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Part DOOM, part something else
Staffan Bengtsson4 February 2006
*Warning* This review contains mild spoilers to the GAME, but not the movie.

A dig in the nevada desert have found a portal to an ancient city on mars. Since then, scientists have struggled 20 years to find out more about the civilization that built the city and why they disappeared.

Apparently they found something. In an emergency transmission sent from the science facility on mars a head scientist explains that there is a "level 5 breach" and quarantine procedures must be implemented immediately. A squad of elite soldiers are sent to the science facility on Mars to protect and retrieve property and make sure quarantine is kept. What they find is naturally more than they are trained and equipped for.

This is another game that made it into the silver screen, and the DOOM franchise isn't exactly known for it's multi-depth story lines. This made me seek out and watch this movie with plenty of ice in my stomach, ready to forgive the producers for mistakes they made.

And mistakes were made. The greatest one was of course to change the entire plot. As a gamer who put more value in story than the action, I would personally say that the DOOM3 storyline was better than the movies (completely changed) storyline. In the game the city plays a central role. In the movie you never leave the work areas, you never get to see the old ruins. The city isn't even mentioned beyond the intro. Beyond 2 <10 second scenes, you do not see the Mars exterior. You barely register that these events take place on Mars, not on earth. The artifacts that played a central role in the game is not mentioned or present in the movie. The entire "Hell is loose" plot was completely cut away, the events of the movie blamed onto something *COMPLETELY* different. The theme "one man against hell" became "a few men and their issues". The ghost of the little girl (one of the games scarier parts) did not make it to the move.

DOOM3 was also a horror experience playing both on achluophobia (fear of darkness) and Monophobia (fear of being alone), this was an aspect missing in the movie where areas was lit and the characters was always going at least two and two. I almost think the movie could have been better if they hired less actors and put more money on storywriters.

Another aspect completely gone is the ambient red tone of being on mars, something that could have added a more artistic flavor to the movie. Except for very short moments in the beginning of the movie you never see that these events in fact take place on mars.

I was not happy to see the storyline almost completely changed and the horror downscaled to almost not scary at all with nothing better added to it. There are no deep questions asked here, no philosophical submessage to the audience to go home thinking about. This is a lighthearted actionmovie and that's it.

The most faithful part (to the game) is the labs and the monsters. he developers who made the game gave the areas/monsters/weapons an unique design that wouldn't have been right to move away from. If you care zero about the plot, then yes this is DOOM.

There's also the first person sequence in which we get to follow a series of events through the eyes of a soldier when he runs around and shoot monsters in corridors. It was fun, although I would say that it failed to capture me. I was mostly annoyed with the choice of music and it could have been more scary.

I see some ways this movie could have been made better with the material it's based on, but I did not expect it. At least the action is well done. If you want 2 hours of entertainment that wont change your world, DOOM offers just that. If you do not watch many movies and want some extra quality when spending time on one, you can jump this one.

Game-movies so far are between "awful" and "ok". This one was "ok".
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Movie delivers what it promises
boolya345629 January 2006
I, unlike other people, did not find this movie to be a disappointment. I didn't go into this movie with high expectations. A movie based on a video game will never have an amazing story, or exceptionally good acting worth an academy award. A movie like this will have good action, reasonable suspense, and be the type of movie you can watch again and enjoy it just as much as the first time. For the most part, this movie lives up to those expectations. It has good action sequences, it is a re-watchable movie, and the storyline isn't quite as bad as I thought it would be. Sure, they changed stuff from the video game during the transition, but it still worked, and you cant expect everything in the video game to work as a movie, they had to change some things to help the cinematic view of it. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a movie with solid action sequences and anyone who is looking for some fun with their friends.
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Good...for a video game
AdderCowley29 May 2007
Doom is not a masterpiece. However for what it is, a video game to movie franchise, it does a decent job. I was watching this film when suddenly my parents came in. They immediately sat down and watched the last 50 minutes with me. Surely that's an indication that the film itself wasn't too bad. My favourite part of the movie was the FPS scene. It showed a level of originality which has been absent in other Video game movies, such as the Resident Evil franchise. Another Pro was the casting of the Rock as Sarge and Karl Urban as Reaper. Both made decent performances in the movie.

The level of action was decent and I was happy that the film branched out a bit further than the 90 minute restriction. Furthermore I particularly enjoyed the fact that the makers decided to use models and suits, similar to Alien rather than rely on CGI. It again shows a level of originality that implies the makers wanted the film to stand out and was not there just to make money.

The cons were that overall the acting was not great. The other marines for example, other than The Rock and Urban, did not put in great performances and Rosamund Pike, I think was particularly bad. They seemed an ordinary group of guys thrust into battle. They just didn't seem to act like a group of elite, disciplined soldiers. It just didn't feel realistic.

Another con is that the film was not particularly scary. The actual game is deemed to be one of the scariest games out there to play. So it feels an opportunity missed that the film was not a terrifying roller-coaster ride filled with suspense and was more like a variety of action sequences containing grim monsters.

All in all Doom is a movie which is by no means perfect, is a decent film for what it is. A video game.
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Not a masterpiece by any standards, but good enough for what it is!
Christopher Smith28 March 2006
There are certain genres that are despised no matter what. The genre of movies based on video games is one of those and rightfully so. There have been a large amount pretty awful video game adaptations of such games as Wing Commander, Super Mario Bros., Tomb Raider, Street Fighter, Double Dragon, and House of the Dead. There have been, however, some decent adaptations like Mortal Kombat (the first film, not the sequel) and the Resident Evil films. Now that I've viewed the unrated version, DOOM can be added to that list. Although not nearly as stylish and entertaining as Mortal Kombat or Resident Evil, DOOM may not be the mind-blowing spectacle that fans of the video game were hoping for, but at least it knows what it is: a fun ALIENS knock-off. Unlike ALIENS, Doom lacks a strong story and well-developed characters that the audience can cheer for. The characters here are barely one dimensional. They are given essentially no motivation for what they do and as a result, the movie suffers. Still, it's better than one would expect thanks to some slick directing, a couple solid action sequences, and The Rock. 7/10
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One of The Best Sc-Fi Horrors Since Aliens
wozz1314 December 2005
When getting ready to see this movie at the cinema I was expecting nothing more than a complete no brainer action movie passing itself of as horror (i.e Alone In The Dark) but what I got was much scarier and exciting than anything I could have expected.

The Rock pulls a good performance as Sarge, the leader of the military squad sent to sort out the trouble on Mars. Which has become taken over by some genetic monsters, what follows is plenty of gun play (including the BFG!), and bloody kills, and even some scares, quite similar to Aliens.

But the best part about the film has got to be the FPS part, as they managed to capture it as if you were playing the game and pull it off to keep it exciting.

So if your looking for some good action, funny dialogue, monsters, scares, and some general 'coolness' then check out Doom now.
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Doom - Faithful? No. Good film? Yes.
Mike (CapnMikel)22 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
So many people everywhere have some sort of Doom memory. Whether it be playing with friends, siblings, or hell even family, Doom seems to be something that anyone who's played enjoys.

If anyones seen the film Alien and Aliens -- the difference between the original dooms and Doom 3 is exactly the same. Doom 3 being more like alien, more horror with less action, and the originals like Aliens, more action, with some horror.

Now the film review. After seeing my title, "Faithfull no? Good film? Yes." your probably wondering how it could be unfaithful to the games and still a good film at the same time -- i'll explain.

Anyone who's played any doom game as much as I have(Which is a lot) will DEFFINTLY be disappointed in this film. It's got light rough elements of the original games in there yes, but not enough.

Lets not even talk plot for a moment. Say the whole 'hell' involvement thing didn't even matter. Think demons, think weapons, think action/horror. Thats what dooms always been about more then anything, right? Right. Which is why this film comes to a disappointment.

Lets talk demons first: They included 4 of the demons from the doom games, The zombie, The imp, the pinky, and the baron/hell knight whichever you want to call it, it really dose't matter in this case. The zombies behaved well, like zombies. You don't see much of them, but you see them none the less and they never do crap. You just see them die. Thats it. The imps and barons? They don't shoot fireballs anymore sadly. The barons use brute force, while the imps either just scratch or attack you with their tongue to turn you into an imp, IF your souls 24th chromosome is declared "Evil." If thats not bad enough, you don't even get a good look at them or see them very much! The pinky, he was in one very short scene, and pretty much just acted like a slow CGI monster, so it was kinda obvious. It was fun to see it get slashed with the chainsaw, one of the few moments that everyone loved in doom. Though, in doom 3 they at least explained why chainsaws were on mars..

Weapons: You see the rocket launcher picked up, but never used. You see the shotgun shot ONCE in a very dark scene, meaning you see flashes and hear a shotgun sound and thats it. The big mini gun/chain gun was used ONCE to shoot a monkey. Other then that you see the machine gun used the WHOLE time, and the BFG used twice. The double barrel shotgun and plasma gun don't even get a mention! The chainsaw just happened to be on a random table and used to kill the pinky. The pistol was used a few times. Shooting wise - this film was dull. The first person section was really the only place you felt doomish, other then the 2 times the BFG was used. Not to mention the BFG color changed from green to blue..

The action / horror: You don't see much of it. You see some action here and there, but it's mostly random. You don't see much shooting and stuff dieing. You do, but it's dark not very gory and hard to see. The horror? Absent in this film sorry to say. They tried 1-2 cheap scares, which didn't even work..

Plot: I'm not going to go into this. Only one thing to say : Not doom. The plot of hell and demons was taken out, and replaced with a genetics plot. Not much else to say.

Now i've explained why it's very unlike doom, i'm going to say one more thing on the matter, and thats that the soundtrack was nicely done(Remiended me of the original doom music sort of..) and the sets were constructed mostly very well and close to the game.

The next part of this review: Good as a movie.

Anyone who's never played a doom game, can DEFFINTLY enjoy this. Anyone who's never played video games: Can ENJOY this. They won't understand the FPS section maybe, but you can still enjoy it none the less. As a sci fi film, it's not the best out there no, but it's pretty well done, and if you don't see it as seeing Doom the movie, and just some sci fi movie on mars, you can DEFFINTLY enjoy the film.

The plot, is out there yeah, but it explains why some people are infected and others are not. It explains a lot about chromosomes, and hey, they even included an ancient civilization bit, which was in the game, AND makes sense in this plot.

Don't worry about knowing nothing about the games - it won't matter. You'll be able to understand it all.

Overall, you can defiantly enjoy the little action mixed with the strange sci fi plot, into a nicely mixed film that lets not refer to as doom.

My final judgment: If your a doom fan see it, but don't expect to like it. You may enjoy it as a film, but you won't like it as doom. If your a video game fan, see it, you'll probably find yourself enjoying it. If you like Sci-Fi, give it a go, if you haven't seen Sernity yet, which is the only other sci fi playing to my knowledge at the moment. If you just want a movie to see on a Friday night with some action, go for it. If your looking for a in depth rich story lined sci fi action combined film, go rent aliens..

I gave this a 6/10, because though unlike doom, it was still a well done film, and maybe one day Hollywood will learn to make a successful video game adaptation..
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A rubbish cash-in on the Doom name
Mark Ashley4 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This movie should have been the "Aliens" of the 21st century. The Phobos base should have appeared dank and deserted, save the occasional body. The atmosphere should have built to an unbearable, silent tension. Then, and only then, the hideous creatures from hell should have started climbing out of walls and from under floors, and devouring the marines.

But instead, the set of the base was boring (the film looked like it was shot in a single corridor). The atmosphere wasn't scary enough. The monsters were, frankly, pathetic. A guy in a rubber alien suit covered in KY jelly to make him look slimy may have worked 30 years ago, but not now. Where were the horrific bio-mechanical perversions of nature that characterised doom? (i.e. Spider Demon). Where was the demonic imagery? The torsos hanging from spikes in the ceiling? The five pointed stars painted on the floor in blood?

The plot had nothing to do with the original games. The whole "24th chromosome" thing was actually less believable than a portal to hell, and undermined the tension when you found out that the creatures were actually human (once).

There was no point to the film. No objective. Just people walking round corridors with guns. That may make a good game, but a film needs more than that. Even in Doom 3 (the game) there is a series of objectives, i.e. crossing the base to get to the transmitter and call for help. That's what this game needed - an objective for the marines to accomplish other than killing things. Without this, the film rambles on and the dialogue is superfluous, with no influence on the storyline whatsoever.

I wonder if the producers of this film have actually every played Doom. The film did a fantastic job of incorporating none of the atmosphere of the games. It wasn't scary enough, it wasn't gory enough, and it wasn't evil enough.

To summarise: it was crap. And I'm gutted >:-(
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The Rock and a BFG Make entertaining viewing
JERICH947811 November 2005
OK, we are all hearing how Doom the movie is a complete sellout etc, but still this is an enjoyable movie. The Rock as Sarge is absolutely perfect! i just couldn't imagine Karl Urban doing a better job then The Rock when it comes to Sarge. Although many have branded this film "Resident Evil in Space" and yeah it is but that doesn't subtract from the film at all. The 1st person scene was especially pulled off well and will give you some giggles (c'mon who didn't laugh?).The Score is absolutely awesome and sets the atmosphere perfectly! too me this film had an old school 80's horror feel to it which i felt made it that more enjoyable (we got lots of uncensored over the top gore which now we don't get enough of). Overall don't judge this movie till you see it because it is a lot better then people rate it unless your looking to find something thats a 100% identical too its source material (Doom 3) then i'd advise you to not watch this film because some of it has been completely rewritten from its original context hence no hell. Overall a lot better then what i was expecting too see
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Very Good For What It Is
chodefacemcgee6919 October 2005
Despite what many others may say, this movie is VERY good for what it is: a mindless action movie.

I enjoyed the game itself very much and it really scared the **** out of me. I was expecting a horror movie, but i soon realized that it is an action movie. Well, what can you expect from an action movie other than lots of shooting and SOME suspense? If you think the movie is shallow, it is, but its supposed to be. Anyone who complains about the movie being a mindless shooting movie should realize that this is not the movie for them, so they should go watch one of their "emotional" movies if they want. However, if you need a break and just want your testosterone pumping so you can take a break from life and just be a manly man. If you don't like The Rock, then go watch a romance or comedy, this movie isn't for you. However, if you like the video game and like mindless action, this is the movie for you. Remember, not every movie has to have some deep meaning or evoke emotion, some movies are just for fun. This is one of them.
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Unenjoyable, and laughably bad.
Professor_Mamba2 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw this movie, I left the theater with a vague feeling of disappointment. It wasn't until I saw the movie the second time I started laughing.

With lines such as, "Semper Fi, Mother******" being the the the most brilliantly written parts of the movie, you know you've been swindled out of the five and half bucks it cost you to rent this train wreck. The dialogue that was intended to be clever and witty made me actually want to rape and kill the nearest nun or person of the cloth.

The acting wasn't all that bad, but some of the characters seemed outrageously stereotypical. You have the radical Christian guy who slices open his arm for taking the lord's name in vain; you've got the creepy white guy who peddles drugs and makes 'hysterical' jokes like, "I'm afraid I'm, eh, gonna have to, uh, strip search you fine ladies;" and you've got the die-hard, no-nonsense sergeant who'll stop at nothing to get his men home safely. Of course, he does shoot one of them in the face for no particular reason.

The Rock undergoes a complete and instantaneous personality change partway through the movie. He watches a video that shows doctors injecting a serum into a man strapped to a table. After watching this, The Rock screams, "I DIDN'T SEE SH*T! I AIN'T PAID TO SEE SH*T!" From that point on, The Rock decides it's his duty to murder all the civilians he comes across, when before that, he was a relatively nice guy.

And if you expected this to be a scary movie, you can wipe your hopes right off your face. The scariest part of this movie is a monkey hiding in an air vent. Yeah, that's right. A monkey. In a vent. It jumps out and goes, "CREEWEAEAE!" Instead of getting scaring the hell out of people like it was intended to do, half the theater was laughing. What kind of lame movie needs a cheap Cat-In-The-Cupboard scare to keep it interesting?

Doom. Oh, and if you were expecting this to be anything even close to the game, don't get your hopes up. The font of the main title was same, but after that the movie just wandered further and further into the swirling grey cloud of stupidity.

Acting: 5/10 Dialouge: 2/10 Story: 4/10 Overall Rating: 4/10

I would not recommend buying this movie. I would not recommend renting this movie. I wouldn't even recommend going to friend's house to watch their copy of the movie.
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10*, this movie is the best 'game made a movie' I'v ever seen.
koufontinas11 January 2006
This is my very first comment on IMDb, because a lot of other comments are usually from people who think they are so damn good, and can judge everyone's acting! Get a grip guys, just because you can say how bad the acting was, doesn't make you look cleaver.

Anyway, on topic, I loved this movie, especially the first person view. Unless you are a game who does like all of doom's releases then there is no point in watching this movie. It's as if you are translating a joke word by word, it's not going to be funny because a Brit will not understand the punchline that the French will.

Same here, you have to watch the movie from another perspective, not the one where you sit down and judge a movie, trying to notice every single goof the actor did. Instead you should watch this movie as if it's a movie made about you, which brings me back to my original point, that if you are not a fan of the game, there's no reason to watch this movie.
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The worst game to film adaptation and complete waste of time
grwizard1 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I saw DOOM yesterday and I'm completely disappointed.

There is no connection with the game at all. And who needs another genetic mutation in a movie. This is no DOOM. This is just a little different resident evil movie. And resident evil was a lot better (first part, not the second).

Only one scene in a movie is good. And that is a 3D scene, but it is a shame because it lasted only for 3 minutes or so. Everything else is a complete disaster.

What else could you expect from a movie that was made in two months.

What a shame!
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In the name of all things sacred!
Mr_Pink0517 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
As a fan of the original Doom game for PC and a hater of most (if not all) video game to movie conversions, I was not expecting much.

But, nothing in the world could prepare me for the cinematic catastrophe I was about to witness. When a game is turned into a film, one can only expect the story to be changed a little, but surely not to such a degree that the title is the only thing linking the two. Let me give you a little run down on the storyline differences.

Game:- A secret research base on the moon accidentally creates a rift between the moon's surface and the shores of hell, people become possessed, satanic rituals take place, demons run riot and soon the base begins to merge with hell itself, the player (you) is the last surviving member of a team of marines sent to investigate (pretty basic stuff) Movie:- A research facility on Mars try to make a serum to make people into super humans. But it does not work on everyone, some people when infected mutate into large monsters that have detachable tongues which pass the infection onto others. Confused yet? There's more. Using what seems to be floating liquid mercury, The Rock and his team of equally talentless actors travel to mars to investigate a distress call. While there they discover what has happened and are all killed except for The Rock and some white guy who's name I can't remember, both of which become super humans and have to battle it out.

Now that I'm done bitching about the differences between the film and the game, permit me to explain to you the other reasons why this seizure of a film is not worth your time.

The dialogue is, how should i put it?, very structured, by this I mean that when the characters interact with one another, you are very aware that it has been scripted and there is no ad-libbing.

The cinematography is clumsy. The camera angle never quite knows what it wants to do, and the lighting (where there is any) is just irritating.

The filters are not subtle, they use lots of red (probably because it's set on Mars) and a fair bit of everyone's favourite green (because it's "post-Matrix") But the most laughable part has to be the five minute long first person sequence, which looks exactly like "Doom 3" on Xbox, the CGI in this scene is laughable (although possibly deliberate) and it ingeniously shows the big hulking monsters attacking the main character with a chainsaw which he later uses against what can only be described as a "boss" All in all, this film is terrible. Less of a film, more of a Labotomy on celluloid. Spend your £3.75 renting price on something more worthwhile, like paying Lenox Lewis to punch you in the face, it would be more fun I assure you!
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1/10 had so much promise....
mkojder-14 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is another AvP. A major disappointment. The source material was pretty rich with a lot of possibilities. So much could have been done with it. The film LOOKED fine, but the pace was so slow and the character's were never really developed. Alien is a great example of character development in a movie of this type.

The whole demonic/gates of hell thing is ditched in favour of some genetic experimentation, taking away the real core of the whole original Doom VG storyline. I found myself actually bored by this movie and not caring what happened to the people in it.

Also, I don't ever recall seeing a film starring 'The Rock' that I could sit through without fast forwarding.

Wait for the DVD and rent it.
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Doom Will Satisfy Your Blood Lust.
BigHardcoreRed21 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Doom was quite an entertaining video-game turned movie. It promised violence and it definitely delivered. While you did not have to think too much about what was going on, it did have a plot with some great twists. I expected a straight forward "shooter" movie, very similar to the game and, frankly, I expected it to be boring. I was anything but. The video game style of the movie was limited pretty much to one scene. One awesome scene that, if you felt the movie lacked in violence in any way, should fulfill your blood lust.

Sarge (The Rock) is the leader of an elite USMC team which is sent to a space station on Mars to investigate a problem of disappearing scientists. Upon discovering most of the scientists dead, they soon realized they were not going to stay that way. I do not want to give away much more than that but there is more to this movie.

Sarge's team consists of Destroyer (Deobia Oparei), the religious Goat (Ben Daniels), Duke (Raz Adoti), Portman (Richard Brake), The Kid (Al Weaver), Mac (Yao Chin) and John Grimm (Karl Urban), who happens to be the twin brother of one of the scientists, Samantha Grimm (Rosamund Pike).

Doom started off pretty slow, but once the ball got rolling, it resembled the game more and more and kept the excitement up as well. All of these actors pulled off their parts to great avail. Really, how could they go wrong? I went into this movie with extremely low expectation. Especially after reading some of the reviews so I was very pleasantly surprised. I can recommend this movie to those who love a good, bloody action movie. Basically, if you can relate to Sin City, then Doom is also the movie for you. 9/10
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Rename the movie!
MxSChizo31 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Oh. My. God.

There are good reasons I voted for a one, mind you the graphics may be nice and flashy and there may be lots of guns involved, but that doesn't even come close to redeeming this movie's fatal error - The raping of Doom.

Doom was about an aerospace agency experimenting with dimensional gateways and thus opening a portal to Hell, spilling demons out that soon started warring with mankind.

This movie, is just another genetic experiment sprinter zombie movie, as if we didn't have enough, and the classical zombie wasn't defiled plenty. Still that isn't nearly as much of an atrocity as completely discarding everything that's Doom, or well, they have retained some resemblances with Doom as they said. Resemblances like them having guns, and them having to shoot bad guys. It's nothing but another shite movie about a bunch of roughnecks with big boomsticks fighting with more sprinter zombies, hence I vote to rename this movie to "Resident Evil 2: RE on Mars" and stop this good for nothing possé of "actors and scriptwriters" from dragging along with Doom's fame because they can't produce anything good of their own.
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Doom The Movie
laquox24 January 2006
I never got to see this movie in the theater and recently got a chance to see the uncut edition. Honestly my very first impression of the movie was "this is cool". Then my fanboyism got a hold of me and realized it was not doom. Honestly if this movie would have been called "UAC Marines", "Viral Apocalypse" or something else random, this movie would have done A LOT better. It was actually really good for a sci-fi movie. Much in the vein of Resident Evil meets Mission To Mars. The thing that really made this movie not a movie about DOOM however was the lack of cohesive elements to the game story. In the game it's all about hell and demons and weird psycho doctors wanting to be more psycho. The movie focuses on an ancient race designing a machine called the ARC, this machine makes direct transport to mars possible. There seems to be a problem on mars and the UAC Marines are sent in to investigate. The next about an hour and forty five minutes is all about trying to figure out what happened and destroy the threat if any. It's your very standard sci-fi story but it achieves what it's meant to do. Entertain you for a moment. The movies main downfall is it is only LOOSELY based around the game that everyone wanted to see on film. However to appease the fanboys(girls?) out there DOOM does have a very unique experience visually in the form of a (about 5-10 minute) segment where the camera is completely shot in first person perspective. Which having never seen this EVER done in a film was really neat. A bit out of place where they chose to do it in my opinion but cool nonetheless. Overall if you want to see a really interesting take on a sci-fi movie checkout DOOM, if you are wanting a direct translation of the video game, I suggest you just keep playing the video game.

Visuals: 7 Sound: 9 Gore To Idiocy Factory: 3 (It's there and does what it needs to do. Not over the top or retarded to the point you just wonder why it's there in the first place) Cliché Catch Phrases: 5 (Standard Sci-Fi) Overall Score: 6
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Doomtastic Mindlessness
rickkemp5 December 2005
Good grief. Does what it says on the tin. A no-nonsense, straightforward blood and gore fest with some nice scares and good pacing. Acting & script a bit on the cheesy side - which actually fits nicely with the overall premise of the flick, y'know: adapted from a video game, Mars, marines, unfeasibly extreme weaponry, motherf*****g monsters etc. The first-person stuff is a complete blast and a great homage to the source material - I tittered my way through the entire sequence, much to the annoyance of an OAP sat next to me.

If you want thoughtful story, highbrow script & characters to really care about try Uwe Boll's 'Alone in the Dark'. Otherwise unchain your brain, grab the nachos and prepare to make like a drooling idiot for an hour and forty. Then leave cinema, proceed to internet and place pre-order for the unrated extended DVD (with 12 extra minutes of playtime!!), due out Februrary 2006. I did and I feel great.
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lizzy Foster3 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
so, my sister got to see the movie first... she said not to get my hopes up, how not? id been gaming for 10 years and doom was my most played game!!! so anyway, got to see it... amazing. it was so well thought out to me, how the Pinky dude turns into... a Pinky. most of the time i was wondering (at the start) wheres the CG??? its from a video game you idiots! but then i realised it was very good without it! the hell knights wold have looked pretty stupid if they were CG, after all they are human... to an extent...You have to watch this film its the greatest!!!! Even if you haven't played the game, your gonna love this! the hell knights are the best to me too! Lizzy!!!!
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Doom-it that's a good movie
uzudamatheslaver21 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Dude. See this movie. This one rocks. And has the Rock. It's a win-win situation.

If you like big guns, funny stuff, stuff that gets shot, creative use of technology, gore, and stuff, with lots of stuff like animals and cells (both kind), you should see this movie. It's the stuff.

IMDb has given me the opportunity to vote for this movie and write a comment. For this I am grateful. I have read many comments saying this movie wasn't good enough for the fans. I loved all three Doom games (but didn't play the expansion for the third installment, and for this I am sorry) and I must say, this is the best movie from a game since Mortal Kombat.

This movie did a couple of new things on stuff you thought you knew. Your gamer's instinct or movie-person's instincts are often misguided by a new and innovative twist on simple things, this is what is refreshing and stimulating about this movie.

You got the good old' things, and no more old' bad stuff. The old' bad stuff has been replaced with some new good stuff. Well, the 'Doorway To Hell' is gone, but 'Hell' has been given a whole new meaning. This isn't a shooter-movie, it's a shooter-movie with an excellent script.

Don't believe me or call me a liar, I don't care. I just think this movie rocked both worlds.

So they made some changes. Big Deal. It's a movie, not a remake of the third game.

I would've changed one thing, and that was a longer ending battle, having the bad guy come back one more time, but bigger and stronger, but apart from this Doom blew away all my expectations for a game-movie.

The Music rocked. The Visuals shocked me in the good kind of way. The plot and coming together of the little puzzle pieces towards the end just had me by the throat and wouldn't let go.

Believe what you want. I'm not gonna tell you what to think.

I'll tell you what I think, though. I'm thinking "Perfect Score".
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Resident Evil in Space
Zombafyed1 December 2011
This movie is about a video game.

Which video game? I have no clue.

It definitely isn't Doom.

Doom is about an invasion from Hell. This movie is about genetic experiments. A simple enough plot but Hollywood managed to screw it up. Can't say that its a surprise, just a real disappointment. The Doom movie came and went leaving fans empty handed.

This pile of crap should've never been made. I hope and wish they will eventually redo the movie the correct way.

This is just Resident Evil in space. An incredible letdown to us true Doom fans.
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To Doom or not to DooM?
Hamiel4 November 2005
Being a vivid DooM gamer from as early as circa 1993 and knowing that ID software was involved in this movie, I had high expectations.

But then the bad news started to appear... Rumours began emerging saying there would be no hell, no Mars and no teleports; all essential parts of the original games. "Ok, these are just rumours", I thought to myself, putting my faith in the games' development team, ID Software, which I thought would keep an eye on the production and keep it true to the games. Fortunately, later on it was confirmed that it would indeed be set on Mars and that kept my hopes up, even though they decided to go with B-rate actors.

After seeing the movie I felt disappointed, realizing ID Software had completely sold out itself. Nothing in this movie is worth the title "DooM", except for the props, the monsters and the weapons. The movie to me felt like a Resident Evil clone set on Mars and if you ask me this movie should have been titled "Resident Evil: In Mars... with Bigger Guns... and Bigger Monsters".

A major disappointment for me was that the producers decided to remove hell from the movie. The idea of the monsters originating from hell was an important aspect in the games. I'm guessing the producers decided to remove the hell part from the movie because of the large population of Christians in USA, thinking it would scare them away from the box office. Doing so, they completely betrayed the gamers, so their plan backfired badly.

Viruses, cheesy one-liners, untalented actors, and not staying true to the original games' themes compel me to give this movie 3 stars. One for the creative FPS scene, one for the monsters and one for the props.

If you ask me, this movie doesn't deserve to be called DooM!
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Expected a lot worse!
filmfreak-512 November 2005
I must say I expected a lot worse, given all the very indecent films being made inspired by computer games, and especially this one, cause it is a game I played to death - pardon the pun - 10 years ago.

I was entertained, and I didn't crumble my toes as much as I usually do.

I usually dislike The Rock, cause I usually see him as a boneheaded wrestler with no acting potential what-so-ever, but in this film I must say he works out fantastically. Granted, it doesn't take a DeNiro to play the part, but he does it well and very convincingly. Cudos for that, I am even thinking about checking some of his new films out as well not.

Of course, I have to find something that annoyed me, and it was called "Rosamund Pike" god, how can an actress this boring and express less ever get a part in a film? I grabbed myself several times wondering this question. He seriously stinks.

But - to be honest, I think she was the only downer in this film. I didn't expect Oscar material and obviously that's not what I got either, but I got a lot of action and enjoyed all of it, especially the game-inspired shoot'em down/up scene, quite awesome carried out.

Cudos to everything...apart from Rosamund Pike 7/10
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You need the right mood
TheReverendCloutier5 July 2006
In DOOM, there is a moment where Karl Urban says to Rosamund Pike, 'They're marines, Sam. Not poets.' That line sums up DOOM.

Don't expect an essay on the horrors of war. The title says it all, for God's sake....big muscles, big guns, bigger monsters and a hell of a good time. What separates DOOM from other movies is that you truly care what happens to the majority of our band of merry explorers, with The Rock/Dwayne Johnson managing to go from tough but fair father figure to psychotic villain. Karl Urban is one of my favourite actors, and he once again manages to stand out as the most impressive actor here, all sorrowful eyes and deep voiced brooding.

Rosmaund Pike doesn't fair as well, with a turn-on turn-off English accent. Meanwhile, Dexter Fletcher provides nice support, with Richard Brake and Al Weaver giving good performances.

There are a few moments of true greatness (teleportation, the BFG, the now famous 1st person shooter sequence) but very little brains. That's fine. Who expected brains from the trailer? But this movie is a joyride from start to finish and worth watching if you're into that sort of thing.
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