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Star Wars: Republic Commando is awesome.

Author: teamimel from United States
2 June 2006

Star Wars: Republic Commando is the best game I have ever played and continues to be so. The multi-player online never gets boring and I play it every day. Single player is just as good because it is suspenseful and really gets the effect of what happened. It really lays out a republic commando's life. I hope they make a second one that will be better than the first. I hope they make the second one so that who can connect with other players and become a squad of your own with one of you being a squad leader and so on. I really hope that somebody follows me up on this and agrees with me. I give this a ten because i will never play a game this fun. i give it 3 thumbs up! Thanks for listening

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Finally a good Star Wars Game

Author: bmwhtly from United Kingdom
16 November 2005

I'm a fan of First Person Shooters, I play them almost exclusively, And this game is one of the best. It is certainly the Best Star Wars game I've played. Heres Why, it is almost entirely unrelated to the original Star Wars Films (Not the "Jumped up firework display of a toy advert" that was phantom menace) there is one light-sabre joke, and thats very easy to miss, there is also the familiar look of the stormtroopers. Aside from that, there are only wookies to remind you this is Star Wars. It is essentially a FPS, there are squad commands (Form Up, Search and Destroy style commands) although most people will never use them. THere are also specific commands (Sniper, Anti-Armor, Grenade Position) these are easy to use without being too invasive. These are there if you want to use them, but you can play the entire game just letting the squad do their own thing. The Graphics and atmosphere are Extremely good. Particularly in an abandoned Ship, The Foley and the Graphics combine to make a great atmosphere for the game. Finally a word about the squad, the dialogue is enjoyably pointless, they manage to inject some humour into the whole affair.

So On the whole, in one word:


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One of the best FPS games (on Xbox)

Author: Jacob Dring from United States
27 December 2005

This game has got to be one of the best FPS games--on PS2 and Xbox. It combines characteristics of Metroid Prime by the way you see through the helmet, Halo by the way of having rechargeable shields, and the Rainbow Six games by the way you control your squad. Also, the controls for your squad are easy, and at times you'll be more than proud to have them with you because they actually help you during a firefight. Another great thing about the game is the amazing graphics, and something that may be small but i still like: there's an automatic 'windshield wiper' thing on your helmet face-shield when rain drops cloud your vision or when you get up close and slice an enemy with your vibroblade (the melee attack)--causing blood to spurt up unto your mask. Lastly, not only are the weapons great, but the environments are, too, and the enemies are as well. Moreover, the personalities (mostly comical) of your squad members make you feel really into it, and may causer a laugh or two.

I DEFINITELY recommend this game, to any FPS-lover. It truly is a more darker and militaristic take from other Star Wars games, making it all the better.

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The clones take center stage at last

Author: Wolfdemon from United States
27 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Lucasarts has created many games based on the legendary Star Wars franchise. Most games would feature Jedi Knights, fighter pilots or even bounty hunters as the protagonists. Star Wars Republic Commando is a change from all that. Here a review on Republic Commando.

Plot: The game stars a clone commando simply known as Delta 38 a.k.a. Boss or Delta Lead. Boss leads a team of rough and tough commandos named Delta Squad. Despite the fact they were created from the galaxy's most notorious bounty hunter, Jango Fett, each of them have their own distinct personality. Although he inherited Jango's voice, Boss spends his time giving his squad mates specific jobs while blasting droids, Geonosians, and Trandoshans. Delta 40 a.k.a. Fixer is an expert slicer (Star Wars term for hacker) and he pretty much prefers to call his fellow commandos by their numbers rather than their cool nicknames. Delta 62 a.k.a. Scorch is a demolitions expert and comedian of the team. Scorch would spew out a few jokes and one-liners even in the heat of battle. Delta 07 a.k.a. Sev is an elite sniper and a bit anti-social. Whenever the odds are stacked against Delta Squad, Sev wouldn't hesitate to fight dirty. Delta Squad's adventures span from The Battle of Geonosis to the Battle of Kashyyyk. Pretty good tie-in to Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. 5/5

Graphics: Lucasarts did an awesome job with the graphics although you may not see everything thanks to Delta Lead's helmet but still, they look pretty cool. 5/5

Sound: Republic Commando really brings out true Stars Wars sound but I'm gonna have to knock it down a couple of points because of microphone feedback in the first level of the Kashyyyk campaign and on some parts you wouldn't hear the characters' voices. 3/5

Gameplay: With a push of a button, you can make your commandos do jobs from setting detonation bombs to blasting your enemies from a distance. True innovation right there. The game sometimes though would suffer a little bit from dropped frame-rate but that doesn't stop it from being a truly exciting game. 4/5

If you're a fan of Star Wars or first-person shooters or both, give Star Wars Republic Commando a try. Although the game is short, it really is a game worth playing. 5/5

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Sorry, didn't know where to put this....

Author: crazymanwhois from Canada
17 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have played this video game, and I must say, I really enjoyed it. It's definitely no "HALO Killer" IMAO, but it's definitely worth the buy, (again, IMHO). I really liked the stranger sense of the Star Wars Universe seen as gritty through the eyes of a Soldier, and not all colourful and happy like the movies, as seen by the Jedi's point of view. Playing with a squad was a strange yet equally satisfying thrill, though it is not a tough system to follow, and some may indeed call it too easy.

That's about all I really have to say. If you have an XBOX, go out and rent it, and if you like it, then buy it. ;)

The below isn't really a spoiler, just a revised list of credits.

Voice Cast: Temuera Morrison - Delta 38 "Boss"

Andrew Chaikin - Clone Adviser/Delta 40

Raphael Sbarge - Delta 62

Jonathan David Cook - Delta 07

Rena Owen - Taun We/RAS Ship Computer

David W. Collins -Trandoshans/Trando Multi-Player Announcer/Clone Trooper Sergeant/Republic Voices/Radio Chatter

Roger Jackson - Automated Ship Voice/Clone Troopers/Clone Trooper Lieutenant/Gunship Pilot

Tom Kane -Yoda/Captain Talbot/Trandoshan Slaver #1

Clint Young - Battle Droid/Super Battle Droid

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Probably the greatness game in history.

Author: ksnyder19
22 April 2014

You wanna know addicting play this, more violent than halo but still very addicting. You play as commando 38(Boss), with 62(Scorch), 42(Fixer), and 07(Sev). Fighting behind scenes of the movie, except for one chapter. You play with a arsenal of weapons, with also cool turrets to grapple onto, this was made by a man that retired the marine core. So you get many tactics, and many things that you can't do on other commando games. You also get good humor from your teammates, and fight crazy hard enemies.

You have to play this, SO addicting. Only ten bucks, it also comes with a program you can find in the files that you can do it(don't drag it to the desktop). It's for modding, and you can find mods on moddb and share your creation of it, with a account. Enjoy.

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Good For Single Player, But Not Much Else

Author: ATATDriver from United States
7 March 2005

I was so excited about this game when I first heard about it. I'm a huge fan of squad based games. I can play Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon for hours and love every minute of it. This game, however, I couldn't even play for more than an hour and a half before I returned it to Blockbuster for credit (at a $20 loss).

The single player mode looked promising. I played a little of it and enjoyed it. It was pretty easy to command your squad. The only thing I didn't care for was the health that was around every turn. I know that a lot of people like to be able to refill their health, but I say that having health refills takes away any penalty that you have of getting shot. Another thing I didn't care for was the revive command. I find it to make the game too easy, and again there is no penalty for getting shot/dying.

The multi-player mode was almost an after thought. Obviously very little time was spent developing it. You have no co-op missions and, for play on Xbox Live, you could only have one person per console. So many other games realize that you still want to have guests play with you even if you are playing online.

I wish I could say I liked the controls, but the lack of being able to customize the thumb sticks really turned me off. I like my right thumb stick to look (up/down), strafe (left/right). The controls that this game uses (left stick move, right stick look) are good if the Xbox supported keyboard/mouse (a weakness which is not this games fault).

All in all. I would say if you want a squad based game, stick to Ghost Recon (2), or preorder Rainbow Six Lockdown.

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