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Entertainment Weekly
By hewing close to James Cameron's "Aliens" playbook, Doom manages to escape the game-to-movie curse that afflicted "Resident Evil," "House of the Dead," and, well, every other movie based on a game.
Doom may be by the numbers, with a roll call of colorful types systematically exterminated while The Rock entertains with cartoonish expressions and reactions (the closest the film comes to personality).
The Hollywood Reporter
Plot, character development and dialogue are so sparse that the screenwriters are fortunate they're not paid by the word. But this basic approach doesn't render it ineffectual. There's so little to go wrong that those who like their entertainment mindless and violent will find little fault.
Charlotte Observer
We don't need a discussion of plot in a review of a movie made from a video game, do we? Nor do we care whether the characters are complicated (no), the acting is sophisticated (no), the direction is competent (no) or the camerawork is clever (no).
A loud, standard-issue sci-fi action film that has a confusing mission.
Shows less human dimension than the new Wallace and Gromit movie.
Go for the gore (there's lots of it), but stay for the immortal line: "Now let's go find the body this arm belongs to."
A dreadful, hackneyed piece of cinema.
Doom is, to its detriment, a remarkably faithful re-creation of the massively popular video game. In other words, it's a dark, violent, nerve-wracking, trigger-giddy waste of time.
This claustrophobic mess of a movie offers only carnage.

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