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Season 2

10 Feb. 2007
Ordinary Assholes
Much is happening at Robson Arms in the aftermath of the earthquake. Janice and Tom have moved in together and out of the building. Stu, managing the building following the death of his cousins Bea and Pauline, is trying to sell, and in turn is working Yuri to the bone trying to repair all the earthquake damage. And ex-Toronto Maple Leaf, Caldo Vasco, is learning to maneuver in the building in his wheelchair. A recent drunk driver accident has turned him into a paraplegic. Caldo and Yuri are at each other's throats, Caldo because he has never liked the way Yuri has ...
17 Feb. 2007
After Sault has an anxiety attack at work, she confesses to Geoff, her confidante, that she hates her life. She needs a man in her life and decides once again to pursue - stalks, really - Nick, despite not knowing if he really is the one for her. She uses the same techniques that Geoff originally used to pursue Stanley. Sault and Nick do reconnect - for Sault, it may be the start of something nice, but for Nick, Sault is just, as Hal coins, "the just for sex girl". When Sault finds out this is how Nick thinks of her, she literally chases him down. They both have a ...
24 Feb. 2007
I Did Not Have Sex with That Woman
It's six weeks away until Bobbi and Bobby have their baby, and there is some underlying and unspoken tension between the two. Bobbi is putting increasing pressure on the household by wanting everything to be perfect - she wants everything to be new despite the cost and is paranoid about everything that may negatively affect the pregnancy. This is proving to be a little too much pressure for Bobby, who still has doubts that the baby is his. He manifests his stress by starting to flirt with co-worker Sasha, a self-professed slut; she reciprocates the flirting. As ...
3 Mar. 2007
Something Straight Between Us
When Andrew Colton moves into the building, Geoff and Stanley's gaydar immediately goes off. Even Yuri is confused about his own sexuality when he admires Andrew's butt before he realizes that the butt belongs to a man. When Andrew mentions his partner "Chris" to Geoff, Geoff assumes that Chris is a man. However much to Geoff's surprise and somewhat dismay, Chris ends up being a woman. Because of Geoff's interest in Andrew, Stanley throws out one coy gay reference after another to Andrew. Geoff, on the other hand, is angry and confused about what he sees as Andrew's ...
10 Mar. 2007
Mr. Lonely
After Carlisle passes away alone in his apartment and isn't discovered until after a week, loner geek Fred decides that he should get out more before he befalls the same fate as Carlisle. He tries speed dating, but to no avail. But then he attaches himself emotionally to Carol Goldstein, a self-professed forty-five year old constantly horny woman who has moved into Carlisle's suite. Carol wants to get to know her neighbours, but soon finds out that perhaps her initial friendliness with all the tenants was not a good idea as Fred will not take her subtle hints to leave...
27 Feb. 2007
Pest Control
Hal's life is getting even slower as his unemployment insurance has run out and he has nothing to do and no money on which to live. Nick is a bit pissed off with Hal being such a slacker. This coincides with Nick meeting a new friend in the building by the name of Wayne Ross. Hal openly dislikes Wayne, partly out of jealousy. Hal confides in Alicia who thinks perhaps Nick is going through a crisis of some sort in his life, but also thinks that his and Nick's issues are a manifestation of Hal's slacker attitude. As such, Hal decides to turn his life around. It ends up ...
17 Mar. 2007
Misery Inc.
Sault has fallen on hard times since she lost her job. While she waits to hear about money for a proposal she submitted for a business venture, she is forced to take a temp job at Strategic Consolidated to make ends meet, despite that it is a mindless job for a mindless company. There she meets Perry Sound, a graphic novelist who is working at Strategic Consolidated just to earn a living. In many respects, he is a male version of Sault: cynical, brash, and someone who takes the easy way in life. As an example, he eats tuna and coffee sandwiches for lunch to give ...
31 Mar. 2007
The Daughter of Frankenstein
It was a dark and stormy night, which brings with it dark and stormy Georgia or "Georgie", Carol's estranged head-brace wearing teen-aged daughter, on Carol's doorstep. Although Carol has been fairly open about her life with her neighbors, Georgie exposes more of that life: that Carol just returned from India where she spent eighteen months in an ashram trying to find herself, this following the divorce from Georgie's father Manny. Georgie, wanting to stay with her Mom for a few weeks, decides to wreak havoc at Robson Arms as material for her on-line videos: she puts ...
24 Mar. 2007
Wayne's World
The boiler in the building is on the fritz which is causing a heatwave throughout the complex. The heat is also turning up on Wayne's lies. He can no longer tell if what's coming out of his mouth is the truth or a lie. It isn't until Dawn, his wife, serves him divorce papers that Wayne thinks perhaps he should stop his lying. Dawn left Wayne because of his lies, and has been working in the oil patch in Fort McMurray. Her company is sending her all expenses paid to Saudi Arabia to work and she feels this as good a time as any to break ties with Wayne. Wayne still loves...
31 Mar. 2007
Mussolini and Me
Yuri's older alcoholic brother Val stops by. Although Yuri tries to persuade him to leave and stay somewhere else, Val manages to worm his way in. Yuri has mixed feelings about Val: he loves his older brother, knows he's trouble but feels somewhat responsible for him as Val took care of Yuri when they were little kids. Their mother was taken away when Yuri was four years old, right after World War II, because of her association with Mussolini. Val is currently selling illegal fireworks to neighborhood kids to make ends meet. A motherless for the time being and ...
7 Apr. 2007
All About Kitty
Both Yuri and Toni are facing new nemeses. Yuri's is contractor and television personality Jim Caruk, who Elvis has hired to fix up the building since Stu has a prospective buyer. In essence, Jim is doing Yuri's job. Yuri realizes that his livelihood at Robson Arms is in jeopardy, especially when Elvis gives Jim a set of master keys to the building. Toni faces two nemeses: menopause and Bao's pretty young third cousin Kitty Chong, just arrived from Kowloon, Hong Kong. Initially seemingly sweet, innocent and naive, Kitty tells a heartbreaking story of a recently killed...
14 Apr. 2007
Lizard of Doubt
Andrew wants to have a baby, and wants to make the process as scientific as possible for conception. This direction is different than what he and Chris had previously discussed, which was to have a baby whenever it naturally happened. Amongst their baby talk, Andrew tells Chris about the fact that Geoff tried to kiss him. Initially, rather than be upset, Chris is humoured and flattered for Andrew. However, when more and more indirect signs of gay men being attracted to Andrew surface, including warnings from Chris' overbearing mother Dianne, Chris begins to think that...
21 Apr. 2007
Texas Birthmark
Bobbi, always tired - one of the classic signs of depression - is concerned that Robbie looks jaundiced. She has to deal with him on her own since Bobby is away on another business trip, this time to Portland, where, unbeknownst to Bobbi, he is continuing his affair with co-worker, Sasha. When Bobbi calls Bobby for advice, he convinces her to take Robbie to the doctor, but he also wants her to go see a doctor herself regarding her depression, the latter which she refuses. But Dr. Singh, Robbie's doctor, has two diagnoses: Robbie is fine, but Bobbi is depressed and she...

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