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11 Jan. 2005
The Rat
Moz is a small-time Mancunian dealer in soft drugs - chiefly those confiscated by the local police and provided by a supplier known as P.C. - who is a policeman. Moz's girl-friend Nicki leaves him after discovering a rat in their flat and then Moz prepares to meet his regulars -Jenny,known as the baby-sitter from Hell,probationer Colin,elderly gay Brian and Cartoon Head,a man who always wears masks of cartoon characters.There are two new customers,pretty girls Ash and China. Moz takes a shine to China and is prepared to let her have hash on tick. Unfortunately there ...
18 Jan. 2005
The Seduction
Moz has problems - not only does Psycho Paul sell better gear than him but the rat will not go away and he considers calling in a rat-catcher though Cartoon Head knows how to deal with the problem in his own way. Moz is also still pursuing China and,after a visit to a club,is alone with her in the flat. However,it would seem she prefers Cartoon Head.
25 Jan. 2005
The Boyfriend
Colin comes to score and tells Moz of the 'hand-job' murder, the murder of the man in the bedsit opposite his,found with his hand cut off. Various clients also arrive. Leo the window cleaner comes through the window as does Craig, a man who seems to be stalking Moz,whilst a delivery woman complains of the poor quality of Moz's gear. Nicki also arrives back and,hearing of the fling with China,puts rat poison in China's coffee in an unsuccessful attempt to bump her off. Worse still,following a visit by Carton Head,Moz discovers the corpse's severed hand in his flat.
1 Feb. 2005
The Affair
Having got rid of Craig and the hand Moz is visited by Colin,anxious to sell knock-off goods and,when refused,he steals Nicki's polaroids. P.C. interviews Moz about the murder but,when alone in the room,with Nicki,starts kissing her. They are evidently having an affair. However it is very short-lived,as is China's fling with Cartoon Head so that Moz soon finds himself offering tea and sympathy to both women.
8 Feb. 2005
The Backpacker
Moz pours salt down the back of the fridge to get rid of the new infestation - slugs. Nicki notices the photos of her with P.C. have gone but she is confident Moz is unaware of the content and eventually Moz buys them back from Colin without noticing. Craig the stalker is arrested by P.C. but uses his one phone call to try and score off Moz. Meanwhile Yasuko,a fastidiously tidy back-packer Nicki met in Thailand,arrives,having been invited to stay by Nicki.
15 Feb. 2005
The Party
It's Moz's birthday so Nicki decides to throw a party so that they can use the presents - a sandwich,a bag of Bombay mix and party umbrellas - that she bought him. Inevitably Yasuko insists on cleaning the flat in preparation - which leads to the polaroids being discovered again. Brian and club owner Kuldip argue over who should be the party's disc jockey - until Cartoon Head steps in.
22 Feb. 2005
The Pregnancy
Whilst the severed hand makes its return Nicki takes a pregnancy test,which proves positive,leading her to wonder which of the three men she has slept with could be the father. Craig the stalker returns and actually seems to be getting on well with Cartoon Head. Unfortunately after planning to go to Kuldit's club Cartoon Head shoots and kills Craig. It is an accident but it still leaves Moz wondering if Cartoon Head is the 'hand job' killer.
1 Mar. 2005
The Body
Moz now has a problem - Craig's corpse is in his flat and he and Cartoon Head have to dispose of it. Help comes from an unexpected quarter - Psycho Paul,who seems well-versed in such matters. He and Cartoon Head get rid of Craig,leaving Moz with the daunting task of cleaning up the flat.
27 Dec. 2005
The Christmas Special
With all the stress and excitement behind him, Moz is hoping for a relaxing Christmas with a spliff or two but his calm is shattered when his mother,Sheila,arrives,in party mood and with a karaoke machine. Nicki makes a new friend in Sangita,with whom she shares a lesbian kiss in the bathroom - whilst telling her about the three putative fathers of her baby. Confusingly Craig's twin brother,Steve,also arrives.

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