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Definitely a Game to Play, 10 out of 10!
travsta_9212 December 2005
I'v always enjoyed playing the previous Skateboarding games such as the Pro Skaters 1-4. The first one was brilliant for a 1999 game and the rest got better and better as it went on. In THUG it was extremely better than Pro Skater 4. I bought THUG 2 and I thought it would have to be one of the best games I've ever played. The Story mode is very entertaining as you can get on and off your board in the World Destruction Tour. Tag Billboards whenever you get the chance. Vandalise the area, drive crazy vehicles which can be extremely fun at some stages, unlock many new tricks and of course skate. Annoy as many people as you can by throwing objects at them, grinding into Seagulls and making them pooh and it normally lands on someone if you are in Australia at the beach. I would have to say that Skatopia was the hardest and the best skate area in the entire game. It is quite enjoyable once you have finished story mode as you unlock Fat phil, Shrek, and a few other colourful characters. It was loads of fun all the way through the Story Mode. The storyline was also brilliant.

The other good thing about it is that you can still enjoy the classic mode as you have to do certain tasks in 2 minutes. I am only half way through that but it is still a load of fun! The style of Creating a Skater and park is very detailed and is good because there are so many choices that it is quite hard not to look the same as somebody else. I thoroughly enjoyed creating my own park and creating set goals for it.

I hope this will help you decide whether you want to play this or not because I enjoyed it all the way.
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I don't really like skateboard games but this game is fairly fun
gangstahippie14 July 2006
Rated T for Language and Blood.

I am not a big fan of skateboarding or sport video games but I must admit Tony Hawk's Underground 2 is a fairly fun game.I am a fan of ultra violent shooting games,fighting games and the occasional racing game.But the trailer for Tony Hawk Underground 1 intrigued me.It looked fun.However it didn't come out for PC.Tony Hawk Underground 2 came out for PC however so I bought it.The game is pretty fun.I found it pretty hard but thats probably because I have never played a skateboard game before.The game is about a skater who goes on a skateboarding tour with Tony Hawk and Bam Mangera.You do certain skateboard missions to progress in the game.You go to places such as New Orleans,Boston etc.Tony Hawk Underground 2 is worth a look and a good bet for skateboard game fans.

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OK Game
Shadowen_17222 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Oh yes, another Tony Hawk game. The last THUG game was an amazing experience, throwing you into the life of a second rate skater trying to make it pro. Your probably thinking, THUG 2 would be like that, with a few new moves and so on. Well your wrong. This time, the game is all about vandalizing the world. Yeah, instead of struggling to the top, your trying to not get thrown out of the Word Destruction Tour. The visuals have become cartoony and take you out of the gaming experience. The story is way to short compared to the last one, and isn't nearly as inventive. Now for the positive stuff. The game play is amazing. It is very unrealistic but that's what makes it fun. This is kind of the Blitz of skateboarding games. Also, this game gives you tons of secret characters that you play as, or unlock. Overall this was a fun game, but it wasn't nearly as good as the first THUG. I recommend renting it and not buying it.
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Don't waste your money.
Bradboy10291 August 2007
This is what I call a terrible game. It's a good skater game but the weakest, worst, annoying, and retarded Tony Hawk game. It's a terrible game which shouldn't of been made. It was awful. I was expecting an amazing sequel to the best Tony Hawk game, but it ended up being the worst sequel of them all. I wanted to claw my eyes out while playing. Just don't waste your money. It's not worth it... Just get Underground 1 and you will be happy and unannoyed. A terrible game. Just don't get it. If you are a true Tony Hawk fan: STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will barf. Like I almost did. Even though I had surgery and can't throw up. Honestly. Don't get it. Just awful.
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