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Dwayne Johnson was offered the lead role of John Grimm but chose the role of Sarge because he thought it was more interesting.
During the end credits, when the cast members' names appear on the screen, the only ones not to be shot/blown up are the only ones which survive in the movie.
The first person shooter (FPS) sequence took about 14 days to shoot.
Two working (vibrating) BFGs were created for the film. Both were kept by Dwayne Johnson.
The film's setting is an archaeological dig at "Olduvai" on Mars. Earth's Olduvai Gorge contains some of the earliest human and hominid (pre-human) remains and artifacts. This was the setting for the opening scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).
Despite playing a tough guy in the movie (and having a tough guy image in general), Dwayne Johnson admitted that he felt nauseous after playing the original Doom games.
Some scenes were cut because of the intense and graphic violence.
Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright were asked to polish the dialogue, but turned it down.
The locker the BFG is stored is designated IDKFA. This is the in-game cheat code that will give the player all keys, full weapons, and ammo.
The names of scientists Dr. Todd Carmack and Dr. Willits are references to Todd Hollenshead, John Carmack and Tim Willits, co-owners of id Software, and developers of the Doom game and its sequels, including Doom³ (2004) upon which this movie is based.
Originally, it was announced in 1999 that the film would be made and that Arnold Schwarzenegger was cast in the lead role of Doomguy, the protagonist of the video game. Unfortunately, a real life incident involving two teenagers who had played the video game, playing about with a chainsaw, resulted in a tragic accident. Since one of Doomguy's weapons in the video game is a chainsaw, the film with Schwarzenegger in the lead role was dropped at that time. The film was finally brought to the big screen in 2005.
The beating heart in the jar and the beeping accompanying it is reminiscent of the logo used by id Software (the developer of the Doom video games) shown at the beginning of many of their games.
A nuclear explosion sequence on the Mars facility was filmed but not used in the final cut.
Vin Diesel was offered the lead role but turned it down
Rosamund Pike turned down the role of Rita Skeeter in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) to work on both this movie and Pride & Prejudice (2005).
When Samantha Grimm unlocks the first door using the electronic keypad, the key tones played are the five iconic notes from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
The film takes place in 2046. 2026 is referenced in the opening voiceover as the year the "Ark" is discovered. At the time of the movie it is "20 years later" and they still know nothing about the race that built it.
The character of Sarge (played by Dwayne Johnson) is an homage to Master Sergeant Thomas Kelly, one of the main characters from the video game Doom³ (2004).
WILHELM SCREAM: Several times when Pinky is attacked by one of the creatures.
During the end credits, a remixed version of the song "You Know What You Are" by Nine Inch Nails plays. Trent Reznor, NIN frontman, headed up the music and sound design for Quake (1996), which was also created by id Software.
In one of the many references to the game the film is based on - the most notable, of course, being the FPS sequence - the flange on the weapon lights has a six-lobed design which gives the light a hexagonal shape when viewed from (or nearly from) the front. This imitates the hexagonal shape often seen on supposedly round things, and very noticeably such things as flashlights, in video games (because the shape is easier to handle by computer hardware than a truly round shape).
The character Goat's seemingly malevolent personality is a hint to the animal of the same name's involvement and connection with modern Satanism, which is a nod to the original Doom video game series, which involved hell-demons rather than aliens.
The film was such a bomb with movie critics that, while inducting his father into the WWE Hall of Fame, Dwayne Johnson joked about having starred in it.
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When Sarge uses the severed hand to open the advanced weapons armory, the computer voice (and subtitles) say, "Welcome, Dr. Patricia Tallman." The character is named in the credits as Dr. Hillary Tallman. Much like the inclusion of John Carmack's name, this is a subtle insider reference, but one that is arguably more likely to be noticed than the name of ID Software's infamous co-founder Carmack.
In the original Doom books by Daffydd Hugh and Brad Linaweaver, "Pinky" is a name protagonist Flynn "Fly" Taggart, along with fellow marine Arlene Sanders, gives to the creatures properly known as demons in the original Doom games. This is vaguely hinted at by having a character named Pinky, played by Dexter Fletcher.
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The film is a loose adaptation of the video games.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Pinky Demon" is a monster from the games and has organic front legs but mechanical rear legs.

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