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51 out of 56 people found the following review useful:


Author: mixmasterreece from New Zealand
16 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For those who missed the end : Luke Perry's calculations were incorrect and he had put a + instead of a - in his calculations meaning that the sun was not going to blow up. All of the great minds of America decided it not wise to check the doomsday predictions of one man, deciding instead to just take his word for it. But thats what happens when you get some Beverly Hills 90210 burnout to conduct some Astro Physics research and hire an arab, a Jamaican and a bimbo as his incompetent colleagues.

Perry's mentor who first read his findings and discovered the impending doom of the world did what anyone else would do in the same situation, namely not tell a soul and instead go hang around a beach in South Africa with a blonde local waitress

In breakthrough technology scientists can now watch giant fireballs hurtling towards earth at great speeds by using extremely intelligent satellites which can stand in the path of the fireball whilst filming and then flip round the back of it afterwards to get the perfect shot while it smashes into earth.

A fireball the size of a bus hurtled into earth blowing up a shed with an essential character in it, but had mercy on other buildings leaving them unscathed. In a interesting plot twist the Sydney Opera house was revealed to be made out of wet cardboard when a person hurtled into it after a fireball attack and smashed a hole the size of a small house in it.

Reaffirming my earlier suspicion that fireballs are mans greatest natural predator scenes of fireballs picking out humans and leaving the ground around them unscathed has effected my ability to sleep at night. Also a tip on public safety, when under fireball attack do not hide in well known monuments such as the Taj Mahal or the Eiffel Tower as Fireballs instinctively hunt these landmarks out.

It would also seem that little to my knowledge Australia and South Africa look exactly the same. It also came to me as quite a surprise that white Australians have Black African slaves that call them 'Maam'and never fear if one of them gets shot because more just keep popping up everywhere. It also bears mentioning that there slaves have safe houses on sprawling properties for you to hide out in when being hunted escaped convicts. Another point that is going to have be changed in text books worldwide is that the death penalty is an active part of the Australian legal system.

Gamma rays pounded into earth scaring some birds. When it gets hot dolphins cant handle the heat and all beach. The government decided to only protect Food stores from rioters because "They can have the booze we wont be needing it" much to the delight of rioting Alcoholics and Luke 'Black Liver' Perry. In a startling revelation about human nature it turns out that when it get hot humans decide to riot and set fire to everything around them in an attempt to cool down. Also we got a look into the mind of a rioter when the mob was faced with an angry police force instead of banding together they decided to attack their fellow rioters.

Still showing hes 'Got it' Matthew Perry found the time (in between pondering the fate of the world and saving his family from a killer) to spade 3 girls and also discuss at length why a 16 year old girl was at a party, proving that even when your wife and child are days away from dying not even the Apocalypse can stop a man like Luke Perry making a run at some Asian poon.

A sinister scheme was uncovered by the government to firstly hide the fact that sun was going to blowup, hoping that nobody would notice the fireballs, extreme heat,millions of people dying around them, the disappearance of the sun and the fact that the sea has become the worlds largest deep fryer, hoping that people would write it off as some sort of freaky eclipse or just blame it on that pesky el nino. The 2nd part of this scheme involved rounding up the worlds greatest minds, that by chance were all in Australia at the time and hiding them underground when the sun blows up. All designed for an ambitious attempt to sort out the ensuing over heating problem with a little dry ice and then bring them out of hiding after it 'all blows over' and begin construction of the new sun.

In an ambitious move Wayne's Asian Girlfriend from Wayne's World decided to drive from Sydney to St Louis with only her good looks and ill conceived idea to aid her. Unfortunately her cross continental driving trip was cut short by a bullet wound 10 minutes out of town but not before using her final breath to add to Luke Perry's swelling ego by telling him that he quite a catch.

A group of scientists decided to back up all the data and leave it for someone to find after everyone in the world is boiled to death. A child murder took little notice of the approaching Armageddon and decided instead to travel halfway across Australia to kill a little girl.Then Luke got back to his family and jumped into the bizarre and not explained sub plot, killing the murder who showed determination and a will to succeed that should be applauded, his demonstration of keeping 'your eye on the prize' will surely appear in the next Tony Robbins 'power hour'.

Also another tip for would be heroes, when you find out that world isn't going to end don't bother telling anybody, instead copulate with your wife and let everybody outside kill each other in riots.

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53 out of 61 people found the following review useful:

Poorly researched

Author: imdb-10420 ( from Australia
11 November 2005

This movie is full of holes. It's the middle of the day in Sydney at the same time as the Sahara, India and what I presume to be Central America, when they're all meant to be in Australia they keep changing the side of the road that they're driving on, the number plates are not Australian (the cars either), half the street signs don't even exist here, waitresses in cafés don't wear uniforms (except at Starbucks), the only Australian accents are terrible, the desert scenes are definitely more like 14 than 4 hours drive from Sydney - everything about Australia in particular is just wrong! And that's because clearly none of it was shot in Australia. Oh and incidentally - we don't have the death penalty in Australia.

Extend that analysis to pretty much every other aspect of the movie and the only conclusion you can draw is that whoever wrote the script lives on a desert island without so much as an Internet connection. Even the Sun manages to explode on only one lateral plane (that which includes the orbit of Earth), and when the city's burning, the riot police waste their water on looters.

It's really difficult to tell what's going on where (and when) because of all these obvious inconsistencies. It wasn't until Luke Perry says "St Louis is half way around the other side of the world" that I really became convinced that they were meant to be in Australia. Couple all of that with a triumvirate of bad special effects, flat acting and a recycled doomsday premise and you've got a real stinker. A complete waste of time if you ask me.

Still, it wasn't as bad as The Perfect Storm.

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35 out of 42 people found the following review useful:

Superbore, anyone?

Author: micdavey from Australia
20 November 2005

Everything in this movie is absolutely shocking. Ridiculous scenarios, stupid characters, mundane dialogue, if it's bad, this movie has it. But the funniest thing in this movie has to be the massive errors in geography. As has already been pointed out, no one in Sydney seems to have an Australian accent; they're all British, American or badly pseudo-Australian. One viewer pointed out that Australia doesn't have the death penalty; not quite true. You can still be executed for treason in Australia, but that's it; mass murderers spend the rest of their lives in prison. Also, the term "recitles" is never used in Australia to denote a musical or drama performance done by school kids (at least not in Adelaide, where I come from). This is an Amreican term that the American makers of this film clearly assumed would be used everywhere else in the world. However, there was another howler that had me in stitches. A section of the film is supposedly set in the Maldives. The Maldives lie no more than six metres above sea level, yet there are gigantic mountains covered in lush rain-forests. Obviously, no research went into these geographic aspects of the movie.

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34 out of 43 people found the following review useful:

The spirit of Ed Wood is amongst us!

Author: lindensong from Australia
11 November 2005

The Sun cuts loose and attacks the Earth! This must surely be one of the worst movies ever made - an abysmal script, ridiculous sets and effects, woeful actors, outrageously poor accents, unbelievable story, ridiculous conclusion, etc, etc It's like a Godzilla movie, but without the finely-tuned character development and deeply thought-out plot - hell, it makes Godzilla look like Shakespeare.

Set in Sydney - oh really?? did they do ANY research AT ALL? Do they have any clue what an Australian accent actually sounds like? Peter Fonda has a sort of minor role - boy, he must have been pretty hard up for money to accept a role in such a turkey.

Plan 9 From Outer Space updated to the 21st century!

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34 out of 46 people found the following review useful:

Definitely awful !

Author: sun7_2 from France
5 January 2006

This "movie" was broad-casted last night on a french network. I couldn't believe my eyes how bad it was. There's absolutely nothing good about it. I mean nothing. Acting was zero, "science" completely stupid, backgrounds and CGI look like being painted by a 50's artist, and so on. I understand that even better artists need sometimes to pay big taxes so they have to play in second choice productions...But please ! Not in such a crap ! About location : Cape Town, South Africa, is perfectly recognizable in most exterior scenes (Table Mountain with Signal Hill on its right when looking from the sea; the business center of the city; even in some street scenes you can see typical buildings with Old Cape Dutch style; the license plates are definitely capetonians; on a house wall there is a plate claiming that the house is protected by Chubb Security Company; in one scene you can see a train, which is a Metro one, used in CPT,...etc.).

A "movie" to forget. There's nothing else to do with it.

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23 out of 25 people found the following review useful:

Don't waste your time on this

Author: Mel J from Dundee, Scotland
31 December 2005

What can I say about this? Well, firstly, there is no need for me to give a summary of this mini-series when people can just easily refer to the standard disaster film formula: smart guy with all the answers, pretty but tough woman, cute kid, corrupt government agent/politician/business man who is only interested in some greedy proposition and some CGI effects. There isn't a sweet little dog that, of course, survives deadly situations but the script writer does toss in a serial killer who escapes. There are also destruction by meteors that seem to be intelligent with the way they just know how to land on structures of significance ('Oh look, there's the Taj Mahal- let's blow it up. There's the Sydney Opera House- get it! Look the scientist who can set everyone straight; he has to go!').

Basically, 'Supernova' has been done many times before and the previous efforts have been much superior. The science behind the concept is so ridiculous that they resort to techno-babble in the hopes the audience won't notice. Although the story is supposedly set in Australia, the director and the actors don't seem to know this and are confused whether the location should be America, Australia, the UK or South Africa (the shift in scenery and accents just gets irritating after the first half-hour). While one can't blame the CGI effects for being far from great given the lower budget of the series, this could have been avoided if it hadn't bothered to show off.

What could have save 'Supernova' was if the plot was solid and the characters were interesting but it didn't even have that. The characters were so flat and uninspiring that they just left the audience praying that sun would just swallow these people up, and the plot was tedious and too drawn-out.

If you want a disaster film, stick with 'The Day After Tomorrow' or 'Independence Day'. They too may be predictable but they know it and do it well!

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32 out of 50 people found the following review useful:

bad science, bad research, and bad acting

Author: rickbarry from Melbourne Australia
11 November 2005

Oh where to begin? Leaving the incredibly bad science out of it (and believe me, as a former astronomer I gotta say the science was so bad!), the people who made this movie did obviously NO research on what Australia is supposed to look like.

Not only did just about everyone have an American accent (and most of those who affected an Aussie accent need to fire their dialect coach), but just about every detail was way, way off. I could handle some of the small stuff (i.e. phone numbers here have 8 digits, not 7), but they got some pretty major stuff wrong too.

Whlle the cars were at least driving on the left, they all had the wrong kind (possibly European) of licence plates. Aussie plates don't look anything like what they had. Imagine a movie set in New York where all the cars had bright pink tags.

But the BIGGEST blunder that anyone who had ever set foot on this continent would recognise: Australia doesn't have the death penalty. Like in most civilised nations, it was abolished years ago. This was a major plot point in the movie, and if they had bothered to do a lick of research, they would have known they needed a major rewrite.


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16 out of 20 people found the following review useful:


Author: (winner55) from United States
3 October 2007

Why, oh why, do I keep getting suckered by promotional trailers for DVDs? Anyway, if you have seen the promo trailers for this film, be warned: they are clearly concerning another film never made, brief clips of which showing up in this one for no discernible reason whatsoever.

The principle problem here is a script that thinks it's a remake of "The Day After" but which would fit just about any daytime soap-opera. Since the premise of the film derives from astro-physics, the finale - a typically empty 'happy ending', having absolutely no grounding in any science whatsoever - makes no sense whatsoever.

Although the film actually avoids religion, let's put the matter in religious terms for clarification: Imagine Judgment Day; and God is really pee-ed off and decides no one is worth saving. Suddenly, Peter Pan's Tinkerbell pops up and reminds God that if he really really believes, creation can be saved. God smiles down on a half-dozen soap-opera stars (no, they haven't repented, what's to repent?), and suddenly we're all back in Eden.... - Scientifically speaking, that's "Supernova".

What brilliant con-artist convinced anybody this film could be made? And who are the emotionally troubled people who would like this garbage? By the way, if you're wondering whether one could watch this turkey all the way through, the answer is no; after giving it some 20 minutes, sheer boredom demanded I started skipping scenes sequentially trying to find something interesting to watch. I didn't. But I did watch the whole of the finale to see if there was anything important I'd missed. There wasn't.

And there wouldn't be anything important missed if you skipped the whole film.

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21 out of 30 people found the following review useful:

Bloody awful

Author: eggamoobymuffin-2 from Australia
11 November 2005

It seems they tried so hard to get the Aussies off side in this one. With great success! Where do I start with the inconsistencies? Lets start with, all the officials being American (I mean I know our PM is weak and easily led by Bush but really), and the news reporters British and American. Is this realistic? Cmon. This movie would've gone a lot better if Aussie A-List actors put on their flawless Yankee accents (mind you I'm sure they had better projects to work on.) Luke perry... Need I say more? The poor bastard is balding and pathetic. The rest followed suit. There is one line I found even more annoying than the rest of it. Perry's wife says that she wants to go home where she can be safer. Are you kidding? Perhaps she shouldn't be walking around her daughter and home with a gun (so illegal here BTW.) Pathetic, offensive and a complete waste of time. As as matter of fact it is on my TV now. I have chosen instead to warn anyone who feels their time is valuable. Its ashame that the production costs for this atrocity couldn't be put towards a real cause. Can this production team say 'continuity expert'?

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26 out of 42 people found the following review useful:

Australia? Sydney?

Author: nickapopolis87 ( from Melbourne, Australia
11 November 2005

Look, aside from incredible plot holes and the ridiculous nature of the film, did anyone else notice something awry? This was screened as one long movie here in Australia on the Seven Network ( the network to whom the camera man that was beaten up by terrorist supporters belonged) and one thing that became bleedingly obvious to me: THE SETTING IN NO WAY RESEMBLES Australia!!! THAT IS NOT SYDNEY...No one WITH ANYTHING CLOSE TO AN Australian ACCENT APPEARS...AND FOR A MOVIE SET HERE, THERE ARE A LOT OF Americans AND British! Also, in reference the news woman reporting on the Sydney Mayoral election, Mayors in Australia have almost no power, unlike in the U.S. Our system gives most of the power to the state government, eg. police, education, public transport, health, main roads, and all of this is funded from the federal government. The local council, headed by the mayor, is basically responsible for rubbish collection, parks etc and no one cares about the elections and by no means do they run high profile elections. In fact it is usually a postal vote. And voting in Australia is compulsory for all. Back on topic, the National Intelligence people from the states would never be allowed to run their investigation in Australia! They have no jurisdiction here, and would have to run with the help of state or federal police and or ASIO. It is the nature of nationality and sovereignty that another external power does not have free reign to conduct itself in the borders of another! Sorry for the long spiel...but Christ this movie is BAD!

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