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Very Sweet and Original
I was lucky enough to see the world primer of "Her minor Thing" at the Seattle International Film Festival. The director, writers, producers, and the two main actors (Christian Kane and Estella Warren) were also attending. After a introduction be the SIFF coordinator and a short film called "Hello" the film begin.

I won't walk you through every single scene of the film, but I will give you my overall impressions. Charles Matthau, as always, directed the project brilliantly: the editing, sound, and camera angles were all used to exploit a reaction from the audience along with the actors' performances. I went to the film with mixed feelings about seeing yet another "romantic comedy", a term that is almost used as a curse word nowadays, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

Unlike most comedies were the girl is sobbing on the couch after her so-called true love did something completely horrid and uncaring, Warren's character was a girl who wasn't afraid to take matters into her own hands without proceeding into the "b***h" territory. Warren really brought her character away from the bright, bubbly, damsel in distress area and made this girl her own. Some of the events were slightly obvious and contrived, like as soon as we saw Kane's character we knew he would end up with Warren's, and the meetings between these characters seemed to be unrealistic, but hey, it's a low-budget comedy, give credit were it's due.

Other than that issue, I really couldn't find anything else to dislike about the film. Christian Kane's character wasn't the perfect man, he had issue that he had to deal with just like a real person. The supporting cast, such as Rachel Dratch, Flex Alexander, Kathy Griffin, and David Fine stole many of the scenes in which they were in or even just standing in the background (watch out for Charles Matthau's cameo with the fork scene). The performance were all very well done, Christian Kane proved why he had such a strong fan base and Estella Warren showed that she can stand toe to toe with any well known leading man or lady and still give as good as she gets.

The main thing I really appreciated about this film was there was no "fall down" humor. All the humor was from real life situations (having to get directions to the airport), the actors' reactions (look for Kane's "is this girl nuts" look), the actual dialogue (midget porn), and just through the characters themselves (the petty fight for the basketball). No one tripped or got hit by a door, which is a nice change of pace from the current romantic "comedy".

All in all, this film is good. It's not "Love Actually", but it can certainly hold it's own next to it. If there is a wide release of "Her Minor Thing" be sure to catch it in theatres, you won't be disappointed.
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All in all, just OK.
girlgeek12 June 2005
I saw this movie at its debut at SIFF. I was very interested in seeing this independently produced movie. It was OK. There were some parts that had you laughing out loud. It's the type of movie that you may want to watch on TV for free on a rainy day. The cinematography and production value were good for an independent but the plot was disjointed, the characters a bit 2-dimensional and the story unconvincing. Also there was something about the pace of editing that felt rushed, like scenes slapped together rather than a story being told. I normally don't even notice that type of thing. I understand that a romantic comedy is supposed to be light and take you away, but I believe the best ones make you feel a real connection between yourself and the characters to make it all believable and enjoyable. It wasn't there for me. The acting on the part of the female lead was mediocre and not terribly convincing--does she love either of these men? Is she disappointed or actually hurt by any of the situations which were supposed to be affecting her? For me there were just too many times that the movie lost a personal connection due to acting or pacing and took me out of just enjoying the story. The character acting for Rachel Dratch and Michael Weatherly stole the show. They were both excellent. All in all...just OK. Perhaps not the movie that would appeal largely to the film festival crowd-so perhaps I am not the market for this.
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janmoe22 August 2005
I thought the story line was original and refreshing. Casting was excellent! The actors were perfectly matched to their parts. They were funny and believable. Much of the humor was subtle and required actors to use body language rather than verbiage to get the points across. It was fun to see the Sacramento landscape used to it's best advantage. Estella's apartment was charming and I loved the scenery at the wedding where Christian was the photographer. I felt that the humor was adult humor and I probably would not take a teenager to it, although teenagers today seem to be exposed to racier themes than this on TV sitcoms. Actually it might be a springboard for discussion between parents and youth on this important subject. It was refreshing that the main character actually valued her virginity. I laughed at the clever lines and really enjoyed the humor. Two thumbs up in my opinion!
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Fabulous Romantic Comedy
Ashley E26 March 2006
Two of my friends and I watched Her Minor Thing together, and this will be our combined review. We are three college age students: one virgin, one lesbian, and one thirty-something...to get a drift of our different views.

We all classified this as our new favorite 'chick flick'. Although HMT does follow the "romantic comedy formula", it's way different and more stronger than what we've seen from other films. We laughed, we clapped, we cried and got angry all in the span of two hours. HMT gives many emotions, and the music to match is fantastic. Most 'romantic comedies' don't give you the anger or stronger emotions, and HMT does the emotional roller-coaster seamlessly.

Warren makes the role her own by portraying a soft yet strong woman; Weatherly brings in what the three of us pegged as a 'puppet-type shallowness, yet knows true romantic lines - we'll swoon for Tom anyway'. Griffin and Dratch fit into their roles like slipping on a pair of well-worn gloves; Kane seems footloose-and-fancy free.

Rachel Dratch & Michael Weatherly stole the show is our impression, and MADE their roles; the responses in scenes got the exact fabulous facial expressions to go with them, their body language even. Some of our favorite laughs were what Caroline would say, or the look on Tom's face in reaction to the scenes.

The location was also great - it felt like a bigger city, but not the biggest city. Also fabulous to note was the props in the scenes for each location – from photographs, posters and what the characters wore all made the film seem more real, and completed the characters background and feelings about their life.

All of us loved the movie for different reasons at the end - from how the portrayals were (lesbians, firefighters, romantics) to the roller-coaster-ride of the emotions you feel when someone betrays you, to the reactions of many different people in knowing your a virgin.

All in all, wonderful performances by the cast and a talented and emotional script by the Meyers. We are looking forward to more projects by the Meyers and Charles Matthau!
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Her Minor Thing is.....very minor
cynmail18 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
OK, the cartooned opening and later captions are catchy and fun. There are a few laugh-out-loud moments in the film, a great feel for "hometown Sacramento," terrific performances by Christian Kane and Michael Weatherly, and on any day Estella Warren isn't hard to watch.... but I found the film sadly disappointing beyond these points.

Even a light romantic comedy needs a bit of conflict to shore up viewers' interest, but the conflict offered here is strictly ho-hum, who cares. If this were a novel, I would hope it would be three drafts short of the finished product -- the story just didn't hold my interest, nor the interest of those I was with. The last 20 minutes (well, excluding the concluding scenes which were, umm, worth the price of the ticket) completely fell apart -- because the structure just wasn't there to hold the end together. There were details missed, unclear plot points, predictable turns and murky transitions -- along with some hackneyed, silly clichés.

I wouldn't recommend this film, and I'll be surprised if it gets picked up for national distribution.
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Absolutely loads of fun
arandfan14 June 2005
I had the pleasure to view this movie at SIFF on Sunday. It's refreshing to watch a movie where the dialog isn't full of foul language. The strength in this film is in the dialog which is loaded with lots of funny lines although I missed a few of the lines because the audience was laughing. I'd go see it again if it hits the theaters. The characters were real and the script well written. I know a lot of girls like the main character who are true romantics and I think this movie would especially appeal to them. I especially enjoyed Michael Weatherly as the good looking anchorman, Rachel Dratch as the best friend, and Kathy Griffin as the crazy lawyer. They each brought depth to their characters. The sleazy taxi driver was very entertaining also. The movie kept my interest from start to finish....no lulls or boring parts. Go see this one if it comes to theaters.
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Weak script, marginal acting leads to nose picking fun
mikeanncas18 August 2005
Saw this last night at the premiere in Sacramento, CA. This happens to be where it was filmed and I am thinking the rating for this movie (7 out of 10 as of last look) is from a lot of those people. Unfortunatlely, these people were probably so overjoyed that their city was finally featured in a movie, they thought they were rating the movie experience, and not the movie itself.

About the movie....I can summarize that up quickly... weak script, hot babe who cannot act and has language issues, a few memorable lines of which I have forgotten now, and a descent display of the city. Overall, I would not recommend this unless all your laundry is done, you have dyed your fro, your one friend has canceled your date to the fair, and you must attend a funeral tomorrow. If all these things are true, then by all means, find this movie and go see it.

The script is so weak that I am embarrassed that the two writers came from Sacramento. I'm moving....
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Great, kind spirited little film
sherikat528 January 2007
Most people have covered the great aspects of this film, but I will add my two cents into the mix and say that I picked this film up on a whim from the video store. This funny, sweet film covers a basic idea: be true to yourself, believe in love, and it will come to you.

The actors, especially the highly underrated Christian Kane, really drive this film home. He acts with his eyes, and can convey a host of emotions with a glance, a nod, or a tilt of his head. Michael Weatherly's smarmy character is a fresh change from his usual heroic ones, and wow, a Maxim cover model, Estella Warren, who is more than a pretty face. I love it when I don't expect much and I get pleasantly surprised. It, unfortunately, doesn't happen that often. With this film, and with this cast, I was pleased.

What I also like is that, even though it is a newer film, the director didn't do the jostle the camera, zoom in and out crap that is so popular now. I watched fifteen minutes of "I Am Sam" and was 'car sick' from the multitude of angles, jostling, bouncing and zooming. I never have watched it all.

The Special Features part notes that the film is Independent, and low budget. This is proof positive that spending millions on the special effects and the big name actors doesn't net you a winner. I haven't seen anything in a long time I enjoyed so much.

One more thing: Note the Jeana character's favorite actor is Walter Matthau, the father of this film's director.
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One minor thing, this movie is not that great but has a very attractive cast
Amy Adler27 February 2008
Jeana (the lovely Estella Warren) has been dating a dashing television newsman, Tom (Michael Weatherley) for awhile. But, wonder of wonders, they have not become intimately involved. This is because 20-something Jeana is still a virgin and wants their first lovemaking session to be very special. They are planning a cruise vacation to that end. One day, Tom lets it slip on his show that his girlfriend is still as pure as the driven snow. This sets a series of events in motion for Jeana, as the media and a growing number of hopeful men arrive on her doorstep, hoping to be the "first". Beautiful Jeana is ticked off at Tom and the couple, once on the verge of matrimony, is having serious problems. One big trouble is that their cruise tickets are non-refundable, as explained by a travel agent (the funny Victoria Jackson). By happenstance, Jeana meets another attractive gentleman who doesn't appear to be putting the moves on her but wants a nice friendship first. What will Jeana do? This is a very minor film in the grand scheme of cinema. It has an interesting premise but ends up going nowhere fast. The lovely Warren is the best reason to see the film, as she is not only gorgeous but brings intelligence and sweetness to her role. Weatherly is quite handsome, too, and succeeds in making his character appropriately annoying. The rest of the cast is fine, with Jackson an absolute stitch as the agent. Yes, the film looks nice, with good costumes, sets, and amenities. But, the script and direction are, well, mostly boring and pointless, with little imagination. If you are a fan of Warren's, you will want to take a chance on this one. After all, you can always turn down the sound. Most romcom fans might give it a whirl, too, since a new movie in this genre is almost always welcome. But, everyone else should skip the flick, as you will be twiddling your thumbs before 15 minutes has passed.
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If you drink Sanka coffee or like wet cookies this is your movie!
congodog18 August 2005
Having seen this film last night at the Sacramento Film Festival I have a few comments if you are considering this movie. This movie is billed as a "Romantic Comedy." I didn't think it was romantic and it sure as heck was not a comedy. If you like half baked cakes, Sanka coffee, Nutrasweet or Fat Free food this movie may be for you. If you like napping all day, using duct tape, driving a Jetta or jabbing a stick in your eye this movie may be for you. If you like eating wet cookies, using a push lawn mower or drinking Ensure this movie may be perfect for you. Estella warren tried really hard to be likable but she only shows one emotion and it is humdrum at best. There were several funny bits in the movie from unknown actors who should have had more screen time than the leads. I understand this was an independent movie but the one thing not to skimp on is the script. The first time effort of the Meyers duo was half baked. Don't quit your day job.

In closing don't waste your time. The movies story foundation is weak and does not support the 90 minutes of torture it puts you through.
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Entertaining and Funny
cactusjenn14 June 2005
My husband and I both enjoyed this movie. It takes a good movie for a guy to admit he enjoyed a "chick flick". :) There were several parts where the whole theater was laughing. The movie kept us entertained and waiting for the next laugh. The actors were believable and added a lot to the movie. The story was cute and you were pulled in to the characters lives. For me, it would be a great movie to go and see with my daughter, my mother, or a friend and all of us could enjoy it. This was the first movie we saw at a SIFF event and it was a great introduction to independent films. I can't wait until it comes out on DVD so we can rent it.
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Real Nice Chick Flick
Clayton Moore19 September 2006
Her Minor Thing played at the Kansas International Film Festival Sept 18, 2006 in Kansas City. I found it a marvelous little independent film. I think the Romantic Comedy is my favorite type of movie and this movie really fills the bill. I'm hard pressed to think of a movie with a prettier cast, with Supermodel Estella Warren, Michael Weatherly (of NCIS) and Ivana Milicevic (from the Reese Witherspoon flick, Just Like Heaven).

The basic setup is Estella is a computer programmer for the fire department who is also 26 virgin dating Michael Weatherly. Michael is a TV reporter who shares the fact Estalla is a virgin during an accidental live newscast. Estalla's life is turned upside down and everyone wants to know the why. Mix in a couple of $6,000 cruise tickets to Rio and all of the pervy voice messages she gets throughout the movie and you really get something.

Estella Warren is one of the most beautiful supermodels in the world and she can actually act (especially in a bikini!). The movie covers some pretty important themes (love isn't sex, stand up for yourself without hurting other people and you can't have true love without honesty). Michael Weatherly plays someone very pretty with a nice smile, knows it and really isn't very bright.

The movie was filmed on location in Sacramento, California and it was really nice to see something different than the standard Los Angles locations we've all seen a thousand times before.

All in All an excellent independent film without foul language or violence. Not really any villains in the movie, just people acting according to the nature. And it is twisted to leave the guy sobbing on the couch instead of the girl. Check it out (and the midget porn line is the funniest thing in the movie).
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Not even Estella Warren could save this movie
Peter B26 June 2013
I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to watch this movie. Perhaps, that Estella Warren would do a good job, and perhaps this would be a good flick to watch. Wow - was I wrong or what!

NOTHING in this movie is worth watching. The camera work is sub standard even for a low budget movie (which I assume this is). The script is VERY weak, and seems to be based on some teenager's fear of intimacy. The acting is weak and completely free from any kind of credibility. The directing...well, I'm not sure if anyone actually directed this film. It's as if every scene only got one take, and they used what they got from it - which most often is garbage.

Avoid this movie if you can.
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Learning the meaning of love
pierotti7 April 2007
I may be alone in this, but I think the point of this movie is the emotional growth of a tough and impressive but vulnerable young woman. The way Jeana (Estella Warren) is presented at the beginning of this film she comes across as very naive and idealistic. She has been wounded in love, but thinks she has found Mr. Right in Tom (Michael Weatherly) a shallow self-centered TV news reporter who seems to think or talk about little besides himself.

Tom wants to have sex with Jeana but she keeps holding him off. When she explains why she is holding back Tom is so self involved that he can't see this as an interesting aspect of a complex woman, but instead seems to treat it as a weird quirk. He ends up blabbing out Jeana's secret to his cameraman Paul (Christian Kane) over a live feed broadcast to the entire city.

The rest of the film examines the consequences of Tom's lack of discretion on his relationship with Jeana. At first Jeana is very understanding and forgiving, but over time Tom's lack of sensitivity and his ceaseless self-involvement begin to wear on their relationship. Jeana still tries to love Tom, but he seems to care more about sex than he does about her, which may not be what she really wants.

I realize that many viewers of this film have criticized Estella Warren's performance, but to me they have missed the point. Jeana comes off as a young woman who has a pretty good sense of herself, but is weak when it comes to men. Estella Warren seems to wear her beauty more lightly than any other actress. She is a powerful physical presence, but she also comes off as intelligent and self aware. She does not do the histrionics that lead most people to think a person can "act", so she is considered to be a flat or indifferent actress. To me she is more like a female Jeff Bridges or Henry Fonda, an actor who underplays their emotions and seems self-contained.

The last few scenes that Jeana has with Tom are very powerful but they are not blatant or obvious. Some have questioned whether Jeana loves any of the men in this film. I think the answer is obvious, but she has to learn to identify love and distinguish the real thing from her fantasies. By the end of this film it is obvious that Jeana has grown considerably as a woman through her experience and that Tom may never understand what he did wrong, although it should be obvious to anyone who pays attention. Both Weatherly and Warren effectively reveal their characters in these sequences: the depth of Jeana and the shallowness of Tom.

I know this film did not get a wide release but I would rather see this film 100 times than ever see another of the widely released films starring some combination of Ashton Kutcher, Matthew McConaghey, Kate Hudson, Brittany Murphy, Jason Biggs, Sandra Bullock, etc. In Her Minor Thing you get to see a couple of interesting characters actually grow and mature. As a result, this film had one of the most satisfying endings I have ever seen in a romantic comedy.
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Better than 40-yr-old Virgin
kirsten-t26 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has something for everyone. Rachel Dratch is outrageous. She cracked me up from the moment she came on the screen. Victoria Jackson said little, but it was the way she said it that made it so funny. Kathy Griffin is always good value and this role is no different. Her character loves her job a little too much. Fantastic cameo by Charles Matthau. Watching Michael Weatherly and Christian Kane is like watching the devil and the angel on someone's shoulder. You keep wondering which one is going to get their way. I sort of felt sorry for Tom. Even though he is egoistical and shallow, it was an innocent mistake blurting out his girlfriend's secret. The Walter Matthau line was a sweet tribute to a great actor. This movie was so much better than 40 year old virgin.
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I Love Her Minor Thing
Lissie2328 February 2008
i was just telling a friend about this movie. it's kinda hard to describe because there's never been anything else like it. It's a romantic comedy sure but there's so much more to it than that.

I like how it digs deeper into characters lives. it's not just about sex or being in a relationship. They're looking for meaning cause they've all been hurt before.

I think that we can all relate to that. even just looking at the opening montage, it makes me smile that she thinks that everything happens for a reason. I think that most of us believes that, that nothing is ever random but that it's this cosmic event.

I think i'm like her in that sense because you want it to be more than just a hookup or a one night stand, you want it to mean something so much more. something transcendent.

WOW, i ramble don't i? :D sorry, it's just it makes me glad that a movie like this is out there for the ones that still hope to have it all.
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Major Thing about it is Estella Warren
RavenGlamDVDCollector20 April 2014
Interest in Estella Warren pointed me in this one's direction. Movie has a bit of a silly storyline. In the old days, really not so long ago, you'd definitely have caused trouble for suggesting that an unmarried woman is not a virgin anymore, here strife is caused by an accidental blab about the lead character's virginity. How times have changed.

No sex, no nudity, no foul language, no violence, set in gentle Sacramento, a chick flick in the truest sense. Pretty Estella Warren in the lead, all blonde mane and long, long legs that are quite often shown. Long, bare legs, at that. And lo, what's this? A decent helping of (gasp!) foot fetishism? Once that fountain scene comes up, gratuitous foot-shots totally escalates! There is also the poolside black bikini sequence that I had on slow motion just a while ago. And lots and lots of more leggy scenes, and, yes, the white toe-nail polish in that couch scene really looks scrumptious! Gasp! All these bare flesh in a chick flick! But no foul language. Except derogatory terms for men, awful creatures. Working title was 'Men Are Jerks', remember? No violence either. Unless you count Jeana stabbing director Charlie Matthau's character with a fork! (Albeit off- camera, but with a grisly sound effect!) And there is such a nasty slicing-the-cucumber scene, I wonder what Jeana was thinking of? Oh, so vicious! Hello, American Motion Picture Association, I want to file a complaint... Oh hell, just kidding, Estella's a long way off from raising any eyebrows, although with her long, long legs and soft-soled bare feet she is clearly not just playing to the chick flick regular audience, but raising more than temperatures. Kissing, cuddling, romantically it all gets pretty steamy, but only the far-out nutters will complain about this sexy movie. Then, again, there are a whole lot of far-out nutters out there filled with jealousy and rage at that black bikini scene.

For the most part, though, this movie needs something. Actual drive, actual conflict, actual drama? The storyline isn't worth three consecutive sneezes, and if the reference to midget porn is the funniest line, what does that say for the rest of the movie? The weak game is quickly given away at the very beginning with that poxy little LNELY GRL cartoon that keeps fading out to green (although the song about love making her stupid was great!)

But I do think that with a pretty girl like Estella Warren you could make a much better chick flick if the subject matter just wasn't so trivial. And hate me for saying this, but the virginity of somebody as hot as Estella has but a fleeting hope to last beyond summer. :)

Okay, the feminists are now queuing up to beat me to death. :(

If you could have a girl like Estella/Jeane or anybody like her, her virginal status would hardly matter. The point being that she's such a nice girl. Kidding her about her choice is clearly wrong, making a fuss about it, even more so. She is the wise one, after all, to wait for the right one. But virginity cannot be cherished forever, not when romance comes into the picture. All a girl can do, is hold out for real love and settle for nothing less. As indeed Jeana did.
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Small-town charm
candyapplegrey17 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This little independent film boasts an amicable and attractive cast and good intentions. Its premise is a little silly but basically sound. Jeana (the stunning-looking Estella Warren) is a virgin, and reveals this fact to current squeeze, TV presenter, Tom (Michael Weatherly, of NCIS), who accidentally broadcasts it to the nation. Disillusioned with her shallow beau and men in general, Jeana initially rejects sexy, down-to-earth photographer, Paul (Christian Kane, of Angel, Leverage). Anyway, cue much confusion during which Jeana fails to realise that Tom has split up with her, they attempt to reconcile and she starts to fall for Paul.

The cast members (Christian Kane, in particular, proves hard to resist) do an excellent job and give their all but unfortunately, the material is too slight. It's entertaining enough but there are no real laugh-out loud moments although the director, according to crew/cast interviews, Charles Matthau (Walter Matthau's son – Jeana and Paul watch a Walter Matthau film in the course of the movie) is a very witty guy. This humour doesn't fully translate to the film. It was definitely watchable and occasionally charming.
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Nothing New
Silver Alsa17 June 2009
I went it with no expectations, which helped me still enjoy it. While nothing new in terms of premise, and at times extremely clichéd, it still was nicely diverting. I found the character Jeana (Estella Warren) very boring. Whether it was her acting or the poor script is unknown. She was very two-dimensional and I didn't buy it for a second. Didn't help that the camera kept oggling her up and down as if doubting she was a so-claimed "virgin". At first I didn't really notice or thing much of Paul (Christian Kane). However, he did grow on you as the movie progressed and I appreciated his under-spoken delivery that made it a little more believable. The scene-stealer by far was Tom, as played by Michael Weatherly. He clearly threw himself into the role whole-heartedly and managed to keep it from being smarmy. You genuinely believed he was a charming, clueless, and sex-driven man without any hidden agenda or deliberate wickedness. He made the best of such a character as possible and was a delight to watch.
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One of the best rom-coms around!
Tokana Hennequin27 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I hired this movie from the video shop because it had Michael Weatherly (Dark Angel, NCIS) and Christian Kane (Angel, Closer To Home) in it -I absolutely love those two actors, and as an added bonus, I found, it starred Ivana Milicevic (Buffy, Charmed)!

This movie is original in the story, and it's very funny! Michael and Christian have a past with comedy, so they hit the mark, and Estella was brilliant with her comedy, especially since I don't really know her past in the comedy stakes! I keep expecting Michael to have those witty lines and that witty humour he does in NCIS and for Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon, NCIS) to smack him on the head!

When Jeanna (played by Estelle Warren) turns Tom (Michael Weatherly) down (in the chances of marriage and going out), Tom's face turns red with not only embarrassment and sadness, he quickly gets over it and flirts with the clerk at the airport, I shook my head at how pathetic that was!

This is a totally fantasy film, and a good one at that! None of us could get away with most of what the characters are getting away with, let alone lying to your potential girlfriend, and you wouldn't be comfortable doing so, either, let alone striking up a friendship based on a lie or two. I admire Jeanna for being offended with Tom's behaviour and wanting to protect her privacy, also feeling angry that she's missed the cancellation date; I wouldn't like losing $6,600.85, let alone on a cruise! I also understand her reasons for still being a virgin -anyone would be worried!

This is an excellent movie, and I recommend it to anyone!
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The 25 Year Old Virgin
DarthBill2 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Tall, stunningly beautiful, naturally blonde with blue-green eyes, Jeana (Estella Warren) is completely humiliated when her shallow, superficial news anchor boyfriend reveals to the world, albeit by accident, that she's still a virgin. In the days that follow, the humiliated heroine must deal with oversexed 'suitors' who want to "make a woman out of her" (she remarks that every man who looks at her wants a date) and interest groups that want to make her a role model for other women not to give into the pressure to have sex. Can she forgive her boyfriend, or is it time to realize he's not the one? Will she find her one true love, the man to whom she can finally lose her virginity? The answer: yes, but I won't say how.

Not entirely successful but passable romantic comedy 'chick flick' with the good intention of criticizing society's obsessive pressure to have sex as soon as possible. Estella Warren proves that she is a likable performer beyond her powerful beauty.
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