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What gives In the Land of Women its singular charm is the charismatic Adam Brody, the star of TV's "The OC."
Fresh, funny and perceptive.
If you can get past the lips, Ryan gives a touching performance as a woman determined to battle her cancer while knowing life offers no guarantees except death -- an understanding no doubt sharpened by Kasdan's own experience battling Hodgkin's disease as a teenager.
Enjoyable for a movie in which pretty much nothing happens.
The 27-year-old Kasdan displays an ability to bring a refreshing, human touch to what could be overly familiar material that echoes what his father did in films like "The Big Chill" and "Body Heat."
Miami Herald
Manages to be entertaining, largely because of the appealing Adam Brody.
To his credit, writer-director Jonathan Kasdan is sensitive and observant...But he doesn't know what he's talking about, not really, and though he structures the film around his areas of ignorance, that only works partially.
Despite its desperate attempts to appeal to every possible age group, there is no obvious audience for this movie.
The Hollywood Reporter
Probably needed more originality than is on display. With an age-old cinema theme of a young man's maturation, it also needs to land female ticket-buyers but seems a lot like something women could find at home on the WE channel.
Chicago Tribune
Kasdan has inherited much of his father's surface skills; he knows how to round out a scene and keep things on story point. But In the Land of Women doesn't for a moment feel messy and chaotic where it counts.
In the Land of Women sounds like a piece of cheap science fiction about the last man on earth. If you're the lovelorn mother and daughter in Jonathan Kasdan's first movie, a grating romantic drama, that's painfully close to the truth.
Combines hugs and ''pain'' and dialogue so fakey-cute it makes your ears hurt.

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