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It is a joy to look at frame by frame, and it would be worth getting the Blu-ray to do that. I am not quite so thrilled by the story, which at times threatens to make "Gormenghast" seem straightforward.
While the voice acting is fine and the story is nicely paced, the visuals are disappointing.
I admired the craft more than I loved the results. But The Tales of Despereaux is still better-than-average animation.
The tiny, intrepid rodent is so cute it's impossible not to ooh and aww, just looking at him. Which is a good thing, because you'll need something to get you through the long stretches of fairytale pastiche that make up this overwrought yarn.
The flatly generic results certainly appear at odds with the picture's stirring visual style, which pays homage to the great Flemish artists.
While it meanders on its way to the requisite happy ending, the lush, stylised animation and courtly flourishes would win over anyone.
Too bad the story's such a mess.
This graphically well-rendered kidpic is less crass and mouthy than many recent feature-length toons, but also more sluggish and ungainly as it tries to approximate DiCamillo's singularly delicate tone.
Village Voice
Clumsily wedged in like a TV commercial between deafening stunts, the emotional storytelling sinks without trace, leaving you with only one flawed character to cling to.
The lesson learned from The Tale of Despereaux is that an overabundance of vocal talent does not a good cartoon make.

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