Ancient Evil 2: Guardian of the Underworld
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5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Better then the first if only because it has nothing to do with it

Author: movieman_kev from United States
5 May 2005

Why the distributors choose to rename this indy horror/comedy as a sequel to "Ancient Evil" (a VERY crappy movie) and possibly discourage those few that would actually take a chance on this one is beyond me. Thankfully this has jack-all to do with the first one. In a prologue set in ancient times, Anubis is beheaded (in a scene that had me chiming that "There can only be One") In the present day, five friends unleash the god of the dead when they begin dabbling in the occult. The movie comes off as a sub-standard horror version of "Clerks" with a splash of "the Craft". Not a good movie by any standards but I seldom got bored with it, that sound count for something at least. Even though I didn't really care for the soundtrack in the least.

Eye Candy: Noel Francomano exposes one boob (the left one if you must know)

My Grade: D+

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Egyptian Demon

Author: Master Cultist ( from United Kingdom
6 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You guessed it kids, it's a low budget American horror comedy that desperately wants to be The Evil Dead. It isn't, but nor is it terrible. Yes, the dialogue is clunky (and that's being kind), and yes the acting fluctuates between very bad and truly appalling, but if that's why you watch movies you probably won't be reading a review of a movie called Ancient Evil 2 anyway. These kind of movies succeed, not because they could be made, but because they WERE when perhaps it was too much to ask. It's the ambition that I love. Well, we've only got £400 left, and we still need to make our Egyptian Mummy beast. It's this 'we don't give a damn if it looks a bit shoddy' attitude that really adds charm. Ultimately then, a genuine Z-grade horror comedy, that you might find surprisingly enjoyable.

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Undead Gods and the women who love them and the next Jerry Springer Show

Author: lordzedd-3 from United States
16 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, first of all I never heard of spells that will bring gods to earth and make them mummies, that was just silly. Second, if you bring an god to earth and he's undead and out to kill you, don't tease him. They don't like that. Next, I like the idea of having Anubis is cool, but he seemed too decay, how was he suppose to see, he had no eyes. The acting and writing was a tad weak and the plot was basic slasher genre stuff. But even though it didn't make much sense, I did like the Anubis monster design and it did have some interesting lines and a few chuckles a long the way. All and all I say a valiant effort from the makers, who I can tell tried to make a good movie and I give them A for effort. Even with all the problems this movie had it's still watchable and enjoyable and I also give ANCIENT EVIL 2: GUARDIAN OF THE UNDERWORLD 6 STARS.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Rent to see how not to make a horror film

Author: osolis from Bakersfield, CA
13 May 2006

Goth chick calls up Anubis. Deaths follow.

I had read an article on the making of the movie and was curious to see the end result so I rented it. Beneath a pretty cool DVD cover lies this movie and it's, unfortunately, not very good. While I can give props to the monster make up and some of the shots of the moon, the rest of it is uniformly amateurish. Everything from the acting to the writing, camera-work and directing is atrocious. Whole sections of dialog are delivered by characters who should be running for their lives instead of standing, yes standing, and arguing for long minutes at a time. My guess is that a running time had to be filled, but more likely it's because characters have to say things in situations like this, no matter how obvious or inane.

The weird thing, though, is that as I was watching the over the top acting (Goth chick I'm talking to you especially), I couldn't help but think this would've worked had the director just thought out of the box a bit and conceived the whole thing as a silent film. Yes, a silent film. Of course distribution would have been a problem, but at least it may have worked as a film.

Unless your a film student there is no reason to rent this.

But if you are a future filmmaker then rent it with an eye on how not to make a horror film. Scorcese once said something to the effect of watching bad movies in order to learn how to make good ones. This would be one of them.

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Oh what a sleeper !!!

Author: myjgp-668-241347 from United States
21 March 2014

This movie is truly what should,can and is called a sleeper, 5 minutes into this garbage I was fast asleep! After waking up and realizing I missed the movie I tried to watch it again with the same well rested results. I would not recommend this snorefest to my worst enemy although I would recommend it as a potential cure for insomnia. the acting if you can call it that was grade school, the music must have been made by the writer/director of boring flick and yes the soundtrack was as horrible as the whole movie. I can't for the life of me understand how some of the people that reviewed this waste of videotape found it amusing , scary or charming, I found it just boring, boring and just boring I guess those who gave this a positive review must be family members of the actors or had something to do with the making of this crap with a capitol "C".

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

The most pathetic god ever made flesh.

Author: (Captain_Mullet) from United States
11 June 2005

This movie is pathetic. With that out of the way, I'll continue on to explain why. After about fifteen minutes of watching this movie, the only thing I wanted to do was punch that stupid goth girl in the face. Some of the scenes where she describes her plot drag on, and on, and on. Had there been fewer of these character exposition scenes, or had they been shorter and more dispersed, I might not be as upset with them. The goth girl just had this way of speaking that was excruciatingly repetitive, and made her very hard to listen to for more than two minutes at a time. The movie introduces many characters and gives them varying amounts of lines, only to have them die or leave within minutes, making me really wonder why they were included to begin with. The only worthwhile moment in this entire film is when it makes reference to a movie called "666 Demon Child," which is perhaps the only movie I have ever seen that is worse than this filth. All of this leads me to the final point, Anubis. HE IS THE MOST PATHETIC MONSTER I HAVE EVER SEEN. Now, I have seen zombies move faster, hit harder, and be more frightening than this pathetic fop. Anubis is supposed to be a god made flesh, but he ends up acting more like a middle aged man, unable to do much of anything unless his victims are standing still or making a pathetic attempt at fighting back. He has the trademark sickle, which thankfully he makes good use of occasionally, but he is beaten back by a teenage boy wielding a rock. A rock beats an Egyptian god. He runs like a drunk and while he withstands being chopped with a machete, the rock frightens him into retreating. Perhaps it was blessed. Or, perhaps this movie is a giant crock of festering crap. There is nothing I enjoy more than a low budget movie that makes me laugh. This movie makes me cry.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

So bad it's scary to think you are spending your time watching it

Author: rlange-3 from United States
18 May 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of those pure schlock movies that might be fun with a bunch of sharp witted friends. You could watch it and everyone would make funny comments, resulting in general hilarity. The only problem with this scenario is anyone with any wit at all would shortly tape down the fast forward on the controller.

There are no spoilers in this one. It manages to do that all by itself. A bunch of kids and some heavily stereotyped rural folk run up against a monster from Egypt in the woods. At least it doesn't appear to take itself too seriously, with dialog punctuated by silliness and absurdity. Wink wink, nod nod, we know this is pathetic too.

The best part of the movie is Noel Francomano who plays the wigged out goth chick so well that she manages to be funny, creepy, and hot all at the same time. I'd like to see her in a real movie. The guys all remind you of someone you went to college or high school with that came to a party and never left -- the one you find passed out behind your sofa the next day moaning and complaining: "Where's my jacket man...".

Enuff said. Short of a casual gathering, passing the time making jokes scenario, leave this one on the shelf.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Unsafe at Any Speed

Author: joeschreiber1 from United States
2 November 2006

I caught this little honey on DVD last night, at three AM, working third shift in the basement of the hospital...the perfect place, in other words, to check out fast-and-dirty, balls-out, low-budget, whacked-out horror feast.

This is the first movie I've seen by whoever D.W. Kann is, but it's not gonna be the last. Kann & Co. drive ANUBIS like a kid's first car, a five-speed deathtrap built out of dynamite and chicken wire. It's got cracked headlights, fenders falling off, and the windshield wipers flipping in every direction -- but it's also painted day-glo red, the Spark-o-Matic's cranked to eleven and there's enough firepower in the trunk to send the whole enterprise halfway to Pluto. And although there are moments when you think whoever's in charge of this thing must be high on glue or steering with their feet, the responsible parties rocket the action forward with the dead-on instincts and passion of somebody who's watched a ton of movies, loves 'em with all their heart and knows what works and what doesn't. Mix it all together with the screwball comedic elements that had me snuffing up my Coke Zero more than once, and you've got raw, uncooked brilliance.

In DANSE MACABRE, Stephen King talks about how true horror fans ought to be patient when it comes to the breed of movies they love -- or moments they love in movies that might not be altogether successful. Is ANUBIS perfect? Not by any stretch of the imagination. Is there enough octane here to get your rocks off for an hour and a half? Abso-freakin'-lutely.

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1 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Judge it for what it is, and what it is is fun. (Perhaps Minor Spoiler)

Author: from Portland Oregon
12 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I Netflixed Ancient Evil 2 the other day, and after reading some of the posts here on IMDb I feel this movie deserves an honest review.

First; the story: Predictable. Formulaic. Pretty standard by all accounts. But then, the movie doesn't strive to be something groundbreaking. Maybe it does try too hard to be another Evil Dead. But since that's why I rented it, clearly the film makers know their audience.

We can all complain about the seemingly endless supply of low budget Raimi-esquire horror-comedy movies out there. But we watch them because we want to find a movie that we can enjoy just as much as we did Evil Dead with our friends back in high school.

You can't fault this movie for trying to be another Evil Dead, because a lot of people out there want exactly that, another Evil Dead. Ancient Evil 2 even comes pretty close. But where it misses the mark, it misses big time.

The Acting: I don't know if the cast was comprised of local high school students, members of the regional acting troupe, or just friends of the crew. Some of the characters distract with hammy performances and seem to stumble over lines, while others seem to truly be right for the role.

The hero of the film, Paul, does a great job. He's not as stilted or obnoxious as the two friends (whatever their names were). The actress who played Jen performed well also. There were a few moments where these two did seem a bit lost, but I think that may be more a matter of the dialogue, than their skills as actors.

For the most part the minor characters encountered in the woods during the last half of the film all did very well. None of their performances were Oscar worthy by any means, but each fit nicely into the movie. The hobo was a bit cartoon-ish, but it worked very well and he stands out as a memorable and quotable character. The two hunters were cliché, but their antics were what you wanted at that point in the story.

The stilted acting of the two young friends and the overacting of the Oncilla were so irritating that when they finally get what's coming to them you breathe a sigh of relief with "now I can start enjoying the movie". Perhaps Oncilla was supposed to be hamming it up, in a tongue and cheek sort of way, even so, it was just obnoxious.

The Dialogue: Like the acting, the dialogue has moments where it seems natural and pulls you in, and then instantly switches gears and pushes you away. I think the worst of the acting and the weaknesses in the dialogue complimented each other so as to make certain scenes look worse than they were. There definitely were some funny lines, lines that failed simply because the cast couldn't deliver them right. And there were some lines that, no matter how great an actor you were, no one could speak convincingly.

But all that aside, the one glaring problem with the dialogue was just that there was too much exposition, especially from Oncilla. I felt like every time she spoke, she had pages of dialogue to recite while everyone else just stood there listening awkwardly. All those lines over and over again, maybe that's why she overacted? She had to do something to keep herself entertained, because no one else was.

The Directing: Now, I liked this movie. I hope I haven't given an impression otherwise. I feel there is a great deal of potential in a film like this. The movie set out from beginning to end to be exactly what it was, and it did that well. You never found yourself scratching your head or whistling for the movie to come back to you, "Movie! Movie! Over here boy. Where are you going you silly little thing?" None of that.

For all the novice actors and the overly expository dialogue the movie flowed well. The film is about 90 minutes long and feels about right. When it ends you don't say "that went on way too long". The movie feels right for what it is.

Everyone involved did the best with what they had to work with (the sign of a good low budget horror movie). They all seemed to have had fun and that translates as a good time for the viewing audience.

The soundtrack was very good and fit the movie excellently.

The creature looked great.

I've always felt that a good director picks a mood that matches the story and carries that mood through to the end of the film. The mood fit and was maintained. And at the end, I had to acknowledge that I enjoyed the experience.

Over all this isn't a revolutionary film set to redefine a genre. Nor is it a Hollywood blockbuster that, face it, if you're reading this review you hate those movies as much as I do. This is just a fun schlocky horror-comedy that also happens to show great potential amongst the cast and director.

But why isn't it another Evil Dead? Well, I think the big difference is that Ancient Evil 2 may have been a little too ambitious. I always felt that Evil Dead played out as it did to minimize some of the weaknesses of the cast and crew that stemmed from perhaps their own inexperience. Here too much story, too much explanation, was crammed into a 90 minute monster in the woods film, and the cast seemed unable to fit it all together properly.

I recommend this film to anyone who likes mindless low budget horror films with a sense of humor. Just remember this movie is what it is, and what it is isn't perfect. And, provided you're not looking for perfection, it is fun.

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1 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Leave this Mummy monster lie.

Author: Prolox from Canada
27 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In what is supposed to be a sequel to the first ANCIENT EVIL (I've never seen it, though supposedly it has nothing to do with this film) five teens head out into the sticks where one girl (who is a witch) resurrects an ancient demon god named ANUBUS which slaughters the kids when it catches them & the usual shop worn characters that gets in his way, the remaining kids must try to find a spell that will put it away or else it may never be stopped. I saw this film in my local video store & read the plot which made it sound pretty decent, so I rented this & boy was I ever bored! the actual monster despite popping up to dismantle some dude wearing a dark robe & wielding a sword (I'm assuming this scene took place centuries ago in what is supposed to be Egypt) only shows up to start his mayhem 50 minutes into the film & even then it's definitely not worth the wait, for the first 50 minutes we must endure some terrible actors talking to each other non stop in certain scenes that provide nothing of interest, I mean it, the kids just sit around talking to one another in long boring scenes & then the film turns all Friday THE 13TH on us with a Mummy monster killing kids in the woods! But where Friday THE 13TH was at least interesting this film is far & I do mean far from it! there's also some very annoying characters on hand here & I'm not talking just about the kids either! there's an ignorant old man who gets his after he goes to beat up one of the kids with a bat after he doesn't believe him about the monster that is coming their way, then when it does kill the old guy the young guy hops into the car & tries to start it only it won't start (Yes that old cliché again!) what's worse was the fact that it was out of continuity, the old guy never turned the car off! there's a bum that supposedly lives out in the woods & from what I could understand of his character, he was supposed to be middle aged, but the guy playing him is or must be,30 years old! even worse he was so annoying that I actually cheered when he was offed by the creature & you deserve a gold medal if you can try & make out a single word he is saying, since he's talking with a very stupid & oh so annoying accent & really low! A young hitchhiker is killed after being on screen only one minute in a scene that has no connection with the rest of the movie (What was this scene all about?) And going back to that other scene with the Bum, what was he doing in the woods anyways? the plot description on back also stated that the creature awakens in a small New England town, first off that's misleading, this whole thing is set in the woods (Or was the woods they were in located in England?) & none of the actors speak or are supposed to be British! there's also a pyramid that appears on the back of the box art, but trust me that's slot misleading there are no pyramids in this movie! there's absolutely no suspense in the climax & the camera work was kind of lousy, in fact, it was kind of shaky, almost as if someone was holding the camera on their shoulders the whole time & there's a laughable scene in the film that was supposed to be scary, about the Goth girl accidentally summoning her dead mother who appears to her, they have a big conversation that amounts to them bickering back & forth to one another. Shot on video with a very small (And I do mean small) budget. This manages to stack up with some of the worst horror films out there! The film is also gracious enough to provide pictures of the cast right next to their names during the end credits (Like we care who these people are!) Please do not rent this movie, it's really bad & not even in a so bad it's good way! it's just plain bad!

* star

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