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So here it is, an arena rock type film event for lovers of Asian cinema. Good news is that you won't have that annoying ringing in your ears the day after. Better news is that you'll have food for thought way after witnessing these spectacles.
What all three of these stories share is the quality found in Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King: An attention to horror as it emerges from everyday life as transformed by fear, fantasy and depravity.
Might also be the best date movie ever, depending on your idea of a good time.
New York Daily News
Blood, grotesquerie and humor mix equally in the first two, but the full combo makes a savory witches' brew for Asian-cinema cultists (or Halloween lovers in need of a gore fix).
New York Post
The three-part anthology opens with its best shot, Hong Kong fruitcake Fruit Chan's "Dumplings," photographed by the great Christopher Doyle.
While most anthology films have one standout and one weak link, all three tales are short, sharp shockers -- there should be at least one for every taste.
Gore fans will want to bump the two-and-a-half-star rating up a star, whereas those who can't handle on-screen violence will want to stay the hell away.
Chicago Tribune
A bloody strange movie--and a surprise. Who would have thought that you could put together an anthology of "extreme" Asian horror featurettes by three cutting-edge Asian directors where the most tasteful, restrained contribution was the one by Japanese mad dog moviemaker Takashi Miike?
The Hollywood Reporter
The result falls somewhere between psychodrama and horror. Cult cinema fans should come away satisfied, though the stories are probably too brutal to reach much into the mainstream.
One is haunting and wonderful, one is very good, and one spoils the fun.
Entertainment Weekly
Another pulpy Creepshow movie would be more welcome than a second installment of this stiff stuff.

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