Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, 2009

Author: Steve from Somewhere out there
20 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I admit, I love the series by J.K. Rowling and collect the 2-Disc special edition DVDs. The Half-Blood Prince is no exception. Though far from a masterpiece but not terrible, this will make a nice edition to the Harry Potter movies.

Its Harry's 6th year in Hogwarts and Harry is now grown up. Harry must *spoiler* destroy the Horcruxes that allow Voldemort to never die *spoiler*. The movie becomes even more dark and omnious with the death of Dumbledore and the ever-foreboding Severus.

Harry's 6th year is refreshing and has it's share in laughs. Anyone one looking for an easy, stress free movie that requires little thought (readers of the book) this is the movie for you. If you haven't read the books I suggest you do. A nice background score accompanies this movie and beautiful shots of Hogwarts are always a welcoming touch.

**** out of *****

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Satisfying...but several niggling aspects that drain the energy out of the film faster than a Dementor Kiss

Author: simmmz from Australia
30 June 2010

Even before its release, Half Blood Prince had a dark mark against its name. I felt completely abused after Warner delayed the release. How could they do this to us fans? But when I gaze back into my Pensieve, I walked out of 'Half Blood Prince' satisfied...emotionally. BUT there is still plenty to go all 'Moaning Murtle' over....

I wasn't a massive fan of David Yates' direction in Order of the Pheonix, and was filled with disappointment that he would be at the helm yet again...(and again, for Deathly Hallows). But he does a competent job this time round, proving capable of directing thrilling action...as well as some more 'intimate' moments. The opening Death Eater attack was expertly handled, and set the tone for the rest of the film nicely. But unfortunately, it quickly lags, as pacing felt slightly off beat in the lead up to Hogwarts fun and festivities. But when things settle, the film gets off to a 'fire-bolting' start.

The biggest successes of Half Blood Prince are some of the soap opera elements, specifically, the Hermoine/Ron/Lavendar triangle. There is a great balance of romantic humour and drama, that works well in the franchise and will appease fans of these characters. Emma Watson gives her best performance yet. She's moved on from the 'huffy, breathy, p.m.essey school of acting', to display some genuine emotion. Once again, there is an awkward 'crazy hysterical laugh' at some completely unfunny dialogue (whoever decided to keep these moments in, is in need of firing). Rupert Grint is once again, the star of the show...and props to Jessie Cave as Lavendar Brown, who is hilarious.

But whilst this romantic plot development is engaging, fun, and decently acted....we have a flip side; the Harry/Ginny saga. Granted, the source material wasn't great here....but Bonnie Wright plays Ginny as the ultimate dullard. She's blander than a Rune, and more wooden than the Elder Wand. The delivery of the line "shoelace" was nauseating, and the 'feeding' Harry mince pies was woefully flat. Her performance went down worse than a bogey Bertie Bott's every-flavour bean. There was more sexual tension between Alan Rickman and....well, every other member of the cast that he interacted with. Its disappointing, as a lot could have been made of this feisty Ranga. Daniel Radcliff wasn't much better. I actually wanted Harry and Ginny to apparate right out of there and leave it to the other players.

But overall, I'm glad they spent time on the romance. This film acts as a bit of calm before the storm. However, the soap opera focus comes with the sacrifice of an adequate exploration of Horcruxes, and Tom Riddel's past. This is unsatisfactory, and is sure to confuse all those muggles out there that aren't familiar with the books. Surely, there was room to provide more fulfilling explorations? For example, the infamous Burrow scene: Whilst it was well done...it is given no context, explanation, or justification. It had no implications for any of the characters, and was merely pointless action. The Weasley kids could have at least made one reference, later on that their house had burnt down. But nay.

The most thrilling part of the film is the cave sequence -- its one of the best in the film franchise -- fabulously creepy, and shows exciting potential for what Yates could do with Deathly Hallows. The Inferi look slightly Gollum-esquire, but this is forgivable. Key changes are made to the conclusion of the book, all of which assist with a nicely flowing, slightly anti-climatic, finale. But there is genuine tension here. Its not bombastic action -- its thrilling and dramatic. I was slightly moved by the ending, but cutting a 'big' HP moment was a bad idea for us die-hards. I went all Shrieking-Shack I realised this.

The editing was problematic for me, with some extremely jarring transitions between scenes. Yes, I could fill in the gaps having read the books, but this choppiness effected the pacing and tone of the film. The cinematography was nominated for an Academy Award, and whilst it was stark, and at times striking, I found the colour pallet far too murky and obscuring. I felt distanced from action, and it got to a point where it just became dull. But the score is quite brilliant. Pulsating, evocative, but non-distracting, its one of the best from the series.

Overall, Half Blood Prince captures the essential feel of the novel, and lets the characters breathe for once, with some nice moments in the halls of Hogwarts. That said, I really think that there is little to offer those who have not read the books. Although the experience is overall satisfying, there are several niggling aspects that drain the energy out of the film faster than a Dementor Kiss. Still not good enough for this promising franchise!

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Excellent Harry Potter Entry

Author: james higgins (jameshiggins923@gmail.com) from Kingsport, TN
22 June 2010

The imagination used in this and all the Harry Potter films is really quite remarkable. The special effects are creative and amazing, beautifully done. The production values are top notch in all areas. Excellent cinematography, sound, score, editing, art direction, lighting, costume design and screenplay. Very well acted, especially from the established older actors, like Maggie Smith, Jim Broadbent, Julie Walters, Alan Rickman etc. Daniel Radcliffe is aging very well into the Harry Potter role, as is Rupert Grint. A wonderful movie that is often enthralling and has touches of humor to keep it light and entertaining throughout.

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Best in the series by far

Author: garrettthebeast7 from United States
13 June 2010

I just saw the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with my stepbrothers and I must say that I'm not surprised that this one is rated so good. Almost every Harry Potter film I've seen have gotten better and better than the last one. Although the Goblet of Fire is my favorite one out of the films, this one runs pretty close to replacing it. I love how Ron and Hermione's relationship begins to grow stronger and I almost cried when Dumbeldore dies at the end. I think that the Deathly Hallows will be just as great as the other 6 films and I cannot wait for its release this November. The Half-Blood Prince is one of the best in the series.

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A Great HP Movie!

Author: g-bodyl from United States
13 June 2010

This Harry Potter movie is really well done. Instead of action, this movie focuses more on the drama and romance, definitely the romance. Because there is limited action, the filmmakers had to add additional scenes which everyone say it didn't happen in the novel(True, it didn't). Also, the movie tended to be a little on the boring side.

This time around, the gang enters the sixth year at Hogwarts with dark times lurking. Basically this year, Harry learns the secrets of Voldemort's past with Dumbledore. Also romance begins to bloom between Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny.

This is probably the darkest Harry Potter movie yet. Obviously, the final two are going to be darker. I thought the score by Hooper is much better here. Even though I really liked this film, I thought this may be the weakest of all of the HP movies. I rate this film 9/10.

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Another strong entry in the series.

Author: lewiskendell from United States
13 April 2010

I look forward to seeing new Harry Potter movies more than nearly any other titles. Whether the images on the screen coincides exactly with the images I imagine when reading the books, or not, it's always fun to see this world come to life again and again. The Half-Blood Prince is one of the better books, in my opinion, so I was especially eager to experience the film version. 

It certainly wasn't a disappointment. Yes, once again changes had to be made to the original story, and substantial plot-points had to be left out, but Yates did a fairly good job of managing what was cut, while being sure to include the most important bits. I wouldn't mind a 3-hour Harry Potter movie, but 153 minutes was adequate to keep the pacing at reasonable speed, while still doing justice to the plot. Only the most hardcore and puritanical of Potter fans, will be truly dismayed by the changes. Well...a little more Luna would have been nice, but I can deal with that.

It's sad that the series is almost finished, but I'm really grateful that great adaptations of the books like these, have been made for the fans to enjoy. Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince is comfortably in the top half of the series, in terms of quality. It's just a fun and well-constructed movie.

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Another Great Movie, But Can Never Compare To The Books.

Author: Sophie0796 from United Kingdom
4 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The thing that gets us all with the harry potters is the fantasy, the growing with another world where anything is possible. However with such extraordinary book written by J.K Rowling. there is so much to compete with, the directors have changed over the films, some of them being more intriguing then others. In all the films they have missed out important information that could/should and mostly needed to be included. Of course the books are relatively big and are jam packed with so much information sometimes it take a few rereads to fully understand. Having read every book from 1-7 about 6 times each, i know the story's back to front. Harry potter is an amazing story about and average boy who grows up to live a difficult, demanding and exciting life, battling Lord Voldemort, meeting friends, whom he can spend memories with. Gaining people so close to him, he can call them family. To some people Harry Potter is just a stupid children's film/book with magical stories and typical romance, but to a reader/watcher who understands it is so much much more. I think this film for a general audience is amazing, it shows action, romance, friendship, danger, humour etc. But for readers of the imaginative books it can seem a let down having not included other vital scenes like Voldmort growing up, or the farewell with Ginny, or The new Minister Of Magic, The more scenes including Draco and Snapes farewell words, the story behind everything. It is easy to be said that none of the films have had as much detail as the books obviously. But as Harry moves up in years at Hogwarts there is more going on and more for him to face. The 5th book, which is the biggest of the series had so much information that was missed out in the film, for example they never explained that Neville could of indeed had Harry's life at that present time, being that the phropecy could be either of them. It missed out S.P.E.W which to me made the book what it was, another interesting factor towards the story. Ron and Hermione becoming Prefects, another factor which causes tension. Also in the 6th book Harry being quidditch captain added to it, and the things between everyone that happen. So much is missed out and its sad to see the film suffer because of it. I do love the harry potter films and books a lot, but i will always always want to read a book more due to be able to connect more with it. It explains things so much better giving the reader a chance to understand and grow with the characters. I know that watchers of the films have been confused by them as several of my family members went to the cinema with me only to not entirely understand that phropecy in the Order Of The Phoenix or not to get why Dumbledore was murdered In the Half Blood Prince. Its sad to say that with what they have missed out, the 7th film will never be as good and spectacular as it could have been made, and it makes me wonder what will be missed out this time. Will they forget to mention the Elder Wand? or the fact that Severus Snape was indeed a good man who was probably the bravest man Harry ever knew? And what about all these people that have died? why didn't Bill get attacked in the 6th film? what happened to the big battle? And will everything truly be explained in the last film? maybe enough to satisfy the general watchers but for the true lovers of harry potter i hate to say that its awful to feel disappointed.

As always Emma Roberts, Rupert Grint, and of course Daniell Radcliffe were all amazing at acting, as were everyone else, I think that they couldn't have chosen better people to play every character. I just hope that when it comes to the end, will it be alright? will we get to see how many people suffer? And i hope that the emotional battle will show what it does in the book, not just a fight against good and evil but the fact that all the people harry ever met starting from when he turned 11 from the day Hagrid walked through his door to the day he lives, that all those people never make it to the end. but the book shows such emotions happiness that its over, but sadness that Dumbledore who risked everything for harry, Severus Snape the bravest man harry ever knew, Fred and George Weasly who both suffer, Tonks and Lupin who finally get everything only to have it taken away. Sirius and innocent man who never deserved to die, who would do anything to protect harry. Mad eye moody, a man who died fighting. And there's so many to name, and even if people think it all ends fine and dandy, your wrong just because harry lives happily he struggled to get where he was, and i just hope that the last line in the 7th book "The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well." and hes right it is then and there, but he had a battle to get there, so i hope that, that line is put across in the film just like J.K Rowling would have wanted it to be. And to me harry potter will always be more than a book or film it will be a part of my life.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

The Half Blood Prince Was Good Despite Some Flaws

Author: tburke85 from United States
19 January 2010

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was good despite some flaws. Director David Yates is admirable in making this movie based on the popular J. K. Rowlings book series. Daniel Radcliffe continues to show why he was perfectly cast as Harry who begins his sixth year at Hogwarts. Radcliffe is effective in the role and has matured over the years as an actor. Well done. Ruper Grint and Emma Watson also return as Harry's best friends who are equally impressive like Radcliffe. All three of them have grown up a lot and it shows. The same can go for Tom Fenton whose role in this one is a bit larger than the others portraying Draco as a conflicted young man whose given a task he may not be able to do. The rest of the cast are good in their limited screen time including Michael Gambon, Maggie Smith, Jim Broadbent, Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham Carter, and Robbie Coltrane. Ralph Fiennes is absent as Voldemort but hopefully his role will be larger in the next one than his cameo appearance in The Order Of The Phoenix. This movie is definitely a little darker than the other ones and I'm sure The Deathly Hallows will have that same sort of feel to it. The Half Blood Prince doesn't have a whole lot of action in it but the parts that do are well executed. What this movie does have is character development, drama, some suspense, humor, and a little romance. The running time of 153 minutes did make the movie drag in some areas but it's still worth watching. The identity of the Half Blood Prince surprised me and I didn't necessarily see coming but I suspected it might have been him. Overall I thought this film was good despite some flaws. Fortunately however the good outweighed the bad. If you're a big Harry Potter fan than chances are you'll enjoy this one just as much as the others. It has character development, drama, humor, romance, and some action with solid performances by the cast.

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A nicely done revision of the famous book.

Author: zactac from United States
14 January 2010

The Half-Blood prince is another wonderfully done film in the famous film franchise. In this installment we all learn many more new things about the connection that Harry and Voldemort share. Along with Harry's and his friends lives going crazy. And as things are looking up for Harry he must learn the hard way that he must end the battle against Voldemort before he takes over everything.

In this movie there is adventure, drama, and comedy. Making this a pretty good new installment in the franchise. All of the movies have gotten better with new and different things coming into the film franchise.The last few movies had action, mystery, and adventure. In this movie it has all of that including comedy. This movie is surprisingly funny for a Harry Potter film. There are just so many funny moments in this movie its just surprising. With all of the funny moments to keep the mood light and happy up until the most saddening part of the film. This is nice way to set up the stage for the final showdown against Voldemort. I am really looking forward to the next movie.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

After all the OOTF disappointment...

Author: Marie Sun (mariesun) from Brazil
6 January 2010

I really liked it, but I gotta say that David Yates (or maybe Steve Kloves) has failed about crucial details, especially in the Room of Requeriment scene (with that AWFUL kiss, that I'd have done way better if I were that close to Daniel Radcliffe), when Harry or Ginny HAD to see Ravenclaw's diadem, even if it was just for a second. And where the hell went Harry's chemistry with Ginny?

All Ron's jealously has gone away. It just looked like Hermione was crazy about him, and he could care less.

I really like their (trio) acting, especially Daniel's in the Felix Felicis' scene. Hilarious, cute, and with a little help from Jim Broadbent, who really made this film funnier and funnier than I thought.

Tom Felton is awesome, and so are Helena Bohan Carter and Alan Rickman as death eaters. Shame that Ralph Fiennes haven't appeared, we all remember his epic scene at HP4. All the Voldemort memories, especially when he came asking for a job, were just forgotten. I wonder how Kloves and Yates will make it happen...

Anyway, Michael Gambon made me cry. Dumbledore is the deepest character I've ever seen, and Micheal knows how to transmit all his intensity to the film.

As a huge fan, I always wait for the best. Not 10/10 (I hope DH with be), but yet very good.

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