directional debut, that's just adds more plus's. I loved the use of L.A locations here, many we've seen before like in the barrios, or from aerial views, mountains and city in the backdrop, whatever, Street Kings, didn't disappoint one iota. Again this gritty film that just involves you all the way with it's many layers story, that works well for thriller sakes. Again police corruption runs high. Who is good and who is bad. Well there are not many who are good. Keanu, implicated in a robbery, goes to all lengths to find out who's setting him up. He isn't helped by a heckling Hugh Laurie (the film's best performance) riding his tail, who steals the film the way Anthony La Paglia did in Whispers In The Dark, as a smart cocky I.A. officer. Keanu gets matey with an I.A guy (super cool Chris Evans, who's very good here) who could be his last hope. There are car chases, foot chases, some well staged and tense shootouts, you name it. The only let down is it's title, yet fitting just not really original, like a lot of titled films that start with The .... Here is one of the searing cop thrillers, you must grant a view, despite bad hype, and Keanu, back in the action seat, really sells it, with some serious dramatic acting.
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A Gritty & Violent Tale Of Police Corruption
seymourblack-127 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Any story that comes from the pen of James Ellroy can reasonably be expected to feature a complicated plot, hardboiled dialogue and rogue cops. In this respect, "Street Kings" certainly comes up to expectations and although it's not in the same league as "L.A. Confidential" or "The Black Dahlia", this movie is, nevertheless, a thoroughly entertaining, action-packed thriller about police corruption, murders and betrayals.

Detective Tom Ludlow (Keanu Reeves) is a LAPD vice detective who habitually operates by his own rules and regularly short-cuts the legal process by executing the criminals he encounters in his work. An example of this is seen when he goes undercover as a guy who wants to sell a machine gun to some Korean gangsters. The Koreans beat him up and steal his car but Ludlow simply makes his way to their hideout and shoots all four men dead before rearranging things to make it look as if they'd killed each other. He then rescues the two children that they'd kidnapped. His methods are obviously effective but not appreciated by everyone.

Ludlow's furious when he hears that his ex-partner, detective Terence Washington (Terry Crews) has been informing on him to Internal Affairs Captain James Biggs (Hugh Laurie) and so follows Washington to a convenience store where he intends to tackle him face to face. At the store, two masked men rush in and a shoot-out ensues during which Washington is killed before the gunmen take off again. The circumstances under which Washington was killed naturally appear to be suspicious and implicate Ludlow because somehow during the mêlée, one of his bullets ended up in Washington's body and, of course, he had a powerful motive for killing his ex-partner.

Ludlow is fully supported by his boss, Captain Jack Wander (Forest Whitaker), who appreciates his work and sets about removing any incriminating evidence from the crime scene. Wander advises Ludlow to forget about what had happened and not concern himself with trying to pursue the two gunmen. Ludlow finds it impossible to do this and with the help of a young detective called Paul "Disco" Diskant" (Chris Evans), tries to track down the killers. His investigation proves to be full of surprises, mainly because of the enormous amount of police corruption that he unearths along the way.

Keanu Reeves portrays his character as being like a wounded animal in his behaviour. He's suffering emotionally after the death of his wife and is clearly damaged and burned-out after years on the streets where he's learnt that the only way to do his job and survive is by acting outside of the rules. In his tough-talking working environment, the only emotion he can openly express is anger and this has led him into suppressing his other feelings and self-medicating with copious amounts of alcohol to cope.

"Street Kings" is gritty, violent and full of twists with plenty of action, tension and an above average story It starts off at break-neck speed and does a good job of maintaining its momentum throughout. The most lasting impression it leaves is of the widespread corruption that's portrayed as being endemic at every level of the LAPD. For anyone who's surprised or appalled by this, the reassurance that Ludlow is given at the end of the movie (that the Department needs officers like him) will be particularly depressing, especially in view of who gives him that endorsement.
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Your typical cop movie
Chris L29 December 2013
David Ayer piles up the stereotypes in this dynamic but dreadfully banal cop movie: a drifting, alcoholic policeman in search of redemption within a crooked team, we've seen more original. At least if this classic aspect was compensated by a perfect writing... unfortunately this is not the case.

The script is unrefined, the dialogues are often sloppy and a few scenes are even ridiculous. You don't always get the protagonists attitudes and the different elements of the plot aren't well articulated, which is prejudicial since the outcome and final confrontation between Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker suggest an interesting point of view but that was badly backed up by a clumsy story.

Street Kings is therefore far noteworthy but Ayer will deliver, four years later, a much more accomplished cop movie on every level, End of Watch.
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Average formula flick
sankhan9931 July 2013
Typical police corruption story, nothing special in this film. Story is straight forward and lacks intelligence. no thrill and not much of action as well. Plot is laid down not intelligently. Average person can predict the plot.

Camera work and editing is OK. I think cast is not well picked. Forest Whitaker was good as usual. I am surprised by good acting of Chris Evans and he looks quite handsome in this picture. But picking Keanu Reeves as a lead was not a good. You need here a solid actor but Keanu Reeves is famous for bad acting skills. His gestures do not look like a cop. He walks like a hip hop signer performing on stage. I think matrix type movies are best from him where a spider bite turn ordinary person into superman.

I rated this movie 5 star because of two actor I mentioned above.
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A Decent Cop Thriller
Floated211 July 2013
Street Kings is a viscerally compelling but thematically confused mess of an action noir that plumbs new depths of cynicism about contemporary American life in general and the Los Angeles Police Department in particular.

Reeves plays one of its more homicidal officers: a revenge-hungry, widower detective who we first meet on an average day in which, in the rescue of two abducted children, he blows away a half-dozen suspects and plants evidence like confetti.

The plot-point comes when his former partner in their elite unit, fed-up with the corruption, squeals to Internal Affairs. Shortly thereafter, he's murdered and the hero is put on the trail of a Matterhorn of corruption: more than even HE can stomach.
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Watchable but forgettable crime flick
KineticSeoul19 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Director David Ayer is known for making movies about corrupt cops and the ghetto. And this has just about all of David Ayer's trademarks but just isn't as good as "Training Day". The first half is good but than it starts to go downhill from there. The plot is about a tough cop Detective Tommy "Tom" Ludlow(Keanu Reeves) who doesn't care about the law, he cares about what is right and his own justice. He doesn't care about money or fame or his own well being, he cares about unleashing street justice. In another one getting the small fishes and killing the big ones. And it goes in one of those directions where the protagonist keep digging when others around him keep telling him to stop which gets that protagonist into a bit of trouble. Now these types of premises are alright but it's just done in a very generic way, where it goes from street interrogation to street interrogation and so on. It just didn't stand out. This is the second role I seen Keanu in where he plays a cop that previous one being "Speed" but this time he is way more rough around the edges. In fact this can actually be a sequel to "Speed" after he spent some more yrs in the police force and sees more of the negative attributes in humanity. Overall this is a watchable movie about cops, the streets and crime but still forgettable.

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