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Crew or equipment visible 

When the Special Forces squad is fighting against the scorpion robot during the second aerial attack with "105 shells" the camera pans across the squad, and the shadow of the camera can be seen.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When the soldiers are fighting the Scorponok, one soldier is on the phone trying to call the Pentagon, when he leaves the house searching for a credit card, he yells a lot of things, but his mouth movements does not match what he is saying.
When the A-10 uses its 30mm cannon for strafing in the Qatar desert, the sound has absolutely nothing to do with the actual sound of a GAU-8 cannon firing. The real sound is more of a growl, sort of the sound of a vibrating cell phone on a hard surface.
When Captain Lennox is trying to contact the Pentagon during the fight with the scorpion thing in Qatar. He is on the phone with the operator and when he yells "I'm in the middle of a war-zone, this is frigging ridiculous." The words do not match what he actually says.
During the battle in the city Captain Lennox picks up an Aprilia RSV-Mille. The the soundtrack reveals the high-pitch whine of a high-revving four-cylinder. In actual fact the Aprilia is a V-Twin which would produce more of a low, thumping, two-cylinder sound.
At the air base in the beginning, the sound of the helicopter's blades locking plays before they actually lock.
Just after Barricade assaults Sam regarding the glasses, Bumblebee drives by, trips Barricade, then swings around and opens his passenger door to pick up Sam and Mikaela. For a brief moment as the door starts to open (and when it later closes), one can hear the distinctive buzz of a solenoid operating on 60 Hz AC power.

Boom mic visible 

When the camera does a 360 around Bobby Boliva after the windows explode, the boom mic's shadow is clearly visible on his head.
After Anthony Anderson devours the Dunkin' Donuts tray, a boom mic is reflected in the Australian girl's nose ring.

Character error 

During the scene when Mikaela looks under Bumblebee's hood, she says to Sam, "Wow, you've got a high-rise double pump carburetor". The engine that is shown is a high-performance fuel injected engine. There are no carburetors on fuel injected engines.
Agent Simmons tells Sam about the loss of the "NASA mission Beagle II to Mars" which managed to send back an image of something on the surface before being destroyed. Beagle II was an ESA (European Space Agency) mission, not NASA, was intended to be a lander, not a rover. The images from Mars were based on the Mars Exploration Rover missions (Spirit and Opportunity) which do not resembled the Beagle II spacecraft at all. However, Simmons is elsewhere shown to have an extremely poor knowledge of where things come from.
While in NBE1's (Megatron's) chamber, Simmons has a flag patch on his vest that is improperly worn. He has it on the right side of his chest and the union is facing away from his heart. When wearing a flag, the union must be placed nearest the heart and since Simmons has the patch on his right side, it should be a 'reversed field' flag patch that faces his heart, while he wears a 'left' flag on his right side that faces his arm. Typically, when wearing one flag patch, it should be worn on the left side of the body and is recommended that is be worn on the sleeve.
Throughout the film, Qatar is pronounced with the emphasis on the second syllable. DoD employees would know the proper pronunciation stresses the first. CAU-ter is the closest, though English lacks an equivalent to the original Arabic, especially the peninsular dialect.
Maggie Madsen says "you need to move past Fourier Transfers and..." She should have said "Fourier Transforms" in this context.
When Sam's father is driving into the Porsche store, the door of the driver is not well closed.
When Mikaela opens Bumblebee's hood and says "...you've got a high-rise double pump carburetor...' when in fact that is a fuel injection setup.
Sam says his Great-great-grandfather made his expedition in 1897. However, when Frenzy finds the article about the expedition on Air Force One, the newspaper article had a date of 1895.


Day into night - twice during action shots (first at the SOCCENT base, later for Bumblebee's fight with Barricade), the action starts out in broad daylight and, in an implausibly short time, goes to black night.
When the autobots are in vehicle mode, they are all cleanly polished, shiny and brand-new looking. However when they transform into robot mode, their shells (including identifiable parts from the vehicles) are covered in dents and scratches, even in scenes with no combat. This is most noticeable in the first scene with all five autobots together in the alley. When they return to vehicle mode, they are once again cleanly polished.
When Sam is running from Barricade and hits Mikaela who is riding a moped they fall on the ground and the moped is clearly visible laying next to them on the ground. In the next shot they zoom out and the moped is nowhere to be seen.
When in the air, Air Force One is a 747. On the ground it suddenly becomes a EC-135 which is a Boeing 707. Air Force One was a 707 in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
When Optimus Prime and Bonecrusher are fighting, they fall from a bridge onto a highway. A car with a mother and child swerves in order to avoid hitting the Transformers, and ends up at an angle, so that in order for the mother and son to see the Transformers they would have to look out of the passenger window. After the cut scene of them swerving to the side, the camera (from inside the vehicle) shows the Transformers fighting right in front of the front windshield.
After Sam chases Bumblebee to the dumpster area, he is recording himself using his cell phone. When looking closely, it is clear that the cell phone is on the welcome page and not in camera mode.
The clock behind Glen in the FBI interrogation room passes at least 20 minutes while Glen is trying to say one or two sentences.
In the initial fight scenes between Bumblebee and Barricade. There will be a time when Barricade is backed up against the camera (facing away from the camera.) Notice the gap of the wheel well. It's huge! There is no rear right wheel. Director's commentary stated they had some problems with the mustangs.
Mikaela's nail polish appears and disappears.
When Bumblebee locks in Sam and Mikaela, the locks are seen to lower so that they are almost flush with the top of the door frame. However, in the next shot of Sam, the door lock is sticking up above the door quite a bit.
When Sam leaves his house with the Transformers he is carrying his brown jumper. The scene then changes to him talking with the Transformers and he has his brown jumper on. Then the angle changes, and he has his jumper over his shoulder again.
The amount of donut on Glen's plate while he and Maggie were in the interrogation room keeps changing. After Glen eats the donuts and finishes, only half of a donut remains. But when the FBI agents walk in, it can clearly be seen that there is one and a half donuts on the plate. And when the agent slides the plate to the center of the table, there is only a half donut on the plate again.
At Hoover Dam when Sam is talking to Simmons about how he wants his car, his parents, and Mikaela's record erased, the giant clock behind Simmons skips about 5-7 minutes in a matter of seconds indicating several takes.
When driving the tow truck in the final scene, Mikaela dramatically hits a garbage can which disappears when she stops the vehicle.
During the battle in the city, when Mikaela opens the door of the Mike's Towing tow truck, the phone number is 1-800-555-0199. Later, it has changed to 1-800-555-MIKE.
When Optimus Prime and Bonecrusher are fighting on the multi-level highway junction, as they fall off the bridge, the corner of the support pillar behind them changes from being in shadow to being in sunlight as the shot changes.
After Megatron and Prime fly through the building and land on the street, Megatron throws Prime down onto the crosswalk, hitting a silver parked car, with 4 other cars on the street. In the following scene from the same view, Prime gets up from much further down the street and has to run up to the crosswalk to fire his gun, and only 1 car (a black parked car across the street) is now on the street.
When Prime gets up to fire his gun at Megatron, there is only one car on the street (a black parked car on the opposite side), but after he fires his gun, the camera pans to reveal a parked cab with 2 people cowering behind it right in front of Megatron, which disappears again after Prime is hit and flies back into the window.
After Sam is clotheslined off his mom's pink bike, he gets up and yells at Barricade, who advances on him several times, pushing him back/away from the fallen pink bike, but when the "eye" comes out of the headlight, the pink bike is right beside Sam and the fender of Barricade, despite driving forward several feet when advancing on Sam.
Just before Bumblebee spills lubricant all over Simmons, he ejects an object that resembles a car engine oil filter, which strikes Simmons by his right eye. Simmons then reaches up and rubs the back right portion of his head, as if the object struck him there instead.
In the dumpster area scene, Frenzy transforms into Mikaela's cell phone and is on the ground a foot or so away from her purse. When she reaches out of Bumblebee to retrieve her purse and other spilled items laying next to it, she doesn't pick up the cell phone and it is no longer on the ground.
In the first fight between Bumblebee and Barricade when Mikaela runs to the building full of tools and picks up the reciprocating saw, we can clearly see that it has a gray colored, ribbed grip on the front with no buttons. However, after she has sliced up the robot and Sam kicks the head away, she props it on her shoulder and we can clearly see that the handle is now black and smooth with a yellow button on the side.
Maggie runs into the street and flags down a black and white taxi. The scene immediately cuts to an all white taxi driving her to Glen's home.
When "Sector 7" agent Tom Banacheck shows two different ALIEN images to Defense Secretary John Keller he states that one is from the Soccent base attack in Qatar [by Blackout] and the other he explains is an image taken from the Beagle 2 Mars Rover. Both images are shown to have been taken during the day; However, Staff Sergeant Epps (Tyrese) took the thermal image after Blackout had transformed (at night)
When Captain William Lennox is at Sector Seven headquarters at the Hoover Dam, he is seen seen wearing a U.S. Army-issue ACU uniform when he arrives, but later changes to a Future Force Warrior uniform in the Crye MultiCam pattern with no opportunity or reason for him to change clothes.
In the interrogation room with Glen and Maggie, the clock on the wall behind Glen never changes.
(17:50 to 18:10) When Sam is getting ready for the party, he says, "Okay Mojo, ready for your pain pills?" in a black t-shirt. The scene changes to him in front of a mirror, and you see him in his party wear (to which he added a short sleeved black striped button-down) and he then goes to his t-shirt again, giving Mojo his medication.
When we are first introduced to Glen, he is wearing a green shirt and a pair of Washington Redskins-themed pajama pants. Later, when he and Maggie are sitting in the FBI's interrogation room, he's now wearing a Washington Redskins jersey and jeans which he wears for the rest of the film. However there doesn't seem to be any indication that the FBI would have let Glen change his clothes after he was taken into custody.
When Maggie goes to Glen's house, she's wearing a short skirt. After she, Glen, Sam and Mikaela are dropped off at Hoover Dam, her skirt is replaced with a pair of calf-length jeans, while the rest of her outfit hasn't changed.
During the fight with Scorponok the real time feed being viewed by Keller from the UAV shows a plume of orange smoke coming from the ground before Epps has thrown it to signal the incoming Warthogs.
While Sam is looking for the glasses at his house and after the electrical transformer has been destroyed, the electricity to Sam's house is mostly out during interior shots (mostly, because it appears his desk lamp is on with low wattage). When perspective switches to show the exterior of the house, the outdoor lights are on and the interior lights are on which is clearly visible through the windows.
At the beginning of the last fight scene, in the foreground when Capt. Lennox is in the street a woman can clearly be seen on a cellphone. However all communication has been taken out by the Decepticons some considerable time previously, the point made when by the director when Defense Secretary John Keller tried to use his cellphone and couldn't after communication had been "taken out".
In one of the scenes at the Hoover Dam, there is an aerial shot from directly above the dam, looking down. In the shot you can see many cars (tourists driving on the highway that runs on top of the dam) but in the next shot, from ground level, the characters are all walking on the road and there are no cars visible anywhere.
Colonel Sharp is wearing a US Marines patch on his uniform when he first looks at the radar screen. After a while you can clearly see it has changed to an US Air Force patch.
In the alley where Sam, Mikaela and Bumblebee meet the rest of the Autobots, as the camera orbits around the transforming Optimus Prime, Bumblebee can be seen backing up as Ratchet and Jazz pull in to his right and Ironhide to his left. As we pan around Optimus to see them again and the other Autobots are transforming, Ironhide and Bumblebee have switched spots.
At Bobby Bolivia's car yard, when Sam first sits in Bumblebee, there are fingerprints in the dust on the window of the Volkswagen beetle next to them, each time the shot changes, they appear and disappear.
As Sam is in the car when they are fighting the police car, they are seen to have been rolled out of the car. In fact, Mikaela and Sam are just rolling and are not airborne for any amount of time. Also, by this time, Bumblebee was already up against the Police car, just a second after transforming, but the Police car was already up to the house that Bumblebee knocks him into.
When Sam and Mikaela are captured by the Sector Seven agents in the causeway, they are pushed face-down onto the pavement and handcuffed behind their backs. As they are dragged away from the scene their hands are clearly free.
When Maggie gets in a cab after she makes a copy of the Decepticons' signal the cab is black and white, then in the very next shot when she is getting out the cab is all white.
When the Sector 7 members show up at Sam's house, Agent Simmons peers through the mail slot and rings the electric doorbell numerous times, despite the fact that only minutes earlier the electricity for the entire street was taken out when Ratchet accidentally walked into a set of power lines.
When you see Archibald Witwicky initially fall through the ice hole, none of the dogs are near him. Immediately next when you see him slide down the hole, he is immediately followed by one of the dogs.
During the seen Sam is at the dealership looking at cars. As the front passenger door is closed there are not visible rust marks. When the door swings open into the beetle next to it, there is a giant rust spot. Then when the door is visible again the rust spot it gone.
When Sam and Mikaela are in Bumblebee being chased by the police car the car windows frequently change between being up or down throughout the chase scene.
During the fight between Bumblebee and Barricade, Sam's pants are removed. Mikaela later picks up her purse and re-enters the car with the pants still clearly in the foreground of the shot. When Bumblebee kicks the two out in the tunnel, Sam inexplicably has his pants back on.
When the transformers are waiting for Sam to find his grandfather's glasses, the flowers under his window vanish.
When Sam is driving Mikala home from the park and bumblebee stops with the radio on, both doors are left open when she walks away from the car. When Sam gets the car started he closes the hood and the passenger door is closed.
When Mikaela decides she's going to walk after Sam cannot start the car back up you see that the passenger door is open. Once he gets the car started and he hops out to close the hood the passenger door is now closed.
When Mikaela looks under Bumblebee's hood, both car doors are opened and Sam is inside the car. Sam starts the car and closes his car door but Mikaela's door is closed as well.
When Mikaela gets out of the Camaro to check under the hood she leaves the passenger door open. It's still open when Sam finally gets the engine to start but when he gets out to close the hood it's suddenly closed.
When Sam is driving Mikaela home from the lake and it "breaks down", she begins walking home. Sam gets into the car to try and start it and the passenger door is clearly open. After the car starts and he jumps out to close the hood, the passenger door is now closed.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Sam is running away from his car on the girl's bike and hits the broken sidewalk you can clearly see his double is the one that actually falls over the front of the bike.
In the scene where Megatron and Optimus Prime fall off the building after Optimus saves Sam, they land in front of a car that's just arriving. The car swerves to the left to avoid them. There's a shot from inside the car while it's doing so. During most of this shot, you can see the cameraman in the passenger seat, filming, reflected in the rear-view mirror.
When they go to the lake party a cameraman is visible in Mikaela's boyfriend's truck's mirror.
When Sam Witwicky arrives at the party, the camera crane can be briefly seen as a shadow.
As Ron drives Sam past the Porsche dealership, the reflection of the camera car filming them is briefly visible on the dealership's windows.
During the footage of the Autobots and the Military heading toward the city, the camera vehicle can be glimpsed reflected in the front bumper of Optimus Prime.
When Bumblebee is speeding along the viaduct, several slivers of yellow light can be seen. As the camera follows Bumblebee, we can see the lighting equipment used to cast the lights in the lower right of the frame and in the background.
Approximately 2 hours into the movie, when Sam falls to the ground and the Xbox and Mountain Dew machines begin coming alive, it pans back to Sam and a camera man is clearly visible just a few feet from Sam on the right side.
When Capt. Lennox and his team keep walking at the middle east of Qatar, they find a metal structure (probably an antenna). Suddenly, the robot which crawls under the sand breaks the base of that structure, causing the structure to fall down. Two soldiers who are in front of that fallen structure wonder what happened, one among them is a guy with spectacles. At this moment the crew and the equipment are visible in the reflection of the soldier's spectacles (when he says "English dude, English".)
When Defense Secretary John Keller and one of the generals is entering the N.M.C.C room, you can see the camera crew reflected in the door.
When the gentleman is holding the Xbox, there is a camera crane visible behind him near the Husky Boy sign.
Just after Bumblebee has left the car-park after chasing Sam Witwicky, Sam approaches the side of the police vehicle on a bicycle and is knocked down when the car door opens. After a short close-up of Sam on the ground, we see the car-door closing. The driver of the car is clearly visible for about 2 seconds, both reaching for the door, and pulling it closed.
When Bumblebee kicks Sam and Mikaela out in the tunnel (right after she asks Sam why Bumblebee transforms into a "piece of crap Camaro"), a crew member's arm is clearly visible pulling up the manual lock pin; the same arm is seen pulling back (the crew member must be hiding behind the passenger seat) once the door opens.

Errors in geography 

During one scene in Qatar the soldiers pass Shiprock, a natural landmark found in New Mexico.
In the beginning, during the Qatar scenes, you can see mountains in the background. The country of Qatar has no mountains and the highest elevation is 295 feet above sea level. It would also be very unlikely that you would see wooden telephone poles, as we do in the desert scenes ostensibly set in Qatar. Most telephone poles in many middle-eastern countries, more specifically those used away from population centers and in the open desert, would be composed of metal or pre-formed concrete. The main reasons for this being, not only because the extremes of the high heat and low humidity in those climates would dry the wood to the point of breakage very quickly, but also because of the scarcity of logs of the size suitable for that usage.
Maggie Madsen leaves the Pentagon and runs south across the intersection of Wisconsin Ave. and "M" St. NW in Washington DC. The Pentagon however is three miles away via various major highways, too far to travel on foot. Had she come from the Pentagon, she'd have taken a different route that precludes her crossing the intersection in that direction, possibly avoiding it entirely (i.e. by taking K St. NW instead).

Factual errors 

Glenn Morshower's character is referred to in the closing credits as 'SOCCENT Sergeant'. However, when we actually see him (in the film's opening scenes), he is clearly a Colonel: he wears the rank insignia of a Colonel, and is referred to as Colonel by his subordinates.
The uniforms worn by Captain Lennox's team have patches on their right shoulders from the 82nd Airborne "All Americans" Division, indicating they served with the 82nd in combat. The "Airborne" tab has been incorrectly replaced with a "Ranger" tab. The "Ranger" tab is worn above the "Airborne" tab on the left shoulder when deployed with the unit and it is not used on the right shoulder.
When the gunship rolls in on Scorponok, the special effects show gunfire coming from the forward part of the gunship. The aircraft shown is an AC-130H Pave Spectre, which has not carried armament in the forward compartments for many years now. Further to that the request was for 105mm howitzer shells, the rate of fire from both weapons is more indicative of the 25mm cannon from an AC-130U interlaced with the occasional 40mm Bofors round.
The battle of "Mission City" involved several F-22s firing which appeared to be Aim-120 (Advanced Medium-Ranged Air-to-Air-Missle) AMRAAM medium ranged active radar homing missiles. These missiles were designed to be used for air to air combat as a replacement to the Aim-7 series of medium ranged air to air missiles. No variant of the Aim-120 series can track or attack ground targets because the weapon is employed with an aircraft's air to air radar.
The Ranger and the Airborne patch are never worn together, as shown on Lennox's fatigues. A person can be Airborne and Ranger QUALIFIED at the same time, but they can never be PART of both at the same time.
Although the A-10s shown during the battle with Scorponok appear to carry laser guided bombs, they were never used during the battle. Instead, the A-10s engaged Scorponok with a burst from the 30mm cannon and then a pair of air-to-ground missiles, probably AGM-65 Mavericks - neither of which require lasing from a ground team.
During the Sec of Defense briefing, it cuts to a shot of two Blackhawk helicopters flying. Both are clearly marked as MedEVAC by the NATO Red-Cross symbol on the crew doors. In the next shot, a door gunner is shown with what appears to be either a M240B 7.62mm MG, or a M-60 7.62mm MG. This would be incorrect given that it is not allowed by the Hague Convention of 1907 for Medical Assets to have crew served weapons, and still retain their non-combatant status. Nor is this current practice. A more correct formation would be a "standard" Blackhawk flying escort to a MedEVAC aircraft.
The movie referred to "high heat sabot rounds" as being the most effective against the robots. However, sabot rounds work strictly through kinetic energy and the heat produced by them is strictly a by-product. In other words, sabot rounds must travel at extremely high velocity to be effective. However, none of the weapons that supposedly used them in the movie would have been capable of producing the necessary velocity. This could also refer to a High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) round, but that is a large shell with a shaped-charge exploding warhead, unlike the solid projectile of a sabot round.
While deployed, TSgt Epps is shown wearing his scarlet beret in uniform. Customarily the only headgear that is worn in the AF CENTCOM AOR are the ABU/DCU baseball style and boony/floppy hats.
Sam Witwicky's eBay user-name is shown on his computer screen as "LadiesMan217" with the L and M capitalized; however, user-names created on eBay can ONLY be displayed as lowercase. The correct visual should be: "ladiesman217"
Throughout the movie the characters talk about using 40mm sabot rounds against the robots. However, there are no sabot rounds for hand fired 40mm weapons. The nearest item would be HEDP (High Explosive Dual Purpose) which uses a shape charge to penetrate limited amounts of armor.
The footage Agent Simmons uses to illustrate the Beagle 2 images is actually from NASA's MER program. Beagle 2 was neither a rover mission, nor did it physically resemble the two Mars rovers (Spirit and Opportunity).
In the scene where Defense Secretary John Keller is giving a public address following the attack on the Qatar Air Base, at one point he says "bases worldwide are at DEFCON delta." DEFCONs levels only go from 5 to 1, 1 representing imminent attack.
When Agent Simmons places the detector near Sam, he reports that he's seeing 14 Rad. Presumably, Sam has become contaminated by proximity to Bumblebee and the other auto-bots. If Sam is emanating 14 Rads, being in close proximity to him would be fatal in about 24 hours. Sam would certainly be dead himself by this point.
While at the Hoover Dam, Captain Lennox is shown wearing the green beret of the U.S. Army's Special Forces. However, the cloth "flash" on the front is the generic light blue flash, which is used on the black berets of regular Army soldiers. His green beret should have a unique flash of his assigned Special Forces Group.
During the scene where they showed the inside of the AWACS aircraft (Airborn Warning and Control System), and you can overhear the communication the controllers in AWACS are using to direct the fighters for ground support, they gave the coordinates of 'Eighty-Eighty Alpha Sierra.' These types of coordinates are CGRS (Common Grid Reference System) In the movie, they were directing aircraft to a location somewhere in Egypt. the coordinates 'Eighty-Eight Alpha Sierra' (Written as 88AS) are in the very center of IRAQ, not Egypt. The communication they used were obviously taken from recordings from the CRC (Control and Reporting Center) named 'Kingpin' in Iraq.
Sam's dog, Mojo, has a cast on his broken leg made of plaster, which hasn't been in widespread use in the medical or veterinarian communities for more than a decade. According to the movie, this also must be a recent injury because Mojo is still requiring pain medication. Unfortunately, the portrayal of the injury is not entirely accurate as we see no "Elizabethan" collar on Mojo. Animals recently injured which require splints, casts, surgery or stitches would be discharged with a proportionally large plastic collar around their necks. This, of course, prevents the animal from biting, licking, tearing out the stitches or just exacerbating the injury. At this point, Mojo should still be required to wear such a collar.
At the beginning of the film, it shows a V-107 helicopter's shadow and when they are inside, it shows the interior of a Chinook.
An F-22 pilot mentions his ETA as being time on target. "Time on target" has a specific meaning in military parlance; to fire an offensive volley so as to have all artillery hit the target at the same time, not as an actual measure or estimate of time.
When Agent Simmons places the detector near Sam, he reports that he's seeing 14 Rad. Presumably, Sam has become contaminated by proximity to Bumblebee and the other auto-bots. If Sam is emanating 14 Rads, being in close proximity to him would be fatal in about 24 hours. Sam would certainly be dead himself by this point. Later, in the SUV, the detector starts to click again as the Autobots approach to rescue Sam and Mikaela. The switch is in the first position above off, which is the battery test position. It would not respond to changes in radiation in this mode.
When Mikala looks under Bumblebee's hood she mentions that the distributor cap is loose. The engine shown is a Chevrolet V8, either an LS7, or a supercharged 6.2L LS3 , neither of which has a distributor. Both engines use individual coils for ignition in each cylinder. And even if the engine shown were custom modified, there is nowhere to install a distributor.
When Sam is buying his new car, and Bumblebee uses his radio to smash the other cars windows, they all smash at the same time - but each window would need a different resonating frequency .
The Airforce One displayed in the film is a 707/VC-137, from the markings most likely VC-137C SAM 26000. Considering the time setting the 747/VC-25 based version would be a better match. Also the marking do not match a real Airforce One version precisely.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Ironhide complains about his foot rusting after Mojo "leaked lubricants" on him. Yet he crash landed in a pool when coming to earth and said nothing of rust. However, urine is essentially a diluted acid with salts in it, which would be more corrosive to ferrous metals than chlorinated pool water, so it could be that Ironhide's metal skin is rust-resistant but not rust-proof. More likely, however, is that he was grousing and exaggerating in the process, much like real people do; or just that he didn't complain at the time of landing in the swimming pool as there was nobody to complain to.
When the Cube is revealed a the secret base, we're told carbon dating has determined it to be on Earth since 10,000 BCE. Carbon dating is in fact accurate to within about 9 half lives of the carbon 14. 9 half lives of carbon 14 ( at 5280 years per half-life) gives an accuracy limit of about 50,000 years. 10,000 years BCE is well within the time frame able to be determined by radiometric dating using carbon ratios, and would in fact be the most accurate dating method for something in this time frame.
When the F-22 intercepts the helicopter 4500X the audio pronounces the tail number as "forty five hundred x-ray." Aviation standards require most numbers be pronounced individually and should have been pronounced "four five zero zero x-ray." However, most controllers are more compulsive than pilots about this and pilots would commonly abbreviate this to either "fourty five hundred" or "four five hundred".
When Mikaela leaves Sam after looking at his engine, the passenger door is open. When Sam starts the car, and closes the hood, the passenger door is closed. However, Bumblebee has shown himself able and willing to open and close his doors whenever he wants.
The relationship between Captain Archibald Witwicky and Sam Witwicky keeps on changing throughout the film. At different points during the movie, Archibald is said to be Sam's great great grandfather, great grandfather, and grandfather. However, he could have just gotten tired of saying "my great-great grandfather, Archibald Witwicky..." He seldom said "great-great" other than in his report.
The movie states that the robots are radioactive (they even use a "Geiger-Müller tube" to detect their presence). Given that Geiger-Müller tubes can detect even a single particle of ionizing radiation (even in the presence of no radioactive material they will still quietly click away due to normal background radiation), it's quite feasible that the radiation levels of the transformers is not sufficient to noticeably harm any of the humans they come into contact with, given their relatively brief exposure and the human body's ability to repair moderate amounts of radiation damage.
When Sam is in his class giving his presentation, he mentions that the sale price of his Great-Great-Grandfather's swag was to be put toward his "car fund", yet he clearly indicates to the teacher at the end of the class that he already has the $2000 he needs. However, it is very possible that Sam was planning on investing in his car or hoping to be able to buy a better car with more money.
The yellow "1971" Volkswagen Beetle briefly shown in the scene where Sam is picking his first car at the dealership is actually a 1973-1977 model (and in fact a Super Beetle, a different model than the common Beetle). This may be a gag about the proverbial dishonesty of car dealerships.
As Bumblebee did not belong to the caryard there would be no pink slip for the sale. Bobby Bolivia may not be above underhanded tactics.
After all landlines and cell phones are to be shutdown, people in the background of the fight scene in the city are seen using their cellphones. Although, it doesn't necessarily mean that they were talking. A possible explanation for this is that they were trying to phone their family/friends, and failing.

Plot holes 

During the Freeway chase, Decepticons: Bonecrusher and Barricade together are in pursuit of the Autobots. Bonecrusher pulls ahead to battle Prime, tearing up the roadway by dispatching hapless motorists. Barricade, however, disappears and does not reappear nor is he mentioned again for the rest of the film.
Upon arriving at the Hoover dam Starscream destroys a power substation. Reacting to this the engineer informs Banacheck that the MBE hangar has lost power. Logically, however the power system would be contained within the dam's structure preventing an attack like that from happening. The substation would service nearby communities not the dam.

Revealing mistakes 

In the highway scene, right up until the shot when Bonecrusher tackles Optimus Prime, the road they are on is clearly ground level. In the shot immediately after, they are seen tumbling off an elevated highway road, falling onto a lower elevated road. Then they fell off again and finally reached ground level where they continued fighting.
During the first ride that Mikaela takes in Sam's car, both windows are obviously down during their conversation. Yet, neither one has any wind blowing on them. Their hair never moves.
When Ironhide is jumping over Devastator's missiles his shadow is clearly visible but the missiles have no shadow.
When Bonecrusher splits the bus in half on the highway, you can clearly see that there is no driver in the seat.
In the city fight scene, a large piece of a building falls onto the left side of the street, yet when a citizen passes by (and probably accidentally kicks it) the piece appears to move as if it weighed nothing.
In the scene in Qatar where the scorpion-like robot is attacking the soldiers, there are two main explosions. Closer examination reveals that it is the exact same explosion used twice.
When the vehicle with the S7 officers holding Sam and Mikeala is attacked by the Autobots, it is clearly shown more than once that the SUV's gear stalk is in the "park" position. It is most visible when the vehicle's roof is torn off and the SUV lands on the ground.
When the Predator flies over the desert to the fight with Scorponok, there is no shadow of it on the sand, a result of the Predator being CGI. A similar issue occurs when Ironhide comes out of the pool and walks directly over the girl with the tooth, meaning the girl should be wet from the pool water dripping over her off of Ironhide. But she isn't, due to the fact Ironhide is CGI as well.
At the Hoover Dam the water intake tower clock has the 'Arizona' wording digitally removed from the clock image when shown close up. However in a following shot the full 'Arizona Time' wording is visible (although out of focus).
When Agent Simmons is asking Sam Witwicky for his help, the Bollé logo on his eye-wear is horizontally flipped in one shot, showing that the shot was taken and then horizontally flipped for the movie.
Several bits of footage are reused in the movie. When the Decepticons mobilize, the footage of Blackout is the same footage from his approach and landing (notably the pilot in the cockpit at night, which switches to the chopper banking before the F-22 fly by over the desert during the day) in Qatar, and Barricade driving down the street in the city, passing up the same black Cadillac as he did before he confronts Sam the first time.
Right before the debriefing of the analysts the movie shows a helicopter flying towards the Pentagon. Right before this the Washington Monument is shown. The top third of the monument is crooked, indicating a clear glitch in the software.
In the scene where Barricade is asking Sam about the eBay page he says the item number for the glasses is 21153 - but all eBay item numbers are at least 10 to 15 digits long.
When the Decepticon tank Devastator / Brawl is running over a BMW during the Mission City sequence, it is obvious that the prop is not even close the the weight of a real tank; it barely crushes the vehicle at all, riding right up onto the chassis. As it does so, it is also visible that it has rubber band tracks rather than the Diehl 570P tank treads of a real Leopard II or Abrams; this is because the running gear is from a piece of construction equipment, not a tank.
in the scene when Barricade (The Police Car Decepticon) is attacking Sam, when he throws Sam into the windshield of a parked car, you can clearly see that this is not their first take, you can tell that by where he gets thrown, the impression is already on the windshield.
After the Autobots have left Hoover Dam and are being pursued by Barricade, Bonecrusher, and Brawl (Devastator), the Transformers and extra cars are all driving on the wrong side of the road. Highway signs directing the flow of traffic are visible while the chase scene takes place in the opposite direction stated by the signs. (at around 1h 50 mins)
Before the 2 dogs jump up, their chains can be seen neatly coiled beside them.
When they tie Simmons to the pole, he says "We've got to alert everyone". The other S7 agent replies "They already know, speaker", although the cell phone is in offline mode.
When Mikaela is walking away from Bumblebee after looking under the hood, and Sam is trying to get the engine started, the passenger door is open. As the engine roars to life, and he gets out to close the hood, the passenger door has closed with no indication of someone closing it.
When the surviving base attack U.S soldiers call for air support its information is relaid to the M.A.G.I.C air watch dog airplane. The screens on board are blank. Technically they are plotting positions for the air support which they can't because the screens are black.
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The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Character error 

After the soldiers are fired on by Starscream in Mission City, Epps tells Lennox that it had to be an Alien attacking them because friendly aircraft would never fly below buildings. Yet, when the friendly F22s attack Megatron, that's exactly what they do.

Character error 

At the end of the movie Secretary of Defense Keller says the remains of the Decepticons have been dropped into the Laurentian Abyss and identifies it as the 'deepest place on the planet'. In fact, the deepest place on earth is 'The Challenger Deep' in the Marianas Trench - 35,838 feet below sea level. The Laurentian Abyss is a gouge, by comparison, at 19,685 feet at its deepest section. In fact the Laurentian Abyss is not even the deepest in the Atlantic Ocean [The Marianas Trench is in the Pacific]. Deepest in the Atlantic is The Puero Rico Trench, at 27,651.


When Bumblebee takes the car over, after Sam picks up Mikaela and parks, she opens the door to go look under the hood. You can clearly see in the foreground of the shot that there's a black mark on the passenger side door/fender. It disappears in the next shot and is never seen again.


As Mikaela runs towards Sam before he begins running with the cube she passes Bumblebee on the tow truck. But as she faces Sam you can see the tow truck behind her and Bumblebee is nowhere to be seen. Yet as she runs back to the tow truck Bumblebee reappears.

Revealing mistakes 

During the chase on the highway, one tourist bus is hit by Bonecrusher and splits in two, revealing that there are no seats.

Revealing mistakes 

In the fight between Megatron and Optimus Prime, there is a yellow Pontiac GTO shown for a second before it is torn in half. Before its destruction, the GTO's rocker panel is clearly already in two pieces which are not properly attached to the vehicle.

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