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4 Superb Series's Of Genius Writing and acting - brilliantly cast & played!

Author: trevvymac76 from United Kingdom
1 June 2008

Superb comedy focusing on the goings on in the life of bong bashing cannabis dealer, Moz and his girlfriend Niki. It focuses on the day to day interaction they have with various people from all walks of life who visit their flat to score weed. All 4 series's promise equally standard by way of strong character dialogue and are accompanied by a superbly chosen, very fitting and often eerie choice of music.

Each new cleverly written episode and series alike see's the relationships between characters strengthen and realistically move forward in relation to their experiences and how it has affected them. It introduces a few new characters and looses a few along the way but its always accurately timed when character intro's and exit's occur.

It certainly throws in a few shock moments when you will find yourself saying 'I really didn't expect that to happen' and although consistently chilled in its overall delivery style, you quickly learn not to allow yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security as you never know what might just happen next and it may very well unexpectedly stun or shock you.

Ideal is a gritty, down to earth, brilliantly thought out, well researched and totally unique concept for a comedy series. With its quick wit and originality, the viewer may find they experience many emotions as each episode twists and turns offering no assurance of a traditional or predictable conclusion. Each series of ideal is equally as strong as the last and you'll find that they flow beautifully on from one another.

There will be characters you recognise in people you know, some that you will probably identify with and the ones that you perhaps don't, you'll definitely want to get to know more about...and you do!!

I'm confident that you wont find any other modern day comedy offering such utter brilliance! Ideal is pure comedy GENIUS!

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I rock the mike like a vandal

Author: vin_moran from Ireland
17 April 2007

Very witty sitcom that may take a couple of episodes to get hooked - but well worth the effort.

Johnny Vegas finally gets a role suited to his quick wits (and he is finally sober enough to deliver them well). He plays the hapless stoner, Moz, who is generally a decent guy but with some quite dodgy mates/customers. Constantly stoned, Moz just wants a simple work-free life but his mellow is constantly interrupted by his customers and high-strung girlfriend.

There are a few 'red herring' story-lines that lead the viewer astray, but there is also a central backbone story that drifts along at its own pace - but enough for the audience to want to see what happens.

Full of subtle humour and wit, ideal is perfect for anyone with patients and a love of clever comedy.

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A great deal!

Author: Kristian Soltvedt ( from Stord, Norway
20 February 2007

"Ideal" is an very original series with great black humor and great dialog. Johnny Vegas rocks as Moz, the hash- and weed-pusher whose apartment is being used as a kind of local pub(without alcohol)by his customers. The whole show is without exception being filmed inside of Moz'flat and his friends/customers varies from heavy criminals to extreme feminine homosexuals. The cast is almost the same in the 1 & 2 season, except his necrophiliac(!) neighbor Judith who moves in for 2 season and some others only appearing for a episode. Even if Moz all the time pushes mild drugs you don't have to be a dope-head to enjoy "Ideal" (...but it helps...). As Moz himself says it: "You don't get addicted to cannabis. I should know who smoke it every day!". "Ideal" was first made for 16 episodes, each 25-30 minutes over 2 seasons + a Christsmas-special. Highly recommended! Now a third season has been sent on TV and is soon on DVD.

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Actually very funny!

Author: sukeysukey
15 March 2005

I have to admit that I first watched this as there was very little else on - it was late and everything else was a repeat. I also have to admit that 5 minutes into the first episode I thought I probably would not watch it again. Fortunately, I did. The story-line/plot is a bit patchy and the same themes do recur again and again, but generally speaking it is a very witty and actually insightful comedy. I actually live near to where this show is 'set' and can vouch that in many respects this show is very true to life! No doubt, it is not to everybody's tastes and some of the acting is far beyond over the top, but that simply adds to the charm. 3 out of 4 stars

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Not what you would plan to watch

Author: garry0707 from United Kingdom
11 April 2006

I have recently started watching series two. It took a little while to get into - there is a very loose plot line and the characters are not very deep - but hey it's a sitcom not a historical epic!!

After watching around four episodes, I have to admit I am hooked. This vehicle is perfect for Johnny Vegas - not like the awful "Sex Lives of the Potato Men". The scripts are witty with the odd comic twist and some of the one liners delivered by Vegas are cutting. I have just bought the first series on DVD and must admit it doesn't get into its stride very quickly, but by series two it is up and running and a must have on a Tuesday night - my wife hates it, so it definitely appeals to people who are slightly off the wall.

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Author: sparklemagic from BC canada
14 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is probably one of the funniest shows I've started watching this year. I recently downloaded season one and being on the 4th episode, i can see the story really starting to take off. Being the kind of show this is however, "taking off" would be more akin to trying to maintain a blissful ignorance. Basically, its about a drug dealer in the UK living the good life (for a pothead anyways). Things happen, he sells weed and hash (just weed and hash) that he gets from his pal in the police department. Probably better when watched high, the situations and people he meets reflect a true community drug dealer. He brings people together while living a simple life, complicated only by his always returning cheating girlfriend and various shady customers and acquaintances. He is the anti-drama and really doesn't care what happens as long as hes got a joint in his hand. True to life of any and all potheads I've met (including myself). It is one of those shows, like weeds, that trys to normalize and therefor decriminalize weed dealing. Of course if that were to happen, the protagonists in these sorts of environments would no doubt disappear just as the mobile knife sharpeners of old.

This show is to weed dealing as Spun was to crystal meth dealing. Almost a documentary, the humor is crazy funny relying on well cropped camera angles, plenty of wonderful physical effects and most of all subtlety. That said i was rofl many many times(the guy in the mouse mask OWNS). If you smoke weed, or just want to see how harmless/hilarious dealing can be this is the show for you.

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Author: king_pin1985 from United Kingdom
29 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First started watching this way back by catching a few episodes on T.V. and then bought the first two seasons on DVD. What a great series this is. Its completely character driven stories with multiple sub plots. Moz a UK Pot dealer serves up 1/8 and 1/4's to the locals. But instead of just seeing it through his eyes which is what the first series mainly is you see other characters lives unfold and inter twine with his. It can be dark especially in later series but some of the comedy is first class. johnny Vegas plays a great part and you can see all the cast must have had a blast making it. Basically if your a fan of British comedy give this a chance you may like it you may not but i would say its an acquired taste.

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Good vehicle for Vegas

Author: chebslad-1 from United Kingdom
30 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Worth watching with older people as an intro to current lifestyles in urban areas of UK for those who may not have been exposed to "too much". A poll of family members was 3 for, 1 undecided. The 3 for were 76, 55, 27 and undecided aged 21 .... says it all really. Only started to watch each episode of series 2, having dipped in and out of series 1. Another good one set in a similar area of the country is Early Doors by Craig Cash and co. In fact they almost complement each other perfectly... try it and see. Will watch again as an antidote to the puerile rubbish we are usually offered.

4 stars for effort and some originality.

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