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New York Post
Thebest sports movies aren't really about sports. Dreamer has a few thundering horse races, but its finest moments are beautifully still ones, like the one in which a little girl peeks through a fence to give a lame filly a Popsicle.
A well-made use of familiar materials.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Nicely run through its paces by John Gatins, who also wrote the screenplay (it's his directing debut), Dreamer is, not surprisingly, about daring to dream the big dreams. It's about family, and faith, and facing hard times together.
Chicago Tribune
Russell, who looks younger with each movie, holds his own against the formidable force that is Dakota Fanning.
Miami Herald
Mom (Elisabeth Shue) suffers from the fatal movie ailment of being so underwritten she's practically see-through.
Wall Street Journal
Here's a case of clichés transmuted, for the most part, into stirring entertainment.
Fanning and Russell make this watchable family entertainment, if not necessarily at today's prices.
New York Daily News
Fanning and Russell are a perfect, sweet-and-sour pair. And, of course, the horse is absolutely beautiful - which, in the end, is what this all comes down to, anyway.
The Hollywood Reporter
Recycles just about every sentimental ploy and cliche from a raft of horse racing movies.
Entertainment Weekly
One more feel-great sports movie with a teen-poetry title and Kurt Russell will have himself a trilogy.
As a sports drama -- a genre that's gotten entirely too much play lately -- "Dreamer" is singularly unexciting.

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