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Bad but Good

Author: Eric-1226 from Seattle, Washington
19 March 2005

I discovered this little oddity the other day while stumbling aimlessly amongst the aisles and wall racks at my local Blockbuster video store.

National Lampoon does its job pretty well here: they lampoon the whole "Reality TV" phenomenon under which many of us modern-day TV viewers are quite frankly suffocating.

This video is a fairly convincing attempt to portray what appears to be a mixed bag of segments from "Reality" TV shows that purportedly were actually made, but for various reasons (mainly legal) never aired on TV. The shows themselves are absurd beyond belief. Of course, that's part of the joke: how could anybody actually believe that reality TV-show concepts such as "Casting Couch", "The Whore", "The Amazing Racist" etc. ever be considered by any sane network executive? Yet the shows are convincingly-enough acted that frequently you will believe that what you are watching is REAL, and not an elaborate National Lampoon joke.

The video hits the mark in three areas: 1) it lampoons the whole recent genre of "reality TV" and does it quite well. 2) it is amusingly anti-P.C. without being too hateful. 3) a lot of it is actually really FUNNY, such as when a guy is challenged to shoplift items from a sex shop, and he is shown stuffing down his pants leg various sexual "devices" - some of which are... ahem... big and long.

Anyway, it's bad but good, and I'm glad I rented it. I must warn you though that it's NOT for the young or squeamish, as it contains lots of raw language and images of a naughty or disgusting nature. But do see it with your buddies in a frat or sorority party setting and you will prolly have some jolly good fun with it.

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Gross, honest and funny (may contain minor spoilers)

Author: zippyflynn2 from Los Angeles, United States
26 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First, it's important to note that this is a SATIRE. Second, these are largely staged events with paid actors (and a few unsuspecting participants and bystanders). Now that that's said I'll give my reaction and analysis. There were times I had turn away from the screen, I don't particularly like viewing feces, those segments I couldn't wait to get over. But there were other times I was laughing out loud, such as the Amazing Racist, he acts very closely to the way that way too many people think and behave, he's just braver and more brazen than the average person with his combination of ignorance and arrogance. I think this segment is one of the reasons many people are offended by this film, it IS good satire in that it is more honest about reality than most people care to admit. As Archie Bunker, the racist character from the television show "All In The Family" said: "There's a little of me in all of youse." Meaning we all have our prejudices and ignorant generalizations, the important thing is to be aware of them and admit they exist and are not positive traits, which takes much of the steam out of racism. As I watched the other segments I couldn't help but compare them to the "reality" shows they were satirizing. In every case, I actually found them to be less offensive than the "real" ones. For a start, none of the "shows" in this film are presented as anything other than what they are: grotesque pandering to the participants' greed and vanity and the audience's deviant voyeurism. The similar styled shows on television, as well as many of the other shows, particularly the so-called "comedy" shows are almost always misrepresented as "wholesome family entertainment" when in fact they are thinly guised (or not so thinly guised) sadism, racism, and/or pandering to any number of the lowest human traits. Much of the film you will be incredulous "do people really do that for money or fame?" Of course they do, anyone who's watched "reality" television or Jerry Springer see how cheaply people sell their souls for a little money or fame, parading the most intimate details of their sordid lives for the whole world to see. Again, the fact that this film does nothing to hide this fact nor that it blatantly exploits anyone and everyone for any number of self interests, makes it satire of a moderately high level. I think its honesty is the reason many are offended by this and not the "real" thing on television: they don't want to admit they have a cruel voyeuristic streak, or are a racist, or whatever. If people dislike it for its grossness I can certainly appreciate and concur with that reason but to find it more offensive than the "real" thing is ludicrous and misses the whole point of satire.

Some people have compared this to the "Jackass" series. Actually it's pretty much a satire of that as well. In the "Jackass" series they try to be as offensive as possible and they succeed rather well most of the time. "Lost Reality" is more obviously staged and slightly more thoughtful. It almost crosses that line between satire and blatant pandering at times (and actually may some could successfully argue), but the cruelty is not real and is obviously staged in Lost Reality, while in the examples it satirizes it is less staged and often presented as something else. If for no other reason, watch "Lost Reality" just to see the "Amazing Racist" those cringes you get and incredulous laughter will come as you recognize way too many others in his portrayal, perhaps even elements of yourself.

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Reality is an exaggeration…

Author: The Overdrama
6 September 2004

I accidentally picked this video up when I was really looking for "National Lampoon's Dorm Daze." Upon watching the first few minutes, I was disappointed to learn that its format was supposedly lost reality TV shows that never made it on air.

Some of the items were funny, others plain disgusting (which it warns about of course), and some both. Yet, it made me wonder how 'real' these things were. Clips like 'Amazing Racist' and 'Take That Drug' are too illegal to be real. I'm still not sure how real these clips were, but they appeared too real.

For the average hormonal schmoe, however, the segment 'The Whore' is recommended viewing. For the light stomach, do not even attempt to watch this atrocity, which includes showing people defecating, eating vomit, and masturbating on food.

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Staged or unstaged???

Author: Boggman from Laguna Hills, CA
10 June 2005

"Lost reality" is laugh out loud hilarious. Its very well done. In fact, it's so well done you find yourself asking the whole time: "Is this real or not"??

After awhile you don't care and you just go with it......

A great crowd pleaser!! What better way to spend an hour of your time than drinking with your buddies and watching these incredibly hilarious skits?? All the "shows" are outrageous, and they are all very funny. I particularly enjoyed the prostitute show (especially the way she bashes the men after having sex with them) and the "what would you do for money" show; where people are asked to do various disgusting things for $$$

Comedy never tasted so good.....

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Funny shows that should have made it on the air. (May contain some spoilers)

Author: m_jordan_jones from United States
12 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one heck of a funny DVD. The funniest shows on here by far are "the whore", "The Amazing Racist", and "Money". The Amazing Racist and Money both make it to the second DVD. The Whore is about this paid prostitute who goes around humiliating guys after she has sex with them!! Very funny show that should have made it on the air. The Amazing Racist the funniest show on this DVD is about pretty much this dude Ari Shaffir walking around insulting people of different races. Why I say this show is so funny is because he's Jewish and doing this. Money is a show that pretty much shows that almost everyone will do pretty much anything for money. There's other funny shows on here that I liked but those are my personal favorite shows. I recommend this to anyone who isn't easily offended by disturbing content or sex.

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Funniest thing I ever seen

Author: anamanaman from Seattle
6 September 2004

OK, first of all, most of this movie sucks. But about 15 minutes of it is the funniest thing I've ever seen. And I'm not just saying that. It is THE FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN

There's a lost reality show called "Dont get Caught" where they take 2 contestants and give them assignments to steal things from certain stores. If they get away with it, they get a point. If they get caught, they get nothing.

I don't want to give it away, but I'll give you a taste of the assignments: Go to a restaurant and steal everything on the table, steal 6 dvds and 2 dildos from a porn shop, steal a fine Italian suit, steal a car from a carwash.

I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. It's all real life stunts with hidden cameras.

Has anyone heard anything about this show? The movie says they sold the idea to some station in Europe. I would LOVE to see more episodes.

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Disgusting !

Author: ichocolat from
15 August 2007

To say that I was appalled to watch this movie is an understatement. The movie was really bad, disgusting, and was meant to insult the viewers' intellectuality.

Gone are the days when National Lampoon made a good movie. This movie is as sick as it is gets and not only it is disturbing, it is also deeply nauseating. The so-called episodes of the 'TV shows that was pitched that was not taken up by American TV channels' was downright stupid.

You can have a good laugh without having to stoop so slow to a point you can't differentiate between a humor and an insult. To the production crew (the writer and the director especially), start making a good movie and please stop this nonsense.

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Overall pretty funny

Author: DrkLrdBill from USA
23 September 2004

National Lampoon had a free DVD/poster giveaway at my fraternity, and wouldn't even recommend watching the movie, because due to legal obligations, it was THAT horrible and racist. But we all watched it anyway, and while us in our drunken state thought it was real at first, soon realized it was a bunch of staged "reality shows" which makes it even more hilarious.

The Amazing Racist was definitely the funniest. But overall the puking scene was great and it wasn't a good movie by any means. but it definitely was entertaining.

3/5 Stars

-Rent It

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This movie is rated A .A.-for Absolutely Awful

Author: i_am_bernie_g from United States
25 April 2005

I can't believe I actually took the time to rent and watch this piece of crap movie! It's awful. National Lampoon has gone downhill since their "5 Deadly Sins" movie. *Shudders* The only good parts of this whole movie, if you want to call it that because it's an hour long, were "The Whore" and "The Amazing Racist, Part I" Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy. I've seen film on my teeth that was more entertaining than that. Look, if you're gonna parody reality shows, do something that's actually funny. Otherwise, don't bother wasting people's time. This goes for YOU, National Lampoon. Get back to me when you become funny again.

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A good time

Author: Christopher Smith
3 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this with a couple of buddies tonight and despite its criminally short running time (I mostly hate movies with short running times), I found myself having a good time with it. It contains basically what one would expect from the National Lampoon label: really low-brow humor, nudity, political incorrectness, and of coarse, lots of laughs. Reality television is spoofed pretty well in this collection of allegedly real reality shows that never made it to air. Highlights include the "Amazing Racist" sketches, the "Caught Stealing" sketch, and "The Whore" sketch. Not all the sketches work. There are three sketches that fall flat: the "Take That Drug" one, the "Casting Couch" one, and the "Psych Ward" one. Hopefully LOST REALITY 2 will be funnier than this one was. I give it 6/10.Recommended for fans of National Lampoon as long as they don't expect it to be a masterpiece like ANIMAL HOUSE or VACATION.

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