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Blade was a masterpiece compared to this
Vlad_Bedazzled19 August 2005
This is clearly the worst Wesley Snipes movie I have ever seen. And I have to say I was sorry that they didn't do better because it was shot in my country and I was looking forward to what they had done. It was also disappointing that in the car chase they took advantage of the fact that most people in this world don't know how Bucharest looks like and they had no continuity in the route they used. Every street or boulevard was in a different part of the city, even though the scene looked like the streets came one after another. The only thing I liked was that they used "Club Twice" (the club of one of the characters) in the movie, and that is one of my favorite clubs. If you're from Bucharest and you want to see how they used the place watch it. If you're not from Bucharest but still want to see how they used the place watch it. Otherwise don't waste you're time. P.S.: At least they didn't put vampires in the movie. It would have been to much, even for Romania.
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If your desperate for an action film, see this one.
giddythief8 July 2005
This film was really let down by bad direction. As well as all the inconsistencies; the car appearing less damaged the more it was hit, the pitiful attempt to add gunfire sound effects to Wesley's gun, etc. I thought also that the director was getting a little too experimental. After the first car chase the camera inverts for no reason i can guess at. Lots of cut-scenes toward the beginning of the film didn't really serve a purpose. When I see a film advertised with actors of Wesley Snipes calibre i expect good quality direction. The director of this film should leave his experimenting for film school, or at least for before the movie is filmed. Romania is a place I am interested in, a little different, maybe a bit exotic. The setting here never really developed. I didn't see anything in this film to suggest that it wasn't filmed in a studio, apart from a short clip of the city at night. If you want action and don't plan to be too sober, give it a go. If you want a film with soul, forget it. Nothing to get your teeth into here.
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More Direct-To-Video Fun With Snipes.
Comeuppance Reviews24 June 2005
"7 Seconds" was a goofy film. Of course it's full of clichés and stupid one-liners, but there's a lot of action and charm to spare. It's way better than "Unstoppable". Wesley Snipes plays Jack Tulliver, a thief who inadvertently steals an expensive Van Gogh painting. Now tons of gangsters are after him: dead or alive. Wesley Snipes was great as usual as the wise-cracking hero. The first car chase was a ton of fun and the action-packed climax was very cool. I'm surprised this went DTV. Wesley is too good for that fate. If he does another drama in the vein of "Disappearing Acts" and lay low on the action films, he can be on top again.

For more insanity, please visit: comeuppancereviews.com
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7 seconds is all this film deserves in your time !!
Mark Solanki6 August 2005
On my, oh my, where has the promising career of Wesley Snipes gone, he mixed it up with Stallone in demolition man, played alongside Sean Connery in Rising Sun, even had his own comic book trilogy of movies, and now he's decided to muscle in on Seagal, Van Damme & Lungren territory - the straight to video market ! This film sucks in most departments, the only reason I gave it 3 stars is a few of the action scenes were decent and the ending was OK, in the sense it woke me from my comatose state that the rest of the movie put me in ! The script is so bad that actors have absolutely nothing to work with, for a 90 minute movie it drags unbelievably from one scene to the next. just when you think the storyline is going to pick up they start showing you flashbacks of scenes earlier in the movie which you've already scene a thousand times !!, Tamzin Outhwaite does OK with the little characterization she is given, apart from spitting out some cheesy cockney lines god knows where they picked up from and looking pretty she isn't asked to do much else. Wesley also does a credible job if you can call it that with this scrip, though I use the term credible lightly because he should have his head read for choosing this script ! the story line is so full of holes, and pointless narrative its a waste of time me even writing about it, as a snipes fan I watched this, and recently with the likes of Zig Zag, Undisputed and then Unstoppable coming from Wesley I was hoping for an upturn in quality, but yet again he failed me with this film, so poor I can't believe I wrote this much about it !!
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Waste of your time
jantomoertimoerman28 June 2005
Awful movie, car chase sucks. Ty, have you seen "Ronin", now thát's a car chase. This movie has nothing to do with that. Cars are driving around doing 20 mph and you call that "a ton of fun"? This action-packed climax has over 20 Opel Calibra's chasing around Bukarest and every time Wesley hits a police car, I don't know, he gains extra credits or something. He hits a police car and voilá, out of nowhere he has his front bumper back again in pristine condition. Editing is even worse. The end is way to sudden, and so not believable. Dialogs are the worst. I have no words for that. Just don't bother. Waste of your time.

Sorry Wesley, I like you, but this is killing your career. STOP IT!!
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Skip this one....
hortonsbks21 August 2005
I bought this on Pay-per-View thinking that if Wesley Snipes was in it, I'd probably like it. I was wrong. First of all, I'm glad I was at home, because some of the actors mumbled so badly I had to keep adjusting the volume. It took me half the movie to even understand who was who and what exactly the plot was. But, the worst were these super annoying flashbacks, as though even the director realized that we couldn't figure out what was going on without help. The ending is totally implausible. The sound stinks. The car chase in the second half looks just like the one in the first half. The English girl says, "Didn't we do this before?" I thought...exactly! In fact, the car goes from damaged to not damaged to damaged. I don't know why they bothered to film this in Bucharest unless it is super cheap to do so. They showed us almost nothing of the place. Might as well have filmed it on a back lot somewhere. In fact, better yet if they hadn't filmed it at all. What a mess!
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Awful and Deceptive Screenplay
Claudio Carvalho20 January 2006
The awful screenplay of "7 Seconds", which looks like a Steven Seagal movie, is so absurd and full of clichés, and has many huge holes, beginning with the selection of Wesley Snipes for the lead role. I have never been in Romania, but I believe that there are not much Afro-Americans living and circulating in Bucharest. Therefore, it would not be difficult to find Jack Tuliver in the middle of the locals. Another interesting point is the attraction of beautiful white women for his character, probably with the intention to show that Romanian and British women are not racist. In the bus station, he fights with two guys and there is no policeman in the area. There are lots of characters coming and going without any previous development or later appearance. The stupid character of the dyed Kelly Anders is ridiculous, as well as most of the dialogs along the story. The predictable plot point is very weak. Last but not the least, when an action movie does not have much story to show, usually there are lots of cars chase in the script, for the pride and joy of the stunts (there are exceptions, of course, like "Ronin", "The Blues Brothers", "The Transporter " and others). My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "7 Segundos" ("7 Seconds")
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I'm surprised Wesley agreed to this.
Simplyawesomek25 March 2006
Out of all the great films I've seen Wesley Snipes do, I decided to take a shot on Seven seconds and hope for the best. I shouldn't of bothered, I spent about 8 pounds sterling UK, so I guess I didn't do that badly, but lets get down to the review.

The storyline was weak, the acting quite poor and the action, lacking. When you compare 7 seconds to other great films Wesley has done, such as most notably " Blade " or " Passenger 57 ", my personal favourite " The Money Train " or " White men can't jump ", you have to wonder why he'd enter into doing something in which plot and ending was so weak.

The main part of the film, was based around am attempted crime gone wrong, something that all in all, made little to no real impact on the film. You'd expect the main storyline to be what grabs you and if that lacks, the action/acting to be at least half decent. This failed, the ending especially, weak, the usage of British Actors, if I don't say so myself was poor and if I were you, I'd stay away from this film, because if you don't and have any personal thoughts of appreciation of how great Wesley Snipes is and how he can make most films look amazing, this may just damper that.
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very bad
neilhughes19653 October 2005
i would like to comment about 7 seconds with Wesley Snipes .It is an extremely poor film with no storyline a cast who have serious trouble acting. They have obviously used Wesley Snipes to push the film .He looks bored in this film and has none of his usual spark .Tamzin Outhwaite should stick to telly work she is so wooden . THe two men who play the American soldiers are truly pathetic all in all this is a film that should never have been made .I only hope Wesleys next film is better than this.Do not bother to watch this film you will only be disappointed . The film has no proper storyline and a bunch of characters who are just there for no apparent reason
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terrible terrible director
rogue_andy27 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
just saw this stupid movie and i have to say the directing was horrible unnecessary stupid scenes like the one where Wesley snipes "kidnapps" the hot chick, stands up and shots one bullet through the window in slow-mo. why? the police officer just stands there for about 3 seconds before he "runs" away hiding and the constant flashbacks, same flashback 2 or 3 times over and over to explain us different scenarios , does Martin Wheeler think the audience have the IQ of a potato-plant ? the acting was horrible, of course you have the hot chick who cant act for s h i t. like when she got shot, her expression looked like someone stepped on her foot, "mommy it hurts" and to top it all, the car at the end exploding when the police car hit it, hahaha.
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Fast paced and fizzled out
Marcus Van Zyl15 January 2006
This movie started off with a lot of promise and, it had all the ingredients for a great heist/action movie. But it all get very lost and over the top, the two marine officers have a no part, the marine major is also a no-parter. Wesley Snipes is funny and as always action packed. Tamsym has a great part but it needed more meat to it. Over all not a bad movie but it could have a really good one.

The location was a great one, the first car chase was great, fast paced and full of action, they then duplicate it towards the end. If you really enjoyed this movie, you have to watch HEAT.

I enjoyed this movie but only because I'm a big Wesley Snipes fan.
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Poorly made film, 3 because I watched it to the end
Jason Carney6 January 2006
The film starts confusingly with a bunch of characters whose story is not told and who get shot quickly. Fair enough, but even the two main characters played by Wesley Snipes and ex-Eastenders and Red Caps star, Tamzin Outhwaite, do not create interest. Snipes makes a half decent performance, but the dialogue put into the mouths of most of the actors was terrible. No decent one-liners, little humour, which is expected in a good action film. In fact the dialogue seemed wooden and unnatural. A high point was the psychopathic performance of Peter Lee Wilson - Alexsie - although comical at times.

The plot was interesting, but the film making was appalling, so the plot seemed incoherent - believe me the film had potential for a good story and the ending was exciting. Some of the action sequences were entertaining, but it was obviously low budget. Shame.
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Pretty good movie I think
olsenkro3 July 2005
I think this was an entertaining movie! It delivers what I've expected, nothing more nothing less! It has a Few turningpoints which was good. But the movie was easy to figure out like most action movies is! But i watched it cause i knew what i was getting!! Entertainment!!! Snipes always gives you what you want! If You rent a snipes movie,you know what you get!You get action,and if thats what you're after, You've picked the right movie:) I'm not at all disappointed! Snipes keep on track! don't start making comedies like other action actors!

Nothing new here, but i was entertained:) Thank you snipes for many entertaining hours in my sofa:)
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Another shoot-out
black diamond24 June 2005
I've seen better Wesley Snipes movies. Still has some good (not great, but good) action, even if it is a little predictable. The good/bad ratios are, as one might expect, the same as in all action movies: one good, too many bad. Oh, and a beautiful girl or two to spice up some scenes.

Although the predictable action, there are a few turns of situation that improve the quality of the movie: like magicians... they show you one hand instead of the real thing.

Overall, it's worth seeing but don't expect the quality of the blade series.

(ps) it's nice that it was shot in my country, but i want to see them do better next time. (pps) didn't want to spoil anything - that's why i used general terms
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Wait for the TV show.
idbar31 March 2006
The movie is terrible. I saw it thinking it would be an action movie (nothing to think about, just relax). Unluckily, I found my self annoyed by the bad production of this movie. Bad effects and acting. It looks like a low-budget one-shot production. Casting is regular (except maybe for the hot ladies that perhaps are a must in this kind of movies).

For the rest, I watch movies from beginning to end, and if this is a spoiler: The intro is kind of cool, however, the subject could be better explored and attacked.

The lack of script starts showing up after that first scene making the movie a pretty bad cliché. A tough guy beating bad guys, in the same way a kid beats bad guys in Home Alone.

It is sad that a good project and a good plot is poorly abstracted to the screen.
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Shorten 7 Seconds
Robin Cook28 June 2005
I just watched this on a DVD rental today. It was nice to see that this action film had an intelligent plot and good acting. It was predictable insofar as the culprit behind it all, but the action momentum kept things flowing for offset. Perhaps the one thing for me that dropped this movie down by quite a few notches was the action background music score. It is very hackneyed and was so much so that it was distracting. This drumbeat bit with symbols dum dum dum dam bit does get old and pray that movie makers begin to find a new and different cool sound to accompany action scenes. An example would be like how many times would it take to listen to the Mission Impossible theme for suspense and action in a broad range of action movies before you'd start screaming? Changing the "beat" would have made a difference in viewing this movie and given it more integrity.

If stepping back in time in how rating movies of the past now as low budget B movies, that's about where I would categorize this action flick (even if the budget may not have been low by today's standards).

If you're wanting to watch an action film with racing cars, bullets flying and Snipes flexing his muscles and bopping heads, then you won't be disappointed in watching this movie.
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Love Snipes, but still, this movie needs some help
Pistol111125 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Usually, I'm a big fan of Wesley Snipes, he makes pretty decent action flicks, but this movie wasn't up to the Snipes standard. Granted, I didn't expect much from the movie, but the acting in it (aside from Snipes) was sort of lame, especially the odd personalities of all the different characters. The only other decent performance came from Tamzin, playing the NATO officer or whatever who befriends Snipes after her kidnapping and while tracking him down, wants to help him prove his pseudo-innocence and recover his girlfriend who was kidnapped. After watching the first 20 or so minutes of the movie, I thought it was going to be a direct rip-off of the Italian Job, but decided to keep watching, hoping things would get better. After a while, the plot picked up, and I was laughing at some of the corny jokes that were prominently on display. While there were a few action scenes, it was obvious the low budget of the film, and the gunshots and car crashes, etc were all quite fake.

Overall, I'd say there are much better movies to watch on TV, but if you're in the mood for a odd action flick, maybe take a look at this one.
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Rather Boring
SandzOfTime8 August 2005
Sure the name Wesley Snipes is what made me grab the movie to rent. Then after it started, I walked off doing chores and taking care of things for the next day.

I did chuckled with the different shots of the vehicle. At one point he scraped the wall enough to create a good bit of recognizable damage; however and aerial shot showed a beautiful undamaged vehicle - chuckle.

The thing I liked the BEST, the song playing while the credits were rolling. If anyone knows that song, please post, I'd like to have a copy.

I'd tell people to rent it using a coupon for a free rental, so you won't feel you were totally robbed.
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Getting sick of all these Russian gangsters
kerrliamau3 September 2005
Geez, isn't the public getting sick of all these Russian characters in the movies ? Its obvious a lot of producers are just copying All these great Italian Characters we have had in the past, and it sure seems pathetic. Don't the producers realize ???? Tell me a movie with Russian Gangsters or Characters that have rated so highly...NONE. Yet, producers these days seem to think how exciting these Russian or former soviet union characters are. I find The Russian Culture, and characters very dull, and just be seeing some of the characters in this movie, i sure wont go waste my money, on something that I'm totally getting sick of. If you want a good mobster movie or Gangster movie..Italian Characters are the best by far !!!! NO QUESTION !! all these imitations..are just getting way over the top. Geez, wouldn't a sequel to The Godfather be nice on this day and age !!!
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A good movie. Not for kids.
Nikhil Gokhale15 September 2008
After professional thief Jack Tulliver (Snipes) and his crew pull off a meticulously planned armoured car heist, they are ambushed by another group of thieves, who kill most of Tulliver's crew but are unable to kill Tulliver before he escapes. After carjacking Sgt. Kelly Anders' (Outhwaite) sedan, he makes a getaway, but leaves Anders under suspicion from her fellow officers. Meanwhile, Tulliver must save a team member who has been captured by a sadistic millionaire who is in charge of the group which ambushed Tulliver. All of this reveals what is in the case, and why it is under such demand. Despite action star Wesley Snipes heading the film, 7 Seconds was a failure in the DVD market which it was directly released to, and received bad reviews, described as "drivel" [1] with "sloppy screen writing"
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above average vehicle for Snipes--
good action here, the plot involves Snipes (Jack Toliver) as a disgraced ex-Delta Force soldier who has been living as a professional thief for the past couple of years.. living and working in Europe, his latest heist for $20 million in cash goes horribly wrong, as a teammate is killed.. there's a mole on his team, and Jack has to deal with the Romanian criminal underworld to find out just who betrayed him-- meanwhile, a beautiful, blonde, British NATO M.P. is on his case, who is trying to clear her name as an accomplice (she was briefly kidnapped by Toliver during his escape from the botched robbery).. the "macguffin" here is a rare, "lost" Van Gogh painting worth $65 million.. Jack has it stashed, and the villains are trying to find him so they can get it back.. The climax is a little buggy, but the production values are good, and the acting doesn't get hammy, except maybe for the lead villain, who apparently suffers from tremors..

Other than there's no 'name' actors here besides Snipes, there's no reason this shouldn't have been released in the States..
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A pretty basic action movie.
maddtroll8 January 2006
I didn't particularly like this movie, mainly due to it's lack of storyline and acting. Sure, we all like gunfights and explosions, but when the movie mainly contains an opening scene and then people having flashbacks of that same scene (I think I counted this happening about 3 times) then it starts to get a bit dull. As far as being an action movie, I have seen better. This one seemed far too generic and dull for the lead actor, especially with the poor supporting cast.

Good 'ol Wes has definitely seen better films. (and I don't know why they got that east enders woman in it. after seeing her on naff British TV, it was rather a shock to see her brandishing a pistol rather than a pint of larger or an iron)
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Watchable mid to lower grade action flick
Detroitblue3 January 2006
Movie's have come to be just like eating chicken. Everybody is serving chicken; Boiled, baked and fried but it just chicken.

Where have all the new and innovative ideas gone to. The last truly innovative movie that I have saw was The Matrix. I can't hardly find a movie I can sit all the way through anymore. And with that being said, 7 seconds is just about as watchable an anything being produced these days unless you want to soil your sensibilities in the mire of sadistic garbage that is being pushed at us now. Torture and entrapment, murder and mutilation. Heck they have even eliminated the Sci-fi section at Blockbusters. Why??? As a sidebar when ever I see a Wesley Snipes movie I amuse myself with Wesley's ability to bed white women on screen. He seems to be the only card carrying Black man that is licensed to do that in American Cinema. Without suffering some kind of tragic end before the movie ends. In this movie he had two of them. How does he get away with doing that?
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7 Seconds - The time it takes to get lost
pythagoras628 December 2005
Okay, to business. This film definitely left a lot to be desired. The use of flashbacks to illustrate the character's obsession with the key event was a good notion, however this did get a bit repetitive. Different shots of the same scene would have shown the obsession, but would have held the audience's attention. The martial arts scene seemed to have been added solely so that the film could be said to have martial arts in it. Certain aspects of the story were difficult to grasp at a first viewing. A few minutes spent setting the scene would not have gone amiss. Having Snipes in this movie gave cast depth and talent to a movie that was otherwise sorely lacking both. While some of the actors showed talent and potential, the director seemed fixated on his main character. This led to a limited performance by some of the others. The movie wasn't terrible, but it wasn't fantastic either. Additional care and consideration, a thought about the audience point of view, would have made the movie much better. A rating of 5.8 would be my ideal vote, though lacking that precision, my vote is a 6. I feel that the weighted average of 4.7 undervalues the quality of the movie, and shows that too many people are expecting blockbuster performances and big name casts from straight to video movies. This movie is what it is. End of story.
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