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Read At Your Own Risk: 4 Shocking Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Plot Spoilers

Read At Your Own Risk: 4 Shocking Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Plot Spoilers
The new Harry Potter book is finally here! When Potter scribe J.K. Rowling revealed that she was working on a play (alongside playwright Jack Thorne and John Tiffany) set 19 years after the book series ended, fans were immediately concerned that not everyone would get the opportunity to attend and see what their favorite characters were up to. But Rowling, being the ever-generous author that she is, quickly quelled all fears when she announced the script book would be released on July 31. And although Rowling tried to keep spoilers at bay with the #KeepTheSecrets movement, details of the plot have been
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What's In My Diaper Bag: Tamera Mowry

What's In My Diaper Bag: Tamera Mowry
The perils of modern motherhood: “I got an iPad mini as a gift, and Aden took it!” the cohost of the syndicated The Real (check local listings) quips of her son, 2, with Fox NewsAdam Housley, 43. “He loves the Toddler Teasers app. That’s how he learned his shapes.” What other musts does the pregnant star, 36, store in her Skip Hop satchel? Photos: Celebrities Who Have a Twin Going Bananas “Aden loves Curious George. He has a monkey bib, and he cannot live without his Angel Dear monkey blanket. [...]
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Nintendo Of Canada Goes Bananas With Contest And Donation

Recently, Nintendo of Canada held a contest for its fans in celebration of the release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Said contest naturally involved the Kong family’s favourite snack, bananas, and challenged gamers to guess how many of the yellow fruit were frozen inside a large block of ice that had been crafted within a Vancouver area warehouse.

My guess of 3000 and something wasn’t correct, but a Medicine Hat, Alberta resident’s was. That lucky winner — who received a four-day vacation to Whistler and a Wii U gift set featuring Tropical Freeze — guessed the correct amount, which was 4,835 bananas.

Once the fun ended and the winner had been crowned, Nintendo made a lot of other people happy by donating every one of the bananas to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

For more information, check out the following press release, and its related behind-the-scenes video.

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Louis Tomlinson

5 Things You Didn't Know About Louis Tomlinson
By Dana Mathews

Despite being the oldest band member at 21, he no longer thinks of himself as the one who looks after the younger guys.

"At first, straight off 'The X-Factor,' I did think of myself as the oldest. But to be honest, I don't think I'm the best role model in the world. I'm pretty immature sometimes. I don't think I fill that role well," says Louis.

He likes to write music with Liam.

"On our second album, we wrote the music together as a band. On the third record, we've kind of broken up into our little camps of who we work well with, and I work well with Liam. Liam and I have written 10 or 12 tracks and hopefully nine or 10 of them will be used. It's great to have a lot more involvement and control."

He loves to get into mischief!

According to Morgan Spurlock, director of "This Is Us,
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Zendaya's Secret For The Perfect Back-To-School Outfit

Zendaya's Secret For The Perfect Back-To-School Outfit
By Marianne Dabir

Although her acting chops made her an instant hit on "Shake It Up," Zendaya is truly a dancer at heart. She plays one on the mega-popular Disney show, and her high-scoring stint on "Dancing With the Stars" made her a household name. Naturally, the star also knows a thing or two about stylish activewear -- she recently teamed up with the NFL to launch a seriously rad line of apparel that'll please football fans and fashionistas alike.

We grabbed a few moments with the triple threat during her photo shoot to get the scoop on her fall fashion essentials, starring role on Shake It Up, and highly-anticipated album.

As the new face of NFL apparel, we have to ask: Do you have a favorite football team?

Definitely the Raiders! They do struggle, but I'm from Oakland, California, so technically I have to love them.

You've got a
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Diary article about the Glasgow Film Festival 2012

Going bananas

By the time Saturday rolled around again at the the Glasgow Film Festival, staff and regulars were starting to tire, but there was still lots going on, with audiences flooding in to see melancholy murder mystery Once Upon A Time In Anatolia and thoughtful erotic tale 3, while Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest provided both entertainment and insight...
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Parents "Go Bananas" With New Waybuloo

  • Aol TV.
Imagine sitting down with your toddler to watch a quiet, relaxing pre-school-friendly TV show, only to be suddenly awakened by the loud voice of "Come Dine with Me" UK narrator David Lamb. This is what many parents said happened to them when they tuned in to "Waybuloo" earlier this week.

But they needn't worry, because after receiving hundreds of complaints about the new formatting of the show, the BBC has already reverted back to the old style.

"Waybuloo," a joint British-Canadian production, features four animal-like CGI characters called Piplings. The Piplings practice their own variation of yoga with the sounds of wind chimes and choral chanting playing in the background. The show also features human five-year-olds during its second half.

The episode, which has garnered so much disdain, is actually an old episode from season 1 that's been refurbished. Aptly named "Going Bananas", it was shortened from 20 minutes to 10 with the addition of Lamb's voiceover.
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Big Brother Recap, Episode 2: "I'm In A Milky, Beautiful Sandwich"

  • SpoilerTV - Recaps
I was skeptical after hearing that there would be returning contestants on Big Brother this season, especially after just sitting through a season of Survivor: Redemption Island with Boston Rob and Russell in the forefront, but I have to admit that CBS did a good job picking who they brought back. The 6 returnees are way more interesting than the 8 new players. We’ll see if that holds true for the whole season…it certainly did for tonight’s second episode.

My Random Thoughts:

- Watching the black & white recap of the Golden Key reveal last week, which happened right after the Going Bananas HoH competition, all I could think to myself was “Those couches are going to get filthy from them all sitting there in the dirty clothes from the competition." Anyone else?

- Look, I get that the Golden Key is a big change in the game, but
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Big Brother Premiere Recap: Couples Retreat (and Repeat!)

If you’ve watched any of the past 12 seasons of CBS’ Big Brother, you probably appreciate how the show revamps its rules at will, brings on insane personalities, and doesn’t mind being dumb. Yes, dumb — that refreshing, saintly word.

On The Amazing Race and Survivor, we suffer through admirable activities like world travel and outdoorsmanship. On Big Brother, we get dumb drama in a dumb house full of dumb keys and dumb manipulation, and it edifies us more than any flaming torch in Vanuatu could. Bring on the braindead good times, Julie Chen! Jeff Probst, read a book.

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NBC Community and Matt Damon '30 Rock' preview clips for Thursday

NBC just fired over the season finale clips of two Thursday comedies with interviews from the Community set and a finale promo for 30 Rock! On 30 Rock, fans are treated to actor Matt Damon,who joins the cast for the season finale on Thursday . check out the promo below for an early look. Community Last Call Abed and Troy give things a finale vibe. Season Finale, Thursday 8/7c. School's Out Before the break, Jeff takes a farewell stroll through campus. Watch an exclusive finale preview. Just Friends Jeff, Britta and Professor Slater - it's awkward. Watch an exclusive finale preview. Going Bananas The group has fun with fruit. Watch
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