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6 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Harry Potter is a big coward !!! At least according to the movie ...

Author: nnordakk from Belgium
29 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm almost too angry to write a comment ! This is my first ever comment here. I give the movie a 2 because it has nicely filmed images and effects ... but there it ends, I would've liked giving it a 0.

They invent story lines that conflict with the real storyline and in the mean time they haven't got the time left to film very important aspects of the book. The result is that in the end Harry is a scared witness that doesn't dare to act in stead of the person that in the book would have thrown himself in the fight if he could have ... In the end Harry looks like a big coward. So everybody who has read the book and thinks that Harry is a coward, I would say go and see the movie, all the others who think he's a brave gryffindor, just stay at home, spare yourself the money, and just enjoy rereading the book or you will be sad and disappointed as I was ...

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7 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

What can I say......

Author: nen_girith from Netherlands
17 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

.....it just was really really bad! I love the Harry Potter series and I was really looking forward to see this movie. During the movie I laughed and the dead water-people gave me a good scare, but at the end of the movie I was beginning to wonder what the movie was about...

The whole story just didn't make sense. It was like watching a teenage romance/comedy! It looked like they made a bunch of video-clips, taped them all together and called it a movie. The actors are good, the special effects were good, camera-work was good.....but the storytelling was just really crappy! All kinds of different plot lines, and none of them is told well. Important plot lines and scenes from the book are missing which makes the movie like a unfinished whole. Where is the tension? It all happens so fast, that it isn't exciting at all. And what on earth happened to the fight in the castle at the end of the book?? It's just tragic!

It looks like the director chose all the wrong plot lines out of the book and focused only on the romance between the main characters. Such a shame. This could have been e very exciting movie with lots of suspense....

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8 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Adventure, Action, Love, Comedy, Darkness, Heros, Villains and most importantly MAGIC!!!

Author: Adam Bogoch from Canada
18 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off I'd like to say that I have read the book twice and obviously loved it, so I am perfectly aware of what was differences, however it's a filmmakers perspective on the book, things work on the page that don't necessarily work on screen, like no end battle was a big one, yeah I missed it, but it would have been extremely repetitive judging on what takes place in the last book. Certain characters or scenes that played out in your head may be different in the movie, because obviously the director, cinematographer and screenplay writer have different heads then you do.

The film opens up with the ever so faint Harry Potter theme over the Warner Brothers sign and quickly turns to what is perhaps, the best opening scenes in a Harry Potter film. Harry and Dumbledore in the Ministry of Magic as the press take photos of them after the huge battle with Voldemort. As the press overwhelms Harry, and Dumbledore puts his arm around him. So simple but so well done. And then to an even more perfect opening, the bridge/Diagon Alley scene with the Death Eaters was great! As the film continued it slowly brought back some familiar faces.

Daniel, Rupert and Emma, all three of them especially Emma Watson grew as actors terrifically from the last film, Emma really has you feeling for her in a particular scene where she is crying in Harry's arms. Rupert Grint was the comedic star of the film; his timing was brilliant, very funny and worked well with new comer Jessie Cave who was brilliant as Lavender Brown, Ron's annoyingly clingy and slightly horny love interest. As much as I'd like to stay on Rupert, I have to say that Jessie is great! Rupert also was good with Emma, I really started to feel the Hermione/Ron relationship again, not really since Goblet of Fire did we see this. It's really sweet and kodos to Ron as he has two hot girls chasing him around, even if one of them is a bit… crazy. Daniel Radcliffe is always the same, he's good. He is reliable to always be our hero, he was very funny to in his comedic scene when he takes the liquid luck.

The supporting cast: Bonnie Wright stepped up! She has presence, beauty, and is a good actress, perfect as Ginny. Though some of the scenes between Harry and Ginny were a bit corny but you had to love it anyway. She was sweet and very likable. Michael Gambon, what a legend. As much as I will be burned for saying this, I've always like him better as Dumbledore then the late great Richard Harris, who was awesome, but I love Gambon, and now others can see why. I can't say much more other then he was perfect. I really enjoyed his presence especially in the cave scene. Our newcomer teacher, Horace Slughorn, the talented Jim Broadbent, STOLE THE FREAKING SHOW! He was so funny, and so entertaining. I enjoyed the Slug Club scenes, which he truly shined in, as well as the scene with Hagrid. Alan Rickman had his time to shine. His perfect pauses are what make Severus Snape one of the best characters in the series. He is so entertaining and so powerful especially in the Astronomy tower scene at the end. He also has great chemistry with another great. Helena Bonham Carter is perhaps my favorite casting choice, since Order of the Phoenix, Bellatrix Lestrange has always and always will be my favorite character. She is so sadistically malicious, cruel and absolutely pure evil. She didn't have huge amounts of screen time but way more then expected. She gets to blow up a lot of things, laugh like a mad women and shot some nasty spells at Radcliffe. My favorite scene she stole, the Unbreakable Vow scene in which she taunts Alan Rickman into making a deadly deal with her sister Narcissa Malfoy, Helen McCroy was really good. She brought a little bit of heart to the bad guys, which she isn't all that evil, well compared to her sister that is. Draco, Narcissa's son, Tom Felton, also had his chance to shine and he was really dark and really good. Fenrir Greyback (Dave Legeno) was underused, one line, but multiple close ups. Then to name off a few of the rest, Maggie Smith had much more screen time then Order or Goblet but still not enough, she is always amazing, Robbie Coltrane as the lovable Hagrid was still underused but I liked what he did have. Julie Walters and Mark Williams had decent sized parts and are always lovable. Timothy Spall had nothing of a part and I missed him. Evanna lynch as Luna had a good sized role, very funny! Warwick Davis and David Bradley were good. And finally David Thewlis and Natalia Tena had small but likable parts as normal.

What I didn't like was the under use of Greyback, Timothy Spall, not explaining the inferi, Harry randomly starting to like Ginny, Ginny and Dean's break up sort of not clarified. Bellatrix needed more screen time and I thought that the attack on the Burrow was a little out of character and probably should have been longer though I enjoyed it.

The score is brilliant, Hooper even brings back some of the music from Order. The cinematography of Delbonnel was outstanding! David Yates is an awesome director and you could see how much fun he was letting his cast have with their characters. The balance between comedy, and darkness is incredible and so hard to pull off but they did it beautifully.

And that's it, you will enjoy this movie, just go in with an open mind!

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8 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

I Don't understand what others are complaining about

Author: katrine_stangeland from Norway
17 July 2009

Trust me, if you choose to not see the movie because of the negative comments you will truly lose something. i am not saying that others reviews are bad, but giving the movie 1 star or 2 stars i simply stupid. If you truly are a harry potter fan you will enjoy the movie, not off course love it, because the movies and the books will always be different, and thats the point!. many people are complaining about how different it was from the book and so on, well, a movie cant be exactly similar to the book, thats why it is callers "the Movie", if you want the book then you should read the book. one should think of what the movie contains, not that its not the book.

to begin with, i must say that i think this is the best Harry potter movie, it combines darkness,teenage love(witch by the way was not as cheesy as i though at the first time), and off course magic not to mention Humor. The humor in this film is one of the greatest, its hard to explain, but its something most people find funny,the love witch i at first found stupid(because i have never like love in books) was in fact enjoyable to watch, not many people think this, but i found this movie to be closest to the book of all the movies.

When Hermione gets angry over Ron being with Another girl, we get to see that she might have feelings for Ron, Emma Watson(Hermione) does an sweet and mature acting witch i felt was great. While Rupert Grint(Ron) Is simply an Comedy king and i really believe he will continue acting. The Draco part was true to the movie, and we get to see who Draco really is, Tom Felton does an amazing job as the New death eater Draco Malfoy. When it comes to the darkness scenes, i have to say that Michael Gambon(Dumbledore) shows the greatest Albus of all time, and his acting is simply touching and beautiful to watch. The memories that belongs to Tom riddle was simply simply amazing, and Jim Broadbent was the perfect choice for Slughorn whom harry tries to get a memory from.

The trios acting had become better, and off course the always amazing Alan Rickman(Snape) shows himself in his true colors.

Furthermore, i will say to you that this movie is something i cannot understand why other people hate it. to me, it is simply an masterpiece,even if you are an harry potter fan or not you should see it. and remember this is not the "figthing movie" that is the last movie, this is about finding answers and HOW to defeat the dark lord in the end.

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8 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

TRYING to like the film

Author: vivian333999 from Taiwan
15 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to say, after I watched OOTP, my initial reaction was "I MUST WATCH THIS AGAIN RIGHT NOW!" I was extremely confident that the following films are in good hands. HOWEVER, HBP was fast paced- but moved so quickly that I felt like I was being rushed from one scene to this next. Additionally, although the scenery was quite beautiful, there were many parts when the CGI just seemed too fake. On another note, I will get down on my knees if I have to in order to beg Yates and Heyman to put ROBES on the trio! Please! You wear robes at Hogwarts- not Muggle clothing! You wear robes in the Wizarding world! I beg you. This isn't a very difficult thing to accomplish. As for the score, I must say I am slightly disappointed. I loved Nicholas Hooper on OOTP. Unfortunately, is it just me or did I hear the same thing at Fred and George's joke shop? I head some beautiful tracks on the trailer that I'm not sure I heard in the movie. (But I could be wrong.) On the other hand, the acting was superb- with the exception of the despicable, ignorant Michael Gambon and Jim Broadbent. The trio's acting has improved immensely, and I am grateful for that. Alan Rickman's interpretation of Snape and Helena Bonham Carter's Bellatrix are both incredibly amazing. They have nailed their characters. Regrettably, I must say even though Broadbent was not a complete failure like Gambon, I wish he played Slughorn better by really obsessing over Harry and people with famous relatives. (SPOILER) I especially was disturbed at the part when Ron was poisoned, and Slughorn just stood shocked by the side and did NOTHING.! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Harry saved Ron! WTF! While Harry did yell, "Professor, DO SOMETHING," in the novel, Slughorn did react! Now, onto Gambon. I never quite got over Richard Harris' death, but that's because Gambon is an EPIC FAILURE. (SPOILER) Once again, he showed the "angry" Dumbledore, which is non existent in the books, when he yelled at the students "Get to bed!" Dumbledore would NEVER say something like that! Alright, now onto the events... (SPOILER for the rest of the paragraph) I am so disappointed by the stuff they cut out. First, I must state that, obviously, I'm always disappointed by stuff cut out in the films. However, I could understand most of the stuff the previous films cut out. As for HBP, I have never been so appalled. I fail to see how burning down the Burrows helped "advance" the plot. It was an unnecessary addition, which the timing could have been used to better the non-existent climax. The ending was appalling as well. Why wasn't Snape angry when Harry called him COWARD! Instead of having so much romance, film makers should have focused more on the Half-Blood Prince. Have Hermione yell at Harry a bit more for using the Prince's book! And why is the invisible cloak non existent except for on the train in the entire movie! You need it for Deathly Hallows! Plus, Harry's character would have never stood by if Dumbledore's disarmed and Bellatrix and Greyback were in the same room! Speaking of Dumbledore, HOW THE HELL CAN HE APPARATE IN HOGWARTS! WHAT A LOAD OF BS! They didn't even explain Greyback as well! Plus, Tonks and Lupin's relationship were never explained so why did Tonks call him sweetheart! If you're going to leave Tonks and Lupin's relationship out, FINE! But don' have her do something random like that! Next, Harry and Ginny's kiss… There's only one word to describe that. PATHETIC. Simply pathetic! Oh, and why was Harry's Quidditch captain position not explained?! Why was he lacking in leadership during tryouts! Harry always shows leadership! The DA for example! Why was Ginny standing by his side! She needs to try out as well! Oh, and the Horcruxes… Remember that! Was that, what, only briefly mentioned?! How can they advance the plot in DH if Harry doesn't know SH** about the Hufflepuff cup, the Slytherin ring, etc.!!!! And Sirius's will!!! What the hell was the point of including bloody Kreacher, who had one line, in OOTP if he wasn't mentioned to be inherited by Harry. Sorry, that all of these events are not in chronological order. But back to Dumbledore… Why am I not surprised that Dumbledore's death was not depressing? Oh… hmm… maybe because the actor who played Dumbledore said he wasn't sad when filming the scene!!! Fine, if you don't want to include the bloody funeral. But PLEASE, make the death sad!!! And since you didn't include nothing about Dumbledore's wand, please remember it in DH. And why didn't I hate Snape at all like I did after reading HBP! Another comment on the romance, Ron and Hermione's wasn't awkward enough. There just wasn't the right transition. And WHY did Lavender Brown sit at another table with other GRYFFINDORES in the Great Hall after her and Ron broke up? There four tables in the great hall and they are seated by the order of the four Houses! Why are there Gryffindores on two separate tables? What the heck? And Neville! Why did he only have one line! I would like to see less of that dimwit Lavender Brown! And how did Lupin know about Draco's mission?! Speaking of which, I finally have one good thing to say about the film. Tom Felton was amazing. They did Draco justice- although I would have hoped Sectumsempra (Sorry, if I didn't spell it correctly) was a little bit more dramatic. After all, it is of the Dark Arts. It would have been better if we could have seen gashes on Malfoy and blood spilling out as Harry waved his wand wildly like he was supposed to… though the battle was not bad. But speaking of battles, taking out the ending battle was the worst idea Yates ever had.

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9 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

A well-crafted adaptation that will surely displease fan boys

Author: luna_oscura from Canada
3 August 2009

When I walked into Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I expected a terrible adaptation of quite possibly one of the weaker books in the series. When I walked out of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I was pleasantly surprised with a well-crafted adaptation that bursted with life and vitality, and restored my faith in the Potter franchise.

As a film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince succeeds on many levels. From the cinematography to the set-design, from the acting to the direction, this is by far the strongest Harry Potter film to date. However, to fan boys, the film will be seen as terrible, and one of the worst adaptations ever created.

The fan boys aren't entirely incorrect. As an adaptation, it is incredibly unfaithful. Entire subplots, main plots, and themes are changed. Vital characters are ignored, and minor ones are given more prominent roles.

Yet, this all works to its advantage. Screenwriter Steve Kloves augments the romance and downplays the action, while director David Yates directs his actors (especially Emma Watson and Alan Rickman) to quietly powerful performances. This pairing creates a film that is much more slowly-paced that previous Potter films, but it allows the actors and the audience to explore the characters in more depth than we've been previously allowed. The ending is particularly effective in this sense, as the grandiose battle sequences of the novel have been traded off for two quieter scenes in which startling revelations are made, and loyalties are questioned.

For fan boys, the film acts as a stepping stone to what will most likely be another book- ruining adaptation. For us regular film goers, the film acts as a stepping stone to what will be most likely the strongest Potter adaptation of the weakest novel. Harry Potter is no Godfather or Dark Knight, but in Half-Blood Prince, he comes mighty close.

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9 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Best of the series so far, SO WHY THE HATE?????

Author: Quantumorganization007 from United States
18 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So many people want this movie to be loyal to the book. It is. There are way too many people out there who are obsessed with putting everything in the book, and they don't like the film. You have to understand that if they put everything from the book into the movie it would just make the movie worse and in that case the movie would be 5-6 hrs. long and THAT'S why this movie would suck. It definitely deserves better than an 8.1, it deserves and 8.5 or something good like that. People must also understand that the fight at the end of the film and Dumbledore's funeral were cut out because the fight was too similar to the way the 7th one ends (and one of the producers also said that they didn't put it in because the Battle of Hogwarts would be close to 40 minutes long), and they cut out the funeral because they thought it didn't fit in with the tone of the movie. Obsessed book fans also complain that the two scenes added were a waste. They were not a waste. It gave the movie more action, and the movie was NOT boring!!! I don't understand the hate. Those people who are obsessed with having everything in the book have got to learn that not everything fits. I've read the books and have seen every movie, and sometimes I wonder "Oh, that wasn't in the movie" but I just learn to deal with it because it's just a movie, and True fans, like me, will understand that and give this movie a good rating like me. Fans obsessed with putting everything from the books into the movies, deal with it and go drown yourself because true fans are sick of your complaining. It's just a movie deal with it.

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9 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Best in the Series, Hands Down

Author: volhome from United States
17 July 2009

By far and away, this venture into the Potterverse was the best to date. Our kids have grown into the skin of their characters, and the new younger characters now are populated by folks that have skills to match the roles. And no question that we finally are getting to see the professors, headmaster, and supporting adults at the absolute top of their form.

It was easily the movie that stayed truest to the source material, and that proved to be a blessing. We may not get every scene and every word that Rowling wrote, but this was definitely the closest we have come. The movie is better for it, as well.

We have two movies left in the series, and seeing HP&HBP shows that we have hope to see the book well interpreted, directed, and acted. Looking forward to re-watching the HBP, and eagerly awaiting the coming Deathly Hallows.

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9 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Top Quality continues in 6th movie

Author: Sam Leventhal (sambarb@cox.net) from United States
16 July 2009

It's our family tradition to go to see new Potter films the first full day that they are released.

My youngest daughter started to read via the books so my wife and I are forever grateful to J K Rowling for her magnificent imagination. Now my youngest is an avid reader and fantasy doesn't disappoint.

Loved the teen romances at the castle. Lavender Brown's infatuation with Ron was really funny. And Ron and Hermione, Harry and Ginny start to become young couples.

Part of the lure of the film is how these teens look after one another. They remind Harry that he can't go it alone. And they care about each other unless someone is stealing someone Else's boyfriend / girlfriend.

The young love focus lightened some of the sinister mood from previous movies. But still plenty of sinister mood.

Quidich tournament filming was also excellent, keeping the quality of the franchise! Looking forward to the final two movies.

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10 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

Powerful and stunning! One of the best fantasy films ever made

Author: Red_Identity from United States
19 July 2009

I have always been a big fan of Harry Potter, both the books and the films. Half-Blood Prince is my favorite of the first 6 books, and now I can say that the film is as well. First off, the film does cut a lot of things out. It cuts some of the Horcruxes that are talked about, and some of the memories of Tom Riddle, but even without them, this is an incredibly powerful film. The opening sequence I loved and I was glad that the writers would include such a scene. It shows the danger of the world that everyone lives in now that Voldemort is back. David Yates is back directing the 6th film after the fantastic Order of the Phoenix, which I thought he created a much more moodier and grittier Harry Potter adaptation. In Half-Blood Prince, Yates directs with much larger confidence and maturity, one that is shown much throughout the film. This Potter film is the first to actually make me smile and laugh along with it. It has a lot of whimsical, light and genuinely funny moments, which I thought were brilliant and stayed true to the book. When the film requires it to, it gets darker and more menacing, which I also thought was balanced very nicely with the tone of the book. I like judging the Harry Poter films more as films, not always as adaptations. There will always be some people who are disappointed, but I am grateful for the things that were in the film, that they were well-made and stayed true to what I imagined while reading the book. This film succeeds in that. Steve Kloves is a very talented writer, to cut all those things out of the book but for it to stay with that same tone that J.K. Rowling marks on them.

What helps this film are the performances to a great extent. The adult cast as always is great. Michael Gambon, Jim Broadbent, Alan Rickman, and Helena Bonham Carter all deliver high-worthy performances. They should all be considered for Oscar consideration come the end of the year. The young cast is brilliant. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson have all grown very comfortably into their characters, and they know their strengths and weaknesses. Bonnie Wright also becomes more important in just the right time, since she is also very good as Ginny. Evanna Lynch is fantastic again like in the last film. The young kids playing Tom Riddle are spot-on. But the biggest surprise for me had to be Tom Felton. His character is more important here than in the other films, but Felton really was masterful. He portrays everything about Draco Malfoy that was intended by Rowling: his fear, his anger, his remorse. Malfoy is in a very dark place, and Felton goes up and beyond what I would have expected from him. The strongest of the young cast.

The other aspects of what make this film brilliant are the technical aspects of course. The cinematography must be what is most amazing. It is so well-done, captures every shot right and with powerful meaning behind it. The different color textures and lighting really are beautiful. Also, Some truly amazing shots in this film. Like always, the set designs are wonderful. The visual effects are strong, but not to a point that they detract from the film. If the Academy does not recognize at least the technical side, then what can they recognize?

Overall, I simply loved Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Yes, the ending was shorter here than in the book, but I thought it still worked well, and certainly not anti-climactic. The death was very well done, and I thought was handled better than in Order of the Phoenix (while still a great film, lacked the emotion for Sirius dying). The ending was perfect, left me feeling sad and happy at the same time, and cannot wait for Deathly Hallows! The best Potter film yet.

Was the above review useful to you?

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