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Loic's journey is rich in incident and detail, and Garçon Stupide retains its dynamic momentum throughout.
Composed of artfully used split-screen, lots of hand-held camera, and expertly honed dialogue, the film floats on currents of sadness and understated humor. It also makes Loic's existential ache almost palpable.
Chicago Tribune
A caveat to viewers: This brand of movie sex, as directed by 30-year-old Lionel Baier, is emphatically not for the puritanical.
Raw, uncompromising and surprisingly explicit.
The Hollywood Reporter
Until the lean script by Baier and Laurent Guido takes some unconvincing turns in the late going, the film is a credible portrait of alienation.
Garçon Stupide is interesting enough to merit an audience broader than its intended niche, though it isn't perfect.
Garçon Stupide was shot on digital video and is the rare piece of European sexual realism centered completely on a boy's awakening.
Miami Herald
Baier's style is almost uncomfortably voyeuristic, amplified by the casting of a young, inexperienced actor (Pierre Chatagny) in a part that calls for hardcore sex.
Mostly it's tedious as we watch the photogenic but emotionally blank Chatagny bounce between anonymous sexual encounters.
Dull and uninteresting.
New York Post
Garcon Stupide features the best gay seduction scene ever filmed on a Ferris wheel. Unfortunately, you have to sit through the entire movie to get to it. Whether you want to will depend on your interest in explicit gay sex.

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