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The Hollywood Reporter
The latest installment could well be Romero's masterpiece. Taking full advantage of state-of-the-art makeup and visual effects, he has a more vivid canvas at his disposal, not to mention two decades worth of pent-up observations about American society.
Chicago Tribune
Romero's newest is a horror movie for hard-core fans of the gory and the gruesome and a classic genre film for genre aficionados.
Land of the Dead is Romero's long-awaited masterpiece, a slyly suspenseful and droll thrill-ride that expounds on both the highbrow and the chewed-off-brow concepts of his previous trilogy, then flippantly dismisses the cheap scare tactics of the control-pad generation's gimmicky genre knockoffs.
Romero easily commands an enormous cast, a plethora of action sequences and a cornucopia of special effects -- some of them very gory -- and creates one darkly dazzling image after another that allows Land of the Dead to emerge without any nudging whatsoever as a bleakly humorous, hard-charging allegory.
Romero finds still new and entertaining ways for unspeakably disgusting things to happen to the zombies and their victims.
The master is back, and there's no shortage of exploding brain matter -- or fun -- to be had in the theaters this weekend.
It's fairly solid fun, though, without breaking any new ground, just as January's remake of "Assault on Precinct 13" was.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Oddly enough, though Land of the Dead is more clever and grand than Romero's early classics, it is not as haunting.
New York Daily News
Land is pure entertainment and superbly well done. It is not as scary as it is gross, and its grossness is so outrageously graphic (hint: don't seat yourself next to a zombie at your next barbecue) that it is laugh-out-loud funny.
New York Post
Brains! Brains! Why can't they make a zombie movie with brains? This is one. Romero has given us, as well as the zombies, a lot to chew on.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Land of the Dead is a horror flick, but not a screamy one -- the booming soundtrack pumps up the drama, and the gore induces squirms, but zombies more titillate than anything.
Entertainment Weekly
In Land of the Dead there are virtually no good parts. The movie is listless and uninspired.

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